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Round 1: AJ Johnson vs. Jace Gryphon


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Apr 14, 2012
Beginnig of the End........

* Scene opens to the inside of a very nice Mexican Resterant in Atlanta, Georgia. The resturant looks to be pretty packed as there are cars seen outside lined up trying to get a parking spot in the already full parking lot. The camera then pans inside of the restrant as we can then see USPW Star AJ Johnson sitting at a table along with a few other people with him. He is wearing a very nice solid- black suit with solid black shoes and some Oakley shades over his eyes. He begins to smile as he then looks straight into the camera and begins speaking.*

AJ: The ULTRATITLE?..Sounds interesting..

*He then begins laughing.*

AJ:That is exactly what I told my agent when he approached me with this idea. He told me this would be a huge tournament for the best of the best in the business and I thought what better of a place for AJ to go then this tournament? HaHa, I mean I am the best not only in just the USPW but also in the World!

*AJ then stands from the table and walks in front of the camera.*

AJ: You see I was born and bred for this tournament. I am physically in the best condition of my life. 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 225 pounds.

*AJ walks over to the table beside his and picks up a piece of paper and begins to read off everything that is on it.*

AJ: I haven't heard from my opponent for the first round that much. He has been pretty quiet as of now. Mr. Jace Gryphon. I have never heard of you before but once I found out that you are my opponent, I did a little research on you my friend. You are a talent from a promotion known as VWF? I'm not too familiar with thm but I'm pretty sure that they would not compare to the USPW and the talent we have on that roster. I also read that you are a two-time world champion for them.

*He wipes the sweat from his head as he continues to speak.*

AJ: A Two-Time Champion in VWF doesn't mean anything as far as I am conserned. You see a few years ago I was part of an elite company known as the GWA which was the best company around at the time. That roster had talent out of the ass with guys like Myself, The Baller, Mike C, JD Screw, Stardust, and Nocturnal. Yet with all of that talent on one roster, I still was able to win either the World Title or the Global Championship a combined three times!.That my friend is something to be proud of.

AJ: Jace you are not that much bigger than I am so I am expecting possibly a match full of high flying moves and some great spots. But in the end I will be crowned the winner and move on to the next round of the tournament. You my friend are probably unfamiliar with me and how rude of me not to let you know some important details.. Well here are some quick facts that you should know about me.

*AJ then holds up one finger.*

AJ: First, I am a ten year vet of this business Jace. Meaning that I have seen and done pretty much anything that you can think inside of this squared circle. I've been in Cage matches, Glory for Gold Matches, Ladder Matches, I've won tournaments before, and hell I was even in the very first Falcone Funhouse Five match which is probably the closest thing that you can get to hell in a match! I'm not afraid to do anything neccessary in order to win. And that is the same for this tournament. The chance to win a nation wide tournament is an incredible oppertunity to be given.

*AJ then holds up the second finger.*

AJ: The second thing that you need to know Jace is that I have people that are going to be in my corner just in case you decide to get out of line.

*AJ walks over to the entrance of the resturant and at the door is standing a very big man wearing a black suit just like AJ.*

AJ: This is my bodyguard "Big" Vito Smothers. He was apart of my entourage in the old GWA but then left because he wanted to pursue a wrestling career of his own. I made a call and got him back in my corner just for this tournament. He will personally make sure nothing happens that will put me into danger near the ring.

*AJ then walks over to the table in which he was sitting at and points to a man who is drinking out of a Budweiser can.*

AJ: This is my brother Jacoby Douglas. He will also be in my corner for this tournament. He has had his problems over the past few years but for this tournament he will make sure to be sober and ready to have my back.

*AJ then walks from the table over to straight in front of the camera as he gets an angry look over his face as he begins speaking once again.*

AJ:Jace I'm not sure if your at home or in a hotel somewhere but I honestly hope that you are watching and listening. I don't care who you are. I don't care to know anything about you after this match. You are just a speedbump in my way. This is a tournament full of former champions with the likes of Cyanide Harvey, Mike C, and Troy "The Baller" Franklin. The same man that I will be facing in the biggest match of the year this saturday. The truth is that they are here to represent the USPW in this tournament and try and put us on the map. That is the complete opposite of why I am here. I have no desire to put USPW on the map. I have no desire to come in a just try my best.

AJ: I am here to win. I am in this tournament for one thing and one thing only and that is to win and not only win the title but also go down in history as not just one of the best ever but the best damn professional wrestler in the business. I am the best teqchnical wrestler. I am the best high-flying wrestler. I am the best submission artist. I am the best on the mic, promos, and talking to women. Jace, you are going to wish that you were never ever paired with me because I am going to beat you senseless and make the pin....




*AJ then pushes down the camera as the feed cuts off and the scene ends.*



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Apr 12, 2012
Jace: "Have you ever been to the mountain top?"

Jace is seen sitting on top of a mound of old, disposed tires in the middle of a junkyard. He is wearing a piece of his own licensed merchandise, a black t-shirt with the words "Make War, Not Love" on the front. If you could see the back, it is covered in a Jace Gryphon "JG Clover" design. He's also wearing an old pair of jeans torn at the knees, and black boots.

Jace: "I have. Twice, in fact. Once at Insane Championship Wrestling, and once at Viking Wrestling Federation. I was almost there again when Carnage Wrestling closed its doors in my face. But here, in this atmosphere, that's an entirely irrelevant question."

Jace sighed and looked off to the side.

Jace: "So someone got the grand idea to call together the best wrestlers from across the face of the planet, regardless of federation or otherwise allegiance, to have them all fight against each other to see who is the best. It's happened before, and it will happen again. The answer will be different every time. It's the question that remains the same."

Jace looks back, directly into the camera.

Jace: "Who is it going to be this time?"

Jace sighed and spit off to the side, stage right.

Jace: "But I pose a different question. And it's directed at each one of the one hundred twenty-seven other wrestlers that have thrown their hat into the ring this time. With odds so low, one in one hundred twenty-eight, I have to ask you."

Jace paused speaking and took a moment to stand atop the mountain of discarded tires. He spread his arms out wide to either side.

Jace: "What makes you think that you're better than me? What makes you think that you stand a chance of beating me and progressing through this tournament past your match against me? When I tossed my hat into the ring, what was it that compelled people to continue signing up to join this tournament? Why didn't they just admit defeat right then and there? Why didn't the people running this damn show just go ahead and crown me right away?"

Jace dropped his arms and retook his seat.

Jace: "The answer is obvious. And it goes beyond these people just simply being brain-dead morons that think they have a chance of beating me. The answer is that there's not a single person in this tournament that is trying to compete against me. They're all simply trying to compete against each other for the honor of coming in second to me."

Jace reached into a pocket and produced a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He pulled a cigarette out and lit it up, puffing on it a few times before looking back to the camera.

Jace: "How can I be so completely sure of my victory? Easy. Like I said, I've been to the mountain top before. I'm destined to get there again. It's all a matter of time, really. Now sure, the mountain that I'm talking about in the past tense is the World Heavyweight Championship. And the mountain in front of us is a different one. It's not the mountain of the World title. It's not this mountain of tires that I'm sitting on top of. It's not even the mountain of a woman that your mother is and I'm trying to roll off of her. This mountain is the Ultratitle."

Jace paused to take another drag of the cigarette, doffing the ashes off to one side.

Jace: "Now, I know that I've got an opponent in round one, and I might even know your name. But I hope that you, as well as the rest of the field are taking notice that right now, I'm not mentioning any names. There's a very good reason for that. Simply put, I don't need to name names. I'm addressing all one hundred twenty-seven of you all at once, so I hope you've all got your ears on. There's only one clear cut winner of this thing, and it's me. I don't care who you are or what your name is. I don't care if you're the baddest player in the game, a modern day Ric Flair. I don't care if you're the hottest thing going right now, a mirror image of John Cena. I don't care if you're the almighty Yahweh himself. And now for one brief moment, I am going to name names. I don't care if you're Joey F'ing Melton, two time previous winner of this very tournament, sitting a few spots away in the bracket, a mere two matches away from the absolute furthest through this tournament you could hope to progress, when you would run face first into me and the end of the road for your aspirations. I don't care if you're A.J. Johnson, my first round match-up. There's nothing that can change the fact that I'm going to win this tournament. You see, my name is higher than all of your names. Even Yahweh, Allah, The Great I Am, or whatever of the many names you call him by. My name is Jace Gryphon, and when put into comparison to me, the rest are all simply..."

Jace takes a long drag of his cigarette, flicking the ashes off the end of it directly at the camera.

Jace: "...Dust in the wind."

Jace looks down at the mountain of tires he sits on and puts the cigarette out on the tire beside him. He flicks the extinguished butt off screen, stage right, and stands again. He begins walking down the mountain of tires as the camera zooms out to follow him. He speaks as he walks.

Jace: "Like I said, I know your name, AJ. And I know a thing or two about you from what information the staff behind this Ultratitle tournament were nice enough to give me, along with what is publicly available on this great thing we call the internet. But here's the real kicker to me: None of that information means jack to me."

Jace reaches the bottom of the mountain of tires and kicks a discarded hubcap off screen, stage left. Jace begins walking towards stage left, the camera panning right to follow.

Jace: "What does matter to me, just a little bit, is what you have to say for yourself. You see, right before I came here, I took a moment of my valuable time and wasted it by watching what you had to say about our match. Three things stood out to me, and now I'm going to take another moment of my valuable time to touch on each of them."

Jace: "The first is that you think for some reason, the fact that you've won the World title three times compared to my two instantly makes you miles better than I am. I'd like to declare this point in time right here the moment where I mark that statement as false. There's a number of reasons that all add up to the sum of why I've only held the World title twice. Federations closing their doors, early retirements before coming back seven years later, injury, a fake death leading to a trip around the world to train and come back stronger. But don't get me twisted here, AJ. It's none of these things that proves to me that I'm better than you. The reason that I know that I'm better than you is this. Each of those times you held the World Title, and I don't care how long you held it for, the question is: What did you do with it?"

Jace pauses and looks to the ground as he walks, as though giving a moment for AJ to answer.

Jace: "Did you ever simultaneously hold the Tag Team titles, a title reign that would prove to be the greatest tag team that federation ever had seen or ever would see? Twice? I have. Did you ever turn on your tag team partner because it became glaringly obvious that they were holding you back? Twice? I have. Did you ever continue defending the title against all comers until the point that you watch the federation close its doors around you because they can't find anyone to challenge you, leaving you to find somewhere new to carry on without a championship you never lost? I have. The list goes on and on and on about how I've done so many things that even the greatest to ever come into this industry wish they could have done. The only reason they're in halls of fame and I'm not is that they've come and gone, they've gotten old and retired. While I'm still out here kicking ass and writing new records. There are even rules in some federations that were made because of me. Do you have your name attached to any rules? Do you already have a resume that puts you at the top of the Hall of Fame, and you're just getting started? When you do, come and find me. And I'll have the next list of accomplishments I've written that you'll need to check off before you can come back and try again."

Jace sighed as he continued walking.

Jace: "The second thing you said that I'm going to take a moment and dissect, tear it apart, and leave it in pieces for you to gather up and try to stitch back together, is that you expect me to be impressed by a match you were in with some sort of crazy name. What was it again? Fabio's Flying Circus of Doom and Feather Dusters on Frilly Poles with a cameo from My Little Pony? Let's be honest, it doesn't matter what the name of the match is. Just as everything I had to say about the World Title, whatever you've done, I've already topped it long before you even thought about it."

Jace: "I've been in multiple Brazilian Death Matches, a match in which the ring is on a platform raised twenty feet above the arena floor. Five or six contenders enter the ring, they lift it up there, and the match starts. One simple ring-out could result in not only a loss, but also death, as the name implies. There's no nets, there's no safety harness, just the cold, concrete floor below. I've been in matches where the ropes were doused in gasoline and set on fire. I'm pretty sure that whatever happened in your little quote, hell-like match, unquote, is much less like hell than what I just described. Hell, I've been matches where we battled our way right out the back garage doors of Madison Square Garden, through the city inside of a taxi cab, down to the harbor, the match only ending when I finally tossed the other guy right into the filthy water. Must I say it again? Whatever you've done, I've done it better, and long before you came around to try it."

Jace stops walking for a moment to bend down and pick up a discarded alternator left in the middle of the path he's walking down. He stares at it for a moment, as though trying to determine what kind of a car it came from, before tossing it off to the side.

Jace: "Finally, the third thing you said that I'm going to take a moment to address. You said you've got a few people coming along to have your back in this fight. You were even nice enough to introduce me to them before the match. I have to say, if I was being backed up by the fat guy that came in second to Takeru Kobayashi in the hot dog eating competition and my relapse-prone alcoholic brother, I'd feel like I had quite the advantage. But I don't. That advantage obviously goes to you. While we're showing all of our cards up front, allow me to do you the same honor. Do you know who's going to be in my corner at ring side? Only one person, my girlfriend, Shae. And let me just go ahead and spill the beans about how involved she's going to get in our match. She'll be there, yelling encouragement to me, and if I start to lose, she'll just keep yelling at me to get up and fight back. Simply put, she's not going to get involved in the match at all, and do you know why?"

Jace pauses again for dramatic effect, very similar to that episode of Dora the Explorer you were watching earlier today, when she pauses to let the kids answer her questions before giving an ambiguously vague response of her own to make it seem like they were thinking the same thing.

Jace: "No, it's not because she's a woman, you misogynistic piece of crap! It's because I don't need to get other people involved in my fights in order to win them. You can bring Bobo the Clown, Rodger the Wrestling Polar Bear, and the entire roster from whatever backyard organization you come from, and get every single one of them involved in our match, and it's not going to change the outcome. If your friends decide to get involved on your behalf, they're going to meet the same fate you're already destined to meet. The fact that you've already chosen to bring two friends along to have your back before you know anything more than my name shows me that you're scared. I could be skinnier than Gilberg, or I could be a fatter sack of **** than Barney Green, and before you've even laid eyes on me, you've decided to stack the odds in what you think is your favor. A pathetic move by a pathetic man, and I'm using that term loosely at this point, in a pathetic attempt to intimidate me. True story: It didn't work."

Jace finally comes to a stop, holding his arms out to each side, hands palm-side up, as he turns to face the camera, the angle zooming out to show a wide shot of the junkyard around him.

Jace: "Take a good look at what you see here. Because I chose this location for one reason. This junkyard is a perfect symbolism for what is going to happen here at the Ultratitle tournament. In the end, when it is all said and done, the dust has settled, and the one, final winner has been declared. The entirety of the tournament's roster will look just like this junkyard. A broken, destroyed, wasteland. While in the middle of it all...."

Jace glances off to the side, stage right, as the sound of a high-powered engine begins to be heard. Moments later, a candy apple red Ferrari California pulls to a stop behind Jace. His girlfriend, Shae Drake steps out of the driver's seat, walks around to drape her arms around Jace's neck, and kisses him. Jace smiles as he looks back to the camera.

Jace: "There will be one man left standing, completely unscathed, and crowned the champion. And that one man, it's easy to see, is going to be me. Jace Gryphon."

Jace turns and opens the passenger's door of the car for Shae to enter. Once the door is shut behind her, Jace walks around and enters the driver's seat. The engine revs once before the rear tires spin and kick up a cloud of brown dust as the Ferrari races out of sight, exiting, stage left.


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Apr 14, 2012
* I Hope that your Ready Jace! *

*AJ is sitting on his couch watching the interview that Jace gave as the scene opens. We are in Atlanta, Georgia insideof AJ Johnsons two-story house. The inside of his living room is very neat and organized. Everything is clean as it appers to be spotless. He stands from his couch and walks over to his television set as he hits the power button and turns off the t.v. AJ is dressed in a pair of black Nike Basketball Shorts and an old AJ Johnson promotional shirt for the GWA. AJ then walks back over to his couch and takes a seat as he then begins laughing.*

AJ:Jace....Jace....Jace. Who in the hell do you think you are? One thing that I got from that promo is that you are some old **** that is trying to reclaim old glory.

*AJ stands once again and walks over to a picture hanging on his wall. Inside the picture frame is a promotional poster for the GWA reading "Paul Rowland Memorial Cup".*

AJ: Jace,do you see this..This is the tournament that I single handly won in one night to become the very first GWA Global Champion. I went through hell to win this tournament. Tournaments are not that new to me Jace. I know what it takes to win and not only win but to put on some of the best wrestling matches that you have ever seen. Take JD Screw and Myself, we have been in some classics against each other. Hell behind this match with The Baller that I have coming up, that is the match that I want the most.

*As AJ says that, a knock begins at his front door.*





*The front door opens as into the living room walks AJs' brother Jacoby Douglas. He is dressed in a pair of blue jean Wranglers, a pair of cowboy boots, and a Jacoby Douglas GWA T-Shirt. He walks in and takes a seat on AJs couch.*

Jacoby: What's up man?

AJ: Just got done wathing that promo on the television by Jace.

Jacoby: Oh yeah I saw that ****. Who is he to think that he can call me a drunk!?

*AJ then begins to laugh.*

AJ: HaHa well Jacoby, you kind of are a drunk.

Jacoby: Naw man you know I'm about a month Sober....

AJ: But didn't you have a Beer at the resturant the other day?

*Jacoby gets a guilty look on his face as he then answers AJ.*

Jacoby: Umm No!?

AJ: HaHa yeah whatever man, but don't worry about what that dude says man. He doesn't know anything about you or who you are.

Jacoby: Your damn right....So what are you up to man?

AJ: Well I gotta go ahead and pack for this trip to the tournament, and then I planned on taking Krystal out for our anniversary.

Jacoby: It's your anniversary?

AJ: Yeah man we've been married for a year today.

Jacoby: Well Damn my bad bro. I completely forgot and speaking of Krystal, where in the hell is she? You know she doen't like me to be in your house after the party when I almost burnt your house down.

AJ: Yeah, I know man. She still promises that she is going to beat your ass the next time she sees you. But don't worry man, she is shopping....

*As soon as AJ says that, the front door opens as into the house walks a beautiful blonde headed woman who is wearing a red sundress and some red heels to match it. She is carrying three or four bags full of different things as she sits them down and meets eye to eye with Jacoby.*



*Jacoby takes off out of the front door before Krystal can even figure out what is going on. She then realizes what has happened and gets a very pissed look on her face as she begins speaking to AJ.*

Krystal: What the hell was that!?

AJ: Jacoby came over for a little bit.

Krystal: You know that I don't want him over here..

AJ: Baby, hes my brother. Yeah he comes over here every now and then but you have nothing to worry about. Now why don't you go upstairs and get ready for tonight. I have some business that I need to take care of down here.

Krystal: Alright....

*Krystal then heads upstairs as AJ walks into another room of the house. This room looks as though it is a den or gameroom as it has a pool table, arcade games, and memoribilia hanging from the walls. AJ walks over to one of the pictures hanging on the wall. It is a picture of himself and former WxW wrestler Remirez.*

AJ: You see this Jace, this is one of the best moments of my career. The night that I defeated Remirez for the WxW Hardcore Title. A Title that he had held for almost a year. I beat him down and pinned him for the..




AJ: That night shocked the wrestling world as we know it. Since that time Myself and Remirez haven't quite been the same. We went through hell that night but I came out the victor.

*AJ then walks over to not a picture but a jersey hanging on the wall. It is a black and grey jersey with the letters "t.U.e" printed on it.*

AJ: Jace thi is deffinately something that you would know nothing about. t.U.e, The Upper Echelon of the wrestling business. We were some of the best in ring competitors that any company has ever seen. Jacoby who was able to accompolish mid card greatness, The Brian Magnum who is a multiple time World Champion, and Myself. But then they started to bring my career down and thats when it was time for the end. Even ended up in a series of matches with myself and Brian. It's 1-1 between us two and if we ever get the chance for a third showdon I will defeat him and pin him for the..




*AJ then walks over to a picture of his hand being raised inside of a ring as Troy "The Baller" Franklin is on the outside of the ring.*

AJ: This is probably one of the top accompolishments in my entire career. Being one of the very few to ever defeat "The Baller" in the GWA. He is one of the few maybe even the only person that I consider near my level of ability inside of the ring and this Saturday we will find out who the best is when we face off at USPWs' biggest show WrestleCade. In that match I will most deffinately be pinning him for the..




AJ: And the win..

*AJ then walks over to an empty section on the wall as he then begins to speak.*

AJ: Jace this section is for my future accompolishments. Things like a picture of me beating "The Baller" this Saturday, Me winning the USPW Heavyweight Title, and whenever I win the ULTRATITLE tournament and the belt. That goal begins this week Jace, when I defeat you inside of that ring. You made a mistake whenever you drew me for your first round match. I will make sure that you have a short trip so you can go back to that hellhole VWF or wherever the hell that it is you came from. I gurantee Jace that I will beat you and become victorius. For that to happen I will hit you with the Spreaded Wings Moonsault and get get the pin for the..




AJ: I really hope you heard that Jace....See you Soon!

*Scene Fades*




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Apr 12, 2012
The cameras come on and Jace Gryphon is seen walking backstage at the venue where the first round of the Ultratitle Tournament is set to be held. As he strolls through the hallway, an interview guy (we'll call him George for brevity's sake) runs up to him with a microphone in hand and a camera guy in tow.

George: "Jace! Jace Gryphon! I'm sorry, we don't have much time, but in the few moments we have, can we get your final thoughts about your first round match against AJ Johnson?"

Jace pauses and adjusts his shirt, smooths over his hair, and then looks to the camera.

Jace: "Sure, why the hell not? And since it looks like you're in a hurry, I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point. You see, just before I started this little stroll around the arena I'm on to get acquainted with the place, I caught AJ's latest promo on the closed circuit television they were so generous to provide me with here. One thing became glaringly obvious to me while I was watching it though."

George: "What was that, Jace?"

Jace: "I obviously struck a nerve with AJ. And his little brother too. Trust me, Jacoby, I am somebody to be in a position to call someone a drunk. My father was a drunk, and I've teetered on the edge of being an alcoholic myself, so it's a safe bet that I know an alcoholic when I see one. So go ahead, get your drink on, stumble down to the ring to back up your brother, get involved in my match, and you won't even need to go to AA when it's all said and done. The only two letters you'll need to be looking up is the ER."

George: "How do you feel about the list of accomplishments that AJ listed off?"

Jace: "If he really wanted to impress me, he should've shown me a wall of all the Hollywood starlets he's banged, but judging by his hyper-jealous overly-controlling ***** of a wife, he's been dating her since high school and he only married her because he couldn't get the balls up to break up with her for fear that she'd kick his ass all the way right out of the Georgia backwoods. And now, even at their one year anniversary, he probably has yet to find out for himself what a vagina looks like."

George: "Ouch..."

Jace: "Ouch is right. What she's doing to you, demanding that your brother, your own flesh and blood can't come over and visit. That's harsh, I feel for you. But here's a little secret. When our match is over, and you're the one left laying back-down on the mat, staring up at the lights in the rafters thinking that they're fireflies floating around up there, I'm not going to feel for you then. I'm going to be on to bigger and better things, and you're going to be headed back to you barely-better-than-trailer-park life in some swamp down in Georgia where you'll spend the rest of your life taking orders from your wife because you're not man enough to fight for your own equal share in a relationship."

George: "We're almost out of time here Jace, any final words?"

Jace paused and thought for a moment before laughing, and turning back to the camera.

Jace: "Yea, just one last thing. I've gotta say, AJ. With an up-bringing like you must have had down there in Georgia, I'm awfully impressed you can count to three. You did such a good job of it in your promo, your mother is undoubtedly proud. When you can tell me what comes after three, maybe we'll discuss you getting to have a couple of spots in this match."

George: "That's all the time we have, thank you for this, Jace!"

Jace sighed and shoved the camera guy out of the way (Damn, we should've given him a name too, something like Horatio...).

Jace: "Thank your mom for me later..."

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