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Public Service Announcement


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade-In on STEVE RADDER standing in the middle of the ring in Kansas City, where workers bustle about getting things ready ... but staying out of his way.)

STEVE RADDER : Look, Cruise. (RADDER chuckles to himself.) When I caled you over-confident : I wasn't paying you a compliment. Over-confident. Look it up.

(RADDER lifts a small book that was laying near the edge of the mat.)

STEVE RADDER : Or maybe I'll do it for you.

(RADDER flips through the pages, then reads down one and smiles.)

STEVE RADDER : Over-confident. Excessively confident; presumptuous. Do you understand now? You're talking as if you think Steve Radder is another JT Tyler, another Alex Wylde on the road of life. I'm not. I'm not someone you're just going to pound on for a while, then leave bloodied in the ring. But hey, I'll stop with the public service announcements. Go right ahead and think that I'm a pushover, for whatever reason. You'll be singing a different tune in a couple days, right here in this ring.

(RADDER tosses the dictionary aside, and leans on the ring ropes.)

STEVE RADDER : Now, you brag about "not ever changing, nope not ever, and I'm not going to start now." Cruise, that's nothing to brag about, I hate to tell you, my friend. Inability to change, that's what cause some things called dinosaurs to become extinct. It's called survival of the fittest, Cruise, and I'm gonna make you extinct ... just like the big lumbering beast you think you are.

(A smirk crosses RADDER's face.)

STEVE RADDER : As for you Pow Pow, you're just the same as I remember you. Cracking jokes, and not taking anything seriously AT ALL. Hell, Kev, I don't have to remind you of being a former champ ... you did it enough yourself. Deep-seeded issues regarding that fact?

(RADDER straightens and spreads his hands.)

STEVE RADDER : Resort to calling me all the names you want to, Kev, and I'll just keep calling you out. What do you think is going to happen, Kevin? I'm going to come back to get a shot at you and then back off right the minute you say "stay outta my business"? Come on. Give me some more credit than that. I'll see you in Kansas City, big boy.


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(fadein on Cameron Cruise walking down a corridor out of one of the Seattle hotels, shouldering a bag on one shoulder and his other hand jammed into his pocket walking towards the parking lot)

Cruise: When did I ever once call you a pushover Radder? I mean really, if you can tell me that would be sweet, because I don't ever remember once calling you anything in relevance to that.

But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

(Cruise snickers)

Fairy....damn, that was a nice one.

(Cruise straightens his face as if he never laughed)

But no, really Radder, why should I give a damn now? You're a World Champion from Ironman....I beat a once-thought-deadman named Timmy Windham around the time of Battle of the Belts...course that was right before the Good God brought forth a steel-plated baseball bat to my head for un-needed introductions, but thats another story.

Maybe you're right though then again, maybe you are wrong...

(mocks a frightened man)

oohh little Red Riding Radder is wrong!!! Maybe the Big Bad Cruise might eat him for dinner!!!

(Cruise straightens up once again)

Boohoo Radder. You really wanna call me a FREAKIN' DINOSAUR?!?!?!!

(Cruise chuckles to himself)

Hornet's the dino in this movie, he just won't admit it. Me???

(Gestures to himself)

I'm the big, nasty Raptor, not yet reaching my prime. Pushing that over to the side a minute...awww dang, I can't say that anymore either, you'll take offense won't ya? Sure you would.

Call me a beast.

Pray that I think you're a pushover.

Think that I see you as another JT Tyler, or third-rate Alex Wylde.

Go right on ahead.

(Cruise reaches his car and throws his bag in the back seat, and gets in, revving the engine and closing the door.)

It sure as hell beats being a fairy.


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