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Road to Immortality: Perfection (C) vs. Mystery Opponent


Jan 1, 2000
The Emerald City Champion PERFECTION versus MYSTERY OPPONENT in a non-title exhibition match. Opponent TBA at the beginning of the show.

Three (3) promo limit. RP period ends 3/17/13.

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Let's Talk Bonuses


(Perfection is standing behind a wet bar, it has to be the basement of his home, and trust me, it’s lavish. Way too lavish for a wrestler working the indies or maybe sucking money from the company dry. Regardless, very nice wet bar, signage behind him, overhead lights, Emerald City title placed in a display case to his left behind him where the bottles of alcohol stand.)

“Is this is how you treat your most prominent employee, Fear? Your top echelon to be raffled off to any person you see fit?

You allowed a dangerous, inexperienced rookie get in that ring with me and almost damage my face! Now you have the balls to book me in a match that I don’t even know my opponent?!

And you expect me….to play by your rules?

I am not some schmuck you can push around and do your bidding, Fear. I am not some champion that will wait on you hand and foot.

Go wrestle the clown, go do this fan appearance, do what I say, when I say.

None of it!

I don’t get paid enough to be a wrestler AND a circus act.”

(He reaches down for a martini shaker filling it with ice and pour Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin into it.)

“Speaking of which.

If it was me who used a weapon to win a match you would have me nailed to the cross! But no! Ocho does it and what do you do?

You reward him! Not only reward him but give him another title shot against pain GRILLE!

The man used my title to crack me in the face, the only icon you have and you allow him to disrespect ME?!

What is this? Is this a joke to you, Fear? Is this your way of having a good laugh?

Look at this RIGHT HERE.

(He points at the title as the camera zooms in then out and goes back to him)

“That is the biggest icon your company has and instead of getting me the type of competition worthy to wrestle me you give me fools like Ocho and Scott Douglas.

Men who are reckless! Can injure a man or worse! Do you realize I could have suffered a laceration, Fear?

No you don’t because you are inept! You don’t listen to me, I try and direct you, I try and show these ignorant fans the type of failures that play dress up week by week in the locker room.

But I am the bad guy, the meaning of Perfect, the geese sh-tting out golden eggs for you!

And you slap me in the face week by week.

Well then to you I say, ‘drown in your debt’. Drown signing my contracts year by year as the number keeps rising. The money is just simply a tangible good.

The real value is that I EXSIST.”

(He adds a little olive juice to the martini shaker.)

“All of this, Nate, isn’t a you verses me.

It isn’t Perfection trying to tear down the establishment. Or that it’s my goal to totally destroy your limping along company that has replaced its office staff with interns.


That without me, your very foundation, weaklings like Ocho would get crushed under the pressure and everything you tried to save would be lost in vain.”

(Perfection then puts the cap on the shaker and goes to town. He sets out a glass pouring the martini into it.)

“But instead of acknowledging that you want to play kid games with me. You want to play give Perfection the mystery opponent, not tell me who is going to come out of that curtain.

And you think I am going to play along?

(He huffs before taking a sip, a smile of delight.)

“It doesn’t work that way.

It never will.

I am not one to be controlled, I am too valuable too much of a positive asset to need to take orders from you, Nathan Fear.

That’s why they have a board of directors.

And trust me…the vote is in my favor every single time.

So you go, promote your main event, go on.

Maybe I show up….

(He smiles large before taking another sip of his martini)

Maybe I don’t.

Call me Nate, let’s talk about bonuses for wrestling an entire match.

(He laughs before the camera…)

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