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Rick Dickulous


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Feb 4, 2005
(Posted for Jeff)

Name: Jeff MaGee

Email Address: jeffery . magee . 79 @ hotmail.com

Best Way to Contact You: Facebook Messenger, Discord DM, Text Message, Phone Call, email..in order of precedence.

eWrestling Experience: 3 years N*FW (1999 - 2002), 2 years NFW (2017 - 2019), approx 6 months HOW (Feb - July 2020)

How did you find DEFIANCE? I have quite a few current roster members who have suggested joining DEFIANCE, as I have come to the realization that angle feds may be the best place for me - stories can be told without the worry of match results throwing the story direction askew.

Are you willing to write matches? I'm not good at it, but just like any other skill, it can be learned. From how the match writing has been explained to me so far, I shouldn't have a problem catching on and turning out some quality pieces.

Writing Sample

(NOTE: Writing sample takes more of a face angle, as Rick has pretty much always been a face - save for a brief stint in a heel stable with HOW)

The screen flickers to life as soft, inspirational orchestral music plays in the background; an old black and white movie shows men 50 or so feet away from the camera walking into a snow covered maple forest, the men all carrying multiple buckets in each hand. The old reel skips in places, every so often there seem to be small jumps in time, however the men appear to be laughing as they slip in amongst the trees and seperate from one another. A soothing male voice speaks over the music.

"For years Canadians have ventured into snow covered forests to harvest the sap of the mighty Canadian maple just before the arrival of spring..."

The old movie is replaced with a modern, colourized shot of a spigot sticking out of a tree, clear liquid dripping into a bucket hanging underneath it.

"...the tradition continues today. This liquid, the blood of the mighty Maple is the main ingredient of the lifeblood of Canadians everywhere, and once processed and sweetened..."

The shot changes again, this time showing dark brown, viscuous liquid pouring from a filling machine into five bottles positioned under the nipples of the filler. The bottles fill to the top, the nipples stop pouring, and the five bottles are mechanically whisked away as five new empty bottles replace them and the process continues.

"...it is transformed into a part of a healthy breakfast!"

The camera pans out from a closeup of a plate of pancakes to show a full breakfast, placed perfectly on a beautiful, complimentary table setting. Eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, toast, juice, milk, and three pancakes, all looking good enough to eat.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Rick Dickulous agrees, that's why he is proud to introduce 'Tree Blood,' his new line of Maple Syrup, being sold at your local grocer today!"

Rick Dickulous stands - more, towers - behind the breakfast table holding a bottle shaped like a giant drop filled with dark liquid. Built like a giant strongman, he seems so large in juxtaposition to the small bottle he supports with one hand, whilst gesturing at it with the other like a tart in a sequined dress on a game show displaying prizes to contestants. Rick wears a red tartaned kilt - the typical red and black tartan associated with a steretypical Canadian - making his behaviour that much more comical; his outfit completed with a nigh skin tight white ringer t-shirt sporting a Canadian flag across the chest, and the words "I'M AN..." above, and "EH HOLE!" below, the neck and biceps tinged red. He wears a tight black beanie covering his ears and sporting a Canadian flag in the centre of the forehead. On the bottle in his hand is a white silhouette of Rick's head with red, bleeding letters spelling out the product name, they make it seem as though the silhouette's forehead is busted open. Rick smiles into the camera.

"Tree Blood is the best maple syrup you can buy, guy! Let me show you!"

The camera pans out to a table with two stacks of pancakes on two separate plates. In front of one, a sign reading "OTHER GUYS," and one in front of the other with "TREE BLOOD" on it in the product's bleeding font.

"Here we have two stacks of Grandma's buttermilk pancakes. These motherfuckers right here would make a beaver chew it's balls off to get out of a trap just to get the crumbs - no shit, it happened once...I followed the trail of blood all the way back to the tough sumbitch's ballsack hangin' there frozen as fuck!"

A muffled, unclear voice is heard mumbling off camera and Rick focuses off to the side, shielding his eyes from the stage lights.

"What? This is supposed to be PG? Fuck that, you definitely got the wrong fuckin' guy to do this shit show.....you want me to keep going?"

The off camera voice is much more clear this time as the shot pans out, revealing a commercial set; a microphone peeks from the top of the wide angle shot, edges of the backdrop can be seen, along with assorted wires and cables taped securely to the floor.

"Rick, kids are supposed to see this and buy your product. That's how this is supposed to work...I mean, you can't drop f-bombs if kids are watching."

"Man, fuck the kids..."

Rick looks into the camera, shrugs and quickly speaks into it, in a weird, almost surreal way.

"I mean that totally non sexually....like, they've probably heard and said worse by now..."

The camera adjusts as Rick points at the pancakes, turning his gaze back off camera, speaking to who can only be presumed as the director off screen.

"We doin' this or not, buddy? These pancakes are makin' me hungry as fuck!"

The off camera voice speaks again clearly:

"Just run with it and we'll shoot another one later...aaaaand, ACTION!!"

Without missing a beat, Rick picks up the OTHER GUYS syrup and pours it over the pancakes. As the camera pans in on the stack, the syrup seems to be runny, and not as dark as the syrup pouring into the bottles being filled in the factory earlier in the segment. The shot cuts back to Rick looking into the camera, gesturing at the other guys' offerings and speaking excitedly.

"See how this shit just goes everywhere? Like, this syrup is seriously fuckin' the dog in every aspect. It's making fuckin' Lake Ontario on my plate, and that means soggy pancakes. That, my friends, is a travesty."

Rick picks up the TREE BLOOD bottle and pours it over the other stack of pancakes. Again the camera zooms in on the stack, but this time it seems that the syrup has a weird reddish tint to it, and while it flows, it is very thick and non viscuous, looking almost like real blood.

"Tree Blood is my jam - literally! See that red colour? Motherfuckin' strawberry JAM, GUY!"

Rick excitedly dips his finger into the syrup and puts it in his mouth. He loudly cleans his finger and holds it up at the camera, his infectious smile beaming across his face.

"Ask your local grocer about Tree Blood, or head to the syrup section and check the shelves - if it's not there, ask them to Misery Whip up an order!"

Rick puts down his finger and replaces it with a big thumbs up, poster child smile still beaming from his face. The image of Rick fades, replaced by another old black and white flickering film. The same men from the earlier movie clip stand around a campfire with a large metal pot hanging over top. A few men stand around talking while another stirs the pot as the soothing male voice again emanates from the speakers as the soft orchestral music begins playing again.

"So remember, our forefathers used maple syrup as an energy boost in the dead of winter, and now you can use Tree Blood as your morning energy boost! Get it for your little lumberjacks today!"

The screen changes to a blinding red, with equally blinding white lettering:


Ask Your Local Grocer


Check The Maple Syrup Aisle

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Rick Dickulous
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 425 lbs
(Character based on Haf??r J?l?us Bj?rnsson)

Hailing From: Toronto, Canada

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Rick is a lumberjack. A rough, crude, matter of fact man, who has no qualms about saying what needs to be said - as bluntly as needed. Working in the wild, Rick has developed a deep understanding of survival of the fittest, and a penchant for winning any fight by hook, or by crook, assuming he doesn't just use his size to his advantage. As the giant of the lumber camp Rick was routinely tasked with the heaviest jobs, one of which was singlehandedly using a large saw designed for two sawyers known in the industry as a Misey Whip.

Wrestling Style: Rick relies on brute force to get the job done, utilizing training in Krav Maga (defensive fighting/improvised weapons/multiple target engagements), Boxing (sharp strikes to soft areas), and Greco-Roman Wrestling to overpower opponents.

Three Weaknesses: Weak vs. Agile opponents, Prone to fits of rage (can be exploited by others), Slower moving

Three Strengths: Size, Strength, Ground Attack


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Punch
2) Kick
3) Stomp
4) Headbutt
5) Irish Whip
6) German Suplex
7) Body Slam
8) Kitchen Sink
9) Eye Gouge
10) Clothesline/Lariat

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Atomic Drop
2) Dragging opponent's face across the ropes
3) Gorilla Press
4) Big Boot
5) Low Blow

1 Finishing Move:

Misery Whip: Short Clothesline - Rick has one hand of an opponent, then pushes them away, before pulling his opponent towards him forcefully, right into a very hard clothesline. Almost a surprise finisher, like the RKO out of nowhere...

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move:

Log Driver's Waltz - Rick hoists his dazed opponent into a Crucifix position on his back, then tosses them up over his head into a sitting powerbomb/pin attempt.
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Jul 12, 2020
In order to earn my "YES," you must first answer the most important question of all...

...is your Mom hot?

...eh, what the hell. I break my own "no voting" rule and say yes. It's Rick, it's a good character, and it's a heel!


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Feb 4, 2005
Yes from me. Four votes means you're in.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Riiiiiick, comes highly recommended and we have a new arc starting so let get this moving..

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