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Jan 1, 2000
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(Stanley sat on his leather sofa with a huge grin on his face, not only had he shown his intent to Hornet at the last card but next week he faced Steve Radder for the World title. Alfred and Serf were also in the room and were laughing at the look on the Gent’s face.)

A: For crying out loud Lawrence, put those teeth away, you’re blinding me!

LS: Sorry?

S: You’ve been like that for ages.

LS: Sorry…..its been a fantastic week…..I cannot help it.

A: We’ll excuse you…….but I wouldn’t say a fantastic week.

LS: Not only do I show my worth last card….but this weekend I get to beat up Steve Radder and take his title from him.

A: Good job…..the Iceman…..the World title…..this is your chance old chap.

LS: Yes…..I just hope that winning the World title will not dent my alliance with him, I may need his help….Hornet does not fight alone.

S: I doubt it.

LS: I am not so sure….wrestling is a funny business.

S: Steve Radder is no mug…..in a way he needs you as much as you need him.

A: Lawrence is right Serf….the wrestling industry is a weird profession…..people act differently when they don’t have a title round their waist.

S: Hmm….fair point..

LS: Indeed.

A: I think this whole….umm….gang war…for want of a better word…is far from over.

LS: Too true……many people think it will blow over….but I foresee much more mayhem on the horizon.

S: Will I get a chance to show my worth.

A: Maybe….maybe not…..these times call for tried and trusted wrestlers…..your time will come Serf.

S: Urgh…..you’ve been saying that for ages now.

LS: Patience is a virtue Serf.

S: I just feel useless.

LS: Your observation is improving then!

A: Now Lawrence!

S: Huh…..what does that mean?

A: Ignore him….he is winding you up.

S: Huh…..sometimes I think you don’t appreciate me.

LS: You are supposed to be learning the trade…..and if you watch me in action you will do just that.

A: You cannot fault his enthusiasm though.

S: Yeah……all I want is an opportunity to sow how good I can be.

LS: And how pray tell will you go about this?

S: Umm……just give me a fight……let me show you my worth.

A: This is not the time…..Lawrence needs my sole attention.

S: Surely there must be a place for me in some of the lesser cards coming up.

A: If there’s time…..I’ll see what I can do.

S: But……


A: You are coming on in training…..walk before you run.

S: I’ll be standing before long at this rate though.

LS: Serf…..

S: ……Okay……I know.

A: I believe that you should be off training now anyway….Lawrence and I have some matters to discuss for the following card.

S: In other words…you want rid of me.

LS: Observant.

S: Bah……I’m going.

(Serf leaves the room.)

A: Right…..switch the TV on old chap….I have some video’s of Radder I want us to look at.

(Fade to black.)

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