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Round 2: Troy "The Baller" Franklin vs. "The Blade" Kendall Codine


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Mar 17, 1988
Round 2: Troy "The Baller" Franklin vs. "The Blade" Kendall Codine

Roleplay runs from Friday, May 11 to Friday, May 18. 2 RP max in this round. (I won't bite if you post on Thursday the 10th, I promise.)


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Jan 1, 2000
Silencing The Critics

[Fade In….Bracket 3, Round 1 of the Ultratitle Tournament]

Kendall Codine executes the Guillotine Blade on Steve “Axion” Jackson, covering for the hard fought three count.

[Cut To: Backstage locker room of the arena, as round one is gradually coming to a close and the second round of the Ultrattitle Tournament bracket is taking shape. Sitting on a bench in front of his locker, Kendall Codine ponders in isolation. The mixture of blood and sweat drip from his old body, as he is minutes removed from his first round victory. The look upon his face is one of pain, as it is evident that his aged body has not been through such a battle in almost a decade. Nonetheless, he is determined to keep pressing on towards his goal.]

Codine: My doubters are many, while my supporters are few and far between. What they fail to realize is that the doubt is the driving force behind these old bones….I said from the start, I have nothing left to lose. That alone, makes me a very dangerous man.

[Codine pauses, as he slowly reaches into his locker for a towel. He begins to use the towel to remove the aforementioned blood and sweat.]

Codine: Jackson was a formidable foe and I commend him for his efforts. He has a bright future ahead of him and I will take great pride in the fact that I helped shape it. Now it’s time to focus my attention upon the next step in this journey….

Troy “The Baller” Franklin

[Codine throws the towel back into the locker, as he moves on to remove his knee braces. The aches and pains of years spent within the squared circle ring throughout, as his old bones crack with each movement.]

Codine: Mr. Franklin is the polar opposite of my first opponent, as his history precedes him. A man with a storied past, much like my own. The self-proclaimed star of the Global Wrestling Alliance, easily passed into the second round and now he stands before me. A brash tongued trash talker…

[Codine removes his wrestling boots slowly, dropping them to the ground. Silence passes as he sits in his wrestling tights, contemplating his next address. Suddenly, the hesitation is interrupted as a sly smile stretches across Codine’s face, as if he has experienced en epiphany. An epiphany brought about by something that caught his attention within the locker.]

Codine: There’s only one way to defeat a man like Troy Franklin and that’s at his own game….

[Codine reaches into the locker, pulling out the object that sparked the sudden change in attitude. The object is an old black t-shirt, with the letters “NBK” written across the chest in neon green letters.]

Codine: The way I see it Troy, your story seems to be straight out of a John Singleton movie. A natural athlete that was consumed by the mean city streets. Had your brother taken from your family by those very streets, only to have your “Boyz” avenge his death. Consumed by the depression, you chose to start slinging rock “N The Hood”. This seems all too familiar….

[Codine laughs to himself before continuing on.]

Codine: Luckily, you turned that mixture of anger and athleticism into a career. That luck was supported by three major figures in your life….Dean, Brien, and Mitch. Their guidance led you to the aforementioned GWA. An organization that has closed and reopened repeatedly. Each time it closed, you were the World Champion….a fact that you boast as being a decorative part of your career….

Coincidently, I look at it in terms of your inability to carry an organization. You become champion, interest drops, fans leave the seats, and the company closes its doors. A fed killer if you will….

[Codine puts on the t-shirt which he had held in his hands, as he begins to get dress in order to head back towards his hotel.]

Codine: Troy, it’s been a nice run, but here’s a little advice I’m going to offer….

It’s time to go home to take care of Junior and that pretty little lady of yours, Keita.

It’s time to stop being a leech upon the neck of professional wrestling, killing federation after federation upon your entry.

It’s time to stop recycling your old sob story and find another career path.

It’s time to stop being a follower like you have been your whole like, and be a leader right out of the door of this tournament.

It’s time to get your first round earnings and “Take That To The Bank.”

It’s time to realize that your path in this tournament has one outcome and that is to come to an end.

[Codine gradually lifts his head and stares into the camera.]

Codine: I’m that end Troy and for you….

The End Is Near….



League Member
Apr 14, 2012
Re: Silencing The Critics

"Wow...Another Hater."

Some things never seem to amaze me. Through life I've had to deal with plenty of haters. People just being mad because they can't be me. Most people hate haters but you see I'm different. Haters are the people who thrive me. There's nothing in this world I love more than to put a hater in his place. This week the hater I have to out in his place is named Kendall Codine. There's nothing left to it but to do it, so let's go.

(The scene opens up Wednesday afternoon at Soldier's Palace. For those of you who don't know this is Baller establishment. This is where he spends most of his time it. It's a fitness center by day and a club by night. It's known to be one of the hottest spots in the DC area and if you have yet to hear about this place, well you're a nobody. Baller sits in his office talking to a few friends. Let's listen in.)

Baller: It is what it is? Why are you tripping off of it when I'm not?

Cage: Yeah Dean he does have a point.

Dean: I just don't see how you can sit back and let bums talk about you like that. Who the hell is a Kendall Codine?

Baller: That's exactly my point. Who the hell is he? Why am I going to trip off a bum. He has to step into thew ring with me this week and that's where I'll put him in his place. I've dealt with haters all my life Dean. When you and Brien were wrestling you guys also dealt with haters. It's a part of the business and I'm not tripping.

Dean: Your life story is nothing to joke about. You've been through a lot and a lot people can't deal with the things you've dealt with. The man is disrespecting you and you don't even care.

Baller: See that's where you're wrong. I care but I'm not going to let it get to me the way it's gotten to you. Why cry over it? I have a chance to make Codine eat his words this week and that's just what I plan on doing.

(Just then there is a knock at Baller's office door. He answers it and Dean and Brien are surprised to see who enters.)

Baller: What's good Robert?

Dean: The one and only RGIII.

Cage: The man who's going to single handedly change Washington DC football.

Dean: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the season?

Baller: That's why he's hear. I've been working Robert out since it became a sure thing that he was coming to the Washington Redskins.

RGIII: How's it going fellas. My bad Baller, I didn't know you were busy today. I thought we were supposed to work out today.

Baller: We are supposed to work out. Brien and Dean just stopped by for a little while to talk about my match this week.

RGIII: Yeah I wanted to talk to you about that also. How long you going to sit around and let that fool talk trash like that?

Dean: See I'm not the only one wondering when you're going to address that fool.

Baller: Shut up Dean. Robert I'm not tripping off the fool Codine. I know he can't beat me so all that smack he's talking means nothing.

RGIII: I understand but he said you life sounds like something out of a John Singleton movie.

Baller: Funny he said that. You see John Singleton hit me up about doing a movie about my life. So he can hate all he wants. He'll be doing that why I sit back counting my paper.

Cage: I did read something about that in JET magazine.

Baller: He probably did to so now he's speaking on it. I tell you what though...when we get in that ring he's going to regret ever saying my name out his mouth. THAT YALL CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!!

Dean: I hope so. I can't have some bum going around talking trash about my dogg.

Baller: He's going to pay...don't worry.

RGIII: Well are we going to get a workout in today or what? U know you have a hose show match tonight for the USPW. Do you have time to work out?

Baller: I always have time to work out...time to get better. Brien and Dean...do you guys want to join us?

Dean: Sure why not.

(The group walks off to work out as things fade out. When things pick back up we're at a sold out USPW event. Baller is seen in the ring making his opponent tap out to The Baller Death Lock. After the match Baller grabs a mic.)

Baller: What's up DC?!

(The crowd goes nuts.)

Baller: What's up USPW?!

(The crowd again goes nuts.)

Baller: I hope you guys enjoyed that ass whopping I just put down. Im sure all the fans in this building are used to see that out of The Baller.

Crowd: Baller...Baller...Baller!!

Baller: Baller has love for all you guys too. I wanted to grab this mic tonight to address a few things. Now I know you guys are aware of the ULTRATITLE tournament that I'm in. I've already made it through the first. That match was beyond easy. My opponent should have just stayed home. Did you guys enjoy the match?

Crowd: Hell yeah!! Hell Yeah!! Hell Yeah!!

Baller: Well that was nothing compared to what I'm going to give you this week. Last week it was safe to say I wasn't motivated. My opponent didn't bring it out of me. This week is different though. You see this week I have a disrespectful punk who needs ti be out n his place. It's one thing to have confidence when you step into the ring with The Baller but to be disrespectful is just stupid. Why wake a sleeping monster? I was going to go through this tournament and just beat up whoever was put in the ring with me. Sorry Kendall Codine but I'm not just going to beat you up. I'm going to beat the living crap out of you and make you have second thought about your profession. After I'm done with you you're going to wish you never decided to wrestle. You're going to wish you had a office job or something. Codine you're done something stupid. You've got my attention and for that you will pay. THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!!

(The scene fades to black as Baller leaves the ring.)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
You Hate Me....

[Location: Atlanta, Georgia….May 16th, 2012]

[Fade In: Famous Pub and Sports Palace. More specifically, the inside of the bar on a normal Wednesday evening, shortly after happy hour. A popular meeting place for the city of Atlanta regulars, featuring various sporting events on the televisions that hang from each wall throughout the establishment. Panning around the bar, there are a variety of events taking place, yet the camera sets its sights upon one man who is sitting at the bar, partaking in a beer. As the camera slowly zooms in, the man is none other than Kendall Codine. Fresh battle wounds from the ring are evident upon the visible areas of his body, as he takes an evening to transition into the next round of the tournament. Codine regularly returns to his home city of Atlanta to focus before moving on to the next city in what is a grueling schedule for the life of a professional wrestler.]

[Codine’s cell phone rings, as he reaches into his pocket to check who is on the delivering end of the phone call. A smile stretches across his face, one that is uncharacteristic to those who know him, as he is typically sullen in expression.]

Codine: Hello son….how are things going in EPW?

[For this particular segment, the phone call is one sided, as the person on the other end of the phone call cannot be heard. That person being presumably Kendall Codine’s son.]

Codine: Give it time. It took me time to settle in the ring as well. You’re a natural and I have every bit of confidence that you’ll succeed.

[Codine is silent, as he listens to the other end of the conversation.]

Codine: Dan Ryan….he and I have had our battles, but he’s recognizes talent. Give him the chance and he’ll push you as far as the ladder will allow you.

[Codine is silent once again, as he is on the receiving end of the conversation.]

Codine: Me? I’m hanging in there, this old body still has a few miles left on it. It doesn’t appear that any round in this tournament is going to be easy.

[Codine listens once again, this time sharing a bout of laughter with the caller before responding.]

Codine: I know, I know, I saw it. First he pulls his life story straight from the big screen and now he’s begging for cameos from unproven NFL rookies. You would think that for a guy that has claimed to be in this business for so long, he would be able to do this on his own. Then again, he’s never really been able to be successful on his own. It always seems to be someone else coming along and playing the hero in his life to save him.

[Codine listens one last time, before offering his final remarks to the caller.]

Codine: Good luck to you son. Stay focused and I’ll see you in a few weeks….

[Codine hangs up his cell phone and places it back in his pocket. He proceeds to finish his beer before setting it down upon the bar. As the bar tender approaches, Codine waves him off, as he has decided to call it a night. As those who surround continue to bustle about in conversation, Codine addresses the camera that has been set upon him since the onset of his phone conversation.]

Codine: Troy Franklin….that was a valid attempt to downplay your opponent. Your ignorance is evident, but surely, you are competent enough to visit “GOOGLE” and type in the words Kendall Codine. Perhaps Dean or Brien could visit the local internet café in Washington D.C. and help you out.

[Codine pauses as he stands from his seat at the bar and proceeds to walk through the crowd towards the exit. As he makes his way through the crowd, he addresses the camera once again.]

Codine: You see Troy, I did my homework. I’m beyond the party stages that were the twilight of my career. My celebrity star that once shined high above the likes of CSWA, SCW, HEW, and GXW has fallen. The more I think about it, I’m the exact opposite of you. But you see Troy, that’s what makes me so dangerous….


[Codine refrains from talking once again, as he exits the bar and finds himself on North Druid Hills Road. He proceeds to walk towards the side alley of the bar, as he continues addressing Troy Franklin.]

Codine: A man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous kind of all in the squared circle. As I see it, you’re simply another rung upon the ladder towards my last goal in this business. So, as you focus upon movie deals, training professional athletes, and addressing your “peeps”….I’ll be focusing on the only thing that matters at this point….


[Codine gradually approaches the front of his apartment complex, where he currently resides in his home city of Atlanta. He stands tall, starring into the eye of the camera before offering his final address.]

Codine: Troy, keep enjoying the life that has brought you so much fame. I’ve been there once before and it is indeed a glorious time. I no longer have a desire for such things, as my goal is to enter that ring and emerge victorious. At this point, there’s not a single attempt of the broken English language that you can bring my way that will hurt my feelings. In fact, I dare you to bring something my way that isn’t already common knowledge….

….my fall from wrestling fame.

….my over-the-hill attempt at a comeback this late in my life.

….my career losses to Dan Ryan, Eli Flair, and Sean Stevens.

….my attempt to salvage a relationship with my once estranged son.

….or the fact that I barely squeaked by a rookie in the first round.

Tell the WORLD something about me they don’t already know.


[Codine turns his back to the camera and proceeds up the steps towards the door. As he enters through the door, he makes one lasting remark.]

Codine: It’s time for originality Troy and unfortunately for you, I am an original in this business. Come this weekend, you’ll see exactly what I mean, when you step face-to-face with a man that has nothing left to lose….


[The scene slowly fades to black, as Codine’s infamous entrance music echoes in the background.]



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Apr 14, 2012
Re: You Hate Me....

A Day in the Life of a Baller…

Kicking a$$ and taking names is what I do. I’ve been doing it for years and no one does it like me. They are lined up and I take them out. I get a kick out of seeing the faces of guys when they give me all they have and realize it’s still not enough. So many have tried and so many have failed. This time isn’t going to be any different. I guess it’s a bit different because I really don’t know much about this guy. Either way I’m not going to lose. THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!

Scene #1 – Starting My Day Off…

(The scene opens up early in the morning at Baller’s house. Baller is standing in the kitchen, drinking some water when his girl comes walking in.)

Keita: Hey baby…how are you? You weren’t in the bed when I woke up late last night. Is everything okay?

Baller: I have this big match coming up Sunday and I haven’t been able to sleep
Keita: Facing a tough opponent?

Baller: I don’t know. This is going to be the first time I’ve faced this dude. I only know what I see on film.

Keita: Does he seem good?

Baller: Real good. You can tell he’s seen his share of wars.

Keita: That’s nothing to you though. I’ve seen you deal with many cats that were real good.

Baller: I know but those cats I knew about. People usually have to adjust to what I bring to the ring. This time around I may be the one who has to adjust.

Keita: So you don’t think you can fight your fight and beat him?

Baller: I will beat him…that’s not the issues. I just don’t know how to attack this fool.

Keita: What’s his record?

Baller: I don’t know. All I know is he’s 1-0 in this tournament. This isn’t a usual match in a fed. This tournament was made up of many different feds.

Keita: Does he have the experience it takes to beat you?

Baller: Again…I’m not worried about him beating me. I’m just trying to figure out how to approach this. As far as experience he’s done a lot in this wrestling business. So yeah he has enough experience.

Keita: Who did he beat in the first round?

Baller: No one for real. But I went back and watched some old film of him and I was very impressed.

Keita: Wow…he is good then. Cats don’t usually impress you.

Baller: I know. I’ve kind of been putting on a front around the crew. I’m a little worried about this match. I know I have to bring my best stuff to the ring in order to win this.

Keita: Putting on a front?

Baller: Making it seem like this guy is nothing and that I could beat him in my sleep.

Keita: Why are you putting on a front?

Baller: I’ve never worried about winning a match before. In the past I always knew if I walked to the ring my opponent would have to be lucky to beat me. If I don’t bring my A game I can lose this match easily.

Keita: I doubt that.

Baller: I have a feeling he’s going to make me pull out all the stops. I mean he’s going to make me dig deep.

Keita: And no one does that like you. You’ll be fine.

Baller: I hope so.

(Just then Baller’s cell phone rings. Baller answers.)

Baller: Yo…

Voice: Mr. Franklin?

Baller: Speaking

Voice: This is the producer from SportsTalk 980.

Baller: He man what’s going on?

Voice: You’re going on. You’re fighting in the ULTRATITLE Tournament and it’s the talk of town. We wanted to get a few words with you because word is you have a big match coming up this week. John Thompson asked for this interview himself.

Baller: That’s not a problem. John’s show starts at 3, right?

Voice: Yep

Baller: I’ll be there about 2:30

Voice: That would be perfect. John knows you have a big match this week and he didn’t know if you would be able to do the show or not.

Baller: Big John knows that all he has to do is ask and I’m there. Tell him and Brian Mitchell that I look forward to chatting it up with them.

Voice: Will do. Thanks a lot…I know you’re a busy man.

Baller: Never too busy for the fans and that’s who listens to your show. So I’ll see you guys later.

Voice: Good.

(Baller hangs up the phone.)

Baller: Got a radio interview I have to do today.

Keita: You have something to do every day.

Baller: I’m The Baller…what can I say? Well let me get down here and look at some film. My day just got a little busier so lets me get things started.

Keita: Well I’m about to go shopping. I need the credit card.

Baller: It’s on the dresser.

(Baller’s girl grabs the credit card and leaves out. Baller grabs another water out of the fridge and heads downstairs to watch some film. Once downstairs he takes a seat and turns on the big screen. It looks like he’s already been watching film because he didn’t even have to put anything in. It just started right up when he turned on the TV. The film shows the first match Kendall Codine had in the tournament. Baller comments as he looks at the film.)

Baller: Steve Jackson was really slacking that night. He looks terrible in there. He should have known he would have to bring more than that to beat this cat. Then again maybe he didn’t think Codine was that good. I don’t think he’s as good as me but I know I have to bring more than Jackson brought or I’ll be just like Steve.

(The film shows Steve Jackson being dominated.)

Baller: He made Steve look like a bum. I mean I knew Steve lost this match but I didn’t know he looked this bad. Codine couldn’t have gotten Jackson’s best. I’m sure the tournament would have let him in if this is all he had to offer. Still not going to take Codine lightly though. I’m laughing at him because he brags about winning this match though. Jackson might as well been a jobber, for real. Enough of watching this crap.

(Baller now puts in the footage of Kendall Codine, wrestling in most recent fed.)

Baller: I have to be much better this time around. What I brought to that last match can’t be all that I bring to this match. Much more is going to be needed in order for me to pull out this win. Look at Codine go. It’s not to often that I’m impressed with someone but this guy seems to gave it all.

(The film shows Codine dominating the match.)

Baller: It’s hard to tell if he’s this good or if his opponents are just that bad. This guy is going to push me to my limits. I guess I have to find out more about his opponents to find out if these wins are as legit as they seem.

(The footage now shows Cory picking up the win. He’s in the ring celebrating)

Baller: Just seeing him celebrate puts a bad taste in my mouth. He won’t be celebrating against me…I tell you that.

(Baller finishes up watching the film. He turns to ULTRATITLE Television to see if they are talking about the match. Why Baller would think they weren’t is crazy. This match is going to be huge. Chad Merrit is previewing the next round of the tournament and he just so happens to be talking about the match between Baller and Codine. Merrit says he likes both wrestlers but he gives Codine the slight edge given what happened in the first round.)

So people really think this fool has what it takes to beat me. After seeing this bum in one match they think he has what it takes to take me out? Damn that’s funny. Guess I have to prove people wrong. I wonder just how many people think this fool has a chance. One is too many if you ask me. I’m going to love proving all these people wrong. Then again I’ve only heard one person thinks this fool has a chance. He has what it takes to make this a good match but beat me? I don’t see that happening. As a matter of fact, Merrit wanted to do an interview with me this week. Let me give him a call.

(Baller takes out his phone to call Chad Merrit.)

Voice: Merrit speaking…

Baller: What’s good Chad…

Voice: Baller?

Baller: Yeah it’s me. You know why I’m calling, right?

Voice: You’re going to do that interview I asked you about?

Baller: Yeah I’m going to do it but that’s not what I’m calling.

Voice: You must have seen the show huh?

Baller: Sure did. What the hell was that all about?

Voice: Just telling it like I see it. Kendall Codine isn’t a bum. You better bring that “A” game.

Baller: I will…you know that. Just know that whatever Codine brings isn’t going to be enough. He beat Steve Jackson. That sh*t may impress you but not me. I’m going to show him and the rest of the world that he’s not as good as he thinks. Yeah he may be 1-0 in this tournament but I can beat Steve Jackson in my sleep. I’m The Baller and I’m as good as it gets.

Voice: I know you are. I do not doubt you at all. I just think it’s going to be a great match.

Baller: Whatever Codine can do…I can do better. Just know that, okay? I’m going to get up with you tonight though. I want to do this interview so you can put the word out.

Voice: Put the word out?

Baller: Kendall Codine is a dead man walking and there is no way he leaves that ring with a win. I’ll see you later on though. I have a very busy day ahead of me.

(Baller hangs up the phone.)

Damn that’s something else I have to do now. I wasn’t going to go see Merrit. I was just going to call him and do the interview. I want this sh*t recorded though. I want the world to see it and I damn sure want Kendall Codine to see it. I want him to see what he’s about to get himself into and I want him to realize he’s not ready.

(Baller finishes up and leaves out to go to the radio station as the scene fades to black.)

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