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Round 3: Kiyomori vs. Boogie Smallz


The Godfather
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Mar 17, 1988
Roleplay begins Sunday and ends next Sunday. 3 RP maximum.

You may submit a card segment for use on the card by private messaging it to the following usernames: Chad; Ford; User Poets Not all segments may be used (i.e. we might only include winners, just depends on the amount of craziness).

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a makeshift dojo in the gym of Boogie Smallz. The wall behind him is painted white and has kanji writing on it in black. A short standing table on the floor is covered with several items. A kettle of tea, a small ceramic cup, and a few candles are lit on the countertop.

Boogie walks out in a black bathrobe, with a Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean sword sheathed in a scabbard on his right side. He bows at the camera, mocking his next opponent in the tournament, Kiyomori, in a homemade samurai costume. He sits Indian-style in front of the camera and behind the short table.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Anotha’ one bites tha dust! First it was Jack Eastwood, tha racist drug dealer. Then it was Jesse Ramey, tha Anti-star mute that put up absolutely zero offense. And now…now I get to face a man that has put away two opponents so far in the ULTRATITLE tournament and is aimin’ to take out one more. That being yours truly.

Kiyomori…the Japanese Sensation that has all of the internet smarks gettin’ all giddy on their home computers talkin’ him up, just jizzin’ all over themselves about his ring savvy and knowledge of tha game. Well good for you. Please forgive me if I ain’t impressed by what you have offered so far. I mean, let’s face it; you really haven’t been put to tha test. Karl Brown and Max Blackshire ain’t exactly tha measurin’ stick of ring superiority. Brown has never been on my radar. And Blackshire, while I will say he is a tough futhamucka’, he never had what it took to beat me when we squared off in GXW. But he is a true badass for what it’s worth. I was honestly hopin’ to have a rematch with him, but instead I get you. Oh well…that’s just tha way thangs go sometimes.

(Boogie looks away from the camera for a brief moment, soaking in his thoughts before addressing his opponent.)

I’ve done my research on ya. Yeah, I watched your last two matches…but it didn’t give me any insight into what you are all about. So I got my top notch research staff to dig up as much dirt on you as they could. Old VHS tapes, some DVDs, and a file from a contact I have in the Yakuza. (Take his left hand and rubs his fingers down his cheek, signifying the scar that many in the Yakuza carry in Japan.) Whether you like it or not, they keep tabs on the local celebs there. I knew it was a long shot, since you don’t have many accolades that you’ve accomplished in your long illustrious career there. But they had a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ nonetheless.

(Smallz gives a slight grin, as if he has some unknown dirt that has been unearthed on his future opponent.)

And the samurai deal? Really? Your claim to fame is bein’ named after a famous samurai? Dude…I know I am not one to talk about people’s names, look at mine for instance, but come on man…get with this century, dawg.

(Boogie places his hand on his chin and begins to ponder a thought before speaking to the camera.)

The samurai died with Tom Cruise in that movie he did. Wasn’t he “The Last Samurai” in that? Before then, the only famous samurai was John Belushi in a futhamuckin’ Saturday Night Live skit, choppin’ up sandwiches at a sub shop. And this is the legacy you want to live off of? A Scientology enthusiast and a coked-up fat man? You want to build your legacy on how those two left it? I guess that’s your business.

I mean, think about that lame ass bushido code that the samurai lived by and all it represents. It actually endorses suicide! That just goes to show how old and archaic the philosophy is. Mofos disemboweling themselves because they have dishonored the great code? (Squints his eyes with the look of confusion on his face.) Ritualistic suicide is honorable? Do what? (Continues his look of confusion.)

Maybe so if you are a nut like Jim Jones in South America with his 909 Temple. Maybe for that child rapist, David Koresh, and the Branch Davidians in Waco. Or even Marshall Applewhite and his Heaven’s Gate followers waitin’ for their spaceship behind Comet Hale-Bopp in San Diego. (Shakes his head.) What I am tryin’ to get at…is that these people thought they were perfectly sane. That their cause was righteous and they had everyone in their cult eatin’ out of the palms of their hands. Drinkin’ the Kool-Aid. Believin’ every word that comes out of their mouths.

Tha thing is, any person in their right mind could see that these folks obviously had mental problems that were way beyond repair. And any man that follows a similar philosophy is obviously a few cards short of a full deck. To be honest, no one knows where you stand on this, but yet you worship the samurai as if they were noble people. The same line of thinkin’ that all these nutjobs that I named did with their particular beliefs! Perhaps you need a little mental evaluation before you continue on with this tournament? A little Prozac never hurt nobody.

(Smallz huffs in anger. He looks beside him and flips through a file that has “Kiyomori” written on it. He thumbs through a few pages and slightly skims the content.)

From the past few submissions I have viewed on ESEN that you have sent in, I see that you are some intellectual type. Ya spout off old Chinese proverbs and ramble on about how you have adopted your name from some great samurai warrior. Well, tha art of the samurai died off ages ago. No one is walking down the streets of Tokyo wielding a sword and proclaiming to be the supreme protector of the land. If they were, their ass would be locked up. Maybe you should be lumped in that category as well. Do you think the world is flat, too?

(Smallz gives a smirk at his last comment, letting it resonate before speaking further.)

Believe it or not, I’ve wrestled in Japan before. I was apart of sold-out shows at the Fukyomama Dome and Sukmiraw Stadium. And I know that many of the citizens there are degenerate perverts and pedophiles that take their hard earned money to purchase used panties worn by schoolgirls out of, of all things, vending machines. This is some sort of an attempt to subdue their dark desires so they don’t run off and do a lil’ “reipu” action on someone. Just disgustin’.

And what bothers me more than all of this is tha fact tha Japanese culture is hypocritical by nature. You guys have two words for truth. “Honne”, tha real truth, and “tatemae”, the façade you let everyone see in public. The culture is a false front, it’s a bunch of bullsh*t! Kiyomori, you clearly live with this also. The image of a contemplative warrior, noble, man of honor and all that ish! (Mean mugs the camera.) But what’s your “honne”? What is the real truth? What really happens to you when the chips are down and your back’s against the wall?

(Looks down at a post-it note stuck on the file, with some visible bullet points that were hand-written.)

Let me give everyone watchin’ a little lesson on the imports of Japan. I’ve been there and I’ve seen what has come out of there. Japan is only famous for two things. Mister Miyagi. Wax on, wax off. (Does the hand motions from Karate Kid.) And who can forget the Star Trek star, Japanese internment camp survivor, and gay rights activist, George Takei? (Does a Star Trek Vulcan hand sign.) I mean, really…you are supposed to come here and be the rising star from the Rising Sun? With the track record of your countrymen, you got a long way to go to reach their level of success. You would think that a nation as old as yours would have something more to offer the world and bring to the table.

(Smallz shrugs his shoulders and scratches his temple.)

All the flips, the spitting out green mist, the shoot-style of fighting…it’s played out. It’s run its course. You got some major issues there. Tha talk has died down, but you got a nuclear power plant waitin’ to explode there! It’s another Chernobyl just waitin’ to happen!

So maybe I can do ya’ a solid, a favor if ya’ will. How about I let you take care of business at home by sendin’ you out of this tournament WAY EARLIER than you’ve anticipated! Lets say, next week in our Round Three match-up, I dump you on your head, get tha three count, and you can go back to your homeland in shame. Hey, maybe you can abide by your bushido code of honor, take a knife to your gut, disembowel yourself, and call it a night? Because after this match, you may not have much to live for. But whatever you do, know that there is probably a suicide hotline to call. There is someone out there that cares. Not me…but somebody.

(Smallz stands up, removes the prop sword from his side and takes the black robe off. He’s wearing an ULTRATITLE t-shirt underneath and a pair of black jeans.)

‘Cuz at the end of tha day, this is what it’s all about. (Points to his shirt.) It’s all about tha ULTRATITLE! It’s sumthin’ that has eluded me my entire career. It’s sumthin’ that I will STOP AT NOTHIN’ to obtain! You’re just a roadblock, another hurdle, an obstacle in my way of achieving greatness beyond anything I have ever done in this sport! At this very moment, you are tha man obstructin’ me from gainin’ what I want. And ya’ best believe, I will eliminate ANYTHANG in my path to obtain it!.

Unfortunately for you, you stand in my way and I will not hesitate for one second to do what I have to do in order to further my cause. You may have different ideas…and that’s good. I expect you to. When it’s all said and done, the ULTRATITLE is what this whole tournament is all about. I live, breath, eat, sh*t this stuff, dawg. It’s what I came out of retirement for. It’s what makes me tick and equally important…it’s what I was born to do!


(Smallz mean mugs the camera, stares intently in front of him, and lets out a deep breath in anticipation of getting into the ring with Kiyomori. FADE TO BLACK)

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADE IN to Boogie Smallz sitting on a weight bench, just after finishing a set on the bench press. He is wiping the sweat from his brow, looking focused and as intense as ever. He sees the camera and takes a sip of water from a bottle before addressing the audience.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: I have heard this before, that the measure of a man can sometimes be summed up by his actions. And in the case of Kiyomori, the LACK of actions by him, in my opinion, speaks VOLUMES to the type of person you truly are. All the Confucius mumbo jumbo and you reading lines off of ma’phukin’ fortune cookies is all just a crock of sh*t!

You know damn well the type of person that you are. And for those at home watchin’, to all the fans that are goin’ to pay to see this match, they know EXACTLY where you stand. You aren’t a man of honor. Not even a man of principle. All you are is a flat out FRAUD! You got no problems speakin’ up when you know DAMN WELL that your opponent won’t be able to respond in a public forum. That’s what you have done this entire tournament. That’s your M.O. You wait until the dust is settled and then try to make claims at your opponent’s expense.

You think I am gonna fall for your trap? The laissez-faire attitude you have taken to our match is an indictment on your character. I came out the gate breathing fire, spittin’ venom in your direction. One would think that you would defend yourself against my accusations. But the fact that you haven’t said jacksh*t makes me believe that what I said was the straight up truth!

(Smallz mean mugs the camera and glares into the lens as if he is speaking directing to his opponent.)

I don’t care what your excuse is. Maybe you are doin’ research on me. Maybe you are in Japan relaxing under cherry blossom trees and lookin’ at shapes in the cloud for inspiration. I just don’t know. And to be frank, I really don’t give a kcuf! You have been coastin’ through this tournament the entire time. You haven’t had ANY competition worth noting, and you continue to leave the audience in mystery as to what you are all about.

I know what you are about. The last time I came out on ESEN television, I let the world know my thoughts. And you haven’t said ONE F*CKIN’ WORD to contradict any of the claims I made. You are a coward, Kiyomori. You think your code of ethics means anything to anyone? It’s your code, it’s your values, and the bottom line is NO ONE is believin’ or will believe the bullsh*t you’ve been spewin’ up to this point.

(Smallz stands up from the bench and tosses the towel around his neck to the floor. He rolls his neck and rotates his shoulders, as if he is warming up for a fight.)

Me? I’m a fighter, dawg. I have practically BEGGED my opponents to shut me up thus far. And much to their dismay, they haven’t been successful yet. And to be quite honest, they won’t be.

I come from the streets. I was raised in the projects. I had to fight tooth and nail to become the success story I am today. I didn’t get any handouts. The CSWA didn’t want to fool with me as a singles competitor. So I setup shop elsewhere. I wasn’t goin’ to be denied my place in this industry. I wasn’t goin’ to just be content as a tag team player when I knew full well that my talents could be better served as a singles competitor.

Do you think when Chad Merritt tried to hold me back, that I just accepted it? Do you think that when I went to GX-Dub and had to face a legend the likes of Dan Ryan, that I curled up in a fetal position and played dead? HELL NO! I took my destiny into my own hands. I told Merritt to blow me. I went toe to toe with Danny Boy. I conquered every thing that was put in front of me.

So now the CSWA is reopening its doors. And who do you think was one of the first people they called? It sure as hell wasn’t you, Kiyomori.

It was the former blunt smokin’,
gun totin’,
leave the hoez panties soakin’,
not to be confused as the token,
baddest futhamucka to hit the industry and take it over by storm! And if you ain’t figured it out in my little spiel right there…that would be me.

(Points both thumbs to his chest.)

I’ve seen what you can do, I heard what you’ve had to say, and right here right now…I’m callin’ your BLUFF!

Do you think I would handle this situation any other way? Do you think I would just let you walk all over me? Granted, at your pedestrian pace, it wouldn’t do too much damage, but I think everyone watchin’ at home knows damn well, that ain’t how I roll!

You can't con a con-man Kiyo. I listen to you when you quote the Art of War or talk about a code of honor as a way of thinking, that isn't you. That's you cribbin’ off some other man's work, some other society that hasn’t been around for hundreds of years. It’s you using someone else's authority to prove a point. That's you stealin’ other people's ideas and using them as your own. I see through all that cause I've been seein’ it my whole life, hell I've done that ish to people dumb enough to believe it! Tellin' them that their heroes in basketball or the rap game be sayin’ the same things I am. I don't go using anyone else's thoughts or ideas…and the authority I use to back up my claims (Throws up fists.) are these two meat-hooks right here!

See, here in the ULTRATITLE tournament, I ain’t bullsh*ttin’ nobody! I say what I say and I mean every word that comes out of my mouth. It’s not from books, it’s not from songs, and it damn sure ain’t from some philosophical ideology! I speak this ish from the heart…because I’ve lived it. It’s not a metaphor, it’s not some riddle, it’s straight up honesty. I spit out facts and no one has proven me otherwise.

So ol’ great samurai warrior, what’s your play? What’s your next step? Go back to lookin’ at my old matches, delve into my past, and try to attack my character as a man?

You can mine for bullsh*t as much as you’d like and try to dig up some dirt on me. Go for it. My life is an OPEN BOOK. You want to make an observation about me lookin’ like Samuel L. Jackson as the character Jules in Pulp Fiction, back when I was half of the Disco Express? Go for it. What were you doin’ back then? Wrestling in front of a dozen fans in some Japanese Mahjong hall tryin’ to make your way through the local circuit there? From my research, you weren’t even known as Kiyomori back then. You were a virtual unknown.

Go ahead and find out that I had a drunken midget for a manager. Yeah, that will really tarnish my name. Oh man, that’s such a low blow. (Boogie smirks at his sarcasm.) The fact is, no matter how much you try to look into my past…there ain’t ONE THING I am ashamed of. That ish is what made me the man I am today. The same man that is gonna give you a beatdown in Round 3 of the ULTRATITLE tournament!

So be a man, Kiyo. Don’t go into hiding because I called you out on your bullsh*t. Step the kcuf up and prove to everyone that I am full of it. (Pauses.) Because the fact of the matter is that you can’t! And I will reinforce my words when we step into the ring. I’m not hiding. You open that sushi-eater of yours…and find out real fast that I will be all over you like a vulture on his prey! Your journey in the ULTRATITLE tournament ends next week.

Sayonara, b*tch!

(Boogie looks wild-eyed into the camera. FADE TO BLACK)


League Member
Jul 26, 2011
This all seems so familiar…

How many times has the same attempts been used to discredit Kiyomori? Many throughout his career have not given him the respect his skills deserve, many have made that mistake, and many have paid for such foolish decisions. Even when he has suffered defeat, his opponents were left in regret of their almost fatal transgressions.

Two competitors in the UltraTitle have made the same error against Kiyomori, both found that such mistakes eventually lead to defeat. While confidence is needed for success in any facet of life, blind confidence only leads to failure time and time again. Which makes the recent comments of Kiyomori’s 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Round opponent in the UltraTitle…

A repeat of the past…

Sometimes an individual must learn for themselves, instead of learning from the world and understanding the casual nature of certain choices they decide to live in their own small little sphere. Within this sphere nothing else matters but their personal thoughts, ambitions, and goals. In this sphere an individual does not consider their weakness, how to strengthen those weaknesses, and how the outside world can exploit them. Without recognition for the world as a whole, the individual has a very small opportunity to achieve any success.


As we have seen a certain specific individual is so trapped in their own sphere, that they not only have ignored the outside world, ignored their own weaknesses, they have decided to make a visual mockery of their image, their talent, and any level of respect anyone ever had for them. Adding to their own delusion, they decide to disrespect another culture while their entire life has been spent as being an embarrassment to their very own.

How Ironic…

They make light of a culture, a system of belief, and those who have been born into such a culture without looking into the mirror and seeing their own faults, the very self-imposed faults which make others from their culture, race, and background shake their head in utter disbelief. Instead of looking at their life and trying to improve it they claim that they are real, someone who has earned their place, and never used stole another’s ideas…When looking at the obvious hypocrisies of said individual..they leave themselves as being nothing more than a…


Not a joke that makes you laugh, this type of joke is associated with the scums of the society who are too fickle to know how pathetic and useless they truly are. They find comfort in throwing stereotypes and sad excuses for insults at another culture while their existence…well it is again nothing less than a complete embarrassment to those who have attempted to open up doors and create equality.

It’s difficult to simply claim this individual is living in just a sphere, as their words are left without much tact, any purpose, and anything of true substance. As even their attempts at trying to provide a small amount of respect to their opponent are mired in lies and ignorance. Such individuals do not belong in a place where they can achieve success, it does nothing but make the youth believe it is alright to carry yourself without dignity and have any substance to your character other than the simple claim of being “hard.”

To give some credit to this individual, past there glaring hypocrisies, flaws, and pathetic intellect exists a passion inside of them to truly obtain something of note, to subscribe to being on a higher pedestal in their chosen profession, and to be looked at for years to come as a legend. Such a passion is worthy of credit, but the passion alone is not what allows one to reach such lofty goals and accomplishments.

Unfortunately, at least for this sad individual, they do not have the intelligence, desire, or spirit needed to ever come close to reaching these goals. At least they obtain the ability to run their mouths excessively without the need to make much coherent sense. Today “Fool” has taken on a new life and unfortunately for this fool, he has to step into the ring against someone who is truly his greater in every facet of life…

Especially when you consider he’s about to step into a wrestling ring, the very place where Kiyomori has been showing others who their superior truly is..and nothing will be different in the third round of the UltraTitle. As there’s nobody in a worse predicament than the foolish and ignorant…

Boogie Smallz.


A familiar location, again we open to the inside of “Puroresu Jisei” Kiyomori’s Osaki, Tokyo apartment. This time he is wearing a white collar shirt and expensive looking jeans. This time we are inside of Kiyomori’s bedroom where his room is decorated in honor of those from Puroresu’s past with many different Kanji symbols plastered on the walls as well.

Kiyomori is seated on the edge of his bed; his usual stoic facial expression is plastered on his face as he looks blankly at the camera. Some may even claim he looks even more intimidating without any of the face paint across his face. He stays silent for a few moments, before beginning to speak he looks around the room briefly. As his head turns back around to the camera, a smirk is painted across his face.

Who are you?

Words that could only be directed at his third round opponent, Boogie Smallz.

Don’t misunderstand that question, as I know who you are. I watched your first two matches in the UltraTitle, I watched film on you, and I know you are the same moron who makes it sound difficult to find tape on myself. What? Were you not able to go on youtube yourself? Is that what your crack research team is used for?

The smirk widens.

Truly, you aren’t fooling anyone with your claims of being tough and have Yakuza connections. You simply have the internet and the ability to spell…Or do you have that ability? English is my second language and I speak it far superior than whatever it is that you speak. You made your remarks look nothing more than feeble attempts to insult me…

Kiyomori rolls his head briefly, not breaking eye contact with the camera.

My accomplishments are well known, so that’s not even a nice try at an insult. But, the question still remains Boogie Smallz…Who are you? Are you the fool who claims my only claim to fame in my name sake? Are you truly the moron who brings up a promotion that has nothing to do with the UltraTitle as if it actually means something, or that I care? Are you seriously that stupid to compare an entire culture to movies, freaks, and those in the entertainment industry? Is that who you really are?

Kiyomori snuffs once as he continues to speak.

No that can’t be it..You must be someone who tries the same tactic as my previous opponent and take shots at my intellect…because you know that’s the most original thing someone of your small mental capacity could come up with. Or your moronic claims that I believe people are walking in Tokyo with Katana’s…truly you can’t be dumb enough to not understand symbolism and having a respect for the past…

Come to think of it…I know you don’t, but we’ll say that for a little later. For now we’ll continue on with all that you had to say, which are just as comical as everything I just brought up.

The smirk is now absent from Kiyomori’s face, his stoic stare paints his face with a silent aggression coming through his eyes as they pierce into the camera.

It is interesting, each one of my opponents have made such strong claims about their careers in Japan, such as yourself Smallz. When in reality, with all the shows companies try to put on in Japan, they need bodies just to fill up a card. Trust me a six foot nine..three hundred pound un athletic oaf belongs in a doctor’s office being checked for diabetes, not in a Puroresu ring.

Then you decided to make claims about Japan, something you truly know nothing of. You of all people decided to claim the Japanese culture to be hypocritical. When I look at whom you are Boogie Smallz, it makes your claims give me all the insight about your character. From your makeshift Samurai outfit…

The last few words were stated with strong disdain.

To your stereotypical insults and characterizations of the Japanese culture, which you had plenty of; all of which your “crack” research staff probably told you to use. You wanted to make this about culture and disrespect mine with your words? I find that amusing when I look at everything you are and what you represent. You talk about the Japanese culture…I will talk directly about _You_.

As his last word leaves his lips, Kiyomori points directly into the camera. He holds the finger there for a few moments before continuing. The intensity in his eyes continues to mount over the passing minutes.

You seem to think you have the world in the palm of your hands and are entitled to do and say whatever you think. But, allow me to take a look at what you represent. For someone who makes the claim of coming from the streets and earning what you’ve received, your sense of the entitlement regarding the UltraTitle is quite contradictory. The UltraTitle has eluded your grasp for one important reason that you don’t seem to grasp…

…You Aren’t Good Enough…

You never have been and you never will be. I do not represent just a roadblock or something obstructing your path to your ultimate wishes. I am everything you wish you could be, there’s always been a level of success you haven’t been able to reach, those few who simply could defeat you whenever they stepped into the ring against you..I am the latest manifestation of that threat Boogie Smallz. Whether you admit it or not, I am also the most dangerous…

You came out of retirement for your last chance to achieve greatness, deep down you know that you will never have this opportunity again, you talk a very tough game but deep down inside you are fearful of what will happen if the superior wrestler wins this match. Deep down inside you know you could only use your size and hope by some miracle it is enough to overpower me and you slide into the next round. You will need all of the luck in the world, as you simply aren’t in my league in the ring…

The UltraTitle is all I truly care about, I’m not here to listen to you shoot your mouth off about who you are, what you’ve done, and how you’re going to roll through me. If anything can be said with extreme certainty, it’s that you love to hear yourself talk. You never say anything of note, but I give you credit for your continuous display of idiotic and senseless remarks…

In my understanding of American history there were many leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. who gave their lives in order to make sure people like yourself would have the opportunity to live a life and have a chance at equality. What have you done other than dishonor his name and all the others who sacrificed for you? You spent years taking drugs, involved with gangs, and doing probably countless other illegal activities…

…Did you even graduate High School?

I’m not too sure with your destruction of the English language. I’m sure you’ve done your mother proud with all the grief you probably caused her before stumbling into a wrestling career that saved your life and kept you out of a jail cell. I admit that Japan has made many mistakes, just as any other country has. But, I cannot be held accountable for an entire country. On the other hand, you can be held accountable for your actions which have spit in the face of your forbearers. Instead of studying to become a college graduate, what did you do? Did you sit around smoking weed bragging about how many girls you had been with? Did you look down on others who wanted to make something out of their life than fit some pathetic stereotype that shouldn’t exist? You’re the type of person perpetuates that stereotype…

You know that’s who you actually are; you are the embodiment of that stereotype. You’re a person who speaks a strong game, but has nothing other than stories from the streets and a few championships that you’ve held over a lackluster career. Deep down inside you’re nothing more than someone who has more ego than he has ever had skill and only talks to hear himself speak. What else is there to you Boogie Smallz? I’m sure you would answer that by saying you’re someone who gets results…

What results exactly?

Kiyomori pauses for a moment, his glare remains fixed on the camera as he collects his thoughts.

To live out what you were “Born to Do” and win the UltraTitle?

A snicker? Yes, Kiyomori found humor in his opponents statement.

How cliché of you, I’m sure that’s the exact reason why you were born. That just further demonstrates your sense of the entitlement? That must be something you picked up on the hard streets where you claim to have spent your youth. Maybe you should attempt to “earn” the UltraTitle instead? Your efforts will go to waste however, there’s no way I’m stepping into the ring and losing to you Boogie Smallz…That’s something I can definitely promise. I didn’t enter this tournament to do anything else but obtain victory, I’m not here for a paycheck, and I’m not here for moral victories. I’m here to prove that I’m simply better than anyone else I step into the ring with.

Kiyomori nods his head.

Now, as I’ve said this about each of my opponents. I don’t run on your time, I know you got upset with all your rhetoric of me being a coward, and waiting to respond when they don’t have the ability to respond back. Have I taken any of my opponents tongue? I must have some mystical powers I have not been made aware of.

You are nobody to tell me when or how I will respond to anything you say. You have done nothing but prove to me that getting inside your mind is easier than opening a bag of chips; you desire to run your mouth so much that you get offended if someone doesn’t immediately respond to you…

Kiyomori mockingly claps his hands slowly a few times.

Congratulations Boogie Smalls, you clearly live in an alternate universe where everyone and everything should revolve around yourself and what you want. But, I will play your game just to prove a point. Instead of finding the nearest camera…which is quite impressive of you, working on your bench press, huh? One of my previous opponents decided to not take his training seriously as well; he also thought it to be a good idea to talk in the gym rather than doing the necessary preparations to compete against me….

…And just like him, you will meet defeat. This venom you claim to be spitting? It is nothing more than you covering up your fear….

That’s right…Fear.

Kiyomori nods his head slowly.

Your entire display of insults and attacks at my character…you reek of fear. You know for a fact that I do not need to inform me of your fait when you step into the ring against me. I have no need to spell it out for you, do I dawg? I guess that’s how you would say it…

Again Boogie…nobody cares about your past..nobody cares who you claim held you back in the past..and I could not care less who you faced in the past. And I definitely do not care what promotion called you..as all I care about is the….


You said that’s what this was all about, but clearly it isn’t for you. You simply just want to receive the biggest pay day someone will offer you. I am here to prove something, to each opponent, to everyone watching. What I do after this tournament doesn’t make any difference to me. The claims I make really don’t matter as well, all that matters is that I defeat you inside of the ring.

As I said earlier, I am the most dangerous opponent you have ever stepped into the ring against. All that matters at this point is what’s to come. I’ve spent this week training, watching film on you, and learning your strengths and your weaknesses. What have you done? You’ve sat back and allowed yourself to get angry because I didn’t respond immediately to something you had to say.

Shall I tuck you into bed at night as well?

The smirk comes back to his face. His eyes remain filled with passion.

I do not care if you are ashamed of your past or your present, I’ve already pointed out how your existence is the stain on those who came before you. But, I am finished addressing what you have to say, as I’m sure most don’t even bother listening to you after fifteen seconds. I’m going to inform you of one simple thing Boogie Smallz, something that I hope you come to terms with and realize that it is true before you step into the ring against me.

You may be nearly a foot taller than me…and you also may outweigh me by about seventy pounds…you might also have everyone believing that you are one of the toughest men in the UltraTitle. All of this may be in your favor, but the simple fact is that during our match one thing will be clear to you…

I am not just going to defeat you, I am not just going to embarrass you, and I am going to make you suffer inside the ring? That doesn’t mean I will go out of my way to hurt you…it just means there will be a point during the match where you are met with the realization that there is nothing you can do to defeat me…And unfortunately for you Boogie Smallz…

Your flame is already extinguished.



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Jul 26, 2011
This isn’t shocking at all…

Just as the pressure is put upon one Boogie Smallz, just as all of his cultural insults get thrown back into his face, he simply sits back and says nothing. The man who could not wait to lay into Kiyomori, decides to remain quiet when he actually should be shooting off at the mouth…


What else should be expected from someone as far gone as Boogie Smallz? He probably doesn’t even realize that whatever happens to him from this point forward is all his own doing. There are some places one shouldn’t go if they aren’t ready to suffer the consequences that come along with the territory. Kiyomori is not a man of talk, as in the end of the day, what you say means nothing.

Kyiomori is something more…

His opponent claims to be a man of action, which is something Kiyomori is used to hearing from his opponents. Kiyomori has always been a man of results, when he puts his mind into achieving a goal, there is usually nothing that can keep him from obtaining it.

That’s why the UltraTitle is so vital to him…

Unlike so many others who attempt to discredit their opponents’ accomplishments in the tournament, Kiyomori knows that each victory is a test of one’s physical and mental abilities. If you have advanced thus far in the tournament, than you are worthy of praise and deserve a tiny amount of respect.

Even in Boogie Smallz case when his second round opponent hardly even decided to show up. Yet from his recent comments he acts as his victory came against his opponent at his best, which shows the real type of individual Boogie Smallz is.

He is not someone who has the abilities to ever actually defeat Kiyomori in the ring, while he deserves praise for his past two victories; Boogie is missing the key ingredient to ever truly make himself a true champion…


Growing up on the streets taught him nothing other than how to put together terrible raps, find his latest fix, and his gang “contacts” gave him the false sense of being the toughest guy in the world. Boogie Smallz has never had the heart needed to achieve greatness. Why else would he always reflect back to his opponents and his own past?

He knows he missed many gold opportunities to achieve a new level or greatness, but he could never figure out as to why. This has eaten at Smallz for years; this has been the very issue that keeps him up at night. He will never accept that his lack of true heart, to actually leave it all in the ring, to know the correct ways to prepare, to know it takes more than an invisible research team to bring you success…

…Yes Boogie Smallz is lacking heart…

…And intelligence…

He was correct in claiming that Kiyomori was an intellectual, something Smallz will never be mistakenly accused for. Anyone who references movies and a select few, aren’t anywhere near close to being the sharpest tools in the shed. Anyone who decides to make issues personal with Kiyomori are also very lacking in intelligence…

While he may be an intellectual, the past seventeen years have been proof that whenever Kiyomori needs to, that intellect can be pushed aside. He is often referred to as one of the hardest hitters in Japan; this isn’t because he depends on his intellect inside the ring…


It’s because just like in any true champion an animal lies inside of them waiting to be unleashed when stepping into the ring. This is something Boogie Smallz has failed to grasp about Kiyomori, he does not understand by attacking his culture that by disrespecting thousands of years of history, that he has guaranteed his own defeat.

While Boogie Smallz will definitely disagree with every fiber of his being, while he will claim that the UltraTitle what “he was born to win,” none of that is actually fact. As Kiyomori made it very obvious, nothing that Boogie Smallz has to say truly means anything. The UltraTitle will be Kiyomori earns something he takes from whoever steps into the ring against him; he is not here to lay his birthright to the prestigious tournament…

…Kiyomori is in the tournament to take the UltraTitle and put an end to the dreams of those who wrongly felt they could defeat him…


A real dojo, to be more specific, the very dojo where Kiyomori spent two years of his life almost twenty years ago, the lighting is somewhat dim, and a unique feeling of accomplishment enters your body from just laying eyes onto the scene. While renovations have occurred over the years, it is almost identical in look as it was so many years ago…

Kiyomori walks into camera view; he rubs his hand along the ring apron. He places his hand on the bottom rope and gazes into the ring for a few moments, after a few moments he turns to the camera and begins speaking.

Boogie, you only brought up one interesting topic in your pointless speeches in my direction. You made light of my namesake and claimed that I wrestled in small arenas, trying to make it in Japan and had virtually no name recognition…

…Well you were right on one of those comments. At least you are showing some improvement…

At one point I was virtually nobody, the same as any wrestler who has ever stepped foot into a ring. So, I am unable to come up with a reason for you feeling the need to point that out. I’m also not sure what kind of research you have been doing..but again you are incorrect. Every match I’ve wrestled in Japan, I have been known as Kiyomori…But, that isn’t why I’m here…

The past is virtually irrelevant at this point, while this may be the dojo where I was trained so long ago, it is also the same place where I have been training for my match against you Boogie Smallz. Which isn’t an excuse that you think it may be instead it is _fact_. It’s also something you could benefit from rather than your constant need to stroke your own ego. I’m not speaking of the type of training you take part in; throw some water over your face…sit on a flat bench to look as if you are doing something for the camera…

Kiyomori smirks.

I came here to make sure I was mentally and physically prepared to make sure your UltraTitle story comes to an end. This is the very place I have spent the past few weeks training my body, sitting in the back watching film of your matches, and making absolutely positive I could implement the needed strategy to defeat you.

Unlike you, I do not have the love of hearing myself speak…

Also unlike you I am not without the heart that is needed to actually win something as prestigious as the UltraTitle. Look deep down into your soul Boogie Smallz, are you going to realize about yourself what everyone watching already knows? The fans know it, the rest of the UltraTitle field knows it, and most importantly….

Your next opponent knows it.

Are you going to realize that behind all of your talk and all of the useless nonsense you spew that you just don’t have the heart needed to defeat me and much less win the UltraTitle? You were stupid enough to claim that you had me all figured out and knew what I was planning to do to somehow sneak past you into the next round…

His eyes dim as the camera gets a close look at his face.

You truly are a fool and you aren’t even aware of it. You are not aware that all of your claims and insults to me will do nothing but come back to you in the end. But, I’m sure you’re unaware of that as well or would respond with a simple rap telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. That sounds a lot like you Boogie Smallz that sounds like the person you have turned out to be.

You simply make statements to try and get under your opponents skin, all that has accomplished you with me is certain defeat. I am the holder of your future and it has already been written, while you were wasting time making senseless accusations, I was here making sure I would not dishonor myself and meet defeat to someone of such low character as yourself.

While I will give you your due, you have made it this far. So there must be something that is causing you to out perform your natural abilities. You and I both know you aren’t the most technical, the quickest, the smartest, or the toughest inside the ring…

Don’t deny it; you know I’m correct…

So your victories can be attributed to something within you draw from. It’s probably the willingness to prolong the inventible; you know that your shortcomings would catch up with you sooner or later in this tournament. That is why you reached down inside to snatch two victories…your last opponent wrestling the worst match of his life didn’t hurt your cause either…

The smirk returns to his face.

So it must be luck that has played into your favor, you haven’t advanced this far for being the better competitor or for any sort of desire to fight for what you feel is yours. You just happen to be the luckiest man in the UltraTitle. Luck and circumstance has led you to step into the ring against me, it has led you to what will be the most difficult match of your life. It has brought you this far…but sadly for you…

Luck does run out…

Kiyomori turns his back to the camera; he walks up the wooden steps before stepping into the ring. The camera follows him as he leans against the ropes.

I’ve paid close attention to you thus far through the tournament. I’ve listened to everything you’ve had to say, all you rely on is name dropping people from you past, pathetic raps, and throwing poorly thought out insults at your opponents. I said this previously, but you are in need of hearing it more than once…

Neither I nor anybody in this tournament cares about anyone from your past or what you previously did. They aren’t going to be there to help you when you step into the ring against me, you won’t be able to bring them up when you are gasping for air on the cusp of defeat. They won’t be there to save you…

Your pathetic attempts at humor aren’t going to save you either. You claimed that you have been begging your opponents up until this point to shut you up. You have wanted them to step into the ring and do for you what you’ve never been able to do…

…I’ll be more than honored to do so…

Kiyomori stares blankly ahead for a moment before continuing.

You told me to step up and be a man, which is quite funny actually…

As I doubt “Man” is something that many have described you as…

His look goes cold as he knows where he went is somewhere deep.

What makes you a man Boogie Smallz? I dare you to answer me that, what have you done that is truly worthy of being called a man? Knowing you, you’ll blow the question off and mention the obvious answers you could give instead of addressing the real question. You aren’t a man Boogie Smallz, you are a boy who never developed past that state. You conduct yourself just as a boy would, you think just as a boy would, and you definitely don’t have what it takes inside to look me in the eyes and tell me that I am the better man.

I don’t expect you to do so either, after I have defeated you, I will walk out of the ring without looking back and never think of you again. You are not worthy of such, so I will treat you as such. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that I am somehow taking you lightly or that I don’t view you as a threat…

That definitely isn’t the case, with the run of luck you are on, anything is possible….Or at least it was until you sealed your own fate against me. I’m sure you’re still in denial over that and are sitting somewhere cursing my name or building yourself up to be unstoppable. Although a part of you knows everything I am saying is accurate, a real man would be able to acknowledge that and do something about it. But, you are too far gone…

You are nothing short of a simple boy without the ability to adapt, to change, to become something better than you were previously. You are sad excuse for a thirty five year old, you hide behind all of these claims about who you are and the most pathetic part is none of them are the truth. You aren’t even intelligent enough to be ashamed of who you are and what you have become.

It looks like you are the one who lives behind a façade.

Kiyomori walks into the center of the ring he walks around briefly looking around at the dojo before continuing.

I want to hear your excuses Boogie Smallz, as I am sure you are full of them. Tell me why you are still a boy, tell me why you didn’t become what Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed about, and tell me why you are under the impression that you somehow will defeat me. I’m sure you’ll have some weak claim that you have the right to live how you want or some cop out like that. I’m sure you will tell me that you are a man and that you will show me when we step into the ring and I know you’re going to tell me that you are definitely going to defeat me.

I expect nothing less from you, I expect you to justify yourself and I expect you to live in your false sense of confidence. I actually _WANT_ you too, I want you to step into the ring against me angry…I want you to stand across from me…

Kiyomori points across from himself.

I want to look up into your eyes…

He looks up.

And I want to know that you have all the confidence in the world in defeating me that you believe without a doubt that you are going to destroy me, I want you to believe that you will prove me wrong. I want to know that you are angry, that you have something to prove, and that you feel nothing will be able to keep you from winning the UltraTitle…

He turns back towards the camera, pausing slightly.

As that will make standing over your body in victory that much more satisfying…I want you to experience a crushing defeat that hopefully will bring you back to reality, and help you realize that you are not as great as you thought you were. I want to snatch any chance of you ever having an UltraTitle championship from out of your hands. You are going to realize that not only do you not have what it takes to defeat me, but also that…

…You Never Will!

His voice rises slightly. Not to the point of yelling, he just puts more emphasis on his words now to deliver a stern message.

This is about the UltraTitle, I am going to earn the championship and I do not care what I have to do to you in order to take you out of this tournament. You will not stand in my way, you will not defeat me, you won’t even become a footnote on my career. Ten years from now people will look back at my path to winning the UltraTitle and they will see your name and wonder how you even made it to the third round. Just as everyone now realizes, they will know that you never really stood a chance at getting past me.

I look forward to seeing you in the ring, I hope you give more effort than you ever have, I hope my words fuel you…As nothing you do now will make any bit of difference…

Your fate now rests in my hands….


Mad Dog

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Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to Boogie Smallz fresh from a workout. A cart is rolled out before him with a Caucasian woman under a large red tablecloth. Smallz throws the cloth off of the woman to reveal her nude body with White Castle slider cheeseburgers strategically placed over her breasts and shaved nether region.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Nyotaimori. Are you familiar with this practice? You should be, being that you are Japanese and all, Kiyo. You know, after I splash water on my face and pretend to workout, I always work up an appetite. (He smirks at his sarcastic comment.) And with all of the healthy crap I eat during my training regimen, I somehow find ways to cheat on my diet with a burger or two to cap off a tough session.

(Boogie grabs a burger off of the woman’s breast and takes a bite out of it. He admires the woman’s breast that is exposed and has a look of bliss on his face from the mini-burger. He puts the sandwich down on his “plate” near her bellybutton.)

Mmm…mmm. Good stuff. I think I’m full. I usually LICK THE PLATE clean to show my satisfaction for a meal well done, but I don’t want to upset the Misses who is probably gonna tune in to see what I am up to. (Gives a wink at the camera for his wife.)

(Smallz stands up from the “table” and walks over in front of an ULTRATITLE banner, hanging on the wall. He cracks his knuckles in unison and rolls his neck before speaking.)

Oh, Kiyomori, you truly disappoint me with your antics. You try to discredit me and in the process come across as a feeble minded buffoon in the process. You want to nitpick everything I said and take jabs at me. That’s fine…tit for tat, right? That’s how this industry typically works.

(Smallz extends his pinky, and holds it with the other hand as if he is counting on his hands with his fingers.)

Project much, Kiyo?

You do any much more projection, you could screen a kcufin’ movie with it! All of your insecurities and inadequacies that you attempted to emit as those belonging to me. You THINK you’ve got me all figured out. But you are so wrong…oh so wrong. Maybe you should take a look at the man in the mirror. Your little asinine remarks make you look petty. Like a man grasping for straws about to face the inevitable. (Pauses.)Defeat at the hands of yours truly. (Pats his chest.) So take your MOMENT IN THE SUN right now and bask in it, soak up those rays. Because after our match you’ll surely be depraved of that Vitamin D that all the health gurus tell us is so essential to everyone’s immune system. Ain’t no sunshine for you after we meet, just darkness and despair.

(Boogie moves to the next finger on his hand countdown.)

Google? You really taking that route again?

Yo…Kiyo. You kill me with this. It’s become a pattern with you. How come a man can’t have common knowledge on a subject without being accused of firing up an internet search engine to do research? While you have constantly underestimated my intelligence, I have to wonder if maybe you’re deficient in that area yourself! Do you own Google stock and have to constantly plug it so the profit margin expands and in turn increases your quarterly dividend by doing so? I mean, really?

(Smallz shifts to the next finger on his hand count.)

Lack of heart this.

Hmmm. A very interesting observation. While I would argue that some of my opponents know exactly the amount of “heart” I possess, you could very well be right in your assumption. Because when I step into the ring, I show NO LOVE to my adversaries. I rip them apart, bash in their faces, and show them NO MERCY! In other words, I am HEARTLESS. Great assessment…maybe you are learning something by doing your due diligence and researching my matches. Kcufin’ idiot!

(Boogie counts down to the next finger on his hand.)

Make claim that.

Claim, claim, claim…claim of fools. If you used the word any more, I would suggest you intensifying your knowledge and use a ma’phukin’ thesaurus! You say the claims you make “don’t matter”…then in the same breath say that “all that matters is that I defeat you”. And I’m the dumb one? You just contradicted yourself, you stupid kcuf! Because isn’t you saying that…a claim in itself? So what is it? I’m not gonna argue this point with you, there is just no need.

(Boogie throws out the thumb on his hand and holds it for his countdown.)

Defeat me this.

Honestly, dawg, all you are doin’ is dishonoring anything you have built here in the States during your last two matches. Not sure if you got a hold of some IOWASKA or if ya got some funny herbs in your tea…but you are TRIPPIN’ if you think you can make this fantasy of yours a reality! I’m gonna keep thangs ONE HUN’DED, son. You doin’ that is as much of a possibility as Japan becoming the evil empire it once was. You guys don’t even have a military anymore, that ish was dissolved shortly after the Hiroshima tragedy. So I’d say the odds are in my favor.

To hell with this little finger countdown I got going. I got more points to make than fingers at this moment in the conversation.

(Wipes his hands clean by rubbing them back and forth on one another.)

Repeat much, Kiyo?

Your last two promos that I watched were so enlightening, yet sounded like repeats of each other. I could’ve watched them in the wrong order and they would both still sound the EXACT SAME. The list goes on and on of your repetitious rhetoric. And you say I like to hear myself talk? Dawg, what is it that you think you’re doin’?

Yadda yadda yadda. Over and over again, regurgitated bullsh*t!

I put you on blast about you using all that folk wisdom. And what did you do? You shut it down. I got you rattled, son. I got you off your game. You think ANYTHING you say is gonna make me change my approach to this match? Like maybe I will start doing wind sprints or some ish to try and counter your quickness? Ain’t happenin’. (Shakes his head.) Nah man…I do what brought me to the dance. That’s smash my opponent and move full steam ahead.

(Smallz puts his hand on his chin. As if he is trying to solve a problem, but can’t quite put his finger on it.)

You are missin’ something.

So I am without a heart. A profound discovery by my opponent. We have established this much. But I am not the only one in this match with behavioral flaws. Because as much as Kiyomori tries to build himself up as a human buzzsaw that is going to cut me down to size, his promos reveal an imperfection that he suffers from. A glaring lack in his character that doesn’t go unnoticed by ANYONE watching his endless and mind-numbing diatribes.


Yeah, you are Japanese. We get that. Yes, you are deep within your cultural rituals. Check. (Nods head.) But dude…you sound like a freakin’ tape recording. You are missing the essential element that differentiates you from everyone else. A trait that is passed on from generation to generation and cannot be learned. You’ve got ZERO PERSONALITY! While some may argue that Zero personality is a new term that was birthed from this very tournament, and I can’t argue that…but let me make things a bit more clearer for you. You seem to be undersupplied in INDIVIDUALITY.

You’ve got nothing that sets you apart from your other countrymen. You’ve got the same moves, the same state of mind with philosophy. You are just a carbon copy of anyone Japan has imported over the past few decades. You think a white dress shirt and some expensive jeans distinguish you from all the others? So you got a little bankroll. Big deal. Everything else you bring to the table has been done before. You are nothin’ more than a clone, a replica of what every other Japanese wrestler has been. You bring nothing unique to the table. So you are named after a samurai warrior. What else is there to you?

Rinse, lather, repeat. You are about as complex as directions on a shampoo bottle.

(Boogie smirks at his remarks and then changes his facial expression to that of a man disappointed with what his opponent has come up with as a retort.)

MLK this…then MLK that.

You're just Eastwood all over again, that piece of **** thought it would be all edgy and ish to call me the n-word. He thought that would throw me off my game, upset me and make me slip up. I've dealt with that **** my whole life, folks trying to bait me, using the color of my skin against me. Now you throw MLK in my face, tell me he'd be upset at my career, at what I'm doing.

See Kiyomori, you spend every damn promo telling us just how Asian you are, the rituals, the tea, the mindset, you are defined by race. Me? I'm an ass kicker that just happens to be black. I'm not eatin’ fried chicken, or sluggin’ back purple drank, or talkin’ in Ebonics. I'm not here to be judged on my skin color, I'm here to be judged by how big a beatin’ I can put on yo’ ass!

MLK dreamed of the day when we didn't judge a man by the color of his skin, and I promise you when you're on your back the ref ain't going to count any faster or slower because I'm black. This is me and you, two men having a fight, maybe Doctor King wouldn't want folks to be fightin’, he was against that, but he understood what it meant to struggle what it meant to fight for what you believe in. The man died for his beliefs. So I won't lose one wink of sleep over what he'd think of me. I know I'm living the dream he wanted us all to have. (Boogie becomes wild-eyed before he makes his next statement.) And that dream is going to be a nightmare for you when we get in that ring!

The games are over.

No more debatin’ on who is right and who is wrong. You think what you want. I’m stickin’ to the script. I ain’t gonna go alter a damn thing to beat you. I don’t need to. I’ve faced little highfliers before. You will slip up…they all do. And when that times comes, I’m gonna turn out the lights! (Snaps his fingers.) On you. On your hopes of bein’ the winner of the ULTRATITLE. And on any desire you had to elevate your lackluster career to heights it’s never reached.

Doubt it all you want. Swear up and down it won’t happen. But in the end…


(FADE TO BLACK as Boogie mean mugs the camera and makes a snapping in half motion with his hands.)


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Jul 26, 2011
The measuring stick of superiority is he?

If Boogie Smallz is truly so superior, why has he then been so quiet since having all of his pathetic insults thrown back into his face harder than he could have ever imagined? Was he not the one who demanded Kiyomori give his rants immediate response? Yet he waits to respond, and when he does little is offered. Interesting how little he truly is aware of. Is he not the same individual who took time from his training to call out the character of “Puroresu Jisei?” You would think someone who speaks so strongly would quicker to defend his name and stand up for whom he “believes” he truly is. Yet he left a lot to be desired in his attempts to deflect all of Kiyomori’s words. He even ignored the most damning accusations.

…Kiyomori doesn’t care…

His words were truth, he does not care if Boogie Smallz decides to address them directly or not. He has no problems with pointing out the nature of his opponent. Although at the cusp of what was said truth was present throughout. Especially when Kiyomori let Boogie Smallz and the entire wrestling world know that he was putting an end to any opportunity Smallz had at ever capturing the UltraTitle.

Seemingly Boogie Smallz had failed to realize or comprehend the defining quality of his next opponent. Sure, he may not have the same name recognition in the United States as some of the other Smallz has continuously named dropped throughout his stay in this year’s UltraTitle. Which is fine, Kiyomori also isn’t the biggest in the tournament, nor is he the fastest, and definitely not the tallest.

What defines him is his ability to always maximize his strengths and highlight his opponents’ weaknesses, whether they are physical, mental, or a combination of both. Whether it is inside or outside the ring he is a master of strategy who never leaves a stone unturned. Yet it seems Boogie Smallz has failed to realize that none of his cheap tricks will work on Kiyomori. He has failed to realize that Kiyomori is unlike any opponent he’s ever been in the ring against. Boogie Smallz does not understand that there’s nothing he can do or say that Kiyomori hasn’t seen before.

Even when you look at his recent comments, somehow Boogie Smallz feels that Kiyomori repeats himself and makes the same statements over and over. If even in some cosmic world where that was the case…

It would be better than having nobody listen when you speak.

When Boogie Smallz speaks, it is difficult to make sense of what he’s attempting to say. His mindless rants do nothing other than put anyone listening to sleep; nobody takes anything he has to say seriously, it’s nearly impossible to do so. He says his opponent has been contradictory, yet he believes everyone around him to be blind to his tactics. Is he that naïve to believe these would go without notice?

One would think so, and why does he choose to ignore a bulk of what Kiyomori has to say only to return to more insults against the Japanese culture? He is quite the astute one isn’t he? Maybe another would allow such inconsistencies to pass, but Kiyomori isn’t like that, he isn’t going to allow Boogie Smallz to escape that easily. He will not allow this pathetic excuse for an opponent the satisfaction of knowing he pulled one over on the world.

Boogie Smallz is one who only hears what he wants, the only thing that will wake him up to reality is waking up the day after his match against Kiyomori and realizing that he blew his last chance at the ultimate prize the…



Kiyomori stands stoically in a field, the sun has just set, his eyes are surprisingly relaxed look is on his face as he is dressed as we are accustomed as to seeing him. He scratches his head as he laughs momentarily before beginning.

You are correct Boogie Smallz…

He collects himself as he stops laughing before continuing, the smile stays present on his face.

I did underestimate your intelligence. I absolutely did, just not in the way you suspect. I estimated that you were smarter than you actually are, as everything you said in the latest chapter of crap that comes out your mouth you were actually able to prove that you are dumber than anyone could have possibly imagined…

…Which is quite a feet…

The biggest case of ignorance was your claim of my folk wisdom and that I somehow “shut it down” because you “put me on blast.” You really can’t be seriously…When I heard that come out your mouth I honestly had to push pause on my laptop and reflect at just how much of the true point you really missed. For starters, you will never get inside my head to prevent me from doing anything. The fact that you give yourself that much credit speaks to how you somehow must be living on a different planet, as someone like you should never even have the ability to bring forth that much cockiness to convince yourself as to believing that.

So you think, because I didn’t use a quote from an ancient text that I somehow changed my approach? Do you think I drew all my wisdom out of a few quotes that hardly took ten seconds to state?

Kiyomori shakes his head in disbelief.

If that’s what you think, then you are beyond help. As the fact of the matter is, I haven’t changed anything; you are the only one on the face of this earth that would even make the reach needed to create such a bogus statement. Which does make sense in all honesty, as you are the same individual who claimed I simply stole others ideas and attempted to pass them off as mine? Ah, I see what you’re doing.

Kiyomori puts his right index finger in the air mockingly as if an idea just came to him.

You were going to criticize me if I were to use a quote as well, so there was no way I was going to escape this “gotcha” game of yours. I was going to have to hear the wrath of Boogie Smallz if I were to use a quote or if I didn’t use a quote…I just don’t know what I’m going to do now that Boogie Smallz has me all figured out.

All of the proceeding was stated with extreme sarcasm; Kiyomori shakes his head once more and eventually brings his eyes back to the camera.

Nice try Boogie, very nice try. You and I both know that nothing in my approach has changed, yet you have took such a dramatic turn in tone since the last time we heard from you. You went from being confident and certain of victory into what? Someone who was extremely defensive and was clearly standing on egg shells, so much so that you forgot to even mention most of what I said. Perhaps that’s why it seemed like I was repeating myself, as selective hearing will cause an individual to come to such conclusions.

What happened to the Boogie Smallz that was calling me a coward, begging me to shut him up, and was making stereotypical comments about Japan and insulting the entire culture….Well, the last part didn’t go anywhere as that’s all you really have to lean on isn’t it? Now that you saw for yourself that I am locked in and one step ahead of you, you lost some of that confidence that you had. For the first time in quite some time it started to be clear to you that the UltraTitle wasn’t just slipping from your grasp, but it was already gone. Sure, you’ll never admit to believing that, but it is the case. Just like you will never admit to your endless need to throw in corny raps to try and prove that you are a man of the streets.

Kiyomori pretends to think for a moment, clearly mocking his opponent.

Oh wait, I believe I called you out on that. Yet, I didn’t hear another rap from you. I didn’t happen to throw you off your game did I? No..of course not…anyone who can eat cheeseburgers on camera is definitely locked in and ready for the match of their life…Oh hold on…

Kiyomori again mockingly begins to think.

Did I not also mention how your constant love of name dropping people who have nothing to do with our upcoming match? I believe I did, but somehow you didn’t bring that up either. Was mentioning it once not enough times for it to register in your mind? We shouldn’t forget your mentions of me bringing up you using the internet to gather information.

Do you not remember what I was addressing Boogie? Or did you purposely just not mention as to try and save face?

Allow me to refresh your memory; was it not yourself who claimed you hired a research staff to find videos of myself? I believe my reference to the internet was simply pointing out your foolishness as it simply takes searching my name and you will find hundreds of my matches online to watch. You really aren’t fooling anyone with tricks like this; the fans aren’t as dumb as you think. They see right through this, just as I do.

You didn’t even address my question as to what makes you a man. If there was one thing you should have stood up for yourself on it was that. I guess that was something else I didn’t mention enough times for it to register with you. There’s endless examples of how you unsuccessfully attempted to have me be viewed as someone who simply repeats himself over and over….All you really succeeded in doing was…

..Amusing me..

Kiyomori’s eyes dim as his words become sharper.

I figured you would find an out by characterizing me as a racist as well and claim that I was judging you on your race. As you were the one who first decided to make continuous slurs about my country, you were the one who painted themselves as a racist, all I did was confront you on how you have dishonored those who have allowed you to become the sad excuse for a human being that you are. I find your rationalization of Martin Luther King Jr. sickening; he did not live in die for you to live your selfish dreams of entitlement. Do not speak down on his name as you spent your life running the streets and doing whatever you could to buy yourself the newest pairs of shoes that all your friends wanted…Yes..that’s the very “Dream” he wanted you to live.

I also found it most entertaining how you decided to spend time talking about how I’ve spent time talking about how Asian I am or that I have a lack of personality, as if you are anyone to talk about having a lack of personality. You mentioned my clothes; you mentioned how I’m just the same as every other Japanese person, basically saying I have failed at being unique…When did I go into lengths about being Japanese? You asked what else is there to me? You obviously have not been paying attention, which you showed by failing to understand the most simple of statements.

I told you that my words really meant nothing, that all that mattered is that I defeat you. That should have made perfect sense to you, but I will make it even easier for you to understand. I can say anything in the world, but at the end of the day that doesn’t mean anything…all that matters are...

...My Actions...

His voice rises slightly.

Defeating you is the action that _actually_ matters, I want to step into the ring and show you that once you’re in the ring with me, nothing else matters. When you are in that environment it will dawn upon you that what I am actually projecting upon you is my will and that is something not you or anyone else will be able to break. That is why I will go on to reach my ultimate goal.

I’ve seen past all of your efforts to hide the truth and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. There is nothing to Boogie Smallz that I will not be able to handle inside the ring, there is nothing about you that scares me, and I already know that deep down you have accepted defeat. Otherwise you wouldn’t have needed to try so hard to say something relevant. You wouldn’t have had to try and hide the uncertainty in your eyes…

Yes, I noticed it. You’ve never seen anyone like me and all you could try to do is win the mental battle to carry an edge into our match, instead you have done nothing intensity my focus on winning the UltraTitle. Boogie Smallz you have helped me realize what I have to do in order to defeat you and every other opponent in this tournament that may come after you…When I step into the ring the only thing I will concern myself with and that is making sure the match doesn’t end with your hand being raised in victory. That is the last thing that will happen; I will make you come to the realization that…

Your Flame Is Easily Extinguished!

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