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Roberts v Dweck


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Richard's rap

* Richard Dweck RP for C10.

The arena's lights darken and a spotlight shines down on Richard who
is wearing a red sweater, black cargo pants and white,red and black
sneakers. His hair resembles one of a young shawn michaels as well.

" I am Pretentious presumptuous, i'm not just good looking or
sexy, I'm scrumptious but not a sycophantic, i'm 100 percent
origina you won't find an equivalent. I'm resilient and durable I'm
just adorable and my full name is three syllables, i'm so clever you
can't follow my quips but you don't have to trip because here a tip . . ."

" I am an epic entertainer who can you turn you into an epileptic
with a retainer but there's not much to gain sir but there's even less
to lose, my opponent has the chops to make ya snooze and on top of
that they are old news but fools I'm newschool but I'm no tool.
I am plucky and pragmatic very charismatic almost enigmatic that noise is not just static from your attic or your drugs you addict.
It's the ubiquitous reactions I recieve because unlike all the fish in
the sea, there is no-one quite like me because everyone likes to discuss
me, that must mean I'm disgusting or maybe I'm just obscene but unlike
all the fish floating onto the scene, I'm still merely a tween. I'm a kid but
I am no rookie but I do some sort of weird craving for a cookie but you
mistook me for a she is seedy and incredulously gallivanting but this is
just a disingenuous ephinany like a symphony for me to express me,
but you can't test me and you can't mess with me because unlike all
the fish in the sea, I'm interesting, worth investing your time into
because . . .

I'm just . . . Pretentious
I'm just. . . presumptuous
I'm just . . . disingenuous
I'm just Ostentatious
gaining reactions ubiquitous

I'm just a sycophantic stigma
I'm just an entertainment enigma
consistently reliable
these words obfuscating my moral compass
all I know is this week I'm gonna kick some

I am epic,
I am amazing
I am awesome
I am great
I am fantastic
I am bombastic
I'm cool
I'm new school
I'm entertaining
I'm a superstar
I'm a hero
I'm the good but not the evil
I'm a soldier
I'm The Civillian
I'm the The Victim
I'm a prophet
I'm a liar but I'm honest when I say . . .

I am a leader,
I am the pariah
I am the victor
I am the messiah
I am perfection
I am the reflection of incomparable
I am unstoppable
I am doing the impossible
I am climbing the ladder of success
I am moving mountains
I am living my life, it's not what it was before
I am doing things I've never done before.
I am sharing my feelings
I am living out my dreams
I am here but I am so far away, all the struggle that I thought was in
vain and all the mistakes one life contained they all finally start to go

Now that I am here it's so far away and I feel like I can face the day
I can forgive and I'm not ashamed to be the person that I am today.
these are my words that i've never said before, I think i'm doing ok and
this is the smile I've never shown before.

I am better than the rest of the roster
I am not an imposter but I am original
In theory i'm the future and I rock.
I am the best there is
I am the top dog
But I am a dark horse, I am an underdog

but most importantly i'm going to win

I'm controversial, I need no rehearsal because the reactions I
get are universal aka ubiquitous. I am morally pragmatic and
a quixotic oppurtunist that means I am able to exceed to succeed
when I have an oppurtunity but it doesn't matter fish are in the sea
cause nobody's gomma be like me, I'm a visionary, I am a rebel, I
am leader, I am pariah, I am a messiah of awesome I stick out like
a possum in a bowl of rats everyone please remove your hats and
respect me, revere me, come on keep on cheering for me, I don't
think your hearing me you're suppose to be rooting for me because
unlike all the fish in the sea, I'm a gay sea otter . . . I blow other
dudes out of the water. I spit fire like a just blew a demon because
my shits so hot it'll leave your toilet bowl steamin. I'm gonna tear
it like the cards of gypsies, you'll bleed for so long you'll get monthly
elipsies. My flo's so cold I need a tampon from a polar bear so stay
right there cause I am replete of skills that payz the bills but can also
kill and it will with a thrill but you need to chill with a pill because my
opponent's skills and thrills are nonexistant like that dead guy . . . "bill" or maybe it's phil, I just mean they don't have skill but watch me and
you'll get your weekly fill because all the seats in the arena are filled with a mass of massive asses but you don't need to glasses to
access my prowess in the ring because what I bring is
the zing, I honor the ring with my sports entertainment
because I'm pick of the litter, I deliver satisfication cuz
I'm the only reason for some total non-stop action but like
a dragon gate, you don't even noah what wrestling is but
does it matter what wrestling is cause I'm the only one who
matters in the wrestling biz and it doesn't matter who are
all the other fish in the sea, cause they will neva'ever'ever'eva be like me
and don't you see? the fcc can't even shut down me.

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