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[font color=navy]"Speak what you think to-day in words as hard as cannon-balls and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day." -Ralph Waldo Emerson​



We find Evan Aho seated in a rocking chair on the veranda of a sprawling Georgian-style plantation home. He leans back against the soft padding of the chair. Without turning fully to the camera he speaks easily as if he were just reciting his thoughts.

AHO - Me? Hope to convince someone? No, that would indicate that I cared what anyone else thought. You said yourself that my answers to the questions were vague. If I wanted to convince, I would have been direct. Truth be told, what the public thinks, what Buckley thinks, what the locker room thinks and what you think makes little to no difference in my life. On another note, you say you want me to understand who you are. Well that's the deciding factor between us Masked Man. You want me to understand, I don't care if you understand me or not.

Why did I attack Wildstar? Am I with the New Suicide Squad? You repeatedly ask the questions. But do you really want the answers? On one hand you say you don't care. On the other you consistently dedicate half of your promos to speculate the possibilities.

So do you want to know or not Masked Man?

To me that's really a moot point. I don't feel a need to explain myself and if you truly wanted to know...would I be more specific? Nah. For that matter, if I was more specific, would you believe me? Probably not, I can't be trusted.

A slow smile creeps across his lips.

Who's carrying this baggage? I set it down a long time ago. I won't waste my breath or a second thought on it. Like you said, actions speak loud enough. In New Orleans, you'll find out everything...whether you want to know or not.

I think you under-shot with your interpetation of my confidence and my motives. Winning is the last of my concerns Masked Man. For a guy who has supposedly done his homework I'm surprised you didn't know that. Did I guarantee an Evan Aho win? No. You were the only one who brought that up. Let me reiterate my word to you. At Primetime, I will out-wrestle you. Do I say it with so much confidence that it's causing you to commit a Freudian slip? Or was that seed already in your brain?

He taps his head mimmicking the Masked Man.

It's on your lips and it's on your mind.

He finally fixes his gaze on the camera and leans forward in the chair.

You can believe whatever you want about me Mask. The bottom line line is I'm ready...and I know this.


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