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Response from the Wolf


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: 'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS sitting in a dive bar somewhere off the cuff in New Orleans, Louisiana. There's one light swaying in the background as 'In the Light' by Led Zeppelin plays in the background. RANDALLS is wearing a snakeskin collared shirt, jeans and a brown cowboy hat. An empty glass sits in front of him, as his eyes look a little glazed over...)

RANDALLS: "When have I had any fans? The only cheers I've EVER heard were when someone was carving my face up, or trying to break my kneecaps. Ed, maybe you're even more delusional than me. I KNOW that you do this for the money. I KNOW you do this for the women. Those reasons alone have sealed your fate. You're in this sport for the extra perks, Ed. You're not in it for respect or competition. That's why you'll never truly beat me. You don't know where to begin..."

"You think the reason I came back to the CSWA is strictly for revenge on Merritt? To theorize to the people of North Carolina about a path of misery and lonliness? I don't expect ANYONE of them to listen to me. And if they did and wanted any sort of compassion from me, I'd tell them to (BLEEP) themselves. Ed, you don't know me. You only think you can put your finger on me, but all it really shows is that you're an arrogant prick - but I'm sure you wouldn't disagree anyway. You don't know where I've come from, or where I've been. NOBODY does. I'm not here for anybody's sympathy. I don't give a (BLEEP) if nobody wants to hear what I have to say. I certainly don't give a (BLEEP) that your b*tch got put through a table. If that's the revenge you're seeking, you're a walking dead man. The fact is, I shouldn't even be here. This is the only place that will let me compete. Merritt only suspends me to make everyone think he has any contol over me. Wanna know the reality? To him, I'm the biggest draw he's got. You should be thanking me, Ed. I will make you the MOST POPULAR wrestler in the CSWA. If you're able to take out 'The Wolf', you even get to be the HERO. You could be the next HORNET - with all those perks of (BLEEP)ing your best friend's wives and making 10-digit figures. That's more millions, Ed. That's more women. The possibilities are endless. You might run into the same problem, Hornet did. That's the catch. The more you become obsessed with taking me out for the glory, the more you're falling into the same trap everyone else did."

(A Bartender walks over and fills RANDALLS' glass with liquor...)

"I am the ANTITHESIS of the Playboys. At the heart of all this, it's really Merritt trying to play up a couple of guys that like to party and have a good time against one guy that everyone loves to hate. Where do Hornet and Eli fit in? Nowhere. Maybe at some point they will, but they're just a sideshow for the moment. But me - I'm the blood the people like to see spill. I'm the one that the Playboys think they have their finger on. Do you know where my money goes? With everything I've won in my life, which is probably five times as much as you both...just think what I could say, what I could drive, what I could (BLEEP). It's not that you're the first two to overlook my superior ability to beat opponents in the ring 'cause they don't like what I stand for. Unfortunately by making that judgement AND getting in the ring with me - you put your careers at stake. But being the arrogant pricks that you are, you won't realize it until its WAY too late. See Ed, none of it ever interested me. The amount of money, women and power I could have garners the same attitude in me as the people jumping out of the World Trade Center...NOTHING. Those people were dealt a horrible fate - I won't deny that. But Fate never cared about the person, it was only doing its job. All I'm doing is my job, right Chad?"

(RANDALLS gulps down whatever is in his glass...)

"Eli Flair hit the nail on the head. He can do that, he's a smart guy. But Flair doesn't understand me as much as he may think. You're right, I don't live Eli. 'Cause inside, as cliche as it gets...I'm already dead. It's not that I've never lived, Eli. There was a time when I wasn't the person I am today. But my eyes opened to my fate before Fate was just doing its job. I live my life waiting to die, Eli. You live your life waiting to live, not me. I do what I want, when I want, however I see fit. What do you do? You sit and ponder why life has treated you wrong. (BLEEP) life. It hasn't done a damn thing for you and until you start walking instead of standing, you won't be doing anyone, especially yourself - any favors. Do I care which Eli shows up? (BLEEP) no. I don't care about you or Hornet. I never did. The problem has been from the start that you wanted to trust him. This isn't about trust. This isn't about friendship. It never was - this was about us being cast off and spit out. This was about the forgotten claiming what's rightfully theirs. All you've done is cast yourself aside. All you've done is run, hide and disappear. Not 'cause you didn't care. 'Cause you cared too much about the consequences involved with following through on what we intended. Eli, sometimes I think you don't want to succeed 'cause you're afraid of meeting any expectations. You handle pressure as well as I handle myself bleeding. I half-expected Hornet to (BLEEP) up - he's not cut from the same cloth. He's always had problems focusing on what's important. He's always had a soft side. And from what I've seen - by trying to trust him, you're only becoming more like him. There was a time you were dangerous, Eli. Maybe it's time that you tried finding what you're here for. It isn't me. It isn't Hornet."

"See, there's nothing that Eddy Love, Troy Windham or Lawrence Stanley can do to end this. One of you can pin me in that ring, and it means nothing to me. Getting pinned or beaten to a pulp has never bothered me, NEVER will. I'll be there the next night, just waiting for it all to happen again and we'll see if you can get lucky again. Until I can't stand up and fight, I'll feel like I'm still winning 'cause the only thing you want is for me to go away with my tail between my legs. Hasn't happened once, NEVER WILL. But I know what I want out of you, Ed...and I will get it. Eventually, you'll have to face 'The Wolf' alone. No JJ Deville. No Troy Windham. No Hornet. No Eli Flair. This match means nothing, it's Merritt's cheap way of getting more ratings and building up a fire that's already out of control. But in the end, Merritt knows what everyone wants to see - LOVE vs. RANDALLS. One on One. If you win, you're the next HERO of the CSWA. You're the role model to children everywhere. But what if you lose to me, Ed? You'll realize that all your talk, all these games were just you trying to avoid the inevitable. Merritt won't give a (BLEEP) about you. He'll just push either Powers, Radder, Troy or Cardigo into my *WAY*. Like anyone else you're just a pawn."

"You can tell all the jokes you want, Ed. You can make fun of me all you want. You can attack me, knock me out, dress me up like a woman, shave my legs and put Mascara on me...and I still won't give a (BLEEP). Eventually, it will get settled. Eventually we have to walk the walk. I didn't think it was any accomplishment that I shaved your head. ANYONE could've done it at any point in your career, I was just the one that went through with it. It's just a lesson that you just refuse to understand. Shaving your head was me letting YOU know that if you want to fight the war, be prepared to lose what you love most. I know your golden locks aren't that much - at least not to me. It was a warning shot, Ed. It only gets worse from here on out. You want to talk about men following my path? Guns tried to, but look where it got him. He can't wrestle 'cause he's only got jello surrounding a metallic knee. For the rest of his life he has to remember the one real mistake he made in his career. He tried to beat me at my own game. Troy, Ed - We can play hide and seek for as long as you want. Hell, Troy...you've been playing that game with me for YEARS. You're bitter, but you're afraid. Its why you won't get in the ring with me, but you'll always get me when my back is turned. As for you Ed, I have a little more faith. You want the money, you want the glory - and if you can pin me, you'll get it all for a little while. But that's the trap, Ed. 'Cause when the time comes, just like Hornet...just like Adler...just like Windham...just like Guns...in one bite, I'll swallow your pride whole and leave you hopeless, bloody and beaten like a mule. Just like I want - just like I planned. And then you'll just be one of us, Ed. Cast aside and forgotten. Enjoy all the fun while you can, Playboys - 'cause sooner or later...you'll be walking the walk on MY PATH. MY WAY. And then...you'll NEVER be the same again."


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