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OOC: Deadlines?


League Member
Apr 10, 2004
What are the deadline rules for the Primetime show? Will it be officially announced when the card is released or what?

And, how does one get involved in Primetime cards? Is it open to all wrestlers or just the more established folk like Eli and Windham and the Wasp or whatever he's called get to be on it? ;)

(another side question, can you cut a general RP that evolves into a match at one of the shows? Like if Cleaver got into a back and forth RP thing with Eli, could they potentially have a match because of it? Kinda like in old-school RP feds the 'open challenge' kind of thinking. "Let's settle this at Primetime!" type of deal)

Those are just a few of my questions right now and I won't hesitate to ask more in this newbie period I'm going through. :)



The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988

Typically, deadlines will be listed on the Main Event page, available from the "Events" tab on the main CSWAwrestling.com page. Roleplay is typically accepted until the card is posted.

And yes, the deadline won't be announced until the card is.

PRIMETIME is typically open to all wrestlers. Previously, challenges were open for all cards. In the interest of moving things along, we've been booking matches, although as you can see this time, we're asking for opinions.

Regarding your side question: Yes. General RP can certainly evolve into mini-feuds, and then full-blown feuds.

Feel free to ask.


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