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Rocko Daymon

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Aliases: The TRUE Professional Wrestler; The Legend, The Myth, The MAN

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 243 lbs.
Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Alignment: Neutral

Gimmick: Rugged, manly, down-to-earth brawler who takes the business seriously and strives to find the pay-off after a decade's worth of hard work in the ring. His focus is more on the sport than the actual spectacle, but gets his credibility by wearing his heart on his sleeve. Similar to William Regal's "Real Man's Man" era, or that lumberjack guy you find on packages of Brawny paper towels. A chest rich with hair says it all.

Entrance Music: “Death Is This Communion” by High On Fire
Entrance Description:
The opening riffs from "Death Is This Communion" by High On Fire thunderously resound over the PA. The audience immediately releases a prominent, though generally mixed, reaction as Caitlyn Daymon appears from the entry-way and stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.

CDaymon: Ladies and gentlemen… introducing the man you’ve ALL been waiting to see! Hailing from “THE CITY OF DESTINY” Tacoma, Washington and weighing in at 243 pounds of PURE, RELENTLESS flesh and bone…

The Legend…

The Myth…



An explosion PEALS over the stage as Rocko Daymon makes his entrance to a FLOOD of diverse reactions from those who hate him out of spite and those who know a TRUE professional wrestler when they see one! Rocko stares into the sea of fans for several moments with his fist held high in the air, then nods and smiles to his wife before the two make their way toward the ring, walking like professional wrestling royalty.

Appearance: Caucasian, lightly toned male with defined bodily hair on the arms, legs, and chest. Dark brown hair buzzed down into a crew cut and brown eyes. He has one tattoo in the center of his back, fist-sized, a hooped cross, and more on his shoulder and arms giving tribute to some of his favorite bands and others appearing runic in origin. Parts of his face and body are scarred from years of conflict. Not a pretty boy by any means, but his face holds a square-jawed, rugged appearance that appeals to some.
Ring Attire: Daymon always competes in elbow pads, knee pads, wrestling boots, and fingerless grappling gloves, all black. His usual attire in the ring is typically cut-off jeans, but he sometimes alternates these with knee-length shorts in camo, khaki, or black denim.

Wrestling Style: Well-rounded and eclectic in many schools, but vies for brawling and power techniques to put the real hurt on his opponents. Daymon’s usual ring strategy is to hit things off at a quick start and use a variety of rush and brawling moves to put his opponent stunned on the ground. When he fully has things in his control, he’ll switch to more powerful moves. He’s also known to hold back at certain points during a match to get a feel for his opponent’s style and adapt to it. He’ll also use the occasional submission move to work down on a pivotal part of his opponent’s body (legs for big guys, arms for power wrestles, neck and back for lighter opponents).

Rocko works with the B.A.D. style of wrestling, which focuses on Brutality, Adaptability, and Durability.


Standard Moveset
-Standard Suplex varieties (Verticle, Northern Lights, German… all released)
-Rush moves (Jumping Knee Lift, Running Clothesline, Forearm Smash)
-Minor submission holds (Headlock, Standing Armbar, Arm Wrench)
-Brawling (No martial or technical discipline, just fast and forceful strikes with a good deal of ground and pound)
-Moderate Slams (Fireman’s Carry, Scoop Slam, Standing DDT)
-Rebound Moves (Back Body Drop, Spinebuster, Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker)

Spot/Signature Moves
-Discus Punch (usually follows a pair of left jabs)
-Three Consecutive Russian Legsweeps (usually taunts the crowd by flipping the bird before hitting the third)
-Running Tackle/Spear w/ Mounted Punches
-Back-First Corner Splash (typical set-up to the finisher)

High Spot Moves (for PPVs or big matches)
-Double-Arm DDT
-Texas Cloverleaf (favored submission hold)
-Frogsplash (usually his only top-rope diving attack)

The Brain Rocker
Description: A Sit-Out Double-Underhook Facebuster

Daymon touts nearly a decade of professional wrestling experience. In that time, he has come to know the ins and outs of the professional wrestling ring, and come to experience a myriad of different types of athletes and personalities.
Rocko is a second-wind fighter in many cases. He’s been known to take excessive amounts of punishment in the ring, but keep coming back for more. This might escalate to a typical Hogan power-up moment during a match, as is also why his favored match is a Last Man Standing competition.
Rocko is what many would consider a “stiff” wrestler. His moves and techniques hold a certain emphasis to put the absolute maximum hurt on his opponents. Daymon has a tendency to keep opponent’s dazed after a series of rushing attacks, and tends to go right for the throat after they let their guard down.

Wear and Tear
As to be expected with wrestlers getting on in years, Rocko has taken in a number of dents and dings that may affect his performance in the ring. Though he has managed to keep himself healthy for most of his career, there’s always the chance that an opponent may aggravate a previous knee, shoulder, or neck injury.
He tends to be hard-headed on almost every account. Sometimes, he hears nothing but his own voice, and will still reject foreign insight even after losing a match. Rocko’s ideal image for THE professional wrestler causes him to sometimes lose sight of his duty as a professional wrestler: entertaining the fans. This character trait proves to be his downfall in some cases as he casts a blind-eye in the face of logic, which usually ends up costing him later on.
Lack of Technical Knowledge
While Rocko has some background in technical wrestling, his expertise pales in comparison to most mat experts. As a result, he’s prone to falling into a few minor submission holds or counter-attacks. Daymon’s consistent focus to try and brawl and overpower his opponent into a straight KO sometimes ends up costing himself more than his opponent.

Title History:
-SCW Television Champion (4x)
-SCW World Heavyweight Champion
-EUWC International Champion
-EUWC Tag Team Champion (w/ Dan Ryan)
-A1E Triple Star Champion
-A1E Cyber Champion
-NEW World Heavyweight Champion (shared w/ Jonathan Marx)
-Winner of EUWC Chad Dupree Memorial Cup 2005

Rocko Daymon boasts over a decade of professional wrestling experience spanning over various present and past federations. Daymon made his start in Superior Championship Wrestling in the late nineties with his wife and manager, Caitlyn, where he had some success until the federation closed in 2002. With its closure, Daymon joined up with numerous federations including WFW, EPW, NEW, EUWC, and A1E, granting him an eclectic perspective on the always changing and growing professional wrestling industry.

Rocko has touted himself as a “no bull****” kind of wrestler who rejects false gimmicks and spectacle performers, believing that those worthy of titles and spotlight are the true athletes and personalities that grace the ring. His definition of what a “true” professional wrestler is has been agreed with and contested alike by many of his peers and opponents. But one thing nobody can deny is that when Rocko Daymon enters the ring and the bell rings, he always puts up a true fight.

Though born and raised in the Midwest, Daymon moved to the West Coast in his late teens where he met his wife, Caitlyn. The two of them compete as professional athletes, residing in Tacoma with their two children, Kincaid and Garnet.


Manager Name: Caitlyn Daymon
Relation: Rocko’s wife
Disposition: Neutral
Interferes: Only when others interfere
Personality: Caitlyn plays the perfect foil to Rocko's overly-manliness. While he occassionally drones on about vague concepts such as respect and honor, Caitlyn is always at his side as a constantly annoying voice of reason, often seeing eye to eye with Rocko's opponents. They have an odd love-hate relationship. In a way, she gives him more gray hairs than the actual business, but in spite of their mutual animosity for one another, they are still very fond of each other.
Appearance: Caucasian, fair complexions. Sports shoulder length brown hair (dyed black) with matching brown eyes. Her face is appealing, but usually sports a curt, frowning expression. Her body type is natural and endowed, but also athletic and well-toned. Smack-dab between supermodel and amazon. She usually sports a white, red, or black tank top with black baggy pants and matching biker gloves.
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