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RAZE vs. Judas


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Nazareth, PA
He has what it takes.

FADEIN: The ringing in RAZE's head begin. RAZE is in the locker room. He looks mad as usual. He is wearing a "WFW Psycho Ward" T-Shirt.

-You got what it takes to be the best. You killed a man in boxing you can hurt Judas. He has nothing. He has no will to win, no instinct. You have all of that, plus your brute force.

RAZE: Damn, second rate wrestlers. They all want to face me. I'm the best. This damn ringing in my head is killing me. It's making me more angry. I want to hurt someone. Judas I will hurt you.

Ringing is more painful and louder. RAZE is grabbing at his head as if something was inside of it.

RAZE: Second rATe i say. damn GXW, Damn maTTheWS. got me fired. I will imagine you are maTTheWs when kick the ever living s**t out of you.

-Yes RAZE, get mad, hurt him bad. Make him bloody. Break his back.

RAZE: yOuRe rigHt I must hurt him. I will take his PriDe. That seCOND RatE wresTleR. I'm BiGGer, I'm StrongEr, and I'm BeTTer.

FADEOUT: The camera zooms out.

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