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Rory Henderson v. Eli Scheinberg


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Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Post all RP here. Deadline is Friday, April 23rd at 11:55 PM EASTERN TIME. Standard 48 hour stack rules apply.

Throbbin Wood

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Dec 5, 2009
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]FADE-IN: It's a warm and cloudy day in Brooklyn. Eli Scheinberg is walking through Fort Green Park along a trail surrounded by green grass and trees. He is wearing some sweat sunglasses, dressed in blue jeans, a white t-shirt with collars popped and a light blue undershirt showing at the neck. He stops at the sound of a crunching of a leaf. He picks it up, observes it, and holds it up to the camera.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]ELI SCHEINBERG: “The late Lubavitcher Rebbe taught that Godliness was in everything. People look at the volcano in Iceland and say, 'oh f-ck me, that looks like an act of God.' What they don't realise is that it's not just volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, but the little things... like a leaf blowing along a trail.”[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]He tosses the leaf behind him and it floats away in a slight breeze. He continues on...[/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]There's Godliness in victory, something I have been good at achieving so far in Next Level Wrestling. But, yes, there's also Godliness in defeat. I may have lost to Impulse, but being a rookie against an established superstar, I think I made a splash regardless of the loss. So I didn't land in the tournament final as I wanted to and worked hard for, and I f-cked my arm up for a few days after, but maybe it was meant to be this way? I just have to stay confident that I will one day be the NLW Open Weight Champion. My loss to Impulse, despite looking good in defeat, taught me that for how good I may be now, there is definitely work to be done if I want to be the best.”[/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]So I've gotten over the loss, and there's no shame in losing to a great opponent. I won't let it get me down. I've been training for this Rory Henderson bloke who is suppose to be a real nutter. I don't know much about him, and I don't care either. He's bigger and stronger than me but that doesn't put me off because it will make it that much sweeter when I make him feel the English Anguish. I've dealt with some crazy f-cks in pubs back in Manchester so I know how to approach this kind of fighter.”[/FONT]

“[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Now f-ck this, I can't have my walk with cameras around me. You guys are slowing me down. If I don't get back home before dinner this time the wife will nag at me. Silly woman leaves these fans on all over the house during the night... Wake up for a piss and it's like a f-cking Russian winter... Ugh...”[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]FADE TO BLACK[/FONT]


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
CUTTO: A Courtyard inside the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California. The camera pans around the area and shows small plants, bushes and other shrubbery until it finally centers on Patient 0137509, aka Rory "Hendo" Henderson as he sits in a wheelchair facing the camera, his hands secured in a strait jacket. His curly red hair, lightly blowing from the breeze, he locks his jaw for a minute before flinching awkwardly, centering his focus back on the camera with a smile forming from the corner of his mouth. Every now and then his body rocks abit involuntarily but neither phases him or deters him from what he's about to say.

RORY: Why hello there...either you're the crew from Next Level Wrestling or you're here for my Six O' Clock "Silver Bullet" appointment in which case...I suggest you tell the chef to prepare something better than that slop that I've been eating or this isn't going to be a visit that I'm going to wanna experience while I'm either sober or at least semi-conscious.

I'm hoping it's the former, but evidently I've been wrong before.

But I'm told that my next excursion into Recreational Activity is with a man these people tell me is called "Eli Scheinberg", which happens to be monikered by "The Hebrew Hitman". Now...something tells me here that either he's a REALLY pissed off Rabbi on a binge for-or-because of Jewish Challah bread, or he thought that Adam Goldberg's overture of "The Hebrew Hammer" was dogshit and wouldn't appeal to ANYONE who liked "Fiddler On The Roof".

Once again I'm hoping it's the former, but as I previously stated...I've been wrong before.

Eli, you said that after failing to reach the finals against Impulse that maybe it was MEANT TO BE that you fucked up your arm for afew days afterward....

(Rory chuckles softly)

RORY: Really??

I mean I could see where someone like myself might come out with intent to harm...as you can see I'm not exactly a man that can be trusted. But does ANYONE REALLY come to a fight not intent on coming out of it unscathed?? Does ANYONE REALLY get ready to "throw 'bows" as they say...and not expect to come out of it with at least a small headache or migraine??

I don't think so, Paisan, although a fork in the ankle has crossed my mind a time or two (Rory smiles coyly), I would never go that low.

Or would I??

See, Eli there's some things we share in common that intrigues me alittle bit.

We're both alittle cultured.

We're both like our time alone and that's even better.

But you know what I like the most, Eli??

We both love to be VIOLENT, call me crazy....well...actually someone did that already but the point is this....there's one point that I don't like, there's one line in the sand that I dare people to cross and that's similar interests.

For example...we both like to be violent but you choose to make people submit with your...Irish...pardon...ENGLISH ANGUISH.

Though I'm just as "Danny Tanner-esque" by "keeping the violence clean" with abit of "The Relapse" myself, and with that said Eli...I'm not one to share.

After all..."Silence is Golden" but...

(A Female Orderly comes out and taps "Hendo" on the shoulder from behind as he gives her a nod without turning his head before she starts to wheel him back inside.)



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