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the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADE IN: JJ Deville’s Mom’s house – this side of hell.)

(CUTTO: The Deville master bedroom. PEE WEE TROUTMAN, early 50s, 5’6 and skin and bones stands by Ms. Deville’s therapeutic king size bed and zips up his black docker pants, he’s wearing only a white wife beater and a Tom Selleck mustache.)

PEE WEE: You filmin’ alrighty sunshine?

MS. DEVILLE: Yes baby what are we going to do next?! That was the greatest night of my life, next to the day JJ was born. Nine hours of labor, but you made me just as proud in under 15 minutes.

PEE WEE: That’s right sweet thing, papa john’s can’t cum any faster than dat.

MS: DEVILLE: Oh Pee Wee, I expected the worst but you delivered the best. Hell, I was so drunk I don’t even remember giving you consent.

PEE WEE: You didn’t. But your son owed me somethin’ just as fat as that contract he terminated days ago! (Pee Wee looks into the camera.) JJ you can tell the world we parted friends, you can spread all the lies like peanut butter on the backside of jelly, but anybody with a lick of sense knows its all bullshit. Excuse the language, hun.

MS. DEVILLE: I’m hungry…

PEE WEE: I’m a legend in this business. I worked tobacco road 300 hundred nights a year to sold out arenas, back when your momma still was able to get her period. I’ve bought 300 acres of land in Rockingham, North Carolina, Deer country where wal-mart was overrun by angry raccoons in the summer of ’95…all paid for by MY WORK IN THIS BUSINESS. I know main event talent, son. I guided the best. My name and face was as golden as the mugs you see on printed money. In every Hilton and Howard Johnsons up and down the east coast grown men wanted to know what it was like to work with the superstars of the CSWA, the titans of this business, and women wanted a little bit of this ol’ squirrely’s man’s nut.

PEE WEE: I made money, a reputation if you will by being seen and not heard. Like the wind that guides a boat down Lake Higgins I had my prints all over great work of the last twenty years. I’ve turned down more jobs in this business than you’ve had pieces of ass, son. And I was able to because I BUILT A REPUTATION THAT WAS AS TIGHT AS FORT KNOX.

And in one day.

You little snot nosed punk you defiled my good name.

Make no mistake, this wasn’t no mutual parting of ways. Kids, Pee Wee Troutman was fired and WITHOUT CAUSE.

JJ DEVILLE – I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT ISN’T YOUR REAL NAME…. (smirk) I know where so much dirt is in this company I can start my own company selling the shit by the truck full.

That’s the tick about being the unseen. People you work with get used to not knowing you’re there, and they let it all go.

I know everything there is to know in this company, I know what the entire roster fears and I’ve been able to do it all without benefit of a couch and a framed sheet of paper that says I overpaid to hear gossip for a living.

I’ve never been fired from a job and never quit anything in my life, hell I even had the dedication to finish fucking your mother after climbing up that mountain and I’ve had body cleanses that didn't incite such a gag reflex.

But look son…

I could have stayed retired, eating natural organic free-range eggs off my farm and teachin’ Sunday school to the next wave but NFW BEGGED ME TO COME BACK.

And for my genius I’m fired?

JJ Deville, the game is over.

I will bring this company down and when I do, when I’m back in the position of power, I’ll be the one cutting you out like a cancer.

Skeleton Of the Day.

JJ Deville IS BALD!


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