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ONSLAUGHT II: San Antonio, TX - 12/30/05

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Onslaught Results from before Aggression 22.

"Phenomenal" Frankie Scott vs. Priest

Scott put on a display of technical wrestling early on in the match. The Phenomenal one controlled Priest with various takedowns and got a two count after a frog splash at the five minute mark. Unfortunately for Scott, someone in the crowd had a striking resemblance to Empire Pro Owner Dan Ryan. Scott leapt out of the ring and dashed into the stands only to discover a man about five foot nine and about a buck fifty soaking wet. Frankie unfortunately discovered this at the same time as the bell rang. Priest stood in the ring shaking his head, but more than willing to take the count out victory.

Winner: Priest by countout

Kin Hiroshi vs. Cameron Cruise

Cruise and Hiroshi fought a tightly contested match through this one. It was Hiroshi however who took home the win when, while Cruise argued with the ref following a three count Hiroshi hit a low blow that left Cruise primed for the Canadian Destroyer, which Hiroshi modified by springboarding off of the middle rope.

Winner: Kin Hiroshi

The Sergeant vs. Boogie Smallz

This was all Sergeant surprisingly, as the newcomer dominated Boogie Smallz from start to finish. Smallz seemed distracted, or perhaps herbally impaired throughout, often appearing just a step slow in his maneuvering. It was a shoulderblock from the top rope that finally put Smallz down for the three count.

Winner: The Sergeant

"Da Bomb" Mike Evers vs. Irishred

It was Irishred's Empire Pro as he took on the popular newcomer Mike Evers. Red's trademark brawling carried the day early on as Evers tried to keep him at bay by countering with a variety of suplexes and submission holds. In what has to be considered a huge upset, Mike Evers rolled through a sunset flip by Irishred to get the pin. After the match, the two men stared each other down . In the end, Red simply nodded and left the ring, leaving Evers to soak in the loud cheers from the crowd.

Winner: "Da Bomb" Mike Evers
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