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Jan 1, 2000
Gateshead, England
(The scene opens in a Radio Station studio. Pete Hardy sits in a studio next to a Radio Station reporter. They both wear earphones and are sitting at a table which has lots of radio equipment ie microphones, speakers and sound system etc. Pete sits wearing a black PITBULL t-shirt and light blue jeans and black shoes while the reporter wears a caribean style t-shirt and jeans and flip-flops.

REP: How much are you looking forward to the match against Kevin Powers?

PH: I’m looking forward to this match a lot. Kevin Powers is an extremely good athlete and I know that I am going to find it very difficult against him. That is the reason why I am looking forward to it because I like a challenge. I see the match against Kevin Powers as a challenge. It should be an interesting contest but I’m hoping to win. I’m not sure if I will win the match, I hope to, two wins from two fights will be a fantastic achievement considering the quality CSWA has on the roster, so a win will be fantastic. But, I’m not going to take anything for granted. I just have to go out there and do my best. I can’t give anything more. I’ve just got to go out there and do my best.

REP: How pleasing was it defeating Fearless Jones on your debut?

PH: It was very pleasing. It was the proudest night of my wrestling career, to be honest. Just making your debut in CSWA is something special but to actually win your debut, well, that just sums up what wrestling is all about for me. I’ve always wanted to perform in the best wrestling Federation, and now I’m doing it in CSWA. I have a lot of respect for Fearless Jones, he didn’t lie down for me, he tried his best. I like that. Sometimes I think when guys make their debuts, the other guy doesn’t really ‘go at it’, but Fearless Jones did. He showed he respected me and I like that. Top man.

REP: There seems to be a lot of respect in the CSWA locker-room.

PH: Of course. I think it helps if you have a good solid roster. If you have say two or three excellent guys and the rest just average then I think the three excellent guys would possibly not want to get friendly with a bunch of no-hopers. But in CSWA we are all good guys and that makes us have good solid respect for eachother. It’s good. Everyone has a good feeling of friendship with everyone in the back but once we get in the ring, no way man, friendship goes out of the window. We want to kick eachothers’ ass!

REP: If you do defeat Kevin Powers, what will the future hold for you?

PH: I don’t know. Hopefully a very successful one! No, I just to take each fight as they come.

REP: How much does the Greensboro Championship interest you?

PH: No man, like I just said. I just want to take each fight as they come. But obviously, of course, championships always interest you. After all, if you have a championship belt around your waist, no matter what division it is in, it means you’re doing something right. The Greensboro Championship does interest me, but at the moment I have something else to think about – Kevin Powers.

REP: After the match against Kevin Powers, who will be next on the ‘Hardy Hit-list’? Kin Hiroshi?

PH: I don’t know. It will be my girlfriend if she hasn’t got my curry on when I get back home! No. Seriously, Kin Hiroshi has been very impressive. I like him. I have tremendous respect for his wrestling ability. I would consider a match against Kin Hiroshi, no doubt about it. I think that would be a good match but again, I must concentrate on beating Kevin Powers. The match against Kevin Powers is much more important than sitting back and thinking about a match which hasn’t even been accepted, let alone, be offered.

REP: Could ‘Pitbull’ Pete Hardy versus Kin Hiroshi be a possible match at Fish Fund?

PH: Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. Like I said before, I would like to fight him. It would be a battle of the wrestling styles. The Pete Hardy strong powerful style against the Kin Hiroshi technical style. It has got the flavourings of being a cool match but I don’t know what will happen. Maybe Kin may have other ideas by then, maybe I may want to have a harder challenge. I don’t know. I just really want to start thinking of Fish Fund when it gets nearer. At the moment, I just want to concentrate on beating Kevin Powers.

REP: We’ve talked about what is on your agenda if you WIN, but what will be on your agenda if you LOSE?

PH: It would be very easy to say “I don’t need to answer that question because there is only going to be one outcome and that is a ‘Pitbull’ Pete Hardy win!” but, no. I don’t change regimes if I win OR lose. I just try to carry on as normal and stay focused. Obviously if I DO lose, then I will have to get in the Gym again and work harder. But, I hope to win. I defeated ‘Fearless’ Jones last week, and he is a very good wrestler so really, why shouldn’t I be able to defeat Kevin Powers?

REP: You seem pretty focused. Are you VERY confident of going two fights two wins after ONTIME?

PH: Ok, people are allowed to be confident of course, but not OVER confident. It would be very wrong of me to go into the Kevin Powers match fully expecting to win. Of course, there is a big chance that I will win the match but let’s not forget, there is a big chance that I could lose the match too. I’ll just have to try my best and hopefully my best will be good enough.

REP: Before your match with Fearless Jones, it became public that you are dating a stripper. Want to tell me about it?

PH: What happens between me and my girl, is our business. Not anyone else’s. Next question.

REP: Your father is 70 years old next month, is it safe for him to be your manager?

PH: My father is very fit. He’s more fit than me sometimes! My father has a lot of ring knowledge after being a wrestling champion in the late sixties, early seventies. His knowledge is a good thing to use sometimes and he is someone good to have around. If I didn’t think it was safe, and if HE didn’t think it was safe, he wouldn’t have been my manager in the first place.

REP: Is Pete Hardy “going to bring home the gold with –

PH: His leash hold, send everyone’s face through the mat so their ass will never come back?” I hope so. Someday.

REP: Well, Pete. I’m afraid that’s all we have time for. Thanks for coming in and good luck.

PH: Thanks.

(The reporter and Pete take off the headphones and start talking to each other ‘off air’. After a few minutes Pete gets up from his seat, shakes hands with the reporter and leaves the studio.)



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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Reign Supreme on THESE!

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-26-02 AT 04:13 PM (EDT)](The scene opens up to a backdrop of the CSWA banner behind the man known as 'Good God' Kevin Powers, The Double G KP, The Ayatollah of Rum and Cola. Somewhat of a cocky look on his face he looks around and then towards the camera.)

KP: When will people ever learn that when you run in a forest it is best to look in front of you because if you don't pay attention ... WHAM! You're gonna fall DEAD on your ass!

Pete Hardy. Who are you to even THINK of other projects ahead of you when you've got one HELL of a project in FRONT OF YOU RIGHT NOW! Kin Hiroshi? The Greensboro Title? Your girlfriend who's servin' it up for every Tom, Dickie, and Curry while you're away? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

You think ... you have a BIG chance of ... dare I say it ... WINNING? You ACTUALLY THINK that, after a match with Fearless Jones, you'll just walk into Kansas City and beat me? The man who has US STEELE AND SEX APPEAL? And I didn't just tip your girl to say that cause EVERYONE SAYS IT!

Check it out Petey. Here's a history lesson for ya. When you look up Kevin Powers in the CSWA archives you'll see pages in which I have proven to take out the very best. Pages in which THE KING OF EXTREME HIMSELF can admit that he had a HELL of a time with the self-proclaimed Emperor of Hardcore! Pages in which I went out of my way to make sure I helped other slapasses careers rise to the top cause they couldn't do it on their very own. You'll even see pages written by CHAD MERRITT HIMSELF that say he tried to bring my demise, but no matter what you read the fact remains the same. I'VE BEAT'EM ALL AND I'M STILL A FIRE DRINKIN' AYATOLLAH OF RUM AND COLA!

Oh no. Now see what you've done? Now you've done it. Now you've managed to get under my skin and the only way to cure that is to start K-K-KICKIN your ASS from the beginning of the match until the very end. From the bell until you are Kissing the Canvas you're gonna find out FIRST HAND why it is best to NOT look past The Double G KP!

So go to your radio station, put on your little Mickey Mouse headset, speak clearly into the mic, and tell the ENTIRE WORLD how you'll feel gitty with joy if you win two in a row! But when you're done and you're walking down the hallway and that thing called REALITY smacks you dead in the face ... keep one thing in mind. I don't hate ... I JUST CRUSH ALOT!


Pete Hardy. Get ready son cause there is no way to escape the USDA Grade A PRIME ass whippin that awaits ya. And on that note ...

I ... HAVE ... SPOKEN!!!


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