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Viktor Reise

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Jun 26, 2012
(FADEIN: The ESEN logo, with the word 'EXCLUSIVE' showing up underneath.

Open on a press conference setup; there are many members of the professional wrestling media milling about, unsure of exactly what's about to happen. There's Stan Parsons of the CSWA, talking to Natrone Rice of New Frontier Wrestling. They're joined by James Murphy, possibly of Empire Pro Wrestling, who just finished conversing with Russel David, independent. Read between the lines, there are a good number of professional wrestling organizations represented here.

At one end of the room, the focus for the camera was on a single podium that stood in front of a curtain.After a few minutes, a man of about thirty years old, wearing a business suit, thin wire - rimmed glasses, and a short modern haircut pushed open the curtain and stood in front of the microphone jutting out of the podium.)

"Good afternoon everyone, I apologize for the delay, and I ask you to take your seats."

(He waited a few seconds for everyone to do just that: the chatter died down and everyone sat down.)"I apologize for the cloak and dagger, as you well know, it's hard to make much of an impact in the business of professional wrestling these days unless you make a few mysterious phone calls."

"But, let's lift the curtain. My name is Andrew Karrde, and I am the American Representative for the German Gargant, Viktor Reise."

(He stopped and let this sink in: there was conversation and confusion amongst the invitees but no sense of awe. Karrde shook his head.)

"I'm not surprised: the media of the United States has never given the European athlete his due. I represent the German Gargant, Viktor Reise, the man who sold out the Westfalenstadion for eleven consecutive events. I represent the German Gargant, Viktor Reise, the biggest draw in all of Europe right now, the man who has dominated professional wrestling across the pond for the past three years. The man who has been referred to as the greatest German professional wrestler in the history of European professional wrestling. The man who currently boasts a record of one hundred and forty four dominant victories and not a single loss."

(He paused for dramatic emphasis.)

"The man who was snubbed for the two thousand twelve Ultratitle tournament."

"But Mr. Reise and I are not bitter over this snubbing; after all, the draw of the tournament is uncertainty over who will win."

"However, while Mr. Reise has expressed his appreciation and affection for his homeland of Germany and the European wrestling market as a whole, he has expressed his desire to show the United States of America what he can do."

"To that end, I am authorized to announce that Mr. Reise has offered an open contract for the Ultratitle finals."

(More buzzing of conversation took place.)

"As we understand it, the Ultratitle finals will take place during a massive interpromotional event. Mr. Reise and I simply wish to throw our name in the field for a match against a suitable opponent or two."

(He smirked.)

"That is, if there's any active wrestler who believes they can dethrone Mr. Reise."

"I put it to every professional wrestler currently active: the opportunity to be the first opponent for Viktor Reise on American Soil. I have no illusions that this match will be buried by the American promoters in favor of the Ultratitle finals; that is, after all, the match that this interpromotional event is geared towards, but I put it to you: a match against the German Gargant will capture the attention of the rest of the world."

(He took a step back and put his hands behind his back)"So I leave it to you: who has the courage to face Mr. Reise in the ring? My staff is anxiously awaiting a response."

(With that, Andrew Karrde stepped back and left the room the way he entered, with unanswered question after unanswered question in his wake.)

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