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Resurfacing Abroad


League Member
Apr 27, 2008
Central Arkansas
CUT TO: One can almost see his or her breath walking down the Riverfront Amphitheater area of Spokane… People are walking all around, heading toward a concert or event of some sort. The image focuses out among the people on one man by himself, sitting on a park bench.

A leather jacket and shredded jeans had become a staple of "Wicked Sight" Michael Plett’s wardrobe during his rookie years in the TCW, GXW and CSWA, and as a 27 year old man he hasn't changed much. His black hair is thrown back, longer than ever, to the point where the shaved underside is not visible and underneath the jacket is a Black Label Society: SeaTac Chapter shirt.

The camera shifts, and an upper body shot of Sight is all that is visible; background noise is almost totally ignored – Plett’s voice captivates the scene.

MP: Some of you remember me, and some of you don't. Thousands of dollars in merchandise sold, countless seats filled for STELLAR performances, championships won and lost...

My body torn and tattered.

Some of my peers then - Sean Stevens, Kin Hiroshi, Simply Stunning to name a few - made it from that time to the present and even longer, their bodies holding out to the constant battering. I wasn't so lucky... at twenty two years old, I was looking at permanent paralysis. I had a wife at a young age, a child not much later than that... and the choice to fight back yet again didn't look so optimistic.

Years have passed... but my fire never died out. It tore my family apart. It made me question the faith I believed in, the passion I brought to life, and who I am.

I sat on the sidelines and watched GXW evolve and mold into this, the Empire Pro Wrestling, no different than I watched my old stomping grounds lose their TV deal and go back into the shadows. And when I put my mind to getting back in shape, to lacing the boots up again and entertaining the crowd for another run, I knew that both of these places needed a FREAK like me as bad as they did before.

Dan Ryan... owner or not... know that I remember 2002 and the 2x4 you cracked against my throat and shoulder, the same shoulder that never healed up from August of 2000. When I sat in Birmingham getting molded back together, your face was the only thing I could see. Know that the man you see before you is more rejuvenated now than ever before, know that this man you once called WICKED SIGHT is just a hungry and spirited as the kid that stood in the CSWA rings and RAN THE PAGEANTRY, and know that coming into my own as a man has made me less naive and more calculating...

Triple X... just remember that we're still all tied up in our feud, and not a day went by without me waking up and wanting to prove to myself and to the world that I was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the better man. I remember the day I pinned your shoulders to the mat... I remember the day you took the gold I wore so proudly away from me... I remember the day that on - at the time - the grandest stage of them all, I threw you over the top rope to earn my status as a main eventer within the industry... know that our paths will cross one day soon.

And to everyone in Empire I don't know... we will meet soon. For you, all that needs to be known is that you're on notice. From the first time I walk down that ramp, up those steps and through the ropes, you'll see exactly who I am. From the first time the bell rings and Mike Plett is in the match, you'll know that the Wicked Sight before you is ready to take your spot.

I Promise.


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