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ONSLAUGHT III: Denver, CO - 2/20/06

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Here are the results from the matches before Aggression 23, also known as ONSLAUGHT.

From the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado....

Indra vs. Armando Montezuma

In a debut match for both competitors, "The King of (F*ckin) Heaven" Indra took on Cuba's National Treasure, Armando Montezuma. This match was all Monty, as Montezuma maintained control with a variety of suplexes and mat wrestling. Indra was clearly outgunned as during an attempted double underhook piledriver, Montezuma hooked Indra's ankle and quickly fell into his 'Clean Slate' finishing submission maneuver. And obviously in pain Indra tapped out soon thereafter.

WINNER: Armando Montezuma

Slambo the Clown vs. Stephen Shane w/Ken Cloverleaf

Stephen Shane, off a disappointing loss to the Highland Park Social Club in tag team action took on the third member of the HPSC triunverate, Slambo the Clown. With his 'friends' conspicuously absent, Slambo was forced to face what essentially became a two on one match as Shane and Cloverleaf bent the rules liberally in order to ensure victory. After almost costing Shane the match with an errant chairshot that sent Shane into a near fall roll-up by Slambo, Cloverleaf redeemed himself by reaching out and holding down the feet of Slambo from the outside following a sunset flip from Shane.

WINNER: Steven Shane

Beast vs. Irishred

This battle between big hitters in the wrestling world was ironically the shortest of the night. After a battle of words all week and despite a lack of cooperation by the number one contender Beast, Irishred fulfilled his promise of boring the crowd to sleep in this one. As the opening bell ring, the two men circled each other and moments later Beast and Irishred locked up. As they locked up, Irishred flung himself backward into a dramatic spiralling fall to the canvas. Beast looked on in confusion and seemed annoyed, but eventually kneeled down and took the cheap three count. After Beast left the area, Irishred refused to get up, still feigning injury and would not move until Empire Pro officials brought medical personnel to the ring and took him out on a stretcher while Irishred stayed limp on the gurney all the way up the ramp and through the curtain.

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