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Phil Atken


The best handler ever since 2012: He is a gem
Jul 12, 2007
Wrestler Name: Phil Atken
Nicknames: "The Unfortunate"
Billed From: Glasgow, Scotland
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 85 kg
Alignment: Neutrality Frank

Theme Music: "Heavyweight Champion of the World" - Reverend and the Makers
Ring Entrance:
Heavyweight Champion of the World' begins to play and out from the back steps Phil Atken, sparkly black robe and all. He heads towards the ring, shaking the hands of anyone who acknowledges him as he goes.

Atken jumps up onto the apron, raising his hand up in hope of some kind of reaction the steps into the ring, taking his place in the corner.

Finisher & Description:
It's a Figure Four (Figure Four)

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? Theatrics or a set-up move?:
Generally preceded by a shinbreaker

Special Moves:
Diving DDT from the top rope

Every Match Spots:
Hot Shot into the top rope
Twisting Spinebuster
Stalling Vertical Suplex

10-15 Moves:
1. Punch
2. Kick
3. Eye Rake
4. Suplex
5. Back Drop
6. Back Body Drop
7. Shinbreaker
8. Spinning Elbow
9. Missile Drop Kick
10. Snap Mare
11. Backbreaker
12. Sleeper
13. Swinging neckbreaker
14. Sexy neckbreaker
15. Springboard clothesline

Phil Atken is a veteran of the wrestling industry, currently in his 11th year as a professional. He's still not very good. Sure he has flashes of brilliance and certainly on occasion he's even been known to win a match or two. Sadly though, his career has certainly be storied with failure and misfortune.

Atken was once viewed as a promising up and comer but failed to ever live up to his own potential. He became over reliant on his own (rather talented) agent to get him his wrestling bookings and became obsessed with the money, letting training and improvement as an in-ring force fall by the wayside. For years he instead viewed himself as a "political force" in wrestling, playing the backstage game instead. For years he was rather successful at it too.

As he got older and his career moved on, his political stroke lessened, he and his agent parted ways. With the loss of Dirk Dickwood, he started to become punchline in the wrestling industry. He'd still make the occasional indy appearance, being a man who could never step back from the spotlight but by then his reputation was in ruins. His diary became smaller and smaller as the years went by.

Months ago, Phil became obsessed with his legacy in the industry, he realised he didn't want to go out as a joke, he wanted to finally fulfill that potential that everyone saw in him ten years ago. He wanted to finally become established as a force in professional wrestling. So now, here we sit with an out of shape ex-wrestler and a desire to prove himself. Where do you go from here?
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