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Road to Immortality: Douglas vs. Waltz


Jan 1, 2000
"SUB POP" SCOTT DOUGLAS versus "THE FALLEN ANGEL" STEPHEN WALTZ in a ranked contest toward the IWF Emerald City Title.

Two (2) promo limit. RP period ends 3/17/13.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Hometown Hero, Part I

"Hit the reset button ... "

Scott Douglas returned from an abstinence predicated on his injured and comatose girl friend, Courtney Allen. He used his time away to remain vigilant at her bedside only returning to the ring at the behest of his father; a retired professional wrestler himself.

His return would no doubt be marred with uncertainty and concern. Had he fell victim to ring rust? Would Derrick Allen return and stir up the past yet again? Does he even want to do this any more?

Most of his concerns were laid to rest on the debut episode of the now Immortal promotion's season two. He squeezed out a victory against Kerry Kuryoma in a his IWF farewell bout and revenged his loss months before. ?Now the only man in the IWF that can truly lay claim to the title of "Hometown Hero," it's time to start all over again and work his way back to the top.

"I understand, I was gone for quite some time dealing with personal matters..." Scott begins. "And I can't get that lost time back. People have come and gone ... and overall the entire promotion got a bit of a face lift."

Scott uses partially sleeve covered hand to brush his hair up out of his face. On the way down the same appendage hovers around his stubbled beard and scratches against his cheek with his gnawed finger nails.

"I get it. I really do. I'm not going to stomp back in here demanding a top spot, or even a main event shot. I took what they gave me against Kerry because I felt the two of us owed each other that match before he left." Scott continues. "But post that ... I want to follow the path Kerry had began on before he got the big call up. I'm going to start from the bottom of the ranks and work my way back to the top before I can ever expect any respect from the fans or the front office."

Scott produces his usual smoking implements from his jacket pocket and lights up smoke. After he savors the first deep inhalation and subsequent evacuation he continues.

"And how better to begin again ... then the way it started nearly a year prior. Stephen Waltz ... I honestly have a great deal of respect for Waltz. I've never met anyone who can take a beating like he can and still ... still ... hasn't given up and walked away from the profession."

Scott indulges in his smoldering vice.

"Some of my contemporaries would use this opportunity to belittle, berate, or trash talk, Stephen. I don't feel this need ... and not even in a cocky - I got this in the bag - type of way. Simply because you've got a fight, you've got more spirit than most I've seen around here; namely ... Perfection."

And again.

"And even considering the fact that I've already beaten you once. Still ... we work in a unpredictable business; where anything can happen at any given time. Nothing should or can be taken for granted."

One more.

"And I don't. I love this business and I love what I do. Clearly, so do you, Waltz. Hell, you'd honestly have to - to continue on the way you have. So, the reset button has been tagged and at Road to Immortality - Waltz and I get to dance again, much like the way I first started in the IWF."

One more for good measure before dropping it to the floor and smothering it with his boot.

"I'm hoping for a repeat performance."

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