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ONSLAUGHT IV: Green Bay, WI - 8/8/06

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
From the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin prior to Aggression 25.....

"Anarchist" Zachariah Ender vs. Lane Stone

This match was a mismatch from the get-go, as Ender was unable to execute even the slightest bit of offense on the shoot-fighting expert Lane Stone. Stone routinely countered Ender's offense, ending the match in less than three minutes with his finisher (Ender? Heh) submission maneuver, the Lane the Fame - which caused Ender to pass out from due to the pain.

WINNER: Lane Stone

"Perfect" Grant Palmer vs. Nakita Dahaka
Another quick end as Grant Palmer proved to be less than perfect against the massive Nakita Dahaka. Despite actually being a bit bigger than his counterpart, Palmer, wrestling without his entourage for the night, was defeated by the newcomer who hit her impressive finisher just before the five minute mark.

WINNER: Nakita Dahaka

Cameron Cruise vs. The Sergeant

In the featured match of Onslaught, ring veteran and fan favorite Cameron Cruise took on the young upstart Sergeant. Cruise was in control for most of the match, relying on his ring smarts and technical expertise to keep The Sergeant at bay. The Sergeant for his part, was able to fight back and take control about halfway in, coming close on a few near falls. However, a failed attempt at a top rope maneuver put Cruise back in control and he held the momentum until near the ten minutes mark, when Joey Melton made an appearance to seemingly cheer his former tag team partner on. Cruise, however was distracted by Melton and pinned when The Sergeant snuck up from behind and pulled him down with a sudden German Suplex that caught Cruise off guard. After the match, Cruise yelled angrily at Melton once again with Melton trying to console Cameron.

WINNER: The Sergeant
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