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Jul 24, 2020
Ring Name: Perfection
Name: James Witherhold
Height: 6'0
Weight: 220
DOB: 5/1/1979
Hailing From: Los Angeles, California
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Rich Karen

Wrestling Style: Technician
Finisher: Photo Finish (Unprettier)

Theme song: Perfect Gentleman by Helloween

Writing Sample:
Ask and You Shall Receive

The camera is following behind Kelly Evans as she's walking through the Wrestle-Plex. A tight-knit group of DEFsec with Wyatt Bronson is marching next to her while she marks a sheet of paper on a clipboard.

Good to go...good to go. Everything has been smooth sailing so far, this is looking great, Wyatt.

Just as Evans' is about twenty steps from the corridor intersection, Courtney Paz rounds the bend in the same direction. The camera stops full halt at the same time as Evans, both have noticed Paz who can be seen quickly upping her pace towards Kelly.

Perfect timing...Kelly!


Kelly spins on her heels in a quick 180 degrees fashion to avoid Paz and her missing client. Wyatt and his security also turn around to escort Evans away. Finally Perfection turns the same corner taking his sweet precious time towards the bustle.

Kelly- please, just two minutes! Just two!

No. No, no, no, no.

Paz is fast to gain on Kelly who's trying to make an exit. As professionally as possible Courtney steps in Evans path who has no other alternative than playing friendly by stopping in her tracks. Wyatt and his staff are making sure to keep a close eye on Perfection though who is making his way closer.


Courtney tries to hand over a small set of stapled documents over to Kelly who has her hands up refusing to take them while shaking her head.

I believe my client is willing to submit this contract based off what Eric and...

Perfection rushes the area trying to blow by Wyatt and the rest of DEFSec. Witherhold swings his arms pushing between Bronson's security and points his finger as close as he can get to Evans face. Not very close to be honest.

I want Reaper tonight! Yeah, that?s right?

Kelly smiles and directs Wyatt and his staff stand down. James drops his finger, adjusts his suit jacket, then his tie... everything must be squared away. He undoes his suit jacket with a flick of his fingers and struts towards Evans while also talking down to Wyatt's security team as he passes. Kelly and 'The Lonestar Lariat' are letting James to get away with his unprofessional behavior, Wyatt and his guys could squash him right now.

Did you hear me? Did Eric not tell you who I am before he decided to make himself a paraplegic? Which by the way doesn't change the fact he was completely useless to begin with.

James, wait...

Kelly puts her hand up and tilts her head to the side. She?s giving off that feeling of 'how the fuck dare you'?

First of all, I haven't read that shit, nor do I intend to on demand. Good night to both of you, Wyatt will show you out.

Clearly Evans isn't interested in anything Witherhold wants and begins to turn around. It's then James decides to raises his voice.

I said- TO-NIGHT!....Or I guarantee you, I will drag my lawyers so fast in here for your star hitting me that you'll wish Eric would wheelchair ass in here just to save yours!

Now we have an interest from Kelly Evans who is obviously offended by Perfection's directness. Courtney Paz can be seen burying her face in her free hand with total objection.

You know what, James. Normally, I?d let Eric deal with the pieces of SHIT he decides to bring to DEFIANCE. But now...I'm in charge. I've dealt with worse and I've dealt with better than you. So, I?ll gladly...listen to me, James I'll - GLADLY- take this contract.

Kelly snatches the paperwork from Paz's hand. James has no other reaction but to try and reach for it only to be stopped by Wyatt's forces. Perfection then looks over at Courtney Paz for some interjection. Her response? Merely a shrug of the shoulders like 'I told you so'.

In fact, Jimmy, I'll even give you your match tonight.

Perfection's worried look soon begins to turn into a smile and Evans merely smiles back, which leaves Paz a bit confused.

But if you lose...I?ll tear this contract up and you can go back to three months of negotiations with Eric for a payday. That's IF he even let's you back after the way you've acted so far, you prick!

Perfection just lost his smile but Kelly sure hasn't and turns walking off with Wyatt and his men. We stay put on a boiling Perfection standing there with a nasty snarl on his face and Paz shaking her head as we fade out.


Three Strengths:
Technical Skills
Blurring the line of legal and illegal
Talking the refs in his favor

Three Weaknesses:
Short sighted
Easily aggravated
Willing to quit a match for preservation

Ten moves:
Arm drag to arm lock, transition to headlock hold
Chin lock
Wrist lock
Hammer lock
Hip toss to arm bar head scissors
German suplex
Knee to gut, elbows to neck
Neck breaker
Snap DDT
Northern Lights Suplex

Trademark Moves:
Guillotine Choke to DDT
Turnbuckle kick to the gut, line head on the rope, and running boot to the side.

Finishing Move:
Photo Finish (Unprettier)

Roll Credits (Reverse STO)
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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Riv's was my first YES in DEF so ... here's to ya!

100% yes. Especially since we have lost a face it'll give a nice balance. Brian's a good writer. Loved working with him in IWF and he'll def. pull his weight here.​


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
I think we joined the same time together back when I ran Reaper - we feuded together and Perfection was how Reaper's game launched off and got me into DEFIANCE overall - so thank you, sir. Definite yes from me as well.


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Jul 24, 2020
I think we joined the same time together back when I ran Reaper - we feuded together and Perfection was how Reaper's game launched off and got me into DEFIANCE overall - so thank you, sir. Definite yes from me as well.

One of my favorite angles to write. Still have the docs from when we did that if you ever wanna peak in! It's a GIANT doc with all the Segs and everything. I'll grab your Discord from Brian.

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