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Preview - WWA: Underground #3


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May 13, 2010
WWA Land

The World Wrestling Alliance

WVU Coliseum – Morgantown, WV

There are several weeks to go until one of the biggest pay-per-view events in WWA, and wrestling, history. As the excitement for the Independence Day Rumble reaches fever-pitch, the WWA superstars head to West Virginia for another edition of Underground. UG#2 started with a life-changing speech and ended in extreme controversy, so the fans will no doubt be intrigued as to what happens next on top of the blockbuster matches that have already been announced.

In the main event, the WWA Heavyweight champion Trendkiller will go one-on-one against Seth Copeland in a non-title match. Trendkiller found out last week, with the rest of the world, that his opponent at IDR is now Jaymz Watkins and not Armaan. Whether this sudden change in opponent affects the big man will remain to be seen, but TK will have his hands full against Copeland. Copeland shocked the world last week when he not only spoke for the first time in years, but unmasked himself. Will we see the transformation continue this week, and how will this play into the match?

Last week, Armaan Singhania had his Heavyweight title shot taken away by WWA owner Bruce Pepin, and was entered into the Rumble match instead. But Armaan have to put those disappoints aside in his match against another former World champion, Eddie van Dorn. The Extreme Revolutionary also feels like he has been cheated out of a championship shot, and has been trying to insert himself back into one. A win over Armaan would definitely increase EVDs chances, so this is definitely a match to see.

Also on this week’s show is a big six-man tag match with some of the WWAs rising talent. On one side are Nathan Cole, Neville Hartpence and Jackson. We are yet to see what Cole has to offer, but we got a great look of his two partners during the TV Title tournament. Their opponents are Pete Sorzmo and the Heat Magnets. Sorzmo made an incredible impact last week, destroying Jork in mere seconds; The Heat Magnets, meanwhile, made their own impact backstage. All three of these men have a wave of momentum behind them. Will they continue to ride that wave, or will Cole, Hartpence and Jackson spoil the party?

Finally, UG#3 will play host to a match between two of the WWAs newest talents. Cyan Figaro has raised a few eyebrows with his vignettes on WWA television as of late, and the fans are eager to see what this man has to offer. Arthur V. Lexington is also someone the fans are very curious about – born into a rich British family, Lexington has arrived in the WWA to achieve his goal of being the very best professional wrestler. Which one of these men will make the best in-ring first impression?

Also, WWA owner Bruce Pepin has graciously offered all non-WWA talent to enter the Independence Day Rumble, and has allowed these stars to make an appearance this week. Who will show their face? Will Chris Bond finally take Bruce Pepin up on his offer? Will any WWA superstars look to make a final impression on the road to the Rumble?

All this and so much more. Come and join us for the final lap of the journey to the Independence Day Rumble!

Main Event – Non-Title Match
Trendkiller (c) vs Seth Copeland

Eddie van Dorn vs Armaan

Nathan Cole, Neville Hartpence & Jackson vs Pete Sorzmo & The Heat Magnets

Cyan Figaro vs Arthur V. Lexington

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