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Return of the


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Jan 1, 2000
{The scene comes up to a well lighted room. It is a fairly big room. A CSWA camera is set-up in front of a CSWA backdrop. CSWA's own Rudy Seitzer stands with his arms crossed. He looks at his watch and then looks at the camera operator.}

Seitzer- He asks for this time to have a interview and he is late. This is outrageous...utterly ludicrous.

{The camera operator rolls his eyes at Seitzers comment. A minute or two passes by and finally Michael Gettis comes strolling in with Helen on his arm. Michael is wearing a blue and white Enyce t-shirt with pair of dark blue jean shorts and a pair of Timberland sandles. Helen is wearing a mild yellow, figure complementing sun dress. Michael and Helen walk over to Rudy.}

Michael- (shaking seitzers hand) Sorry for making ya' wait...traffic is kind of hectic.

Seitzer- No problem. You ready to start?

Michael- (putting his arm around Helen) Fo' Sho'

{Rudy lets the camera operator know they are ready. The camera operator flips a switch and adjusts the camera. The operator points to rudy}


{Seitzer grabs a microphone from off camera.}

Seitzer- Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with Michael Gettis. Former HEW World Champion and former TCW Tag Team Champion. How you been Michael?

Michael- Except for the career threatening injury I just got over, I'd say I am doing just fine.

Seitzer- You are scheduled to face former Greensboro champion JJ Deville. How do you think you match up with him?

Michael- Well...it's quite simple. I think he is nothing. I know I am better than him. Deville has descraced my hometown by letting that fool GUNS get his hands on the Greensboro Title. I feel JJ should beg me not to beat his A** when I step into that ring with him.

Seitzer- How do you know you are going to be up to par with Deville considering you have been out for over a year?

Michael- One thing you and everybody else should know...never underestimate me. I might have some ring rust but once things get going, you will see me back just the way I was before my injury. Next Question.

Seitzer- Anything else you want to say about your upcoming match?

Michael- Of course...

{Gettis grabs the microphone from Seitzer.}

Michael- Deville, I hope you are ready. I hope you watch the tapes and learn everything about me. I want you to know what I am going to do next. Then I might actually get a good match out of ya'. Please come to Gainsville wanting to wrestle. That is all I ask of you. But if you don't...then I will just have some fun kicking your a**!

{Gettis drops the mic. He grabs Helen's hand and storms out of the room. Seitzer reaches down and picks up the mic. When he stands up Gettis is right there in his face.}

Michael- (grabbing the mic out of Rudy's hand) One more thing. GUNS! I'm coming to bring that belt back to Greensboro.

{Gettis tosses the mic to Seitzer and leaves. Seitzer rubs his forhead as the scene fades to black}

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