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RUSSIAN ROULETTE III: St. Louis, MO - 10/28/09

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[FADEIN: A revolver laying on a wooden table.]

V/O: What is the game of Russian Roulette? It’s the ultimate risk, the greatest danger. It’s played by madmen, by those so bored by the world that nothing but the wager of life itself interests them.

[The gun is picked up by a non-descript man, in his mid-20’s, short brown hair, he opens the chamber and puts one bullet in the gun, then spins the chamber shut. After a moment he puts the gun to his head.]

What does a man think of when he pulls the trigger? Does he wish to be judged for his crimes?

Does he pray for salvation? Does he have hope in his heart he’ll survive?

[The camera goes in tight on the hammer of the gun being drawn back.]

All that is certain, is those who play Russian Roulette, must be ready to pay, the ultimate price.

[The hammer clicks, CUTTO: The screen going black, as a gunshot is heard.]

[MUSIC UP: “Sugar” by System of a Down]

V/O: The night of Russian Roulette, what is it? Will it be the continued reign of the King of EPW [CUTTO: Sean Stevens X-Factoring JA] who seeks to further cement his legacy as the greatest champion in EPW history. Or will Marcus Westscott topple him from his throne?

[CUTTO: Westscott powerbombing Cameron Cruise through a table covered in thumbtacks.] In the unforgiving confines of a roofed steel cage, the mettle of both men will truly be tested, and a champion will emerge.

[CUTTO: Anthology standing tall in the ring over a beaten Shawn Hart and Jungle Storm] It is a night where Anthology seeks to further drive it’s boot down upon the throat of EPW. Where Cameron Cruise [CUTTO: Cruise hitting a reality check on The First] seeks to punish the man who dared break free of Anthology [CUTTO: Shawn Hart hitting Cruise in the head with the EPW World Title Belt] it is the night where the tag champions [CUTTO: Jared Wells and Larry Tact holding the EPW World Tag Team Titles aloft] shall be put to the test, both by returning legends [CUTTO: Big Dog and Dan Ryan standing on the rampway] and up and comers seeking to make a name for themselves [CUTTO: The three members of Jungle Storm, striking fighting stances for the camera, looking intense.]

It is the night Copycat [CUTTO: Copycat with The Cat’s Claw on Sean Stevens] seeks to bring Anthology yet more gold and glory. Standing in his way, a ladder, and a man hell-bent on proving himself a force in this sport [CUTTO: Layne Winters hitting Green River Justice on Fusenhoff.] and the night when Sean Edmunds seeks to ruin the debut of Bruce “The Beast” Richards. Will the night end with Anthology’s control over EPW increased…Or will their stranglehold, begin to slip?

It is a night when a man who believes he transcends time itself [CUTTO: The First, face painted like Kefka giving the camera a hard stare.] faces an enemy from his past, as the Boy Who Destroyed The World seeks to prove he was truly the driving force behind The Forsaken [CUTTO: Felix Red and Gotho standing over the body of The First.]

Barbed Wire, blood, and agony await, as a former EPW World Champion [CUTTO: Rocko Daymon with the Tacoma Cloverleaf locked on Sean Stevens] faces a maniac seeking to rend his flesh from his bones [CUTTO: Omega holding ‘Barb’ and grinning maniacally at the camera] in a match where truly, nobody may win.

It is a night when Stalker [CUTTO: Stalker surrounded by his police force] and Fusenhoff [CUTTO: Fusenhoff hitting a Whiskey Bomb on Layne Winters] settle their issues, once and for all…

It is Russian Roulette 2009…


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
INTRO - Rocko Daymon vs. Omega, Barbed Wire Ropes Match

[CUTTO: the sold out Scottrade Center as pyro goes off on the ramp way and the crowd is *loud* the camera pans over the various sections of the crowd, who hold their signs, supporting Westscott, Hart, and The First, while insulting Stevens and the various members of Anthology if not all of Anthology itself! CUTTO: A camera in the ring shooting up at the MASSIVE ROOFED STEEL CAGE hanging above the ring.]

DM: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to St. Louis and we are LIVE tonight as Sean Stevens and Marcus Westscott will enter that cage, and one of them will leave tonight the EPW World Champion.

[CUTTO: The Broadcast table where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely are seated, both Matthews and Thomas are in dark suit jackets with black ties, Neely has on a light grey suit jacket but is going without the tie.]

MN: Stevens has this in the bag, Westscott has spent forever wondering around lost in this company, the fact that he lucked his way into this title shot just disgusts me, tonight this farce ends!

DM: I don’t know what you’re seeing Neely, but I’ve seen Marcus Westscott as a house of fire, he’s taken out Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise on the last two shows, and I think he upends Sean Stevens and takes the title home tonight!

DT: That cage isn’t the only thing above the ring [CUTTO: A hard shot of the EPW TV Title hanging off a ring.] As earlier today, Layne Winters surrendered the EPW World TV Title Belt to EPW officials and now it hangs above the ring, as Copycat and Winters will go to war and tonight we will have a clear cut winner.

MN: Winters has said a lot about how he’s not the smartest guy or the hardest guy to figure out. Well he’s clearly backed himself into a corner here against the Smartest Player In The Game. He’s in a no DQ match against a member of Anthology, if they wanted to turn this into a gang fight, well, Winters has no gang!

DM: Well let’s not forget Winters did kick out of the Litterbomb and got Copycat so bent out of shape he used a chair and cost himself the match last time, tonight everything’s legal, and who knows what tricks both men will have up their sleeves.

DT: Cameron Cruise will take the Anthology banner into battle as he faces the man who left Anthology, Shawn Hart in a war for the Intercontinental Championship.

DM: Hart’s has suffered for his decision to leave Anthology the last couple of shows, but he got some payback with a timely distraction against Cruise when Cruise fought Westscott, tonight the score is settled between these two men.

DT: And Anthology’s other title is at risk as Jared Wells and Larry Tact will have to face Big Dog and Dan Ryan and THEN defend the titles against Jungle Storm.

MN: It’s not fair what’s happening in that match, just because Anthology is controlling this company doesn’t mean Lindsay Troy has to go out and cheat for other guys to try to get an edge. And might I also add it’s unfair that Sean Edmunds, another member of Anthology, is being thrown in there tonight against some hotshot newcomer in Bruce “The Beast” Richards. How can Edmunds scout this guy?! This is a bag job!

DT: I’m sure there’s plenty of tape of Mr. Richards out there for Edmunds to study if he so chooses to do so. And also former tag team champions will collide in a street fight as The Forsaken, Felix Red and The First, will have what I can only expect to be a brutal and violent battle.

MN: I never really liked Felix, but after he put that freak in the hospital, I’m a fan, so let’s go Felix, finish the job!

DT: Also Fusenhoff and Stalker are in the building and we have no idea what the hell the two of them are going to do…[CUTTO: The ring, the ropes have been replaced by Barbed Wire] and we will open the night with Rocko Daymon and Omega inside a ring surrounded by barbed wire.

MN: It’s gonna be gruesome and I can’t wait to see the carnage, I hope the local blood banks have these two guy’s blood type on record and extra supplies in.

[MUSIC UP: “Albatross” by Corrosion of Conformity. The Empiretron shows a highlight package of Rocko Daymon beating up Stevens. JA, Stalker and others as Rocko Daymon walks to the ring, drawing a big pop from the crowd. Daymon slides under the bottom rope of barbed wire as he gets into the ring.]

TF: The opening contest of Russian Roulette is set for ONE FALL and it is a BARBED WIRE MATCH…Introducing first, from Tacoma Washington weighing in at 225 pounds…The former EPW World Heavyweight Champion…ROCKO! DAYYYYMONNNN!!! [Crowd pops, Daymon fixes his gaze upon the entranceway.]

DT: Rocko Daymon, looking determined in that ring, this will be a very bloody, very brutal match we’re about to see, the term ‘not for the faint of heart’ most assuredly applies here.

MN: This Is carnage pure and simple, I don’t know if Daymon has any idea what he’s got himself into.

[MUSIC UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson. Omega powerwalks to the ring, ‘Barb’ in hand. Omega has on a white wife beater and blue jeans with deep blue ring boots. Ref Donny Regan trying to keep the men apart as the announcement s finish.]

TF: And his opponent….From Missouri , weighing in at 294 pounds…OOOOO-MEGA!!!!

[Loud boos as Omega glares at Daymon waiting for the bell to ring.]

[Bell rings]

DT: And here we go. Omega menacing Daymon with Barb, Daymon just not reacting at all to that, Omega charges and takes a swing…Daymon ducks and starts rocking the big man with a series of hard jabs. Daymon with a dropkick sends Omega INTO THE BARRBED WIRE!

[Crowd pops, some screams of horror]

DM: Omega the first to taste the barbed wire and this match starts with the brutality.

DT: The ref trying to pull Omega out of the barbed wire, and now Daymon grabs Omega and GRINDS HIS FACE INTO THE WIRE!!

MN: AHHHH…This is brutal…

DT: Omega now bleeding from the forehead as he falls to the mat and now Daymon putting the boots to Omega. Omega picked up and now Daymon whips him into the corner…Omega reverses…Daymon goes into the corner and blocks the corner with his foot, he spins around…INTO A BIG FOOT FROM OMEGA! DAYMON FALLS BACK INTO THE WIRE!

[Screams from the crowd]

DM: Daymon now being mangled by that wire, you really have to wonder exactly why these two guys would agree to such a brutal match, this is assuredly career shortening, if not career threatening.

MN: Man Rocko Daymon’s really fallen hard, from fighting for the world title to now being impaled on barbed wire by a maniac who talks to a chair…Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

DT: The ref now prying Daymon out of the barbed wire, Omega pulls him out to the center of the ring…BACK SUPLEX! Daymon now being dragged over the the barbed wire ropes…OH LORD HE’S BEING GRINDED INTO THE WIRE! [More screaming from the crowd]

DM: This match is maybe at the 5 minute mark, maybe, and already both men are being torn up by the barbed wire and brutalized, this match may just come down to who can tolerate the pain more.

MN: It’s going to come down to who doesn’t get a major vein opened up, let’s be honest, they are already bleeding like stuck pigs!

DT: Omega now has Daymon tied up in that barbed wire…DAYMON KICKS OMEGA LOW! Omega staggers…AND FALLS INTO THE BARBED WIRED…AHHH…Both men now caught in the barbed wire, the ref has out wire cutters trying to free Daymon now…

MN: That’s bias! How can he cut Daymon out when Omega’s stuck in the ropes also! This is unfair!

DT: Well Daymon fell in first, I don’t know what to tell you, Daymon now falls to the mat with the wire being cut to free him, now the ref getting to Omega trying to free him. He finally cuts Omega free and now both men laying on the mat with pieces of barbed wire still stuck in their backs…Ugh, this just brutal.

DM: Omega seems to be recovering a bit faster than Daymon as they both get to their feet, Omega clips Rocko’s jaw with a right hand and another…ROCKO WITH A DROP TOE HOLD SENDS OMEGA INTO THE BARBED WIRE!

MN: These two have to be INSANE to be doing this, the ring is already CAKED in blood…I’m normally a fan of wanton violence and carnage, but this is a bit much even for me.

DT: Daymon RIPPING OMEGA OFF THE BARBED WIRE ROPES…[Groans from the crowd]…Omega now in a daze, pretty much out on his feet, Daymon backs up and a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE drops the big man…Daymon now TAKES the wire cutters from the ref…He’s cutting off a section of the ropes…Now Daymon’s wrapping that barbed wire around his arm…DROPS A FOREARM INTO THE FACE OF OMEGA! [Another groan from the crowd]

DM: Rocko certainly hasn’t been shy about being violent and brutal in this match and he clearly wants this win.

MN: I’d say so, he’s just about trying to KILL Omega in there!

DT: Daymon now dragging Omega into the middle of the ring, DDT! Daymon with a cover!




DT: Omega kicks out..Daymon wiping some off the blood away from his eyes and gives Omega a stomp to the head. Now he takes that piece of barbed wire he had wrapped around his forearm and USES IT TO CHOKE OMEGA!!

DM: You would most likely have said that Omega was the crazy man going into this match, but Rocko Daymon’s actions clearly have me wondering if he’s the one who’s more insane.

MN: I know all the crazy stuff with Stalker got under Rocko’s skin a bunch, but now he’s completely insane, I mean this is rubber room stuff he’s doing in there!

DT: Omega fighting to his feet trying to get some of the pressure off his throat…He turns into Daymon and gets a waistlock….BIG BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY OMEGA! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: I have no idea where he got the energy to hit such a move but Omega saved the match there, he was nearly choked out!

MN: Saved the match?! He saved his life finally getting Daymon to quit with the murder attempt!

DT: Omega now taking that barbed wire of his neck and now he wraps it around his hand and PUMMELS ROCKO WITH A SERIES OF PUNCHES…AHHHHH…[Crowd screaming!]

MN: Man, I know Sean Stevens is Triple X, but this match might make EPW NC-17…This is just gross! Thank goodness I ate light before the show.

DT: Daymon now picks up the bloody as all hell Omega and now just THROWS HIM OUT OF THE RING TO THE STEEL RETAINING WALL!

DM: The ropes on that side of the ring had been cut down earlier from when the ref was freeing the two men from the barbed wire, and now Daymon has used that to his advantage, just sailing Omega to the floor and into the security railing.

DT: Rocko now onto the floor with him and now he drives Omega’s skull into the ring post..And AGAIN…Rocko now rolls Omega back into the ring and he grabs Omega…TACOMA CLOVERLEAF…HE TURNS THE BIG MAN OVER!!

DM: After all the abuse, all the blood loss he’s suffered already, I can’t imagine Omega can last long in this hold, Daymon has it locked in, and there’s no rope break, Omega has to get out of this on his own!

DT: Omega in a world of trouble here, he’s going to have to tap, or he is going to pass out from the pain and the blood loss he’s suffered…[Crowd booing loudly!] OH GIVE ME A BREAK! STALKER CHARGING OUT HERE AND HE JUST CLOTHESLINED ROCKO FROM BEHIND! Stalker putting the boots to Daymon, this is an outrage!

MN: This is great! To hell with Daymon, beat him dead!

DT: You’re a disgrace Neely, Stalker and now Omega both stomping away on Daymon…This is a joke, this match has been so brutal, so violent, and now Stalker, picking the bones of Daymon…Stalker now pulling Daymon up…OMEGA backs off a few feet…RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! DAYMON DUCKED! STALKER KNOCKED INTO THE BARBED WIRE! [Crowd pops!] Stalker caught in the barbed wire as Daymon now kicking and punching Omega, he’s throwing everything he has at him…Daymon with an inside cradle!




DM: Daymon knows he has to get Omega finished and finished quick, Stalker won’t stay in that barbed wire for forever.

DT: Daymon grabs Omega, he’s fighting for a backslide…HE GETS IT!! OMEGA’S SHOULDERS DOWN!




MN: Come on ref, cut Stalker free of the barbed wire! This isn’t fair!

DT: The ref ISN’T doing that because Stalker’s not in this match…Stalker can get his own way out…Daymon gets Omega up…Omega with an eye gouge and as Daymon staggers trying to get his vision back Omega RIPS the wire cutters from the ref and now is cutting Stalker free…Daymon over and a clubbing forearm to the back of Omega. Omega hands the wirecutters off to Stalker as Daymon and Omega now trading punches in the middle of the ring, Daymon rocks the big man with a flurry of right hands…Now he doubles Omega over with a kick to the mid-section…Omega hooked…DOUBLE ARM DDT!! Daymon with the cover!!




DT: STALKER BREAKS IT UP! [Crowd booing loud!] Stalker just hammering Daymon…OH LORD HE’S STABBING DAYMON IN THE FOREHEAD WITH THOSE WIRE CUTTERS…Omega back up now and he and Stalker just BEATING Daymon senseless…Omega now with a chunk of barbed wire just RAKING it across the scalp of Daymon, who’s flailing, trying to fight himself free of this…He’s just being carved up here…

MN: He’s the idiot who agreed to a no DQ match, knowing Stalker was in the building, knowing this could happen to him, as far as I’m concerned, Rocko Daymon is getting what he deserves!

DT: You are a disgrace to humanity…Stalker pulling Rocko to his feet…Daymon is a bloody mess…This is…Just gross really…Omega grabs Barb…AND DENTS THAT CHAIR CRASHING IT INTO THE SKULL OF DAMYON! Daymon hits the mat with a thud….Omega with a cover…




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson, crowd booing LOUD!]

TF: Here is your winner…OOOOO-MEGA!!!!

DT: I can’t even call this a win…Rocko Daymon had this match won and then Stalker, who’s goal in life is apparently to destroy Rocko Daymon, runs in here to mug him and cost him this match.

MN: It was all legal as can be, Omega is your winner, Daymon is your dead, blood soaked victim!

DT: EMT’s and staff out here to cut down the barbed wire ropes and check on Daymon…When is Stalker going to pay for all the stuff he’s doing…

MN: Never…It’s Stalker’s world baby…


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The First Wants To Talk - then, Anthology (c) vs. Dan Ryan/Big Dog - World Tag Titles

FADEIN: The backstage area. The First is walking down a hallway he opens a door and looks in, apparently he doesn't find who he's looking for and shuts the door. He gets to another door and then opens it, he mutters 'nothing' and shuts it. He pullls out a cell phone and begins hitting buttons when suddenly Layne Winters enters the shot and swats the phone out of First's hands, having it hit the wall hard. Winters lowers his voice and gets face to face with First] WINTERS: Can I help you with something? Or have you got business back here? See, you've been running around all night and I don't like it...'specially since I gotta be out there to defend my belt soon. Now I already don't like you, but I swear to God Almighty, First, if you F[BLEEP]K with me tonight, I'm- [First interrupts]

FIRST: Oh...Things are afoot, wheels within wheels sir...Wheels within wheels…

[Winters grabs First by his shirt and pushes him against the wall. He glares at him.]

FIRST: Well...OK...I guess maybe I should let you know what's going on...But just get that camera man out of here.

WINTERS: Oh I can't wait to hear this...

[Winters turns towards the camera man and raises his fist to him, the camera backs up a few steps before cutting out]

DT: What the hell is that all about?

MN: Don’t give that idiot attention it only encourages him, let’s get to this match, Anthology’s got to clean the clock of two has –beens so they can get to beating up three never- will-be’s…

[Bell rings]

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL…And it is for the EPW…WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! [Crowd pops!]

[MUSIC UP: “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood and The Destroyers. The crowd pops big as Big Dog and “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan walk onto the top of the ramp, both men in black trunks, black knee pads and ring boots, the two men walk to the ring confidently.]

TF: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 612 pounds…Here is the team of BIG! DOG!…And “The Ego Buster” DAN…RYAN!! [Crowd pops as the two men hit the ring, Ryan focuses his stare on the entranceway while Big Dog stretches out with the ropes.]

[Big Dog’s music fades out and the after a few moments MUSIC UP: “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube hits and the crowd starts booing as Jared Wells and Larry Tact, EPW World Tag Team Title Belts slung over their shoulders, make their way to the ring.]

DT: A daunting task ahead of Anthology here tonight, if they survive this match they will end up having to face Jungle Storm in a second title defense, yet they don’t appear to be intimidated at all.

MN: Well it’s an unfair situation but they are professionals and they’ll get it done.

TF: And their opponents…Representing Anthology, weighing in at a combined weight of 589 pounds…Here are the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! LARRY TACT!!! AND JARED…WELLSSSSS!!! [Crowd boos as the champions hold their belts aloft and then hand them to the ref, after a moment the bell rings, Big Dog starts for his team while Jared Wells starts for the champions.]

DT: And we’re underway for the tag titles, Anthology defending against one of the biggest tag teams in this industry’s history. Wells and Big Dog lock up…Big Dog pushes Wells back a couple steps…But now Wells SHOVES Big Dog backwards!

MN: Big Dog thinks he’s going to be intimidating the tag champs, he needs to get a clue.

DT: Big Dog and Wells now trading punches in the middle of the ring, both men just hammering away on each other…Wells staggering backwards…Big Dog with a clothesline, Wells won’t drop…Big Dog backs up and goes for another clothesline…Wells ducks…Big Dog off the ropes…BIG BACKDROP BY WELLS!

DM: Big Dog is a big guy and Wells managed to elevate him and toss the big man.

MN: You two just keep doubting Anthology and time and again they just prove you two wrong. You’ll just have to accept the greatness of this group.

DT: Big Dog gets to his feet, Wells egging on Big Dog to fight him…They lock up again…Wells shrugs Big Dog off...Big Dog unloads with a series of BIG right hands…Wells staggering…Big Dog grabs wells…SLAMS WELLS TO THE MAT! [pop!] Big Dog off the ropes…DROPS THE ELBOW…NOBODY HOME!

DM: Wells and Big Dog fighting to a draw so far, will either man tag out or will they continue this battle one on one?

DT: Wells gets to his feet, he and Big Dog continue to stare at each other…Now Wells tags out to Tact…Tact in, and Big Dog thinks about what to do and he also makes the tag, bringing the former owner of EPW into the ring.

DM: It is interesting to see Ryan now back in an EPW ring, and now facing Larry Tact. This is going to be quite the confrontation.

DT: Ryan and Tact lock up…Tact muscles Tact into the corner, the ref calling for a clean break…And Ryan gives him one…They lock back up in the middle of the ring and Ryan locks on a headlock. Tact now trying to fight the hold, and he manages to turn it into a hammerlock on Ryan…Ryan fires a back elbow, and another breaking the hold and goes right back to a headlock and this time uses a hiptoss to send Tact to the mat.

DM: A big change from the brawling we saw between Wells and Big Dog, as Tact and Ryan are engaged in a technical wrestling battle here.

MN: Ryan’s just a big oaf, he should stick to throwing punches and kicks and leave this wrestling stuff to the pros. Tact will destroy him in a pure wrestling match.

DT: Tact fights and gets to his knees. Tact fights to his feet and now trying to power out of this headlock…Tact now pushing Ryan’s arms up…But Ryan clamps back down with the headlock…Tact EXPLODES with a BIG BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! But Ryan and Tact both get up at the same time!

DM: Dan Ryan’s resume is legendary, it’s going to take more than one big move to put him down, or even keep him down for any period of time!

MN: Yeah yeah, he’s Dan Ryan he’s super impressive, he pulled babies and old women out of burning train wrecks…Whatever…

DT: Ryan and Tact staring each other down, and now Tact tags out to Wells and Ryan tags in Big Dog and we’re back to where we started, so far these teams have been evenly matched.

DM: You have to know Jungle Storm is loving this, a long drawn out battle here will clearly leave the winners in really bad shape going into the second title defense later tonight.

DT: Big Dog and Wells now back in, the men circle and now Wells catches Big Dog with a knee to the mid-section…Wells takes Big Dog and drives his head into the turnbuckle…Wells whips Big Dog to the other corner and FOLLOWS WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE!

MN: Now we’re getting somewhere, come on Anthology!

DT: Wells whips Big Dog to the ropes Big Dog hangs on to the ropes…RYAN FROM BEHIND WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

DM: Wells didn’t see the blind tag and he paid for it big time as Ryan comes in and clocks him with a huge shot!

DT: Ryan now kicking Wells repeatedly in the ribs as he puts the boots to him…Wells picked up and driven HARD into the corner…Ryan now with a series of shoulder blocks to the gut of Wells and now takes Wells out of the corner with a BIG HIPTOSS…Muscling the big man to the ground with that throw!

MN: I dispute that they really made that blind tag! There really should be replay in wrestling!

DT: So they can catch people running in for Cruise and Anthology all the time?

MN: No, just for tags, the way umps blow all the calls in MLB but replay is only used for home runs that might be foul, that’s all.

DT: You have an answer for everything Neely. Ryan waits for Wells to get to his feet and DROPS him with a clothesline...Ryan off the ropes…DROPS THE LEG! THE COVER!




DT: Wells rolls a shoulder off the canvas at two…Ryan grabs Wells by the leg and drags him over to Ryan’s corner where he tags in Big Dog. Big Dog with a stomp to the face and now he picks up Wells and sends him to the mat with a body slam…Big Dog to the second rope…DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO THE CHEST OF WELLS…THE COVER!!!




DT: Wells kicks out at two again…Big Dog now pulls Wells to his feet…Wells with an eye gouge gets free of Big Dog and tags in Tact…Tact rushes in…GETS CAUGHT…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX BY BIG DOG!
MN: What dumb luck! This guy couldn’t have pulled that move off 10 out of 9 times, yet he gets lucky there!

DT: Big Dog now with the tag to Ryan…Ryan in and both he and Big Dog just BEATING THE HELL OUT OF TACT WITH PUNCHES AND KICKS!

DM: Big Dog using all of the 5 count to get in all the damage he can in on Larry Tact!

MN: It’s more than 5 seconds, this is a mugging, get some control in there ref!

DT: Ryan now stomping away on Tact…He picks up Tact and hooks him…BIG SUPLEX! Tact crashing down to the mat. Ryan now pulls Tact to his feet and whips him into the ropes…TACT CAUGHT AND SPINEBUSTERED INTO THE MAT! Ryan admires his work for a moment before making a cover!




MN: Don’t get cocky in there “Ego Buster”…He’s not fighting some ham and egger in there.

DT: Ryan makes the tag to Big Dog who now hits the ring and as Tact gets to his feet he gets clocked with a series of right hands…Big Dog off the ropes…WAIT WELLS JUST PULLED DOWN THE TOP ROPE AND BIG DOG SENT FLYING TO THE FLOOR! The ref was tied up with getting Ryan out of the ring and he missed that!

MN: Yeah baby! That’s the tide turner we needed! Anthology’s in business now!

DT: Big Dog hit the floor like a ton of bricks on the floor and now Wells grabs him and throws him into the ring…I think he might have landed on his left arm as he’s favoring it. Tact kicking away on the injured arm and now gets Big Dog to his feet…He lifts the big man up…SHOULDERBREAKER! Tact with a cover!




DT: Big Dog powers out…Tact slaps on an arm bar and makes the tag to Wells…Wells kicks Big Dog in the injured leg as Tact steps out and now Wells holds the arm bar…Wells YANKING on the arm of Big Dog…And he pulls Big Dog into a SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Big Dog down, Wells with the cover!




DT: Wells gives the ref a look before now going back to that bum arm of Big Dog…Wells now trying to lock in a cross-armbreaker…Big Dog trying to roll through and keep the pressure off his arm…

DM: If Wells can get that arm away from the body and extended, Big Dog’s going to be in a world of trouble, he might have no choice but to tap out.

MN: Come on Wells, get this win and get out of here, we got another match tongihtt…Show this overrated punk he’s not all he’s made out to be!


DM: In all his effort to get the hold applied Wells wasn’t able to keep Big Dog in the middle of the ring, so when he finally did get it locked in, Big Dog was able to get to the ropes and escape.

MN: Bah, what does it take for Anthology to catch a break, this whole match as just been one freak thing after another going for Big Dog and Ryan.

DT: Big Dog trying to shake out that arm, Wells quickly to his feet…SINGLE ARM DDT ON BIG DOG! WELLS WITH A COVER!




DT: Wells can’t believe that wasn’t a three count, he tags in Tact who quickly puts the boots to the banged up arm of Big Dog and now gets the big man to his feet…AND LOCKS IN A CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING!!

DM: You know at this point Jungle Storm might be hoping for a Big Dog and Dan Ryan victory, what with the status of Big Dog’s injured arm, if they were somehow able to win this match, they would be in really bad shape for the second title defense later tonight.

MN: Well they aren’t going to get that, Big Dog is going to tap out to this hold and that’s that!

DT: Big Dog trying to fight out, but now Tact locks in a body scissors and falls backwards…Big Dog trapped on the mat with his arm pinned…He’s in a world of trouble now…Big Dog waving the ref off, refusing to tap [crowd clapping, trying to rally Big Dog] but how much longer can he hold out?!

MN: Not long, he’s gonna tap or he’s going to have his arm in a sling!

DT: Big Dog inching his way to the ropes, Tact fighting to keep him away…Can he get there?

DM: Every moment he’s in this hold he’s in danger of suffering a severe injury to that arm, the ropes are about a foot or so away, but can he fight through the pain to make it?

MN: Can’t the ref just stop this thing? Like a Quarterback being in the grasp or something?

DT: That’s not going to happen…Big dog fighting…AND HE MAKES THE ROPES! [Big pop!] Tact forced to break the hold..

DM: But who knows how much damage has been done here, Big Dog may be fighting with only one arm at this point.

DT: Tact gets Big Dog up and puts him in a hammerlock…AND SLAMS BIG DOG ON HIS BAD ARM! TACT COVERS!




DT: Big Dog again fights out of another pin! Tact shaking his head in disbelief.

DM: Anthology going for pin attempt after pin attempt and constantly looking for a submission, they have been looking to end this match the whole time, while Ryan and Big Dog when they had the advantage were more concerned with beating up Anthology.

DT: Tact now whips Big Dog into the corner, he charges in…NOBODY HOME! Big Dog dove out of the way at the last minute and now he has to make the tag!

MN: Bah! Tact just got frustrated by being unable to put Big Dog away and now he’s left the door open for Ryan to get in there…C’mon Tact, stop him!

DT: Tact grabs Big Dog’s leg…BIG DOG BREAKS FREE AND TAGS RYAN! [Crowd pops] and Ryan is a house of fire! Ryan firing away with right hands on Tact….Tact whipped in the corner…NEARLY DECAPITATED BY A CLOTHESLINE!! Ryan lifts up Tact…RUNNING POWER SLAM! Wells charges into the ring…BIG FOOT FROM RYAN! Wells sent to the mat and rolling to the apron, Big Dog now back in and putting the boots to Tact.

DM: This match has broken down completely and now Anthology is reeling.

DT: Wells on the outside now as both Big Dog and Ryan now beating the heck out of Wells with stomps, the ref now trying to get Big Dog out of the ring, Big Dog not listening to him…The two men whip Tact into the ropes…FLAPJACK!

MN: Come on ref! Get Big Dog out of there! This is unfair!

DT: The ref now trying to get Big Dog out of the ring…Ryan sets up Tact…HUMILITY BOMB!! BIG DOG RUSHES OVER AND NECKBREAKERS TACT AS HE’S FALLING!!

[Ref calls for the bell, bell rings, crowd buzzing]

MN: YES! YES! They got disqualified for Big Dog never leaving the ring! Screw these cheaters!

TF: The winners of this bout as a result of disqualification…AND STILL EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…JARED WELLS…LARRY TACT…ANTHOLOGY!! [Crowd booing loud!]

DT: Well an unpopular decision but I’d have to say that Big Dog wasn’t leaving the ring and he and Ryan did keep up the double teaming…WAIT A SECOND! Ryan now grabbing Wells and throws him back into the ring…Big Dog kicking away on Wells…Ryan grabs him…HUMILITY BOMB NECKBREAKER COMBINATION ON WELLS!!! Anthology laid out in the ring…How on earth are they going to be ready for their second title defense later tonight against Jungle Storm?

MN: This ISN’T RIGHT…This whole thing was just a plot by Lindsay Troy to maim Wells and Tact so Jungle Storm could pick the bones and get the belts off Anthology…This is an outrage!

DT: Well after the weeks of Anthology constantly attacking jungle Storm and all other tag teams, payback has come and it’s been brutal. We’ll see what Anthology has left in the tank later as they try to keep their titles.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fusenshoff Provides An Answer

DT: We have word that there’s an altercation backstage.

[Cut to directly backstage with Fusenshoff walking off and Stalker chasing behind him.]

Stalker: Where the hell do you get the nerve to pull this sh*t?! I’m sick and damn tired of it! The original contract strictly states that you cannot lay a finger on me- that you must do exactly as I say- and yet you’ve broken it consistently for months now.

[Stalker stops, looking for some kind of explanation from Fusenshoff, but gets nothing but a blank stare.]

Stalker: Damnit, ANSWER ME! Where’s my latest contract? I want to know your answer NOW!

Fusenshoff: Kinda sucks huh, waiting to find out what’s coming? I’m glad you’ve experienced even an iota of what I’ve been through for over a year now. I’m not one to relish in revenge, but I’m learning from the best.

Stalker: You’ve never had anyone to seek revenge upon until now. After all, when you killed your kid sister it was your own damn fault. And you’ve certainly made your own life miserable. SO I guess you could say that you acted a certain revenge upon yourself.

[Stalker is smiling evilly as he watches Fusenshoff fume, using all his strength to keep from losing his composure.]

Stalker: C’mon you son of a b*tch. Hit me… you know you want to. Quit pretending you’re sitting on some high horse when we all know you’re nothing but boozed up gutter trash.

[Fusenshoff slows his breathing and somehow turns his back to Stalker, walking toward his locker room. Stalker is raising hell as he walks around him, barking in Fuse’s ear.]

Stalker: I WANT my ANSWER!! Sign the damn contract or throw it away! I’m NOT waiting any longer!

[Stalker turns around and smacks Fusenshoff in the face.]

DM: Wow! Did you see that?! Stalker just SMACKED Fusenshoff right in the mouth! He’s pissed!

DT: And Fusenshoff wastes no time coming right back at Stalker! The crowd goes crazy as these two exchange fists back and forth like a couple of amateur boxers.

MN: Now we’re talking!

DM: It looks like Fuse’s finally had enough and we all know this is exactly what Stalker wants. This one’s gonna end bloody.

DT: Stalker had Fusenshoff in a side headlock now as this one’s turning into a backstage brawl. He lands a few close shots to Fusenshoff’s face as he drags him around backstage. Now he’s in a full sprint, carrying Fuse with him by the neck. He’s running at the door to the janitor’s closet.



DT: Stalker just SMASHED Fuse’s head against the janitor’s door! He falls in a heap as Stalker looks at all the different weapons at his disposal. Fuse looks knocked out as Stalker rubs his palms together. Searching the closet, he starts with a broom handle, holding it like a baseball player. Reeves turns toward his assailant from earlier and starts pummeling him with the broomstick.





MN: That’s what I like to see. Stalker is taking out his aggression on Fusenshoff and loving every second of it. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good beating.

DM: Just ask his dominatrix.

MN: HAHA exactly!

DM: Aww Mike, I was joking man. We don’t wanna know about that.

MN: What?! Just because I’m brave enough to pursue my fantasies. I can express myself however I want.

DT: Aaaand back to the brawl. Fusenshoff is on his back now as Stalker pulls out yet another instrument in his new arsenal. He picks up an industrial sized shop-vac from the closet and lifts it over his head. In one smooth motion he drops the equipment on Fuse’s midsection. Fuse doubles over in pain, holding his stomach and rolling over onto his side.

DM: I’m not sure this is a fight Fusenshoff can win.

MN: He’s gonna have to fight fire with a flamethrower if he wants to beat Stalker in this game. Since that probably won’t happen, he’ll just have to take his beating. It’s not like he’s a stranger to the hospital anyway. He’s been there almost as much as he’s been in the drunk tank.

DT: These two have been through some bloody battles over the last year or so. Between their malicious cage match and multiple TV title matches they have quite a history. Now we see it coming to a head here as Fusenshoff finally looks to be recovering. As Stalker turns around with a trash can Fuse throws a shoulder into it and the receptacle smashes Stalker in the face. The can goes flying along with Stalker, who loses his balance and crashes into a bunch of mops and a mop bucket in the back of the closet.

DM: It’s about time. That was starting to get ugly.

MN: Damnit! That was a cheap shot!

DM: How was that a cheap shot?! Are you watching this or thinking about what you had to drink at the bar last night?

MN: He used a trash can! Fusenshoff used a weapon!

DT: It looked to me like Stalker just got caught in a mistake there. Fuse has him by the hair immediately as he tosses him across the hallway into the wall. His face is bloodied and it doesn’t even look like he can see. Still he bashes Stalker’s forehead into the brick wall a couple of times. Stalker stumbles and Fuse lays a few backhands to his chest.






MN: Wait wait.. what.... what is he doing?

DM: Looks like he's grabbing the camera?!


[As Neely screams the camera comes crashing down onto Stalker's face cutting the feed immediately.]

DT: Wow the crowd is into it big time. This is definitely borderline for Fusenshoff. Typically he’s all about keeping things clean and in the ring, but he’s using his surroundings to his advantage right now. We have to cut to more action, but we'll get the cameras back to this one later.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The Conversationalist - then, Bruce "The Beast" Richards vs. Sean Edmunds

[CUTTO: The back, where we see The First, back to the camera, standing in front of Green Machine, who looks nervous as he hands The First a clipboard and a pen.]

GREENIE: Uh…Yeah, this is all the paperwork you requested…You sure you want to be doing this? You do know this could end up getting you suspended, perhaps even terminated from EPW…

FIRST: I know what I’m doing…And this is something I have to do.

GREENIE: Well, just sign the last page, and it’s all taken care of…Everything will be as you have requested.

FIRST: Excellent…

GREENIE: You look really screwed up…

FIRST: Thank you…

[CUTTO: The Broadcast table]

DT: Who knows what that was all about…

DM: Perhaps some last minute stipulations with his match with Felix Red tonight?

[MUSIC UP: “Brain Stew” by Green Day, Sean Edmunds, in red trunks with matching knee pads and ring boots, makes his way to the ring, drawing jeers from the crowd.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall…Making his way to the ring from Boston, Massachusetts weighing in at 225 pounds…Representing Anthology…”Simply Sensational!” SEAN! EDMUNDS!!!

DT: And our first Anthology sighting of the night as Sean Edmunds makes his way out to the ring, Edmunds clearly seeking to spoil the debut of Bruce “The Beast” Richards tonight.

MN: I have no idea on this Richards cat, but he’s up against Anthology so clearly EPW hasn’t done him any favors.

[MUSIC UP: “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse. The crowd buzzes as Bruce Richards, wearing black leather pants, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and a white wife beater.]

TF: And his opponent, from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 273 pounds…BRUCE! “THE BEAST!” RICHARDS! [Richards gets a mixed, but loud response from the crowd as he enters the ring, the bell rings right afterwards and the match is underway!]

DT: Richards charges out of the corner and nearly BEHEADS Edmunds with a huge BOOT TO THE HEAD! Edmunds dropped hard to the mat. Edmunds back to his feet…ONLY TO BE FLOORED BY A CLOTHESLINE…He gets back up…SENT BACK DOWN WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Edmunds rolls to the floor to get his wits about him.

DM: Edmunds clearly wasn’t expecting that onslaught to hit right as the bell rang, and now he’s really had his bell rung!

MN: Yeah, this Richards looked good for about 45 seconds, let’s see how he handles Edmunds the whole match before we start building shrines to worship this guy.

DT: Edmunds telling the ref to back off Richards and now he gets back into the ring…They lock up, Edmunds with a quick go-behind and gets a waist lock on Richards…Richards with a couple back elbows breaks the hold and now Richards just HAMMERING Edmunds with a series of huge right hands, Edmunds send to the ropes…SKY HIGH BACKBODY DROP!

DM: Edmunds just can’t get anything going at all here, as Richards has dominated with pure smash mouth wrestling here.

MN: Exactly, I haven’t seen anything special out of this Canadian bonehead with a ‘Beast’ nickname…He’s kind of like the other Beast before he changed his name…

DT: Richards grabs Edmunds and hooks him in a Cobra Clutch…Edmunds trying to fight out of it…COBRA CLUTCH BOMB BY RICHARDS! He covers!




DT: Edmunds kicks out of what was a kind of lazy cover by Richards, Richards quickly back on top of Edmunds with kicks to the back of the head. Richards pulls him up and whips him into the corner…Richards charges…NOBODY HOME…Richards staggers out of the corner and gets BULLDOGGED into the mat by Edmunds, Edmunds with a quick cover!




DT: Richards EXPLODES out of the pin! Edmunds quickly slaps on a rear chinlock and trying to keep Richards down…Richards powering to his feet and he elevates Edmunds…BACK SUPLEX!

DM: It seems like nothing Edmunds does is working, Richards is just out muscling Edmunds at every turn.

DT: Richards now gets Edmunds up and gets a waistlock…BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! CRUSHING IMPACT FROM RICHARDS! Richards now pops to his feet and tells the crowd it’s over…He’s waiting on Edmunds, Edmunds staggering to his feet, Richards lifts him up…CHART ATTACK!!! HE PLANTED HIM WITH THAT F5!! THE COVER




[Bell rings. Music up: “Knights off Cydonia” by Muse. The crowd pops loud for Richards who stands in the ring arms raised looking pumped over the victory.]

TF: Here is your winner…BRUCE! “THE BEAST!” RICH!!! ARRRRRDSSSS!!!!

DT: What a dominating and impressive win by Bruce Richards here in his debut. He just manhandled Sean Edmunds.

MN: I’m kinda stunned honestly, I mean really, nobody in Anthology is an easy out, yet this guy just mowed through Edmunds.

DT: Richards putting the EPW locker room on notice that he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
The First vs. Felix Red - Street Fight

[MUSIC UP: “Never Wanted to Dance” by MSI, TBM Remix, the crowd boos loudly, with some die-hard Felix Red supporters cheering as Felix Red comes through the curtain, wearing a black leather jacket with ‘’You’ll Be Sorry” on the back in white. Tights in black, red and white with spirals of all three colors all over them. Gotho follows behind in a trenchcoat that is most likely covering up whatever horrors it is he’s wearing beneath it.]

TF: The following contest is a STREET FIGHT…Set for ONE FALL…Introducing first, hailing from Nowhere, Massachusetts…Weighing in at 221 pounds…FELIX!! RED!!

DT: Felix Red, one half of the former Forsaken making his way to the ring…Lord knows why on earth he attacked The First at Aggression…

MN: Who cares? Anytime anyone beats that punk up I’m always happy…We need more senseless beatings of that moron!

[Felix’s music fades out…A few moments pass…MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre and the crowd pops HUGE. The First stands at the top of the rampway, Muse flanking him. First stands there soaking in the ovation. His face is painted white from the eyes down, the words Hate, Anger, Enmity, and Fear written in black, with black lines running through them. First’s forehead is painted black with the word “HOPE” written in white. Both his hands and arms are taped, his right arm has the word “FATE” written in block letters, the left “Destiny” in cursive.

He’s wearing a black “Painted Up Freak” T-Shirt cut into a wife beater, black gi pants, and black ring boots. Muse’s hair is light blue and shoulder length, she has on a blue tank top and spandex shorts with knee high combat boots. ]

TF: And his opponent…From Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 207 pounds…THE!! FIRST!!!

[First slides into the ring under the bottom rope, rather than posing for the crowd he charges at Felix and tackles him to the mat, the bell rings as First hammers away on Felix with punches!]

DT: WE’RE UNDERWAY AND WE GOT A FIGHT ON OUR HANDS! First with a mount on Felix and just hammering away on him with rights and lefts…Felix throws First off of him and both men get to their feet…First rocks Felix with a series of right hands and then a DROPKICK sends Felix to the mat…First over for a cover…NO! HE’S BASHING THE BACK OF FELIX’S HEAD REPEATEDLY INTO THE MAT!

DM: The First isn’t here to win this match, he’s here to beat the hell out of Felix Red, and he’s off to a good start.

DT: Felix rolls to the floor and The First follows him to the outside…Felix catches First with a drop toe hold and First crashes FACE FIRST into the RING STEPS. Felix stomping away on First now. He pulls him up to his feet and hooks him…Suplex…DROPS HIM STOMACH FIRST ON THE GUARDRAIL!

MN: Take that you freak! You wanted to fight a maniac at his own game, enjoy getting destroyed you moron!

DT: First falls onto the floor at ringside and Felix stomps him a couple times, First pulled back to his feet and now whipped into the steps..NO! REVERSAL AND FELIX CRASHES INTO THE STEEL STEPS!

DM: First showing Felix he can fight fire with fire.

MN: A lucky break, he is still way out of his element, which is watching Twilight and debating the merits of Emos vs Goths.

DT: First now grabs Felix and repeatedly bashes his head into the steps…First picks Felix up and SLAMS him on the floor…First now lifting the padding on the floor exposing the concrete on the floor…First grabs Felix and sets him up for a pile driver…NO! BACKDROP BY FELIX! First hits the cement hard!

DM: Felix may have saved the match with that move, I can’t imagine even him getting up from a pile driver on exposed cement.

MN: This idiot has to be scared for his life fighting the guy who carried his ass, already he’s trying to kill Felix!

DT: Felix now takes the top half of the ring steps and now he’s waiting on The First to get to his feet…First is up…And FELIX THROWS THE RING STEPS AT HIM! [Loud crash!] FIRST HIT IN THE HEAD WITH THE STEPS! THE COVER!




DT: First kicks out at 2! [crowd pops!]

DM: I didn’t know this was falls count anywhere.

MN: Well now you do, brainiac! What did you think a street fight was, something inside the ring?

DT: Well while you two try to determine the meaning of everything. Felix punching away on The First, who grabs Felix’s tights and pulls him into the ringpost! First getting back to his feet and just hammering on Felix with right hands.

MN: Dammit Felix, come on, don’t let this idiot get any offense in.

DT: First now bashes Felix’s head into the ring post repeatedly and now he’s going under the ring…He’s got a table :: Crowd pops! :: First now setting up that table at ring side.

DM: You knew a match like this was going to get violent, the ring steps and ring post have been used liberally and now we got a table.

MN: This isn’t right, this buffoon has no business getting out weapons, why does EPW stock so many weapons under the ring! I want this whole company investigated!

DT: While your insane ramblings are ignored, First sets up the table and now puts Felix Red on top of it…First into the ring…SLINGSHOT LEGDROP ONTO FELIX…NO! FELIX MOVED! FIRST CRASHES HARD THROUGH THAT TABLE!

MN: HA HA! Crash and burn you punk!

DT: Felix now going under the ring and he’s throwing a series of chairs into the ring…What the hell is he planning? Felix now rolls The First into the ring and he goes in after him…Felix grabs The First and PLANTS HIM WITH A DDT! Felix now unfolding those chairs….He’s got 6 chairs in 2 rows of three chairs each and now he lays First across the chairs…Felix going up top…SHATTERED HORIZON!! NO! FIRST MOVED!! AHHHH!!! FELIX HIT THOSE CHAIRS LIKE A ROCK FALLING OUT OF THE SKY!

DM: Felix might have broken his back, or an arm, or well, anything, that was just BRUTAL!

MN: Can this guy get any luckier? Really, this is just sickening to watch…

DT: Felix is down…First grabs one of the steel chairs and waits for Felix to get up…He does…BIG CHAIR SHOT! [Smack of steel, crowd pops!] and Felix falls out of the ring onto the floor…First follows him to the out to the floor…First now measuring Felix with the chair…Wait! Gotho just grabbed the chair away from First…Gotho now with the chair…MUSE WITH A UPPERCUT TO THE GROIN!

MN: Why do chicks always do that?

DM: What kind of women do you hang out with Neely that constantly uppercut you in the groin?

MN: I’m not getting into it.

DT: Felix now getting to his feet, Muse jumps on his back…I think she’s trying to choke him out…FELIX RUNS HER INTO THE RINGPOST! [Boos!] Felix just ran backwards and smashed Muse into the ring post!

MN: Good, anyone dumb enough to side with this lunatic should take a beating!

DT: First charges Felix and the two men trading punches…Felix drives First into the guardrail, and now flips him over it! Felix and First now fighting in the crowd! Both men now climbing the steps, where the heck are they going.

DM: This is clearly a fight that wasn’t going to be contained to the ring...Who knows where this match will end!

DT: The Forsaken now out on the concourse inside the arena…Felix dragging First towards a wall…First blocks, and now drives Felix’s head into the wall! They keep fighting down that hallway…Now in front of a concession stand…OH LORD…[Breaking glass!] FIRST JUST THREW FELIX INTO A POPCORN MAKER! First now grabs a cup and fills it with ice…And bounces that off the back of Felix’s head!

DM: This might be the kind of fight Felix Red enjoys, but The First clearly is matching him in the brutality department…

DT: First now pulling a stumbling Felix down the concourse, and now he just threw Felix into a bathroom!

MN: I had a feeling this match was going to end up there…

DT: First now going after Felix, and gets a thumb to the eye…Felix BASHES First’s head into the counter where the sinks are…And now a HIPTOSS onto the floor…Felix now grabs The First and STICKS HIS HEAD IN A TOILET.

MN: Drown him! This would be the greatest finish to a match ever!

DT: First flushes the toilet to get himself some air and then drives the back of his head into Felix’s face…Felix staggers back and then gets SMASHED into a mirror! First hammering away on Felix with right hands and pushes him out back into the concourse…First stomping away on Felix…First grabs Felix…And THROWS HIM DOWN A FLIGHT OF STEPS!! They are back in the arena area with Felix now having just been splattered down a flight of steps…[Crowd cheering]

DM: I’m stunned this fight is heading back in the direction of the ring, I thought this would end somewhere near the state line!

DT: First now walking down the steps towards Felix…Who trips First and sends HIM down a flight of steps! First gets to his feet and gets drilled by a series of punches from Felix…Now they are heading back to ringside! Felix pulls First to his feet by his hair…First grabs Felix and lifts him off the ground…HOTSHOT ON THE SECURITY RAILING!! First now throws Felix onto the floor next to the ring….First over the railing after him…First stomping away on Felix now…

MN: Dammit, get Felix some drugs or something, this isn’t right!

DT: First now throws Felix back into the ring…First going under the ring and now he’s got a giant stop sign!

DM: All of this is totally legal, and given what Felix did to The First at Aggression, you would have to have expected this.

DT: Felix stumbling to his feet….First slides that stop sign into the ring and now gets in the ring…FELIX WITH A ROUND HOUSE KICK! He nearly BEHEADED The First with that! Now Felix grabs that stop sign and he’s waiting for First to get to his feet…First gets up staggering…Felix charges with the sign…GETS SPRAYED WITH GREEN MIST!! FIRST JUST BLINDED FELIX!

MN: He tagged with him all that time, he had to know that was coming, the drugs have rotted his brain…Argh…

DT: Felix staggers away from First…FIRST GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND…SOULBREAKER!! First now puts that stop sign on top of Felix…First to the outside…He’s up top…CUT THE THREAD ONTO THE STOP SIGN! [Pop!] HE COVERS!




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre as the crowd pops loud.]

TF: Here is your winner…THEEE!!! FIRRRRSSSTTT!!!

[First stumbles to the ropes, gets to his feet, then rips off his wife beater and throws it into the crowd, causing a lot of high pitched shrieking. He gets to his feet with his arms raised.]

DT: A tough, hard fought win for The First as he defeats his former partner…Who knows what this win will mean for the career of The First…And up next, Anthology is in action once more as Copycat tries to take Layne Winters’ Television Title… in a ladder match!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Parking Lot Fun

DT: And it looks like we have time to get back to Fusenshoff and Stalker kicking each other’s asses all over the arena. They’ve been spotted at concession stands and dressing rooms….

MN: I heard a rumor that Stalker hit Fusenshoff with one of the zamboni’s that the St. Louis Blues use to resurface the ice here.

DM: Yeah I bet that hurt. Those things move like five miles an hour. Get real Neely.

MN: I said RUMOR Dean… RUMOR. Those things aren’t true like ninety percent of the time.

DM: Just be honest, you completely made that up.

MN: What? I can’t make up rumors just like everybody else?

DT: We’re back with this epic brawl. They’ve made their way out to the parking lot.

MN: Hey, that’s my Camaro.



DT: Fusenshoff just put Stalker’s head into the side door of Mike’s new Chevy. Karma can be a real b*tch sometimes.

DM: Mike, I’ve felt sorry for you plenty of times, but never for anything other than you just being the way you are. Lord knows your elevator doesn’t go to the top floor so to speak… but you’ve been doing better with yourself. Instead of gambling you’ve been making car payments and being a responsible adult.

[Silence and a sheepish look from Mike.]

DM: Your mom pays the car payments doesn’t she?

MN: Well it counts as my birthday present.


DT: HAHA! OOOOOOHH!!! Fusenshoff just smashed Stalker’s face through Neely’s rear-view mirror.


DM: You could always go out there and stop them Mike.

DT: While Mike cries about the car his Mom pays for while knowing he can’t do anything about it, Stalker is up and just hit Fusenshoff with a low blow. That was one of the few wrestling moves we’ve seen so far.

DM: I think Fuse is FINALLY starting to flip out a bit. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ springs to mind here.

MN: Right. That idiot could’ve been the ultimate weapon for The Fallen and now all he cares about is destroying both Stalker AND my car.

DM: I hope your Mom has insurance.

MN: Geico… she loves that gecko.

DT: Don’t we all. Fusenshoff has refused to play Stalker’s games despite all the tortures and punishments he’s suffered. It’s been pretty noble, but it’s clear now he’s finally been pushed past his breaking point.

MN: The beginning of the end guys.

DT: Stalker has a pylon and he’s smacking Fuse with it. He just realized that pylons don’t hurt much, so he just pulled it over Fuse’s head. Now Stalker lands a standing kick into the chest of Fuse, who crashes hard into the metallic dumpster. Stalker pulls Fuse’s neck to the edge of the dumpster and begins crashing the lid over his head.

MN: Stalker is one malicious son of a gun.

DM: And he has picked up right where he left off with Rocko Daymon. You have to admit he’s persistent.

MN: He’s a genuine role model for all our youths at a time in our country when there are few idols out there to emulate. Our idols are marketed, voted on and processed like an automobile on a production line. Stalker doesn’t fit that mold.

DM: You can say that again.

MN: Nah that was like three full sentences. I’m too lazy to repeat it.

DT: It’s a figure of speech Mike. Stalker just hit Fusenshoff with a parking sign as he barely keeps his footing and slips down the arena’s delivery ramp. We have to cut back to our regularly scheduled match now, but we’ll keep you fans posted on what’s going on between these two.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW TV Title Ladder Match - Layne Winters (c) vs. Copycat

[The footage cuts to the ringside area, where a steel ladder stands set up near the ring. Moments later, it cuts to above the ring, where the EPW Television Title still hangs several meters above the canvas.]

DT: Well gentlemen, it's been an exciting night thus far, but now it's time for some GOLD to be on the line! Next up, we have the LADDER MATCH for the EPW Television Title between the defending champion, the upcoming star "New School" Layne Winters, and the challenger, the veteran Copycat of the Anthology!

DM: This all began at our last episode of Aggression when these two men in the ring in an all-out war for the EPW Television Title. Copycat looked like he had it, but Winters kept coming back from everything he gave him, frustrating him to the point to use a CHAIR and disqualify himself!

MN: Well, he may have been disqualified, but it's not like that matters now, as he's got a SECOND opportuniy to take that TV Title to the Anthology! Although I have to wonder... why is the TV Title being defend on Pay Per View?

DT: ...you know, honestly, I don't really have an answer for that, Mike. All I know is that since this is on Pay Per View, we won't have to worry about a fifteen minute time limit. And Copycat won't have to worry about any disqualifications, as it's anything goes in this ladder match!

DM: That's right. If Copycat wanted to, he could bring ALL of the Anthology out here with him to give him the edge!

MN: But of course, he doesn’t really need it...

[The camera cuts to Tony Fatora, standing in the ring with the mic in his hand...]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... our next event for the evening will be for the EMPIRE PRO TELEVISION TITLE MATCH!!

[The house lights dim slightly as the drum and vocal intro to "My Way" by Butch Walker plays over the PA. The EmpireTron flashes the standard Anthology video package, with many highlights showing Copycat's recent exploits in Empire Pro.]


[Pyros DETONATE over the stage as the song enters its main riff, and striding out onto the stage in a blazing red robe is COPYCAT, posing to the booing fans around him with a very smug grin spread across his face. Confidently, he struts down the ramp to the ring.]

DM: Well, looks like he's coming to this match alone...

MN: Of COURSE he is, Dean! The Anthology don't need each other to win matches! They're all individually talented enough to do their own work, unlike MOST people in Empire Pro!

DT: Copycat has definitely turned some heads ever since his controversial debut at Wrestleverse III, but it's been smooth sailing thus far for this Anthology member! In no time, he's picked up his second chance at the TV Title, and the only reason he lost the first one was because he used a chair!

DM: Well, he couldn't put the champion away... but tonight, he may not have to! All Copycat has to in order to bring that belt to the Anthology is to climb that ladder and take it down!

DT: But it won't be any easy task...

[Playing up to the unappreciative fans around him, Copycat ascends the steps, steps through the ropes, and stands in the center of the ring where he removes his robe to show his physique to the fans, posing as fireworks go off on the corner posts.]

[Moments later, the grating guitar intro to "I Don't Know Anything" by Mad Seasons pumps through the PA. The EmpireTron shows numerous highlights of "New School" Layne Winters and Pamela...]


[Fireworks EXPLODE high overhead as the drums, vocals, and bass join the music, and "NEW SCHOOL" LAYNE WINTERS confidently strides out onto the ramp, sans title, but accompanied by PAMELA. The dysfunctional duo pose for several moments at the top of the rampway before the TV Champion and his manager come down the rampway.]

DT: The champion's out here in full force tonight, and he looks PUMPED for this title defense!

MN: Eh... there was a time when I saw a lot of good potential in this Layne Winters fella. He's got that "I don't care what you think about me" attitude set in place, and the fans hate him, which is always a plus. However... I always feel like he's missing the point.

DM: Jeez, Mike, that's surprising coming from you. I figured you'd be all about a complete Narcissist like Layne Winters.

MN: Hey, he ain't bad... but he ain't Copycat, for that matter! If Winters was as good as he claims to be, then the Anthology would have surely realized it by now and allowed him in their gang.

DT: I feel the Anthology are overlooking the talent and tenacity of this man, instead favoring already established stars. But it should be pointed out that just because Winters doesn't have a lot of experience in the big leagues, he's been wrestling for a good many years! And that lack of experience hasn't hindered him yet!

DM: This match-up is a classic case of the self-made man that is Layne Winters, who has spent many years of his life on the road, doing shows just to put food on the table, up against the more established and business-minded Copycat, who, in his mind, finds Winters to be boring.

MN: Well, he CAN be a little boring...

DT: I don't know about that, but I highly doubt we'll be bored through this match!

[Winters leaves Pamela on the outside, but not before sternly warning her that if she sticks her nose in his work, she'll be going back to the locker room with an amazing THREE black eyes. Pamela winces slightly as Winters rolls into the ring and pumps himself up to a turnbuckle, posing for the fans regardless of whether they like him or not. Satisfied with his showboating, he drops to the ring to where Copycat and Tony Fatora are waiting. Fatora raises the mic as the music ends...]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... this contest will be a LADDER MATCH to decide the Empire Pro Television Champion! Introducing first, the challenger... hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and weighing in at 280 pounds... representing the ANTHOLOGY... he is "THE SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME"...


[The crowd BOOS LOUDLY as the Cat pumps his fists into the air and smirks to the camera.]

TF: And his opponent... from Seattle, Washington... he weighs in at 250 pounds... accompanied to the ring by his manager, Pamela Eurice... he is the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPION...


[Winters pumps a fist into the air, pointing straight up to the EPW TV Title hanging above. He gets a mixed reaction from the fans, the majority of whom still don't like him, but the few fans he's made in his brief EPW career make their voices heard. With the introductions out of the way, Fatora exits the ring.]

DT: No referee in this match... just two men, the ladder, and the prize hanging high above!

MN: I wish it could ALWAYS be like that...


DT: The contest for the EPW Television Title is underway... and here comes both Winters and Copycat out of their corners, circling each other in the center of the ring... wait a second, Winters backing away! The TV Champion is LEAVING THE RING!

MN: PAH! Does this guy even have the guts to defend the belt?!

DM: Let's not be hasty here, I think Layne has something up his sleeve here!

DT: The Television Champ grabs a CHAIR!! Oh MAN, he has a plan alright, and it's called PAYBACK! Remember, it's anything goes in this ladder match!

DM: Winters sliding back into the ring -- but there's THE CAT on him immediately with a series of stomps to the back of the head!

MN: So much for THAT idea...

DT: Copycat brings Layne Winters to his feet now, and the chair gets left in the corner... and there's the WHIP to the ropes! Winters on the rebound -- runs right into an ARM DRAG from Copycat! Winters bounces right up... runs right into ANOTHER ARM DRAG!

MN: It's like the Cat is just one step ahead of him tonight!

DM: The challenger's looking good tonight... Winters trying to get up again, but Copycat slips up behind him and quickly slips on a Hammerlock! The Cat's trying to wrench that arm... but OH WAIT! He gets an ELBOW to the face from the TV Champ -- and Winters reverses with a hammerlock of his own!

DT: Winters, trying to wrench that arm... but the challenger catches him with an ELBOW to the gut, and quickly reverses with the SNAPMARE... with a LOW DROPKICK to the spine for added effect!

MN: Looks like the Cat's off to a pretty solid start, wouldn't you say?

DM: Well, it's still early in this match Mike... but for now, Copycat retains control as he brings Layne Winters back to his feet... there's another WHIP to the ropes -- wait, Winters with the REVERSAL!!

DT: Here comes Copycat OFF THE ROPES -- right into an INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!!

MN: Oh man, that is SUCH a low blow...

DM: Here comes Winters to follow up... no wait, Copycat SLID OUT of the ring!

Crowd: "BOOO!!"

DM: The Cat got out of dodge before the champion could capitalize... and now he's pointing to his head with a big smirk on his face... TAUNTING Layne Winters!

MN: You can't fool him that easily! After all, he's the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME!!

DT: Copycat plays it up to the jeering ringside fans... but maybe he shouldn't have taken his EYES off of Layne Winters, who runs himself OFF THE ROPES --

MN: Oh crap, LOOK OUT, CAT!!

DM: The Cat turns around, and here comes Winters with the BASEBALL SLIDE -- OH, but he FAKED IT!!


Crowd: "BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!"

DM: Copycat must feel like a total JACKASS right now... but instead, he plays it cool and just laughs it off...

MN: NOTHING can break that man's level of coolness...

DT: Layne Winters, the TV Champion, stands tall in the ring, beckoning the challenger back in, while the stakes continue to dangle high over the ring! What's Copycat gonna do now?

MN: Give him a minute to think, will ya?

DT: Copycat rises up to the apron... and HERE COMES WINTERS -- but Copycat quickly drops back to the floor! Get back in the ring and FIGHT already!

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!"

DM: The fans may not particularly care for it, but what the Cat is doing right now is brilliant strategy. He's maintaining the pace of the match and stopping Winters' momentum dead!

MN: Once again, he's the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME!

DT: Thank you for the reminder, Neely... Copycat trying to slide back into the ring again... but slides right out the minute he sees Winters coming! The TV Champion is getting frustrated now... and now he's going for the far corner -- no, he's going back for that STEEL CHAIR he brought into the ring at the start of the match!

DM: Time to put it to use... but the second he turns his back on Copycat, the challenger slides right back into the ring!


DT: Winters has the chair, but he turns around as soon as COPYCAT CLOSES IN --


Crowd: "OOOOHHH!!!"

DM: OH MAN!! Copycat went for the KIT KAT KICK, but instead, he took a CHAIR TO THE LEG as the Television Champion made a last-minute baseball swing with that weapon!

MN: I thought FOR SURE the Cat had him there!

DT: Copycat holding that leg in pain now, and Winters is HOLDING UP THAT CHAIR again!


DT: MY GOD!! REPEATED STRIKES WITH THAT CHAIR across the LEG of the challenger!

MN: THAT'S not how you use the steel chair! Go for the HEAD! Knock him OUT!

DM: Or he could go for the legs, and hamper his ability to climb the ladder...

MN: WHAT?! That's a completely IDIOTIC strategy, if you ask me!

DT: You only say that because Copycat didn't think of it first! Winters is throwing that chair out of the ring, instead looking for a KNEEBAR on that same leg! The challenger is no doubt in a WORLD of pain right now!

MN: Obviously, a desperate and futile attempt on the part of the TV Champion to try and impair a far superior athlete...

DM: Whatever happened to all that Layne Winters love you used to have, Mike?

MN: Hey, I still regard Layne VERY HIGHLY over the bulk of our very embarrassing roster... but the way I see it, the Anthology are the VERY BEST of what Empire Pro has to offer in terms of talent and entertainment, and if "New School" Layne Winters had the same IT factor that they have, then they would have included him long ago!

DT: Wait a second... Copycat reaching over to the face of Layne Winters... and he RAKES THE EYES in order to free himself!

DM: Well, if it's anything goes, then why not?

MN: Exploiting the rules... because he is the --

DT: "The Smartest Player in the Game"... right, Mike, we get it now. Winters is rubbing the sight back into his eyes... and now he's going back to the outside, his attention on the steel ladder that will carry the winner of this match to the title suspended over the ring!

DM: But now he's left Copycat to recover in the ring... and while he did a good number on that leg, I don't know if it will be enough to keep him completely immobilized as this match goes on! Even now, we can see the Cat getting to his feet with the help of the ropes and shaking the feeling back into his leg!

DT: He better hope the feeling comes back SOON, because the TV Champion Layne Winters is now sliding that ladder into the ring, and he rolls in after it!

MN: Oh no... LOOK OUT, CAT!!

DM: Here comes Copycat off the ropes, but Winters picks up the ladder and GOES LOW --


Crowd: "OOOOOHHHH!!"

DT: And Copycat just gets SWEPT OFF HIS FEET with that ladder!! Man, Winters went RIGHT FOR THAT LEG again!

MN: Stupid, stupid...

DM: And he isn't going to give up on that leg any time soon! He's setting the steel ladder over the KNEE of Copycat now... and boosting himself up to the SECOND ROPE!!



Crowd: "OOOOOHHHH!!"


DM: The champion's going ALL OUT to ensure that he isn't outlasted here tonight by the so-called Smartest Player in the Game! Now the Cat is on the mat, clutching that leg in pain, and the Television Champion is taking the opportunity to set that ladder up!

DT: Winters sees his title and now begins his ascent to reclaim it! Copycat, feeling the burn, but nevertheless aware of the situation, quickly using the ropes and his good leg to get himself off the mat! "New School" Layne Winters almost to the TOP now...

MN: Stop him, Cat!

DM: And the Cat SHOVES THE LADDER OVER!! OH MAN!! Winters saw him and hopped off just in time, avoiding a potentially nasty fall! But now the Television Champion is FURIOUS! Winters is coming after Copycat --



MN: LIGHTS OUT for LAYNE WINTERS!! The Cat KNEW he'd push that rookie into losing his calm and making a stupid and brash move just like that, and he fell for it hook line in sinker. And you know why?

DM: Enlighten us, Neels...

MN: Because he is THE SMAR --

DT: Damnit, Neely, would you shut the hell up!!

DM: I hardly expected Copycat to pull that one off with his leg already banged up, and he definitely paid the price... but Winters looks to be out cold, and he's got the opportunity he needs to go for the gold!

DT: Copycat rises, careful not to put too much weight on that leg... and now he goes right to work, setting up the ladder in the center of the ring! He needs to HURRY, because I think Winters is beginning to stir...

DM: He IS, Dave! And now time is the issue! Copycat now making his CLIMB UP... and while he may be down one leg, he isn't wasting any time!

MN: Go, Cat, GO! Eye on the prize!

DT: Winters is almost up now... and Copycat nears the top of the ladder! The challenger REACHING UP... his fingers are only inches away from capturing Empire Pro's Television Title!

DM: Almost there... but Winters is on his feet, and immediately sees what's up! The TV Champ quickly reaches up and takes Copycat by the LEG... and he RIPS HIM off the ladder and saves his title from being taken!

MN: DAMN... so close...

DT: Winters looking for a waistlock -- OH LORD IN HEAVEN, Copycat with a SHOT TO THE JEWELS, and Winters COLLAPSES to the mat!

DM: He's lucky there isn't a ref in that ring right now, or he would have been DQ'ed on the spot!

MN: Pff...

DT: Layne Winters is on the ground in agony as Pamela looks on in astonishment! Copycat, shaking a bit more of the pain from that leg, seems eager for a little payback as he strips the TV Champion off the mat... and there's the whip to the ropes! Here comes Winters on the rebound -- and Copycat BLASTS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!


DM: That shook the ring so hard, the LADDER fell over!

MN: Bah... what a flimsy piece of aluminum hardware!

DT: But right now, that's the last thing on the Cat's mind as a sinister smile spreads across his face... and bounces off the ropes... and starts STRUTTING HIS STUFF in the middle of the ring!

Crowd: "BOOOOOO!!!"

MN: HA HA!! Show these idiots how it's done, Cat!

DM: A bit of pain in the knee doesn't stop the STRAY CAT STRUT... and the Cat NAILS the elbow into the sternum of Layne Winters!

MN: BOOM, baby!

DT: A great deal of showboating on the part of Copycat, but he must be feeling very confident in himself right now!

DM: At this point, his strength is trumping the technical and submission game of the champion, Layne Winters! The Cat now pulls the dazed Layne Winters off the mat! Scooping him UP and OVER... OH MAN, JUST DRILLS HIM WITH AN INVERTED PILEDRIVER!!

MN: BANG! I hope Layne puts his "New School" nickname to work here as he learns a thing or two from this FAR superior athlete!

DT: Copycat is actually a bit SLOW to get up! I think he may have agitated that knee again with that last maneuver, but by the look of things, it was a small price to pay!

DM: That was a pretty devastating number on Winters, who now lies prone on the mat, and I think Copycat is ready to make another stab at the title hanging high over the ring! Copycat is bringing the dazed and barely conscious Layne Winters back to his feet... and HOISTS HIM HIGH INTO THE AIR with a MILITARY PRESS!!

DT: TREMENDOUS power... and I think he's got something IN MIND here! Copycat bringing Winters over to the ropes... AND HE JUST THROWS HIM RIGHT TO THE OUTSIDE!! MY GOD, HE JUST THREW HIM OUT OF THE RING LIKE A RAG DOLL!!


DM: A smart move made by Copycat... although hampered only slightly by that hurt knee, he's removed the opposition from the ring, and now he has a free ride up that ladder!

DT: Copycat begins setting up the ladder as Pamela comes around the ring to revive Layne! Say what you want about the conflicted relationship these two have... you can't really deny her dedication to stick by her man!

MN: At least she makes herself good for SOMETHING... but it's too late now! The Cat has the ladder set up at last, and he's making his way up!

DM: Winters looks to be in a great deal of pain after being thrown from the ring onto the unforgiving ringside floor... but he nevertheless gets to his feet with the help of the apron and the support of Pamela Eurice, and sees the CAT taking another stab up that ladder!

DT: Copycat NEAR THE TOP now as Layne Winters continues to struggle, trying desperately to crawl back into the ring!

DM: The Cat is at the TOP of the ladder now, and he's in reaching distance of that title!

MN: Come on, Cat! You got this!

DT: Copycat REACHING...

...only INCHES AWAY from the belt...

...but wait... now he sees his fingers drifting AWAY! It's because the LADDER IS FALLING!!



DT: The ladder is TIPPING OVER --


DT: OH MAN!! Copycat made a VIOLENT and AWKWARD LANDING on the TOP ROPE... in a position that NO MAN would EVER care to be in!!

MN: That's just SICKENING!!

DM: A bit of poetic karma put on the Cat after he nailed that blatant low blow earlier in the match! Copycat now straddles the top rope in absolute agony, and Layne Winters is trying to fight off his OWN pain to capitalize on this opportunity!

MN: He better hope that opportunity pays off, because the Cat isn't going to let him get away with THAT one!

DT: Winters, mustering up what strength he has left to get back to his feet! The challenger did quite a number on the champion, but he is nevertheless back UP and coming to those ropes now! Winters grabs ahold of the top rope... and begins BOUNCING COPYCAT IN PLACE!!

MN: Oh, this is just TOO PAINFUL to WATCH!!

DM: Copycat is in a WORLD of HURT in the most sensitive of areas... and Winters caps it off with a BIG CLOTHESLINE on the immobilized challenger! Copycat hits the APRON and falls HARD to the ringside floor!

DT: And Pamela Eurice is RIGHT THERE to trash the challenger where he lies on the floor! In the meantime, "New School" Layne Winters knows he has a golden opportunity at hand, and begins resetting the ladder in the middle of the ring!

DM: Copycat is out of the ring, incapacitated, and he's got a clear shot to reclaim his title! Winters with that ladder set up... but wait a second, there's trouble on the outside!

DT: "Trouble" is putting it lightly, Dean! Copycat is back up, and now THREATENING Pamela!

MN: Dumb woman should have NEVER raised her voice to a man!

DT: Copycat just SNATCHED HER BY THE HAND! Good God, he's HURTING HER!!

DM: Winters SEES THIS in the ring, and the Cat is CALLING HIM OUT, threatening to injure her! Copycat's forcing the champion to decide between going for the belt or saving his WOMAN!

DT: That's just SICKENING!

MN: It's BRILLIANT, if you ask me! Cat's gotta do whatever he can to save his chances at winning the title, and if Layne Winters was stupid enough to drag that crazy broad out here, then he should have been well aware of the risks!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: The crowd is actually RALLYING behind Layne Winters now! The TV Champ is stepping through the ropes onto the apron, threatening to RIP THE CAT'S HEAD OFF if he hurts her! Winters is coming down to the floor... and Copycat SHOVES PAMELA INTO HIM!!


DM: Winters sets Pamela aside -- BUT HE GETS SWEPT OFF HIS FEET by a LARIAT from Copycat!

MN: Oh man, Winters was a FOOL for walking into that one!

DT: Copycat is pulling out ever trick in the book here tonight... now he brings Winters back to his feet and grabs him by the hair... WHOA, MAN!! The fans in the front row get their MONEY'S WORTH as Winters gets sent right over the barricade and into the ringside seats!

DM: Talk about an unfortunate turn of events for Winters, who was moments ago just about to make a climb for the Television Title suspended high over the ring, but now Copycat has quickly cleverly turned the tables! The Cat now rolls back into the ring, and goes right over to the ladder!

DT: Winters, meanwhile, pulling himself back over the barricade to the ringside area! He sees Copycat making his way up that ladder, and he's desperately trying to save his reign as TV Champion!

MN: Cat's near the TOP!! Come on, man, REACH!!

DM: Copycat's reaching UP...

...OH, had his fingers JUST GRAZE the strap and causing it to swing away!

DT: That bought Winters a few seconds as he slips back into the ring... and now he's going up the OTHER SIDE of the ladder! We could be looking at a potential face-off at the very top of the ladder here in just a moment!

DM: Winters is nearing the top, but Copycat reaching out AGAIN to grab onto the EPW Television Title...



MN: Throw him off of there, Cat!

DT: Copycat struggling now, trying to shake Winters off with a series of HARD PUNCHES to the top of the head, but Winters is clinging on for dear life! Winters repositioning himself now... WWWHOOAAAAH -- !!!



DT: Talk about TURNING THE TABLES!! Layne Winters was in danger of losing his title, but with that single desperation maneuver off the TOP OF THE LADDER, he evens things up!

MN: That Layne Winters is freakin' CRAZY!! Is he looking to end a hard working man's career?!

DM: Ah, but when you think about it, the Cat's always got Hollywood to fall back on if his wrestling career ever unexpected ends...

DT: Both men lying motionless on the mat now, just completely exhausted and beat! The EPW TV Champion, Layne Winters, is the first to begin stirring... and now he's beginning to rise!

MN: Come on, Cat... it's do or die now!

DM: Winters, using the ropes, digging deep to force himself back up... and HE FINALLY MAKES IT!! With Copycat incapacitated after that DEVASTATING suplex from the top of the ladder, Winters has a clear shot at the belt!

DT: But he has to HURRY, because Copycat is reviving himself as well! The challenger looks hurt, but nevertheless understands that he can't spend too much time on the mat while his opponent is going for the ladder!

MN: You can do it, Cat! But MOVE YOUR ASS, man! He's already got that LADDER back up!

DM: Winters has the ladder set directly under the belt... and now he's making the CLIMB to the top! If Copycat doesn't recover soon, then this could be IT right here!

DT: Layne Winters is halfway up the ladder... on the outside, Pamela, and surprisingly, even some FANS in the audience are rallying behind the Television Champion!

MN: Stupid Anti-Anthology marks...

DT: Winters is at the TOP of the ladder... the belt is just HANGING ABOVE HIM...

...Winters REACHES OUT...

...only INCHES AWAYS now...

...he has AHOLD OF IT!!


DM: OH MAN, he's trying to THROW WINTERS FROM THE TOP!! But Layne's got a death grip on the top of that ladder! He can't be gotten rid of THAT easily...

MN: Oh yes, HE CAN!!

DT: Wait a second... Copycat reaching through the ropes -- and he GRABS WINTERS BY THE LEG!! Winters can't SHAKE HIM AWAY... and Copycat PULLS HIS LEG THROUGH THE LADDER!!

DM: WOW!! Layne Winters DANGLING UPSIDE DOWN on that steel ladder, as Copycat traps his legs between steps! He's got him in a make-shift tree of woe in the center of the ring!

MN: HA!! Look at THAT!!

DT: Winters is trying to free himself up... but now Copycat's setting himself UNDER the ladder! What's THIS?! SUSPENDING HIMSELF UPSIDE DOWN UNDER THE LADDER!!

DM: You wouldn't expect THAT kind of athleticism from a guy as big as Copycat! The Cat reaches over and takes ahold of the immobilized Layne Winters... and he slaps on THE CAT'S CLAW!! MY GOD, WE'RE LOOKING AT THE SCRATCHING POST APPLIED UPON THE LADDER!!!

MN: Man, that right there is nothing short of BEAUTIFUL!! Copycat's going to finish this one in STYLE!!

DT: The challenger is BURYING that claw-hold into the face of the Television Champion, and Winters has NOWHERE TO GO!! Pamela tries SLAPPING THE CANVAS to keep him awake, but I don't think it's having any effect! Layne Winters is SLIPPING FAST!!

DM: It doesn't help that he's upside down either! All that blood rushing to his head only adds to the effect! Copycat's got that hold in place, and there's NO WAY Winters is going to break out of it!

MN: Oh man, how I WISH there was a referee in that ring right now to hear him tap!

DT: Unfortunately for Copycat, he still MUST ascend that ladder and retrieve the title! But he may not have any problem doing THAT here in just a moment... unless divine intervention steps in and saves Layne Winters from this predicament!

DM: Winters looks to be slipping...

His EYES are rolling back in his head!


DT: Copycat has DONE IT!! All he has to do now is climb that ladder and take the title... and I think that's EXACTLY what he has planned as he lowers himself from the ladder and returns to the mat! Winters DANGLES FROM THE LADDER, completely powerless to do anything more!

MN: That's one more for the ANTHOLOGY!!

DM: Copycat climbing up the ladder now... coming to the TOP...

Copycat REACHING UP...

He's got a HAND ON THE BELT!!

DT: AND LAYNE WINTERS JUST SHOT UP!! The TV Champion meeting the challenger at the top of the ladder WITH A BARRAGE OF FISTS, and Copycat is in SHEER DISBELIEF as he tries to defend himself!

MN: How in the HELL did he DO THAT?!

DM: He was PLAYING POSSUM!! Layne Winters was just PRETENDING he was out from that Scratching Post! The Smartest Player in the Game just got OUTSMARTED by the NEW SCHOOL!!


DT: Winters and Copycat going at it at the top of the ladder... but now COPYCAT is gaining the upper hand! Winters looks to be slipping, but he WON'T LET GO of the top of the ladder, no matter HOW MANY TIMES Copycat buries that fist into his face!

DM: Winters trying to fight back... but Copycat throws on a front-face lock! He's going to SUPLEX HIM FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER --



DM: And Winters reverses with a SUPLEX OF HIS OWN --




Crowd: *POP!!!!*


DM: Well, he just LOST IT!! What a TREMENDOUS REVERSAL on the part of the champion! Now he just needs to GET HIMSELF OFF THE MAT and BACK UP THAT LADDER!!

DT: Both men lying unconscious on the mat yet again, and Pamela Eurice is SLAPPING THE MAT trying to get Winters to come to! I think I see the TV Champion beginning to STIR!! Now he's trying to GET UP!! COME ON, LAYNE!!

MN: Come on CAT!!

DM: Winters is creeping back over to the ladder, struggling to both set it up and get himself to his feet! He's just too EXHAUSTED and SORE at this point to do anything else, but he's gotta go that extra mile!

DT: Layne Winters is finally back up, and begins setting up the ladder... but I see Copycat beginning to stir now!

MN: That's right, Cat! HURRY UP!!

DM: Copycat using the ropes to get to his feet BUT PAMELA JUST LEAPED IN AND JUMPED ON HIS BACK!!


DM: But here goes Winters, step after excruciating step up that ladder, fighting all the pain in his body in order to retrieve his EPW Television Championship! And Copycat is dragging Pamela Eurice with him!!! Unbelievable!

DT: Here's Winters, AT THE TOP of the ladder...


He's got his HANDS ON THE TITLE, and he's trying to PULL IT DOWN...





Crowd: "OOOooohhh..."


MN: No no NO NO NOOOO!!!


[Copycat stands in the ring in utter astonishment as he looks down at the broken body of Layne Winters, the EPW Television Title clutched tightly in the champion's hands despite the horrible fall he's just taken, Pamela sprawled out beside him. "I Don't Know Anything" hits the PA once again.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the WINNER of this match...



DT: What a VICTORY for this upcoming star and champion, Layne Winters!

DM: And what a DEFEAT for the Anthology! Copycat thought he'd walk away from this one as the EPW TV Champion, but much to his surprise and chagrin, Layne Winters hung in there every step of the way! Winters said earlier in the week that the Cat couldn't put him away in their last encounter, and he couldn't put him away this time either!

MN: This is a TRAVESTY, and I DEMAND an instant replay!!

DM: Winters had ahold of the belt... Copycat literally tossed Pamela into him to try and knock him down... Winters fell to the mat, and the belt came down with him. What more do you need to know?

DT: A hard-fought victory for Winters as -- wait, COPYCAT PICKS HIM UP!! Come on, what is THIS?!


DT: The match is OVER!!

MN: WHO CARES?! That punk isn't good enough to hang with Anthology, and he isn't good enough to carry that title, and Cat's going to send that message!

DM: The Cat goes to the outside and SHOVES OFF the officiating team as he continues to MERCILESSLY STOMP the victorious TV Champion on the outside! Pamela can do nothing but lay motionless in the ring!!

DT: Here come Sean Edmunds and Larry Tact down the ramp, trying to calm their fellow Anthology member down! Edmunds and Tact restrain Copycat, and FINALLY, the attack has stopped!

MN: Dang, I was hoping they'd join in... but ah well. They probably just convinced him that Cat is ABOVE that measly Television Title, and has better things to do.

DM: Pamela Eurice slowly crawls out of the ring and helps the TV Champ back to his feet as the members of Anthology disappear through entry-way... Winters clutching that Television Title close as he leans on Pamela, looking like he could collapse at any moment!

DT: But nevertheless, he holds that title HIGH IN GLORIOUS VICTORY as the dysfunctional duo limp their way back up the ramp! Copycat may walk away from this one with the last laugh, but Winters doesn't care, because he has the BELT, and that's all that matters! The battle for the TV Title may be over, but this NIGHT is FAR from finished!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
You Think It's Over?

DT: Well folks we got some news from the back that this brawl between Stalker and Fusenshoff is finally over and paramedics are attending to both of them as we speak.

[Camera cuts to the parking lot area where Fusenshoff is lying on the ground, face covered in blood, and Stalker is leaning against the wall as he is pushing away the paramedic that is trying to assist him.]

Stalker: I never said I was DONE!

DM: Oh boy.

MN: I don't think he will ever be done until Fusenshoff is in a body bag.

DT: Stalker stumbles over to the medic assisting Fusenshoff and pushes him off... he falls to his knees and starts laying fists into his bloody face. Fusenshoff is practically motionless. Folks you may not want to continue watching this as Fusenshoff is obviously unable to defend himself.

DM: Look again.

[Fusenshoff blocks the next incoming fist from Stalker and sends him falling to his back.]

DT: Fusenshoff is struggling to get to his feet now and Stalker is not moving... these men. I don't even know how they are even functioning right now.

MN: Besides what we have already seen they have been going at it for almost two hours now. This is by far the greatest hardcore exchange I have ever witnessed.

DM: God you are a suck up. Fusenshoff looks like he's finally had enough and is stumbling as he is walking away from Stalker, who is just now slowly getting up. Is he saying something?

Stalker: Where are you going?

[Fusenshoff keeps walking away blood and sweat just pouring all over his body.]

Stalker: You going to go cry about your sister like a little *****?!?! God what luck did she have to be born into the same family as you. I mean if it were me i'd be GLAD that I was dead.

[Stopping after that final word escapes Stalker's mouth, Fusenshoff turns around, letting out a roar of anger he charges back at Stalker.]

MN: OH MY GOD! Fusenshoff just nailed Stalker with a swift kick to the face and a pillar of blood is spit up through the air.

DT: It looks like Fusenshoff is smiling after that hard kick to Stalker's face.

Fusenshoff: I'm going to finish this once and forever.

DM: Fusenshoff is dragging Stalker by both legs the way you would drag a dead body!

MN: How would you know how to drag a dead body?!?!

DM: Can it Neely!

DT: We hate to do this folks but we have to get back to our next match we will do our best to update you on how this turns out.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW Intercontinental Title Match - Cameron Cruise (c) vs. Shawn Hart, EPW finds HOPE

[FADEIN: The broadcast table, with Thomas, Matthews and Neely sitting there, headsets on.]

DT: This has been an incredible night of action so far, and up next one of the biggest matches of the night as Cameron Cruise defends the Intercontinental Championship against Shawn Hart. The story of this title and this match, is the story…Of Anthology…

[CUEUP: B-Roll footage. CUTTO: Unleashed, Jared Wells in the ring with Kin Hiroshi, Cameron Cruise, and Shawn Hart, as he talks there’s distortion effects on his voice.]

WELLS: With myself, IT’S WHAT WE CALL ANTHOLOGY. The EPW today consists of the same old boring sausage story. Sean Stevens is a bad case of VD. My god the poor bastard is a poster boy. I really want to give him credit but I won't. He is your typical dumb ass in the EPW. It's like having that one crack head friend around that you feel sorry for. Sean Stevens fits the bill. Stalker is just somebody that missed a few hugs in life. Mommy and daddy couldn't do the job and all I can tell him is get a woman which I'm sure thats hard for him. How about Fusenshoff? He's that guy at a party who drinks four Miller Limes then passes out and everybody tea bags for a MySpace picture. You know I listened to JA talk about his match with "THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE X" Sean Stevens. [laughs] I'm not sure whether I want to suggest he is a better wrestler or sports-caster. I actually heard JA talk and I thought ESPN was on. I said to myself this isn't the spice channel. Of course I changed it right away.

[Jared pauses, puts down the mic, high fives Cruise and Kin then puts his arm around Hart.]

WELLS: The pretty picture here is that Cruise, Kin, Hart, and myself are bored with everything. Each of us don't intend on picking up the ball and running with it. All four of us have a pair of scissors and we plan on sprinting towards each and everyone of you. I've been known to rape history, yet make it at the same time and tonight marks the first day in the EPW with aristocracy. I take these three men with me at all costs. Now that daddy is back I heard Larry Flynt made a new porno called Who's Nailin' Palin? That's easy, Daddy Wells is nailing Palin!

[Dave Thomas narrating the video.]

DT: Kin Hiroshi wouldn’t last long, but Larry Tact would take his place…And quickly he and Wells would bring glory to Anthology.

[CUTTO: Agg 43. Forsaken Vs Wells/Tact]

DT: FELIX RED IS HERE! TACT MAKES THE TAG...FIRST MAKES THE TAG AS WELL!! FELIX ALL OVER JARED WELLS WITH RIGHTS AND LEFTS! Wells staggered and sent for the ride...BIG BACK BODY DROP! Wells staggering to his feet and now Tact is back in the ring and he's being hammered away on by Felix, now The First is back in there and fighting away with Tact.

DM: The ref has lost all control of this match, this is complete chaos!





[MUSIC UP: "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube as the crowd is booing]


DT: The Forsaken's over year long run with the tag titles has ended tonight in controversal fashion to say the least...What more can happen tonight?! We'll be right back!

[CUTTO: Wells and Tact walking away from the ring, EPW World Tag Title Belts in hand.]

DT: And Cameron Cruise would strike for gold of his own.

[CUTTO: Agg 42, Cruise Vs Douglas]

DT: Cruise isn't taking any chances this time. He brings Douglas up and sets him in place.... REALITY CHECK! He hits it perfectly on the Intercontinental Champion!

LT: FORMER Intercontinental Champion in...

DT: Cover by Cruise, could we see a new Champion?




DT: That's it, it's over! We have a new EPW Intercontinental Champion!


[CUTTO: Cruise standing on top of the ramp, patting the IC Title belt now being worn across his waist.]

DT: Then at Wrestleverse III, Anthology’s ranks, and power, would continue to grow.

[CUTTO: Slow motion replays of the masked man pushing The First off the top rope, First crashes to the ground, and is then picked up and REALITY CHECKED by Cruise, who gets the pin. CUTTO: The masked man unmasking and revealing himself as Copycat. CUTTO: Copycat in the ring Anthology, Copycat on the mic. His voice, like Wells before it, is warped by distortion effects.]

Copycat: And THIS is what it’s all become since I made the mistake of ignoring the developments in this business. For that, I am sorry. But before I even called Jared Wells back, I knew there was HOPE. I knew there was a shining light still left in EPW, the beginnings of what could be a last-ditch effort to save this industry from itself.

[He gestures to the other men in the ring with him]

Copycat: These men you see before you now are men who are no longer in business for themselves. They’re in business for the business. These men are the cure for the sickness that has overtaken this industry. And though you fans boo them today, you’ll thank them later. The heroes you worship now will only destroy what you love. It’s the villains in this who will write the chapters that lead to a happy ending. For my last few years in the ring before I went into acting full-time, I told myself that I wouldn’t turn against the wishes of the fans. I told myself that I wouldn’t join forces with a faction of people as long as I was perfectly capable of doing what needed to be done on my own. But right now, I need all the help I can get to turn this thing around before it gets beyond the point of recovery. These men will help me achieve that goal. There’s only one HOPE for patching the holes in this business that will soon grow into abysses too large to fix – and that HOPE is the Anthology.

DT: The next show Anthology would continue to expand, but also, cracks would form.

[CUTTO: Sean Edmunds running in on Anarky and revealing an Anthology T-Shirt. CUTTO: Shawn Hart hitting Cameron Cruise with the World Title Belt in the mist of the Stevens/First Vs Copycat/Cruise main event from Agg 44.]

DT: It was an accident according to Hart, he had been blinded, and he thought himself still in Anthology’s good graces…But on the next show, he had reason to believe otherwise.

[CUTTO: Hart Vs First at Agg 45, with the ref tied up Hart looks to the back for help from Anthology, it never shows up, and then First blinds Hart with mist and hits a Soulbreaker and pins him.]

DT: Feeling he’d been abandoned…Hart took the only path he felt left to him.

[CUTTO: Hart standing in the ring at Agg 45 after his match]

HART: "I've had it........... I'VE HAD IT!!! I'm sick and tired and SICK of giving EVERYTHING I have to ensure that the NUTBAG BROTHERS get theirs, while the man the fans reeeeeeeally want to see, the jiggiest JACKHOLE this side of Jersey, Shawn Jessica Hart, gets STUCK with scraps!"

[The fans respond to SJH. Some with cheers, some with jeers, but most seemingly in agreement with this statement on some level.]

"Before I made my GRAND RETURN to this God-forsaken place, Anthology was NOTHING but a couple of weasels trying to wiggle their way into the main event. I'm the one who legitimized this whole operation, the guy that brought the whole thing together... HELL, I'm the person who coined the Anthology term! And where has it all gotten me?! HMMM?!?! What have I got to show for it?!"

[He looks inquisitively to the crowd, then turns his attention back to the hard camera.]

"NOT A GODD[FCC]AMN THING!! It's the same old story, week in and week out... Cruise and Wells get theirs while the Phenom's duckets somehow keep finding their way into the hands of the latest has-been to join the fold!"

[SJH SPITS in anger.]

And the truth of the matter here, Cameron Cruise, Jared Wells... Mr. Tact, Mr. Edmunds, Copycat... is that as relates to aaaaaaaaaaall things Anthology..............


The PHENOM has left the building!!!"

DT: His actions would make him pay a heavy price

[CUTTO: Agg 46, Hart is blindsided by Cruise who cracks him with the IC Title, allowing Larry Tact to pin him. CUTTO: Agg 47, where AGAIN Hart is blindsided by Cruise who blasts him with the IC Title, allowing Edmunds to pin him.]

DT: But turnabout is fairplay [CUTTO: Hart distracting Cruise, allowing Westscott to get the advantage and then powerbomb Cruise through a table covered in thumbtacks and get the win.]

DT: Now the man who most see as Anthology’s leader, faces the man who left them, for the Intercontinental Championship. The stakes could not be much higher for both men.

[CUTTO: Tony Fatora standing in the middle of the ring, getting ready to make the announcements.]

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL and it is for the E! P! W! INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! And there are NO DQ’s OR COUNTOUTS in this match! [Crowd pops, buzzing!]

DT: What?! When was that announcement made?

MN: I don’t care, this only plays into Anthology’s hands! Clearly some wheeling and dealing in the back by Cruise and company to get an advantage.

[MUSIC UP: “Phenomena” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The crowd pops BIG as Shawn Hart comes through the curtain, he’s wearing black tights with SJH in gold on one leg and PHENOM in gold on the other leg, with black ring boots. Hart has a big smile on his face as he walks to the ring.]

TF: Making his way to the ring, hailing from Orlando Florida and weighing in at 217 pounds…Here is the CHALLENGER…THE PHENOM…SHAWN!!! HART!!!

[Hart hits the ring and paces back and forth, waiting for the champion…After a few moments MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by RATM hits on the PA the crowd boos loud as Cameron Cruise steps through the curtain. The IC Title Belt resting on his shoulder. Cruise has on blue trunks with “Cruise” on the seat in white, and blue knee pads and ring boots. He strides to the ring looking daggers at Hart. He enters the ring and climbs to the second rope holding the IC Title belt over his head and soaking in the LOUD booing that is going through the arena.]

TF: And his opponent, hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina, weighing in a 260 pounds…Representing Anthology…Here is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…CAMMMMERONNNNN…CRUUUUUUISEEEE!!! [Crowd booing loud as Cruise hands the belt off to head ref Pat Jones. After a couple moments the bell rings.]

DT: And here we go…Cruise locks up and backs Hart into the corner, Cruise with a knee to the gut and another…Cruise punching away on Hart and Hart crumbles to the mat under a flurry of big time right hands from the champion.

MN: No mercy for this goof, he betrayed Anthology and must pay in the most brutal way possible…And with this match no DQ, then Cruise can do anything he pleases to maim this putz.

DT: Cruise drags Hart to his feet and slams him down…Cruise with an elbow…Nobody home! Both men up and Hart now rifling a series of jabs to the chin of Cruise…And a ON THE BUTTON DROPKICK DROPS CRUISE…HART WITH A COVER!



DT: Cruise quickly out of that pin attempt, but Hart presses the advantage with kicks to the gut and now he whips Cruise into the ropes…Backdrop by Hart…NO! Cruise with a kick to the face…NO! Hart catches the leg and foot sweeps Cruise down…Hart DROPS BOTH LEGS INTO CRUISES’S GUT!

DM: Those feet might have landed a bit lower on Cruise then that.

DT: Well if they did it’s no DQ so it doesn’t much matter. Cruise sits up in agony from the leg drop and GETS BLASTED BY A ROUND HOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD! Hart with a quick cover! Leg is hooked!




DT: Cruise kicks out again and Hart locks on a chin lock…Cruise fighting to his feet, and now Hart lets go of the headlock and fires in a quick kick to Cruise’s leg…Hart cracks Cruise with a jab, and Cruise responds with a bull rush taking Hart into a corner…Cruise now throwing punch after punch into the stomach of Shawn Hart…And now driving a series of shoulders into the ribs of the challenger.

MN: There we go! Take this clown to school Cruise! No mercy!

DT: Hart now launched HARD into the other corner…Hart drops to his knees before falling face first to the mat. Cruise now stalking Hart, taking his time as he kicks Hart in the lower back and now a stomp to the head.

MN: Cruise in control, now dealing out the beating as he sees fit, Hart is in a world of trouble here, and I for one am going to enjoy watching him suffer before Cruise finally puts him out of his misery.

DM: Cruise now grabs Hart and pulls him into a camel clutch. Cruise wrenching back on the chin of Hart who now has to fight to escape this hold, and remember this is no DQ so the ropes won’t save Hart…He’s got to escape this.

DT: Cruise has this locked in tight and is really leaning back on the lower back of Hart…Hart gets his knees under himself, and now he’s starting to try to power up from under Cruise. Cruise just breaks the hold and clubs Hart down to the mat with a series of forearms to the back of the neck. Cruise now off the drops…DRIVES A KNEE INTO THE BACK OF HART’S HEAD! Cruise with a cover.




MN: Come on ref…These officials are a joke…I could have counted to six!

DT: Well you should apply to the EPW ref’s academy so Dean and I can at last be rid of you.

MN: Not on your life pal. This company would sink without me keeping you two in line.

DT: Cruise now goes to the outside and he gets himself a chair…That’s legal in this match, which was shockingly declared to be no DQ’s or count outs just as it started…Cruise now in the ring waiting on Hart…Hart to his feet…CRUISE WITH A CHAIR SHOT! HART SIDESTEPS! HART FIRING AWAY A SERIES OF RIGHT HANDS! Hart pulls the chair away from Cruise and HE SWINGS IT! CRUISE AVOIDS! Cruise now gets behind Hart…HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER! What a move from the champion!

DM: Cameron Cruise clearly knows he has to be on top of his game to keep his title away from Shawn Hart and he’s really bringing the A-Game here tonight.

MN: What are you talking about Matthews? Cruise is always on top of things. He’s had this punk the whole way.

DT: Cruise now takes the chair and unfolds it in the center of the ring…Cruise grabs Hart and pushes him into the corner…Cruise hooks him…He’s going to bulldog him into the chair…NO! Hart pushes Cruise off…Hart grabs the chair and folds it back up and throws it at Cruise…Who catches it…HART DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO CRUISE’S FACE! [Pop!]

DM: That’s a match changing move right there for the phenom!

MN: Oh come on…This is just not my night..

DT: Hart shakes out the cobwebs and makes the cover!




DT: Cruise kicks out! Hart quickly back to his feet and now he wedges that chair in between the top rope and the second rope…Cruise staggering to his feet and Hart backs him into the corner opposite the chair…Hart now whips Cruise INTO THE CHAIR! Cruise staggers out of the corner clutching his back and now Hart takes him and RAMS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE CHAIR! Cruise slumped over in the corner wearing that chair like a necklace…

MN: NO! NO! This isn’t right…We need Anthology out here now!

DT: Hart now waiting on Cruise…Cruise gets himself out of the chair and shatters towards Hart…HART ON! NO! Cruise shoves Hart off and Hart hits the mat hard! Cruise falls to the mat and both men are down!

DM: Cruise would have assured been beaten if Hart had landed that move, Cruise saving the title by countering Hart there.

MN: How do you know Cruise wouldn’t kick out? You two do nothing but doubt this man.

DT: Hart back to his feet and he goes to get the chair…CRUISE GOES LOW! As Hart was going to get the chair Cruise just jumped up and nailed Hart with a low blow…Cruise now getting to his feet and he gets the chair and now walks over…CHAIRSHOT TO THE BACK OF HART! COVER BY CRUISE!




DT: HART KICKS OUT! [Crowd pops!] Cruise shakes his head at Pat Jones and now he puts the chair down in the middle of the ring…He grabs Hart and hooks him…BACK SUPLEX ON THE CHAIR! THAT’S GOT TO DO IT!




DT: HART KICKS OUT AGAIN!! [Big pop!] Cruise can’t believe it…Cruise pounding the mat in anger. Cruise now grabs the chair and BASHES HART! NO! HART ROLLS AWAY! CRUISE SWINGS AGAIN! MISSES AGAIN!! Hart rolls to the floor…Hart trips Cruise and now grabs Cruise’s legs…CROTCHES CRUISE ON THE RING POST!

DM: Hart with the smarts to avoid the chair attack by cruise and now gets to turn the tables on Cruise with some smart thinking.

MN: Cruise lands a low blow and you’re whining about it. This guy smashes Cruise’s junk into the ring post and you’re praising him as a genius.

DT: Hart now rolls back into the ring and he kicks Cruise in the head…Hart grabs the chair and a BIG SHOT TO THE BACK OF CRUISE WITH THE CHAIR! Cruise down and out on the mat…Hart now going to the outside…He’s up top…HART DROPS THE ELBOW ONTO CRUISE!! THE COVER!!




DT: CRUISE ESCAPES! [Crowd groans, some ‘two’! shouts] Hart gets back to his feet, and now he’s waiting on Cruise to get up…Cruise back up, a kick to the gut doubles him over…Hart off the ropes…SWINGING NECKBREAKER! HART WITH A COVER!!




DT: AGAIN CRUISE KICKS OUT! [boos!] Hart has to wonder what it will take to finish this match. Hart now going to the chair…Hart waving for Cruise to get to his feet…He’s going to blast him with that chair…Cruise is up…HART SWINGS AND MISSES! He lost control of the chair! Cruise hooks him…REALITY CHECK!! [Boos!] REALITY CHECK OUT OF NOWHERE!! CRUISE ROLLS HART ONTO HIS BACK AND DRAPS AN ARM OVER HART!




DT: HART KICKS OUT!!! [pop! “Hart” chants!] Oh that was so close!

MN: Close my eye! This is a bag job!

DM: Well no matter your feelings on that call, this match continues on.

MN: Bah…Cruise has had this match won 5 times at least, this whole company is out to screw Anthology!

DT: Cruise now gets the chair…Hart staggering to his feet…CRUISE DENTS THE CHAIR OVER HART’S SKULL!! THAT’S GOT TO DO IT! CRUISE WITH A COVER!!




DT: MY GOD HOW DID HART KICK OUT?! You HAVE to be kidding me! Cruise is beside himself…But now he’s outside the ring, he’s got his belt…The Intercontinental title belt now in Cruise’s hands…And he’s now waiting for Hart to get up…What with the damage he’s done with this belt to Hart on the last two shows…You almost knew this had to happen…CRUISE CHARGES…HART SIDESTEPS…HART ON!! HE HIT IT OUT OF NOWHERE!! I THINK CRUISE MIGHT EVEN HAVE FALLEN INTO THE BELT WHEN HE LANDED!! HE’S OUT!!! HART WITH A COVER!! A NEW CHAMPION?!?!




DT: CRUISE GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!! THIS IS…I don’t even know HOW to describe it!

MN: Heart of a champion, guts, will! Hart’s hit him with everything and can’t put him down, you can’t beat Cameron Cruise kid! You gave it a good try, but you’re going to come up short like everyone else!

DT: Hart now grabs that dented chair…Hart stumbling as he holds that chair, he’s taken quite a beating in this match already…Cruise getting to his feet, he’s got the IC title belt still in hand…HART CHARGES AT CRUISE…HE HITS HIM WITH THE CHAIR AS CRUISE HITS HIM WITH THE BELT!! BOTH MEN DOWN!! BOTH MEN LAID OUT IN THE RING!!

MN: Count them both out! Cruise retains by draw!

DT: You know that’s not happening Neely, we’re getting a winner out of this no matter what…

[Crowd pops loud as The First, suddenly rushes down the ramp to ringside, he begins banging on the apron trying to rally Hart, the crowd starts clapping along with him!]

DT: Wait a minute, The First is out here now! First urging this crowd to try to will Shawn Hart to get back to his feet…

MN: What is he doing out here?! This isn’t right! Somebody escort this scumbag away from the ring!

DT: Cruise pulling himself up by the ropes…And now he sees The First on the outside…Cruise glaring at First [First yells “What?! It’s only OK when you’re thugs are outside the ring?!” at Cruise] Hart getting up now…Gets ROCKED with a Clothesline from Cruise...Cruise drops a BIG elbow and HE COVERS!




DT: First hopped up on the apron and Cruise broke the pin…[“Get the f*ck out of here you piece of sh*t” Cruise yells at First. “Why don’t you just make me?!” First replies] And these two…No love loss at all…WAIT!! [Crowd screaming] FROM BEHIND IT’S SEAN EDMUNDS CHARGING IN WITH A CHAIR! HE JUST BLASTED FIRST WITH THAT CHAIR!! First falls into the ring…Cruise pulls him up…REALITY CHECK ON THE FIRST! [Crowd booing!]

MN: Shades of WrestleVerse III…I love it, Anthology 1, this idiot negative 15!

DT: Cruise now calling for Edmunds to hold up Hart…And he does…CRUISE WITH A BIG CHAIR SHOT TO HART…HE’S OUT COLD!! WAIT A SECOND [Crowd buzzing as Layne Winters, hobbling a bit from his brutal ladder match, makes his way out to the ring…”Wait, wait just a second” he yells to Cruise and Edmunds] What is he doing?

DM: Well Winters has had run-ins with The First a bunch of times and he’s fought with Anthology also…Him being out here is truly confusing…

[“Look, I’ve seen what you guys have done…I know what you’re capable of…And well…” Winters says, and then stops talking and he kicks First in the head, and then stomps Hart…”I want a piece of these losers!” he yells and grabs a chair…]

DT: Is Layne Winters…Joining Anthology?! I can’t believe this!

MN: The kid is wising up…He might have had a ugly situation with Copycat, but well, business is business and Winters is making a smart decision here!

[Edmunds pulls Hart to his feet and holds him up for Winters…WHO BLASTS CRUISE WITH THE CHAIR!!]



DT: Winters now grabbing Cruise and he’s got him locked up…CRUISE IS UP!! HERE COMES GREEN RIVER JUSTICE!! [Crowd screaming!] WAIT COPYCAT IN WITH A CHOPBLOCK ON WINTERS!! Winters crashing to the mat and clutching at his knee…Copycat putting the boots to Winters now and now stomping away on First and Hart…Cruise and Edmunds trying to get to their feet here….Copycat now setting up the two steel chairs in the ring…He pulls Hart to his feet…Hart’s out of it…He throws Hart to Cruise [Copycat yells “FINISH IT! BREAK HIS NECK!” at Cruise, who begins to set Hart up for the Reality Check] Oh my lord he’s going to reality check Hart into those unfolded chairs…It might well break his neck!

MN: After he maims Hart I hope he crippled that idiot freak and that backstabber Winters!]

[Lights go out in the arena, crowd pops loud!!]


DM: What on earth could this be about?!

MN: This is never good, it’s never ever good!

[MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie, the crowd erupts in noise, some cheering, some booing, but all of it is VERY LOUD!]


[Anarky’s video package plays on the EmpireTron, after a beat the lights come back on, Anthology now glaring at the entrance way on the ramp, when suddenly Anarky, in his ring gear and skull face paint, charges into the ring from the crowd, he’s wielding a pair of sawed off baseball bats in his hands!]


DM: What is Anarky doing here…After he…Well…ATTACKED ME…I thought he’d been suspended by EPW!

DT: Edmunds getting to his feet…GETS BLASTED BY A BAT FROM ANARKY!!! EDMUNDS CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!! COPYCAT UP!! HE TAKES A SHOT FROM ANARKY AND HITS THE FLOOR!!! And now First, Winters and Hart all getting up…Cruise slowly getting to his feet…And now he sees he’s surrounded by these four men…He sees Anarky with the bats at the ready…He turns to escape Anarky…AND GETS NAILED BY A BELT SHOT TO THE SKULL BY HART!! HART KNOCKS HIM COLD WITH THE IC TITLE BELT AND HE COVERS!!!




[Bell ring, crowd going INSANE! Hart grabs the belt he just blasted Cruise with and holds it high over his head…]


MN: This was a robbery! It took 4 men to STEAL this title off Cameron Cruise! This is an outrage!

DT: I seem to recall you having no problem with Anthology pulling stunts like this…


[The First asks for a mic from ringside and gets it]

FIRST: So, I suppose you’re all wondering exactly what we’re doing here…Well you see, at WrestleVerse III I had the dream of being Intercontinental champion…A dream that SHAWN HART JUST HAD COME TRUE [pop!] and well…Copycat took care of that dream…And as I laid on the floor outside the ring having just been screwed out of winning gold…As I thought about how much that sucked…I had to listen as that self righteous scumbag decided to tell the crowd that he joined Anthology…Because they gave him HOPE…That they gave HOPE to EPW…And to this whole industry…

And well…He was right…Because the four of us in this ring…This…Is…HOPE…Anthology has caused EPW to find HOPE…That’s right…Anthology thought they wanted to find HOPE? No…It’s as I’ve said all along…HOPE will destroy Anthology…And that’s what we’re going to do…[pop]

It’s a two front war…Front one…Well you saw it tonight, we’re fighting Anthology, in this ring, out of the ring, in the back, in the dressing room, in parking lots…We’re going to beat Anthology till they BEG for mercy…We will beat them till they FINALLY BREAK and admit defeat [pop!]

The second front…Well it’s simple…I know Cameron Cruise ducked a World Title Shot and everyone likes to give him crap about that…But the truth is, Anthology will get desperate, and they will pin…[pauses, smiles]…Well they’ll pin their hopes…As it were…On winning the EPW World Heavyweight Title…And because they have such numbers and they aren’t truly that bad in the ring…If they all put their minds to it…They might just get that job done…

You see I can’t trust Marcus Westscott or Sean Stevens with that belt…They could lose it to a Cameron Cruise or a Copycat or a Jared Wells…No…That belt…It has to be in the HOPE camp, so WE control it…So whoever wins tonight’s main event…Don’t worry about finding HOPE…Cause HOPE is coming for you…

[First hands the mic to Winters. The crowd buzzes, some booing, some cheering as he speaks]

WINTERS: Surprised to see me? That's right, ME of all people, the man too proud and too god[BLEEP]mn hard to ally himself with anyone...has found HOPE. [Pauses] Call it an insurance policy. Call it backup reserve, HELL...call it whatever the F[BLEEP]K you want, because the truth is on any given night, I could lose EVERYTHING I worked so hard for to a guy who never deserved it in the first place. All cause some idiot knelt down and kissed Cameron Cruise's boot. I may still win nine out of ten times, but even I'm not willing to take the risk, not even one time. Show after show, a guy like me can bust his ass, open up his forehead, and give his all for a W...only to play second billing to the latest Anthology recruit. So it got me thinking: if a blithering IDIOT like Cameron Cruise and his merry stooges can grasp at straws enough to stranglehold the main event...then how EASY would it be for a guy like me, a true MASTER of his trade, to bind with two or three guys and take back this company? HOPE: so easy, a painted up freak, a psychopath, and a prancing faggot could do it. And rest assured, they'll need me EVERY-STEP-OF-THE-WAY. A convenient alliance, yes...but I'll ride this wave to the top before it breaks, you can count on that!
[Winters smirks as he hands the mic to Anarky.]

ANARKY: For every action, there is an equally violent reaction.
HOPE is… what it is… a means to an end… a moment in time.
An opportunity to destroy something worth destroying. Nothing more, nothing less. First. Hart. Winters. No matter.
They only need breathe my name and I would come and feast. And Anthology. You are on the menu.
How sad for you, that you should suffer this calamity. You may ask yourself if you have done anything to deserve this. You may pray to your God. I don’t know.
But I do know… that HOPE is alive… and so am I… here in EPW...
Do you not know, gentlemen? There is no war, because the war is over, and you have lost…
Because I am the blade in HOPE’s vengeful hand… for as I use HOPE, HOPE uses me… we are symbiotic…
Something Anthology would know nothing about.
But you’re going to learn, gentlemen. That is HOPE’s promise.
That is my promise.
[Anarky hands the mic to Hart]

HART: You know what Anthology means to me? It means this [pats belt] and it means Anthology is going to suffer night in and night out…And now, The Phenom…and HOPE…Have left the building!

[MUSIC UP: “Surprise! You’re dead!” By Faith No More as HOPE leave the ring]

DT: First, Hart, Anarky, Winters…HOPE…I’m…I’m at a loss…

DM: You had to think sooner or later something would happen as a challenge to Anthology…And well we’ve just seen it…

MN: I’m gonna be sick…

DT: Well in spite of how you feel about it Neely…Shawn Hart is the new IC Champion and EPW...Well EPW has HOPE…and we got another big match coming up…. Anthology will try to salvage a bad night for the team… when they defend their Tag Team Titles against Jungle Storm..


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Turning The Tables

DT: Stalker and Fusenshoff have been spotted near the locker room enterance of the parking garage once again. And it looks like they are using Neely's car yet again.


[Camera cuts in to the garage just as Stalker EVENFLOWS Fusenshoff onto the hood of the car.]

MN: My baby!!!!

DM: Get a grip Neely.

DT: Stalker slumps to the ground next to Fusenshoff's motionless body. Both of them are breathing extremely heavily.

[The sounds of sirens can be heard as the ambulance pulls up yet again. The paramedics jump out of the back and rush to Fusenshoff and Stalker.]

DM: These two really need to end this now before one of them ends up dead. Well.. they need to stop before Fusenshoff ends up dead.


DM: What?

DT: Stalker looks to be refusing help from the medics as he stumbles away. He's slowly walking towards the locker room door using Neely's car to steady himself as he walks.

DM: At least the car is good for something.

MN: SHUT UP...... I love my car.

DT: Okay well it looks like this fight is finally ov..... wait a minute. Fusenshoff is now standing as he is pushing the medics out the way.

Fusenshoff: I.... W.....F.


[Stalker stops dead in his tracks.]

Fusenshoff: You... you think I didn't read up about you? Nothing but a PATHETIC ***** is exactly what you are. You leave SCW after crying about being screwed over in a world title match. You go and start your own wrestling company that quickly fails and falls flat on it's face. Then and only then do you lose your wife and because a self absorbed drunk that walked the streets homeless because you were nothing but a PATHETIC *****!

[Turning around Stalker charges at Fusenshoff with pure rage in his eyes. Fusenshoff side steps him grabs him by the head and smashes him face first through Neely's passenger side window.]

MN: Oh for god's SAKES!

DM: I love it! MORE! MORE!

DT: Wow Dean almost on que Fusenshoff just ripped Stalker's body out of that window and is now dragging him to the back of the car... what.... OH MY GOD HE JUST THREW STALKER HEAD FIRST THROUGH THE BACK WINDOW!

MN: [Crying]

DM: It's okay Neely.

DT: Fusenshoff is grabbing something out of his pocket now.... it looks.. is that the contract?

DM: I'm sure it is.

Fusenshoff: Here it is buddy, signed and everything, exactly what you wanted. Good luck with the rest of your life... *****.

[Fusenshoff throws the paper through the window and onto the motionless body of Stalker. Medics rush to his aide as Fusenshoff stumbles his way to the locker room door.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Tag Team Titles - Anthology (c) vs. Jungle Storm

DT: Next up on the docket is the second match of the night for The Anthology’s formidable tag duo, Jared Wells and Larry Tact.

MN: You call that a match?! That’s preposterous! Big Dog and Dan Ryan just jumped Tact and Wells! I’ve never seen such a rotten display of sportsmanship.

DM: Do you listen to yourself when you talk Mike? You applaud behavior like that on a nightly basis.

MN: No Dean. I applaud behavior like that when it’s reasonable and just. Big Dog and Dan Ryan had no justifiable reason to assault Larry and Jared the way they did.

DM: Well considering the Anthology attacks just about everyone in the back constantly, I’d say the reason was to give them a taste of their own medicine.

DT: Here come the challengers. Jungle Storm has been on a roll since winning the tag team battle royale at the last pay-per-view. These two know how to put on a show and back up their talk with action. They’ve been rewarded with a shot here against the only team who could finish off The Forsaken.

MN: I think Wells said it best this week guys. Anthology’s first match of the night, four World Champions fought in the ring. Knocking off The Forsaken was huge. Ryan and Dog knew they couldn’t win so they resorted to childish debauchery. If Tact and Daddy can polish off Jungle Storm after that savage beating, it’ll prove they’re the best EPW has to offer.

DT: For once you’re starting to make at least a little bit of sense Mike. Here comes Jungle Storm now.

Green and yellow lights flash throughout the arena. “Back To The Primitive” by Soulfly is played, and the trio make their entrance as the grinding heavy metal guitar and tribal drums begin to blast over the speakers. Dos Santos does the “big man walk” to the ring with a super intense look on his face. Carvalho aggressively talks to himself while slapping the fans five on both sides of the aisles. Silva is bouncing up and down, pointing aimlessly and aggressively talking a ton of sh*t. They look pumped as they get in the ring.

TF: Lllladies and ggggentlemen, this match is for the Emmmmmpire Proooo Taaaagggg Teeeaammmmm Tiiiiittlllesssss!!!

A large pop is heard from the crowd as Jungle Storm raise their hands.

TF: At a combined weight of five hundred and ten pounds… they are from Curitiba, Brazil… accompanied by Rrrricardoo… “Lllllightniiiiinnngg” SSssiilllvvaaa… they are GGAABRRRIIIELLL CARRRRRVALLLLHO and MAURRRRICIIOOO DOSSSSS SSSSSANTOSSSSS… JJJJJJJJUNGLLLLLLLEE SSSTORRRRRRRMMMMM!!!!!!!!
DT: And the fans are going crazy for Jungle Storm! They really love these guys and their crazy antics. At the exact opposite end of the spectrum is The Anthology, whom the fans loathe.

”Pieces” by Hoobastank blasts over the sound system as the fans begin their onslaught of boos. Larry Tact and Jared Wells are obviously in serious pain as they walk down the ramp. Normally berating the fans, instead these two seem to be talking amongst themselves. They gingerly walk up the ring steps and into their corner. Jungle Storm, meanwhile is jumping all over the place, looking like a couple of shaking cannons ready to explode. They’re coming dangerously close to the tag champions, who even injured are still very dangerous. The champs look focused and coordinated, if also a little weary.

The fans are screaming obscenities and ready to jump on The Anthology tag team champions as Tony Fatora takes the microphone.


At a combined weight of five hundred fourteen pounds… representing both Baltimore, Maryland and Manhattan, New York… they are two of the prominent members of EPW’s ANNNTTHOLLLOGGGYYYY [crowd jeer]… LLLLAAARRRRRYYYYY TACCCCCTTTT AAAANNDDDD JJJJJJJJAARREEEDDDD WWWWWEELLLSSSSSSS!!!!!!

DT: And here it comes from the fans. They’re two of the most hated members of a stable that is loathed in EPW.

MN: Which is total bull. I mean these guys are living the American Dream. They party and win. The Anthology is a bunch of winners reaping the rewards of their success in nightclubs all around this country. What could be better? I wish they’d let me in Anthology.

DM: Good teams always need cheerleaders Mike. You’re part of the team already to some degree. Of course, it involves you standing off to the side and wearing a skirt, but you’re used to that.

MN: Have you always been in the business of destroying dreams Dean?

DT: The bell rings and this one is underway. It looks like Jared Wells will start for Anthology here as he looks to be the least battered of the two from the first bout. Carvalho starts things off for Jungle Storm and the two circle each other. The theatrics begin immediately, as Carvalho grins and waves his arms in the air, looking for Wells to be the first to strike. Instead Wells angles Carvalho into his own corner, where Tact is able to land a swift elbow to the side of Carvalho’s head. Carvalho turns to hit Tact and Wells rolls him up from behind. The ref goes down for the three count.



Flailing his legs around, Carvalho gets one of his toes on the ropes and the referee breaks up the count.

DM: Wow that was CLOSE. Undoubtedly Anthology would’ve picked up a lightning fast win here.

MN: Absolutely brilliant! Only a stroke of luck saved Jungle Storm there. They’re beaten pretty badly, so Tact and Wells seize an immediate opportunity to exploit the lack of experience Jungle Storm has and go for the quick rollup. Man, I love these guys!

DT: Carvalho, for some reason, still won’t hit Wells. He’s tapping his chin, taunting Wells some more. Wells throws a few punches, but still nothing from Carvalho.


DT: And here comes Carvalho. He’s throwing lefts and right like a crazy man.

DM: HAHA! That’s pretty funny. Remember in Rocky 4 when Apollo fought the Russian? He played possum until they yelled from the corner and he went nuts on Creed.

MN: That’s ridiculous. They must’ve had nothing better to watch on the plane from Brazil.

DM: Well things aren’t working out as well for Carvalho here as they did for Ivan Drago.

DT: Carvalho with a few good punches, but Wells reverses one of them into an armbar. Carvalho is having a tough time wiggling out of this one. Finally the referee breaks the hold as he sees Wells using his left leg for leverage.

MN: Damn ref.

DT: Carvalho moves to his corner to tag in Dos Santos. Mauricio nails Wells right away with a running clothesline. He pounces on Wells with a barrage of punches. Tact breaks it up by running in the ring and landing a dropkick to Santos’ head. The ref immediately grabs Larry and pulls him back to his corner of the ring. Wells and Santos are both up. They lock horns, but Wells has a bad shoulder from the fight earlier. Santos executes a snap suplex, followed by a DDT once he gets Wells to his feet.

DM: Jungle Storm is looking impressive here, while you can clearly see that Wells is feeling the effects of his previous encounter with Ryan and Big Dog.

MN: It’s all just a setup, you’ll see.

DT: Santos with a quick pin.



And Wells fights out of it, but the strength it takes leaves him vulnerable to a Sleeper Hold by Santos. Tact wastes no time jumping in to save his teammate. Tact is pulled back to his corner again by the referee. Wells seems like he’s running out of gas from the fight earlier, but fights to get to his feet and tags Tact in immediately. Larry is hobbling but on point as always with a picture-perfect hip throw on Santos. Picking up Santos he lands a flawless Kickswing DDT and Santos seems to be reeling.

DM: Look at Carvalho and Silva trying to fire up the crowd. They might want to pay attention to the match though.

MN: One thing you can say about everyone in The Anthology, don’t give them any breathing room because they’re all wily vets that will capitalize on it.

DM: What was that?

MN: Did you see that?! Tact just signaled Wells for something.

DT: And Tact is pulling Santos to the middle of the ring. He looks to be setting him up for a piledriver. OOHH! He just crumpled on that bad leg while lifting up Santos.

DM: Wells just grabbed one of the tag belts from the announcer’s table.

MN: Looks good! And he’s holding it behind his back. I can’t WAIT to see what he’s going to do with it.

DT: Meanwhile Carvalho didn’t see anything. He’s just now turning back to the match. Tact gets up on one leg and…. He just pulled out BRASS KNUCKS.

DM: Right in front of the referee, who hasn’t missed a thing all match.

DT: Santos is up on his feet now as the ref is trying to pull the knucks away from Larry. He’s watching the whole thing and just standing there. Wells is climbing the turnbuckle…. And nails Santos in the back of the head with the belt!


DM: That looked like it hurt.

DT: Wells rolls through the move and just attacks Carvalho with full force. He knocks Gabe off the apron and slides under the ropes. Tact tosses the brass knucks and pins the fallen Jungle Storm member.

DM: The ref knows he missed something here.

MN: But he can’t do a THING about it! Count damnit!

DT: The referee with the three count…




DT: And there you have it folks. Larry Tact and Jared Wells come away with a big tag title defense, their second of the night.

MN: And in majestic fashion, I might add.

DM: Majestic… unfair… against the rules… same thing right? Jungle Storm looked good and with a few more matches under their belts they’ll have another shot at these two in the near future.

MN: Yeah but for now they’re just SUCKERS!!! Tricked, like so many others, by the collective genius of The Anthology!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Heavyweight Title - Steel Cage - Sean Stevens (c) vs. Marcus Westcott


[Fade in... and the image is of Houston, Texas, at night, some five odd years ago. The voice of commentator Dave Thomas can be heard over the voice-over...]

DT V/O: Welcome one and all to Houston, Texas and Empire Pro Wrestling’s Russian Roulette!!! Months of buildup has led to this night...

[Cut to the opening minute of the event's main event, as a younger Marcus Westcott stands in his corner, proudly bearing the EPW World Title on his shoulder. He looks questionably across the ring... the masked individual known then only as DIS.]

DT V/O: ...where Beast will face off with the mysterious Dis for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship!!

[Cut to within the office of then-owner, Dan Ryan, looking across his desk at Beast.]

DR: I’ll make a promise to you. I won’t be involved tonight. In fact, I won’t be anywhere near the ring or do anything whatsoever to affect the outcome of this match once you leave this room.

[A PANG pierces the soundtrack. Cut forward a few seconds, the footage washed out in black and white... and Beast is on the ground, being brutalized by Boogie Smallz.]

[A quick cut forward, and he is being manhandled in the ring by Dis. Ryan's voice continues...]

DR V/O: You see…CHAMP. This one is for all the marbles.

[Cut to a shot of Beast perched upon the top rope, holding his belt high after a victory...]

DR V/O: I’ve given you every opportunity to be the sort of champion you have the ability to be.

[Cut to a shot of Beast in the ring with his long-time rival, Christian Sands...]

DR V/O: I’ve thrown you a bone in many a situation to try and allow the Beast inside to come out and play.

[Cut to a shot of Beast walking to the ring with a grave and determined expression fixed on his face...]

DR V/O: You wanted to be a big tough guy and go it solo -- so now -- we’ll see how you respond when the pressure is really on -- and once and for all we’ll know if you’ve got what it takes to survive in this business.

[Back to that fateful night in Houston, in the ring with Dis...]

DR V/O: Good luck out there, champ. I’ll be watching you...

[Beast goes for a powerbomb... when unexpectedly, Dis rolls through with a Sunset Flip -- catches the ropes when the referee isn't looking -- and picks up the three count, ending the champion's reign and making professional wrestling history. The chattering of the commentators from the match cues in...]


[Cut to Beast's expression as he sits up and it dawns on him that he has tasted defeat...]


[Cut to the fateful moment where Dis strips the mask off... revealing LINDSAY TROY's face.]


[The image of Marcus "Beast" Westcott's face is one of anguish and defeat as the image fades to black...]

[The confident and smug voice of EPW's World Heavyweight Champion rings out.]

SS V/O: I am Sean "Triple X" Stevens.

[Cut to a shot of "Triple X" Sean Stevens from two years ago. It's one of the few times he's ever been seen without the title, because this precedes that moment in EPW history.]

SS: I am the Greatest Wrestler on the Planet, the "Blue-Eyed Badass", and the undisputed "Champion of Planet Earth". I am a wrestler, I am a fighter, I am a warrior, and the 2007 King of the Cage.

[Cut to the view sweeping over the city of Atlanta, Georgia, circa 2007. The voice of commentator Dave Thomas can be heard on the voice-over.]

DT V/O: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia!! I’m Dave Thomas along with Dean Matthews and Mike Neely and as our esteemed soon to be once again owner just said...

[Cut to an image of then-champion, Joey Melton, going facing his estranged ex-wife, Lindsay Troy, and the recent EPW fireball contender, Sean Stevens.]

DT V/O: ...this is Russian Roulette!!

[Cut to footage from the match, including the numerous interferences by Ice Tre and Joey Melton's twin brother.]

SS V/O: ...and, when the night is done? I'll add one more title to my resume:

[Cut to the final moments of the match, as Stevens nails Melton with the X-Terminator, picks up the three count, and stands victoriously in the ring.]

SS V/O: EPW World Heavyweight Champion.

[Cut back to the intro of the Pay Per View event, as Sean Stevens smugly stands before the camera, predicting future events.]

SS: Deal with it.

[Cut to black.]

[CUE UP: "New World Symphony" by Antonin Dvorak. A second later, the action cuts across the screen in a quick highlight reel recapping the last two years of dominance of "Triple X" Sean Stevens. Of note is his being walked out to the ring on an elaborate throne carried by eight men, kicking the dangling bodies of both Rocko Daymon and Stalker from a third story window, coming down the collapsing side of a cage wall with JA, and, of course, holding up the EPW World Heavyweight Title in glorious victory during the conclusions many of his matches...]

"Dan Ryan called."

[Cut to a shot of "Cocky" Craig Miles sitting in a wheelchair with a brace around his neck...]

CM: He said he would do whatever it takes to square this away as not only a businessman, but an honorable competitor.

[Cut to a shot of Anarky and Beast -- now known as "THE MECCA" Marcus Westcott -- staring at each other in the ring.]

CM V/O: ...you both will fight for the #1 contendership to Shauna Stevens’ EPW World Championship.

[Cut to a shot of Marcus Westcott walking to the ring on the night of Wrestleverse III...]

CM: V/O: In hindsight, Marcus…you COULD have saved me. You COULD have put the grudge aside and stopped some cocaine nosejobbed lunatic from ENDING my career…but you didn’t.

[Cut to the final moments of the match. Both men lie motionless on the mat. Ice Tre pulls Westcott over Anarky. On the stage, Craig Miles, from the confines of his wheelchair, smiles. The three count is made. The contender is determined.]

[Cut to an image of "Triple X" Sean Stevens out for a night on the town, in the finest clothes, escorting a pair of fine young ladies to his cherry-red sportscar. The voice of Marcus Westcott can be heard in the background...]

MW V/O: Sean Stevens? He's not in the EPW driver's seat. He's sitting the back of the limo, enjoying the finer things in life SO much he can't even be bothered to show up.

[Cut to Westcott at his home, during a promo. He continues the statement.]

MW: I'M the guy in the black Hummer that comes along, runs him over, and takes his World Title.

[Cut to Marcus Westcott standing in the middle of the ring at Aggression 46, on the mic...]

MW: I've got a challenge waiting for you, Sean. We all know you like to strut your stuff and tell everyone who'll listen that you're God's gift to professional wrestling, although we all know there's ONE MAN around here you've never been able to beat one on one.

[Cut to the image of the modified EPW steel cage, a black metal hybrid of steel bars and wire mesh, fitted specially to have a roof preventing ANY escape...]

MW V/O: Marcus Westcott vs. Sean Stevens for the EPW World Heavyweight Championship inside a steel cage...

[Cut to EPW World Heavyweight Champion "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the office of Lindsay Troy, feet defiantly propped on her desk.]

SS: I haven't been focused in months. But, I was still good enough to retain my belt, and that's all that matters.

LT: Well, you better get focused really fast, or else Westcott's going to make you the FORMER two-time EPW Champion.

[Stevens scratches his head.]

SS: ...who?

[Cut to a slow motion shot of Marcus Westcott leaving the ring after a hard-fought win later that night. He's met with a POWERFUL X-Factor as soon as he reaches the entry-way, given first hand by the champion.]

SS V/O: I am your champion, I am your leader, and I am your King. Cherish me, honor me, bow down, and worship the ground that I walk on.

[Cut to the following Aggression. A somewhat banged-up Sean Stevens comes down to the ring following yet another big win for Westcott.]

DT V/O: Will we see a preview of Russian Roulette right here?

[Cut to both men GOING AT IT in the ring, with Westcott winning the exchange.]

MW V/O: And when Russian Roulette is over, I will be the one left standing in that cage! I will be the King of the Cage, just like I've been twice before, Sean, and I... WILL... BE...


[As Stevens stands in stunned discourse outside the ring, Marcus Westcott stands tall on the inside, holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title defiantly over his head.


[Flashback to earlier in his career, as he hoists the EPW World Heavyweight Title over his head.]

[Fade to black.]

[When the video feed returns, the commentators sit with enthusiasm at the table.]

DT: Russian Roulette has been a very HISTORIC Pay Per View event in the history of Empire Pro, and we may very well see history being made again tonight!

MN: The odds are heavily in Sean Stevens' favor. BEASTcott has a track record of LOSING at this event...

DM: But if you follow another trend, Neels, you'd see that the title has always CHANGED hands at every Russian Roulette!

DT: Will that trend continue tonight? There's no doubt as to where "Triple X" Sean Stevens' abilities lie. He's defended the belt against consistent challengers. But lately, some have said he's been getting SOFT due to his time at the top.

DM: Cocky, even. Stevens even ADMITTED in the promos leading up to this match that he was half-expecting a loss at this point in his career.

MN: Bah, that's just him being merciful. There's NO WAY "The King of the Cage" is going to let himself lose the belt to the Wrestler Formerly Known As BEAST!

DT: You can see the cage itself being suspended now above the ring...

[The camera angle shifts to the rafters, where the cage hangs, suspended by several pulleys. It gets a good look at the structure from a variety of angles...]

DT: The challenger specifically requested this type of cage constructed for this match! It's like a traditional steel cage, but with the roof implemented as though it had the confines of a cell! But there is NO ESCAPING this cell! With walls reinforced with steel bars and mesh fencing, this is a VERY unforgiving environment!

DM: And both men are going to beat the living TAR out of each other once they're trapped inside there! Again, just to review the rules... the only way to win is by pinfall or submission! There are NO DQs or escapes allowed in this match! The official is there to basically do nothing more than make rope breaks, count pinfalls, or look for taps!

MN: How much are we paying those penguins again...?

[Back to the guys at commentary.]

DT: Well, Westcott has disputed that before Sean Stevens laid his claim to the sacred cage, HE was the man known for being dominant within the steel cell! Tonight, the TRUE King of the Cage will stand triumphant at the end of the battle!

DM: And with Tony Fatora standing in the ring, I'd say it's about time we got down to that battle!

[The camera zooms in on Tony, smiling proudly with the mic in hand as he stands in the center of the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to the MAIN EVENT of RUSSIAN ROULETTE 2009!!

[The house lights cut to black, and the fans SQUEAL!! White light washes over the arena as the EmpireTron fades to the image of a snowstorm blowing across the Canadian tundra. For a few moments, nothing but the sound of blowing wind can be heard...]

[CUE UP: "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva. As the introductory guitar riffs play, the audience POPS EXCITEDLY!! Through the blowing gale of snow, we see the form of something seemingly INHUMAN... indecipherable between a winter wolf or a polar bear... but all BEAST.]
"Ladies and gentlemen please
"Would you bring your attention to me
"For a feast for your eyes to see
"An explosion catastrophe!

[The silhouette draws nearer... and the form becomes the MASSIVE FRAME of a man! Emerging through the snow is the fierce gaze of "THE MECCA" MARCUS WESTCOTT as his name scrolls past his image.]

"Like nothing you've ever seen before
"Watch closely as I open this door
"Your jaws will be on the floor
"After this you'll be begging for more!"

[Spotlights transfix upon the entry-way as the curtain tears aside and MARCUS WESTCOTT steps out onto the stage to a BOOMING pop from the fans! He stands there on the ramp for a few moments, letting the audience soak in his entrance, looking good in his black leather tights. All the while he quivers with ferocity as his gaze pans from one end of the arena to the next.]

"Welcome to the show...
"Please come inside!
"Ladies and Gentlemen!"

[As the song reaches its chorus, Westcott pumps both fists in cue with a blast of pyros shooting off both sides of the stage.]








[The crowd POPS WILDLY as Westcott makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans leaning eagerly over the guardrail.]

DT: The former World Heavyweight Champion and Empire Pro Legend MARCUS WESTCOTT looks better than ever here tonight!

MN: Which isn't saying much. How exactly did he qualify for a TITLE SHOT again?

DM: He beat Anarky to earn the spot in tonight's main event when Craig Miles threatened to sue our federation on some bogus liability charges. Of course, that victory was heavily credited toward Ice Tre... presumably working under the direction of Miles.

MN: ...so what you're saying is, I have "COCKY" CRAIG MILES to thank for this GOD-AWFUL CHALLENGER to the greatness that is our World Heavyweight Champion? It's like he sent Westcott here to SABOTAGE this Pay Per View event with his black-hole of charisma and bacony Canadian stink!

DT: Listen Mike... regardless of HOW Marcus Westcott came to be here tonight, he is the next man in line for the champion to PROVE HIS WORTH as the icon of this federation!

DM: Westcott is no stranger to being the World Heavyweight Champion, nor is he any stranger to the cage! He may not be walking into the ring tonight with the belt, but there are THOUSANDS of fans across the globe that felt he never lost step as the centerpiece of EPW!

DT: Westcott is looking at this match as his prime opportunity to regain his former glory at the top of the EPW mountain! Could we be on the verge of seeing a SECOND era of Westcott??

MN: By Lord Odin's Raven, Dave, don't dare SPEAK such heresy in my presence! And never again remind me of the DARK AGES of this federation...

[As Westcott comes to the bottom of the ramp, his gaze becomes transfixed on the cage hanging high from the rafters. With a confident smile on his face, he rises to the apron, perches himself upon the turnubuckle, pumps up the fans, and drops to the canvas. As he's stretching against the ropes, his music fades out...]

[...and the lights suddenly cut to black...]

[On the EmpireTron, the silhouette of a man emerges from shadows... and the voice of a gladiator rings out...]


[The figure steps forward... and a younger "Triple X" Sean Stevens steps out of the entry-way during his first World Heavyweight Title match at Wrestleverse II.]

[Following this, we get a slow-motion montage of all of Sean Stevens' exploits in his mere three years at the pinnacle of professional wrestling entertainment. He lands an X-Factor on The First. He nails the X-Terminator on JA. He cleans out Rocko Daymon with a Five-Star Frogsplash.]


[At the end of the montage, he stands triumphant at the end of Wrestleverse III, holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title over his head.]


[One final image shows Sean Stevens seated mightily upon a throne, bearing a decorated crown, the World Heavyweight Title, and sitting within the confines of a cage.]


[The EmpireTron goes black and spotlights illuminate the stage. All eyes transfix on the entry-way as the song continues building...]

"Time to ride, n*****!"


[A CTHONIC DISPLAY of PYROTECHNICS SHAKES the arena as EXPLOSIONS light up the stage! The audience is SWAYED with shock and awe as a livid inferno takes up the entire entry-way! Then, to add to everyone's amazement... the entire STAGE begins to SPLIT APART!]

DT: What the hell...?

[Hydraulic lifts cause both sides of the stage to simply slide away off-stage, revealing the entirety of the black curtain cutting off the backstage area, and the rampway meanwhile slides down flat along the concrete floor. Emerging through the black first is a GRILL and SET OF HEADLIGHTS... and everyone watches in STUNNED ASTONISHMENT as a pearl white STRETCH LIMOSUINE pulls into the arena!!]

DM: You gotta be KIDDING ME!!

DT: Never in ALL MY YEARS have I -- oh, would you LOOK AT THAT!!

[The curtains are drawn aside the end part of the vehicle emerges from between the two flaming halves of the stage. The roof has been cut away to make room for a wire-framed dais made of gold, bearing half a dozen bikini-clad supermodels and one marble throne. Upon the seat sits Empire Pro's own "King of the Cage", "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS, elaborate crown held over his long golden locks, World Heavyweight Title proudly displayed on the shoulder, and a custom set of regal Ray Bans that reflect the SUPERNOVA of flash photography now occurring in the arena. As "King Back" by T.I. continues to blare through the PA, the procession upon the limousine slowly makes its way toward the ring.]

[Overhead, pyrotechnics cause fire to rain from the heavens, heralding the arrival of the EPW World Heavyweight Champion.]


MN: OH YEAH, the KING IS BACK, baby! Talk about an ENTRANCE!

DT: I am just SHOCKED beyond WORDS right now! What a FLAGRANT display of ego on the part of the champion!

DM: You may be right, Dave... but the fans seem to be eating it up!

[As the limousine stops at the foot of the ring, Stevens boldly rises from his throne, standing for several moments and staring directly at his opponent in the ring while the audience cheers WILDLY all around them! Then, with his entourage of beautiful women in tow, he traverses the top of the vehicle. A pair of ladies hold open the ropes for the champion as he steps inside, his sunglasses never leaving sight of the other man standing in the ring.]

DT: The champion has arrived in style... but Marcus Westcott doesn't look the least bit intimidated!

MN: Audacious peon!

[The champion's female servants tend to his fur-lined cape, crown, and shades and make their exit from the ring. All that is left is the champion in his ring gear, neon blue long tights with black "XXX" motifs on the legs and rear, the World Heavyweight Title, and a brand new 100% cotton "Hail to the KING, Baby!" t-****. As he stares for several moments into the yes of the challenger, a smirk crosses his face. He looks skyward, points to the cage, and motions for it to be brought down.]

[As if swayed by his command, it begins to descend. The fans POP WILDLY!!]

DM: Here it COMES!!

[As it lowers, Stevens hands the belt to senior official Pat Jones as Tony Fatora gets on the mic again.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... this contest is an ENCLOSED STEEL CAGE MATCH for the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TILE!! The winner of this match will be the first man to successfully perform a pinfall, submission, or knock-out!!

[He motions to Westcott.]

TF: Introducing now the competitors in tonight's World Heavyweight Title match! First... THE CHALLENGER... hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada... he weighs in at 285 pounds, and is the FORMER Empire Pro World Heavyweight Champion... "The ALPHA MALE"... "The APEX PREDATOR"...


Crowd: *POP!!*

[Westcott pumps his fists HIGH into the air as the fans cheer him on! Meanwhile, the steel cage comes into place over the ring. The crew gets to work on fastening it down and making sure it's securely bolted to the ring. Meanwhile, Fatora directs our attention to the champion...]

TF: And his opponent... from Orlando, Florida... weighing in at 243 pounds... he is the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...



[The champion draws a TREMENDOUS, if mixed, reaction from the capacity crowd, and gives them a final opportunity at flash photography as he removes his t-shirt and hands it over to the timekeeper waiting nearby.]

TF: The governing official for this match... Empire Pro Senior Official, Pat Jones!

[Fatora turns off his mic and exits the cage through the single open door. Pat Jones raises the EPW World Heavyweight Title to all four sides of the arena, proudly displaying the stakes of the match to the fans, before handing it over to the timekeeper, who also exits. When it's down to Stevens, Westcott, and the referee alone in the cage, the remaining officials on the outside close the door and seal it with heavy cross-bolts. Jones tests its durability from the inside by kicking it several times. The cage hardly shakes, ensuring that it's properly reinforced.]

DT: We've waited a long time for this match-up, and now it's finally come! Who will be triumphant in the steel cage? EPW's OLD champion or their NEW one?

[Jones checks with Westcott, then the champion, checking both for foreign objects and ensuring everything is squared away.]

DM: Senior official Pat Jones gives the signal to the timekeeper...



DT: Here we go! The challenger steps out of his corner... the champion strides out of his... and both men begin circling in the middle of the cage, looking absolutely PUMPED and ready to go to war!

DM: And would you just look at the champion, SEAN STEVENS! He's STILL talking trash, right to Westcott's face!

MN: No doubt reminding ol' FURBALL of just how LUCKY he is to be in the main event of an Empire Pro Pay Per View once again!

DT: A sneer spreads across the face of the former champion... and both men just COLLIDE into the opening lock-up, and THERE THEY GO!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Stevens and Westcott are simply WRANGLING each other all over that canvas as both men vie for the upper hand! Marcus might have a slight edge in strength with that MASSIVE BUILD of his, but the champion Sean Stevens is implementing some IMPRESSIVE legwork, and he isn't giving the challenger an INCH!!

DT: Westcott with a SNARL as he just SHOVES the champion into the corner! I have no doubt we'd be seeing a bit of the old BEAST come out in that cage!

MN: Hopefully, we'll see some of that old STUPIDITY of his too!

DM: The cunning champion, Sean Stevens, massaging that chiseled chin of his with a smirk as he weighs in on the steaming challenger, Marcus Westcott... and without warning, he POPS FORWARD for ANOTHER lock-up!

MN: Alright, tough guy, let's try that again!

DT: Both of these men are nothing short of FEROCIOUS as they tear into each other with the collar-and-elbow tie-up! Westcott, trying to use that POWER advantage of his once again... but wait, Stevens SIDESTEPS, and quickly catches the challenger with a WRISTLOCK!

DM: Quick thinking on the part of the champ, as he now wrenches the shoulder of Marcus Westcott... but Westcott, not missing a beat, is just as quick to make the REVERSAL!

MN: Damn Canadian technical background!

DT: Westcott's long boasted a perfect balance of strength and wrestling finesse! He wrenches the arm of the champion... but now Stevens, using that SPRY AGILITY of his, FLIPS OUT OF IT, and REVERSES with a SHARP TWIST! The champion threw the challenger over onto his BACK with that one as he kept his hold on Marcus Westcott's wrist!

DM: Stevens quickly transitions to an armbar, and he's got a good GRIP! But Westcott catches him by the left ankle -- and THERE'S THE TRIP!! Stevens hits the mat, but still works that hold on the right arm of the challenger!

DT: Westcott may not have broken free by that trip attempt, but he nevertheless has the leverage on his side! Marcus Westcott, BACK ON HIS FEET -- and the champion SLIPS AWAY before Westcott could make a potentially damaging reversal!

DM: Smart thinking on the part of the champ.

MN: I'd call it BRILLIANT thinking! Sean Stevens is fully INCAPABLE of shooting himself in the foot! That's more than can be said about SOME people in Empire Pro...

DM: Stevens back to his feet, but Westcott PRESSES FORWARD and slaps the champion into a side headlock! Probably not such a good idea...

MN: Oh man, he walked right into that, hook, line, and stinker!

DM: That's "sinker", Mike... now here's Stevens, bracing his heels and reversing with the BACK SUPLEX --

DT: BUT WESTCOTT ROLLED THROUGH and landed on his FEET! Maybe it was STEVENS who walked into the trap!

MN: Ah, baloney! He just threw that Canuck a little too far. They're lighter over there, north of the border, you know...

DM: Westcott going for the hook from behind, and Stevens can't react in time... and he NAILS THE CHAMP WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: OH MAN, that just put the crowd ON THEIR FEET!!

DM: The champion springs right back to his feet but runs straight into a ROARING POWERSLAM FROM MARCUS WESTCOTT!! GOOD GOD, LOOK AT THAT EXPLOSIVE POWER!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: A TREMENDOUS combination of maneuvers on the part of the challenger, and he immediately hooks the leg for the pin! First attempt in this WORLD TITLE MATCH!


DM: And the World Heavyweight Champ makes a QUICK kickout!

DT: Oh man, I was SURE he was knocked out there for a moment!

MN: Christ, Dave, what program have YOU been watching for the past year? Since when does SEAN FRIGGIN' STEVENS go down within a matter of MINUTES!

DM: No quick win there, but Westcott is nevertheless focused on WINNING!

DT: Westcott, undeterred, rises back to his feet... but here comes Stevens up with him! Stevens with a HARD CHOP TO THE CHEST, knocks "The Mecca" off balance!


Crowd: "WHOOO!!"


Crowd: "WHOOO!!"

MN: Some good ol' fashioned NAITCHA BOIIEEE knife-edge chops, turning that hairy barrel chest of Marcus Westcott's into a nice, rich Canadian bacon pink!

DM: Stop creeping me out, Neels...

DT: Westcott being backed up into the corner now, and Stevens wastes no time going RIGHT INTO HIS MIDSECTION with a series of HARD kicks! Westcott... dropping to the MAT NOW!! Stevens continues STOPPING, not relenting for ANYTHING! He's KICKING A HOLE through the chest of the challenger, Marcus Westcott!

DM: Remember now, it's NO HOLDS BARRED in that sealed cage! Sean Stevens could go ALL NIGHT kicking Marcus Westcott while he's down, because Pat Jones' only job in there is to look for the pin or submission!

MN: Wouldn't be such a bad main event, huh? Just thirty solid minutes of Sean Stevens kicking Marcus Westcott while he's down. By Lord Odin's Raven, just THINKING about it...

DM: Damnit, Neels, I said STOP CREEPING ME OUT.

DT: Westcott is reeling in pain... and now Stevens gains the opportunity to set the right leg onto the bottom rope, and he begins MERCILESSLY STOMPING AWAY at the ankle!

MN: That's right... FOCUS FIRE! You know, the best way a hunter tracks down a BEAST in the wild is by maiming its mobility, and slowing it down!

DM: That could be the strategy sought by Sean Stevens... and now the champion, opting for that right leg and dragging Marcus Westcott to the center of the ring! Stevens... looking for the FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK on the CHALLENGER --

DT: But Westcott BOOTS him off! He's FIGHTING BACK! Marcus Westcott, rolling over onto his feet... but here comes Stevens with a FLYING FOREARM -- BUT WESTCOTT DUCKS!!



MN: What a CROCK!!

DM: Stevens is scrambling to his feet... but Westcott slips behind him! Westcott taking Stevens by the HAIR and the TIGHTS... running him to the ropes -- AND HE THROWS HIM RIGHT INTO --


Crowd: "OOOOOoooohhh..."


MN: Damnit... only the KING busts the steel cage's cherry!

DM: Stevens is BLEARY-EYED as he drops to the mat... and Westcott is on him IMMEDIATELY, pulling him back to his feet! There's the challenger, with a HARD WHIP on Stevens...



DT: And Westcott doesn't even stop MOVING, just now bouncing off the ROPES -- and nearly DECAPITATES STEVENS with a HUUUGE CLOTHESLINE!!

DM: The challenger is REALLY taking it to Stevens now! He's using the environment to his advantage, and it's putting a toll on the body of the champ! I dare say, he's making a FOOL of the KING in his own damn COURT!

MN: That's BLASPHEMY, Dean... and if the KING heard you say that, you'd be FIRST IN LINE to the guillotine!

DT: Stevens is DAZED ON THE MAT, and here goes Marcus Westcott, hooking BOTH legs for the cover!


Two -- NO! Almost a two count, but Stevens powers out as soon as he can!

DM: Stevens might have taken a beating from that last series of moves, but he's doing a tremendous job of staying alert! As soon as he finds himself in a pin situation, he kicks out without hesitation!

MN: Well hey, Stevens has GREAT conditioning, and it's still early in this match. He might have taken a couple of hard bumps into that cage, but he's HARDLY as banged up as you think he is!

DT: The challenger, nevertheless aggressive, flips Stevens over and scrambles around to slap on a front face-lock! Westcott is SQUEEZING THE LIFE out of the champion with that lower forearm!

MN: Hey, come on, that's a BLATANT CHOKE!

DM: There's nothing the ref can do about it, Neels! But maybe there's something STEVENS can do to help himself! Stevens sets his feet in place... AND COUNTERS WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!

DT: And he BRIDGES for the PIN!


Two! And a quick kickout from Marcus Westcott!

MN: Westcott got LUCKY there...

DT: Both men back to their feet... and here's Marcus, looking for a TAKEDOWN -- but Stevens SPRAWLS on top of him! Westcott, now, trying to bull him into the corner, but Stevens is using that fancy legwork of his to keep the fury of the BEAST at bay!

DM: Great show of agility and footwork on the part of the champion, and that's doing wonders in defending himself against the strength and tenacity of Marcus Westcott!

DT: Westcott's strength, finally gaining some direction, and now Stevens is being backed into the corner... no wait, he hops to the SECOND ROPE -- COUNTERS with a SUNSET FLIP!!



NO!! The champion almost sneaked away with it right there!

MN: There was NOTHING sneaky about that! He ropes Westcott right into that, and it was BEASTcott's dumb luck that got him out of that!

DM: Westcott kicked out, but... the champion kept control of the LEGS!

DT: Oh no, Westcott could be in a REAL predicament here! Stevens is trying to wrangle him closer to the center of the ring! He's going for the FIGURE FOUR again... and this time, he HAS IT!!

MN: Oh YEAH, Sean! Bust that leg in HALF!

DM: Stevens has the famed submission hold locked in place, and Westcott is in EXCRUCIATING pain! We've seen World Titles change hands MANY TIMES in the sport of professional wrestling to this very move!

DT: It's still rather early in this match... and as the camera zooms in on the face of Marcus Westcott through that wire mesh, we can see him GRITTING HIS TEETH to fight off that pain!

DM: The challenger IS a veteran! He's been in this position before, and he knows just how to react! First thing to remember: DON'T PANIC! As long as Westcott ignores that pain, he can take the time to think of a way out!

MN: He isn't thinking ANYTHING right now, Dean! No doubt, the only image going through his mind is that BONE just SNAPPING like a twig! Stevens has that BEAUTIFUL Figure Four locked in tight! Makes me think of the good ol' days when Joey Melton was in his prime!

DT: Westcott, keeping his shoulders off the mat... trying to FAN BACK now and scoot his way to the ropes! Stevens is trying to keep him pinned down, but he can't COMPETE with that HUGE upper torso mass of "The Mecca"!

DM: Westcott's inching CLOSER and CLOSER... and Stevens KNOWS he's going to lose this! Westcott's only a few INCHES away... and he LUNGES for the bottom rope --



DM: And Stevens PULLS HIM BACK to the center of the ring! He went all out there, but Stevens yanked him BACK the moment he lost his positioning on the mat! Marcus Westcott is RIGHT BACK where he started, trapped in a figure four as Sean Stevens MERCILESSLY rends away at that lower leg!

DT: Senior official Pat Jones asking Westcott if he'll tap, but Marcus SHAKES HIS HEAD! He's come TOO FAR to give in now!


DT: This capacity crowd is getting behind the challenger now... and Westcott's FIGHTING the pain!

MN: NO!! GIVE IN, Marcus! EMBRACE the sweet ripe bosom of defeat!

DM: Westcott's TENSING THE MUSCLES in his leg... and now he's TRYING TO TURN HIMSELF OVER!! He could REVERSE this submission hold right here if he successfully flips himself over with his legs tangled in the Figure Four!


Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: Sean Stevens is LOUDLY GROANING in PAIN, and he FINALLY RELEASES his hold on the legs of the challenger, "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott!

DM: The champion is quick to roll up off the mat... but Westcott's a bit slower to get up! I don't blame him, after taking that kind of punishment to his leg!

MN: Oh, believe me... the punishment hasn't even BEGUN yet!

DT: Stevens advancing, and Westcott isn't even on his feet... he tries to boot the champion away, but Sean grabs him by both boots, and now he's trying to DRAG HIM back out to the center of the ring!

DM: And Westcott says... HELL NO!! BIG SHOVE with both feet, and Stevens FLOPS over to his back! Westcott, using the ropes to get up -- but Stevens SPRINGS RIGHT BACK ONTO HIS FEET!

Crowd: "WHOAAAH!"


DT: Westcott back up -- GETS HIT with a BOOT to the gut -- OH NO!! PUT RIGHT DOWN with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER from the champion!

DM: That leaves Westcott stunned on the mat! The champ REALLY connected the back of the head over his shoulder!

MN: The kind of precision you see only in the BEST...

DT: Stevens back to his feet now... getting a little PAYBACK as he stomps away at the face and chest of Marcus Westcott like he were a DOG!

MN: Well, he IS mangy...

DM: Here goes Stevens into the ropes... NAILS the jumping elbow drop right across the sternum of Marcus Westcott!

DT: And he hooks BOTH LEGS going for the COVER!



Westcott POWERS out! Not gonna get him with THAT one!

MN: Well, the ref took a second to get there...

DM: Stevens doesn't break stride, getting back to his feet and bringing the dazed Marcus Westcott up with him. There's the KNEE STRIKE to the gut to double the challenger over...

DT: The champion, with a standing head scissor on Westcott! Plants his feet and lands a SNAP POWERBOMB -- AND TRANSITIONS RIGHT INTO A JACKNIFE PIN!!



NO!! Westcott AGAIN shoves the champion off with that powerful strength, and shows that it's going to take a lot more than that to keep him down!

DM: I think the champion still has a bit more up his sleeve, though! He's got Marcus Westcott up again already, and the challenger can hardly catch his BREATH at this point!

DT: Stevens has Westcott by the NAPE!!


Crowd: OOOOoooohh...



DT: Westcott reeling on his feet, holding his face... and here comes Stevens from behind with THE ROLL-UP!!



NO!! ANOTHER strong kickout made by the challenger! He STILL survives!

MN: He can linger in there for as long as he wants, cause right now, I couldn't be any HAPPIER watching the champion work his magic!

DM: What's important to note is that while Westcott is kicking out of every pin attempt, Stevens controlled his lower body with EVERY one, forcing him to USE UP a lot of that important energy in his back and legs! The champion NEEDS to impair his opponent any way he can if he hopes to successfully keep the BEAST at bay!

MN: And that's from our EXPERT on pro wrestling, Dave!

DT: "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott came into this match with all the fire, strength, and passion one would need to topple the mighty "Triple X" Sean Stevens... but right now, it looks like Stevens is counter-acting that tenacity with a good deal of strategic wrestling, setting the pace of this match into one that favors Empire Pro's own "King of the Cage!"

DM: With every kick out, you're seeing more and more emotion build up in the face of Marcus Westcott, and this crowd is SERIOUSLY starting to get behind him now! He's getting the drive to fight on, but STILL, Sean Stevens has control of him! The champ, with the BUTTERFLY LOCK... going for the DOUBLE-UNDERHOOK SUPLEX --

DT: But Westcott SANDBAGS IT! Westcott, makes the REVERSAL with the ARMS STILL LOCKED... and he ends up ON TOP OF THE CHAMPION as his SHOULDERS HIT THE MAT!!




DM: AMAZING show of dexterity, strength, and prowess on the part of Stevens as he PRESSES HIMSELF off the mat with his ARMS LOCKED and MARCUS WESTCOTT right on top!

MN: He sure knows how to put on a show, huh?

DT: A bit TOO showy, if you ask me... but now it's a challenge of STRENGTH as Westcott POWERS over and twists Sean Stevens back into position! Now it's STEVENS trapped in the butterfly lock, and Westcott... GOES FOR THE DOUBLE-UNDERHOOK SUPLEX!!


MN: Bah... talk about ruining a great moment.

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Tell that to these FANS, Mike!

MN: Dave, we're in ST. LOUIS!! These people know NOTHING about good athletes! I mean, they look up to the friggin' Rams! The RAMS, Dave!!

DM: Well, we're watching a whole different ball game here right now in that sealed steel cage! Marcus Westcott takes a second to shake off the beating given to him earlier by the champion... but here comes Stevens back to his feet in the meantime! The champion, runs off the ropes...

DT: ...and here's WESTCOTT with a RAGING CLOTHESLINE out of NOWHERE -- OH MAN!! Stevens BARELY ducked it!

MN: Fashionably late...

DM: Stevens on the rebound now... wait, NO!! DROPPED RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER BY "THE MECCA"!! Marcus Westcott JUMPS to his feet and he's ROARING at the crowd, and they're ROARING back!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Like a disobedient mutt, yapping away in his cage...

DT: You better watch what you say, Mike, because if Marcus Westcott keeps up THIS pace, you could be seeing a new CHAMPION before this night is through!

MN: Dave, PLEASE... regardless of whether or not Marcus BEASTcott walks out of that cage the winner or not, "Triple X" Sean Stevens IS and WILL ALWAYS BE this federation's one, true champion!

DM: That champion is right lying dazed on his back... and the challenger wastes no time going for the mount over the chest, and Marcus Westcott FEROCIOUSLY blasts into the face of Sean Stevens with a BARRAGE of fists!!

DT: There's NOWHERE for Stevens to go, and he is being literally POUNDED in the middle of the ring!

MN: Not so fast!

DM: Wait a sec... Stevens uses his legs to hook Wesctott's ARMS --

DT: Right into the ROLL UP!!



Westcott KICKS OUT!! He wasn't gonna be fooled by that one!

MN: DAMN... I thought he had it!

DM: Stevens controls the legs, and Westcott can't get up! Wait... another submission attempt!

DT: Oh no, Stevens is looking for a BOSTON CRAB! Westcott trying to FIGHT IT, but the champion's already got the leg over!

MN: Just when you think you've gotten away... he REELS you right back in!

DM: Does he got him? ...I think HE DOES!! Yes, WESTCOTT GOES OVER, and if you ask me, given that elevated hyper-extension, it looks as though Stevens has a LIONTAMER -- or rather, THE WALLS OF JERICHOHOLIC -- applied instead of a standard crab!

MN: Man, haven't seen Stevens whip this one out in FOREVER! Look at Westcott try to SQUIRM FREE!

DT: The challenger, finding himself in another submission predicament, and this time, he isn't ANYWHERE near the ropes! But he is INDEED fighting this elevated crab hold!

DM: If anything, the struggle will negate the pain he's feeling...

MN: Weren't you the one that said the first thing to remember when you're in a submission hold is "Don't panic"?

DM: Look, there's a difference between "panic" and "react"... and if you measure the reaction of Marcus Westcott right now, you'd see what's going through his head.

MN: Besides "Ouch, ouch, my spine"?

DT: Westcott, pressing down on the mat... I think he's trying to POWER OUT!!

DM: Can he make it?!

MN: Pff... NO!

DT: Westcott DIGGING DEEP... and it looks like Stevens is having a HARD TIME managing that grip!


DM: He's using a TREMENDOUS amount of that lower body strength now, but he really doesn't have a choice! It's sink or swim!

MN: And how well you think he's gonna swim with a broken back?

DT: Stevens STRAINING, but Westcott...


Crowd: *POP!!*

WESTCOTT BREAKS FREE!! Oh man, Stevens is sent SPRAWLING to the canvas as the challenger HEROICALLY breaks out of the Walls of Jerichoholic!

DM: Man, I ALMOST didn't think he had enough left in him!

MN: Well, he might have MAGICALLY busted out of that... but if he did have that much left in him to get there, then I can guarantee he doesn't have any more! Look at him! He can barely GET UP!

DT: Westcott visibly SLOW as he rises, and with the help of the ropes... and the champion nimbly gets back to his feet, and advances again!

DM: The challenger needs to recover, but there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in the steel cage!

MN: And that's something we can ALL be thankful for!

DT: Stevens back on his feet, and Westcott is too hurt to get to his own... the World Heavyweight Champion, now, STOMPING Marcus Westcott while he's down!

DM: Westcott's in a real predicament now! He's flat on his back, hurt beyond all belief, and now -- OH WAIT, HE CAUGHT STEVENS BY THE LEG!! Westcott TRIPS STEVENS TO THE MAT!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: What the HELL?!

DT: Stevens is too SURPRISED to even REACT! Westcott slaps on a SIDE LEGSCISSOR!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: HA!! Looks like the challenger's willing to play the submission approach as well!

MN: What is this bumbling idiot DOING?! He's RIGHT NEXT to the ropes!

DT: Stevens takes ahold of the bottom rope, but Westcott's a bit reluctant to break that hold right away!

DM: Pat Jones giving him the warning count now... one... two... three... and he releases!

MN: Just what was the point of THAT?!

DM: He slowed Stevens just a bit, and at the same time gave himself an opportunity to catch his breath! Look now... Westcott, using the ropes, quickly PULLING himself to his feet, and Stevens rises to a limp! Stevens looking HOT!!

DT: Emotions are running high, and the champion has nearly SNAPPED at this point! He POUNCES upon Marcus Westcott -- WESTCOTT REVERSES WITH THE BACK BODY DROP --


Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: OH GOD, OVER THE ROPES AND RIGHT INTO THE STEEL CAGE!! The World Heavyweight Champ just landed in a HEAP between the ropes and the cage wall!

MN: Of ALL the DUMB LUCK...!!

DM: What a REMARKABLE TURNAROUND made by the champion! It looked like he was quickly LOSING it there for a few minutes, but in just a single EXPLOSIVE act, tears right back into this competitive match!

DT: Stevens is using the cage wall and the ropes to get back to standing, but he's caught in a fairly narrow space! And Westcott's WAITING FOR HIM!

MN: Oh no... LOOK OUT, SEAN!!

DM: Westcott CHARGING FORWARD along the ropes -- OH!! Stevens BARELY ducked the short-arm lariat attempt by the challenger! Westcott turning around now -- but here's THE CHAMPION, grabbing that cage wall and LIFTING OFF -- no, SPRING-BOARDING OFF THE ROPES -- RIGHT INTO A MOONSAULT!!


Crowd; *POP!!*

MN: Man, that would have been SO MUCH MORE entertaining if Sean had landed that simply AMAZING move!

DT: Flashy though it was, Stevens is about to PAY for his mistake as he hangs struggling over the massive shoulder of Marcus Westcott! And now the challenger is looking for some DISTANCE!!

MN: Come on, PUT HIM DOWN!



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: MY GOD, what a VIOLENT ROCKET LAUNCHER into the CAGE WALL!! Marcus Westcott is just MANHANDLING the champion in that ring!

DM: And using that unforgiving environment to his advantage! Westcott seems intent on proving that Sean Stevens isn't the ONLY cage aficionado in Empire Pro.

MN: How DARE he try and upstage the KING!

DT: Westcott drags the limp body of Stevens back through the ropes... and he goes for the COVER! THIS COULD BE IT!!



NO!! Stevens made the kickout!

DM: I was almost worried the champ blacked out there for a moment! It looked as though he went HEAD FIRST into that steel wall, and could have potentially suffered a concussion!

MN: All in a day's work for being the VERY BEST in this industry. It might have LOOKED like he was in danger, but I assure you, he was WELL protected. Sean Stevens knows how to create DRAMA...

DT: Here's Westcott, stripping the champion off the mat... slaps on what looks like an inverted hammerlock -- AND LIFTS HIM OFF HIS FEET with a BEARHUG!! Wow, if that's an act job, then Sean Stevens deserves the OSCAR, as his face contorts in pain under the strain of that innovated submission hold!

DM: Westcott hasn't forgotten his own submission game, and you seem him there mixing a bit of his technical background with his brute strength advantage! He controls the champion's dominant arm, and at the same time, literally SQUEEZES the life out of him as Sean Stevens is trapped in those big Canadian pythons!

MN: I'm telling you... he's selling it perfectly right now.

DM: You HOPE he is, anyway!

DT: Stevens is refusing to tap... but I think Westcott's got something ELSE in mind now! He's leading the champ over to the corner... and RAMS HIM IN THERE BACK-FIRST!!

DT: The champion appears to be favoring that shoulder as he tries to climb back through the ropes... and already, Westcott is upon him, bringing him through the rest of the way! There's the BIG FOREARM across the back of the neck to leave the World Heavyweight Champ stunned on his feet!

DM: Westcott's gonna look to follow through here... and HE DOES!! Lifting the champ up with A POWEBOMB -- OH WAIT!! Stevens is STUCK in mid-air!

MN: He caught the TOP OF THE CAGE!! HA!! THERE'S using your environment to your advantage!

DT: Marcus Westcott is trying to tear Stevens down, but the champion has a DEATH GRIP on that steel mesh lid! The challenger can't bring him down and complete the powerbomb!

DM: Wait a second... Stevens tensing his LEGS, and I think he's got a hold of WESTCOTT'S HEAD!!

MN: You're damn RIGHT, he does! "Triple X" Sean Stevens has a hold of EVERYBODY'S HEAD!







NO!! Almost...

MN: Oh, that was BARELY two and a half, Dave...

DM: Westcott's You can see the strain on his face, though! Stevens is forcing him to use those legs on every kickout, and eventually, that's going to take a toll on the power game of the challenger.

MN: It's like there's a ticking time-bomb in his lower back!

DT: Westcott feeling the burn, but up to this point, he's fought his way through every challenge and remained strong! Now, he DOMINATES this match, and no matter what the champion tries in order to regain the momentum, Westcott's kept at least one step ahead of him!

MN: Time to play catch-up...

DM: Here's Stevens back on his feet, and he meets Westcott... going for a BOOT TO THE -- OH NO, it was CAUGHT by Marcus Westcott! Look for the ENZIGURI here -- NO!! Westcott SPINS HIM AROUND before he can react... slaps on the Full-Nelson -- AND FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX --



DT: OH GOD, THE CARNAGE!! FULL-NELSON SUPLEX by WESTCOTT into the STEEL CAGE!! The champion SEAN STEVENS is nothing short of a TANGLED MESS between the ropes and the cage wall!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: What a BRUTAL DISPLAY of RAW POWER!! Westcott, not wasting ANY TIME, catches the champ by the leg, and I think he's going for the cover! I don't think Stevens is coming back from THAT...

MN: Come on, Sean!

DT: Marcus Westcott HOOKING THE LEGS...




MN: HA HA!! I KNEW it!

DM: Only temporary disappointment on the face of Marcus Wescott now, as he bring Stevens back to his feet... but wait, here comes WESTCOTT -- OH NO, Stevens YANKS HIM BY THE TIGHTS --



DT: OH MAN!! A DESPERATE COUNTER by the champion might cut this dominant offense of the challenger short!

MN: Nothing desperate about that move, Dave! Marcus Westcott was stupid enough to defiantly walk right up to the KING of the CAGE without protecting himself, and he paid the price for it!

DM: Westcott, shaking his head, trying to get himself back into it... but Stevens has him BY THE LEGS, and he's dragging him back to the center of the ring!


MN: Yes, YES!!

DT: What's he going for here?!

DM: Westcott, still too stunned to fight back... and Stevens crosses his legs over, looking for A CLOVERLEAF!! And he LOCKS IT IN!!

DT: Oh man, and WHAT a Cloverleaf it is! That extension, and the leg over the back of the head... "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott is in a SERIOUS amount of pain now! And if you ask me, that doesn't look like any REGULAR Cloverleaf!

MN: No sir, that is the TACOMA CLOVERLEAF, courtesy of Rocko Daymon! And given the number Sean's done on Furball's lower end through this entire match, I don't think it will be long before he taps!

DM: I seem to be noticing a pattern here! Right now, Stevens is going for the favored submission hold of his old rival, Rocko Daymon! And earlier in this match, he tried both the figure four leglock and the Liontamer!

DT: The finishers of Joey Melton and Jerichoholic Anonymous respectively! I think you're RIGHT, Dean! "Triple X" Sean Stevens is dishing out the finishers of former Empire Pro World Heavyweight Champions!

MN: More specifically... the champions that SEAN STEVENS has PERSONALLY OVERCOME! You can expect after BEASTcott finally gives in to THIS one, he can tack on the JUDAS CRADLE to his repertoire!

DT: I don't know if I should call this strategy smart thinking or flagrantly audacious... but however you look at it, it's doing a number on Marcus Westcott, as he now struggles against the TWISTING PAIN deep in his lower back and legs!

DM: At the same time, it gives the champion a moment to rest up! He took a HELLACIOUS BEATING at the hands of the challenger! In fact, I see a few of those long golden locks on the back of his head turning RED!


DT: Or he could just be bleeding from the cut on the back of the head sustained from one of the many times he's been driven into the walls of that cage!

MN: My God, the champ's HEAD IS SPLIT OPEN!! Somebody, get that damn cage off of there! Call an ambulance!

DM: I don't think anybody's gonna buy that one, Neels... but in the meantime, the champion's grip on the legs of Marcus Westcott have NOT faltered! Westcott CONTINUES to refuse to submit, but the pain hasn't subsided a BIT!


DT: Is he going to break out AGAIN?!

MN: There's NO WAY...

DM: I might have to agree with Neels on that one, Dave! Westcott had a harm time as it was just breaking out of the Walls of Jerichoholic he was caught in earlier. In that time, he's continued to use up his lower body strength, and I just DON'T think he has it in him to power out of yet another submission hold!

DT: Well, while the two of you might have lost your faith in the abilities of one of this federation's most ESTEEMED former champions... these FANS certainly haven't! This capacity crowd is trying to rally behind the challenger now, and Westcott is DIGGING DEEP!!

MN: Come on, just TAP OUT and let us all go home!

DM: Westcott's gotta work under an INCREDIBLE amount of physical duress right now! Nevertheless, he SHAKES HIS HEAD as Pat Jones practically BEGS him to tap out...


DM: Westcott REACHING OUT... this COULD BE IT...



NO!! HE GRABS STEVENS by the LEG pressing down over the back of his head!



DM: Stevens thought he had it WON there, and perhaps that caused him to let down his guard! That was one fluid TWISTING motion that caused him to break free of that Cloverleaf lock, but no doubt, it came at a PRICE!!

MN: Oh yeah... somebody BETTER pay for that!

DT: Westcott still bears the expression of TREMENDOUS PAIN, and is slow to get to his feet! Stevens up, and... remarkably CALM!

MN: That's right! He can smell the end of this coming!

DM: Stevens is getting some distance now... he's just WAITING for Westcott to rise... and now he's LOADING UP THE BOOT!!

MN: OH YEAH!! He's MADE THE MEASUREMENTS!! He's CALCULATED the EQUATION!! He carried the three and found the exponent... but all that's left now is that random variable! More specifically, THE X-FACTOR!!

DM: ...you must have been on the Math team in High School, Neels...

MN: How did you KNOW?!

DT: Westcott almost up now... and Stevens is just STALKING him! I don't think Marcus even knows what he's about to FACE! He's going to get his HEAD KICKED RIGHT OFF!!

DM: Westcott... ON HIS FEET... here comes STEVENS with THE X-FACTOR!!!



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: AND STEVENS JUST KICKED THE WALL OF THE STEEL CAGE!! The champion on the MAT, clutching his leg in PAIN!! Marcus Westcott's lightning-fast reflexes helped him dodge a SERIOUSLY FATAL bullet, and now he's got the chance to regain control of the match!

DM: Westcott knows it's all or nothing now! He sees Stevens clutching the leg, and he knows what he has to go for! Westcott LIMPS over to the champion... and he takes him by the legs! He's going for the Nagata lock... AND HE BRIDGES OVER!!



DM: Wait a second... Marcus couldn't bridge all the way! Look at his FACE! I think Stevens is FIGHTING that hold, and Westcott just doesn't have enough left in him to keep the lock in place!

MN: Yes, YES!!!

DT: Harrowing predicament for BOTH men now! Westcott needs to bridge back all the way in order to put that hold into maximum effect, but Sean Stevens is FIGHTING FOR DEAR LIFE!!

DM: The champion might have done too much to the lower body of Marcus Westcott with the numerous submission holds he's attempted! Westcott... is LOSING IT!!

DT: NO!! Westcott TRYING TO HANG ON...






DM: Westcott is undeterred... here he comes again, taking the legs of an exhausted Sean Stevens, and WRAPPING THEM AGAIN into the NAGATA LOCK... but now he's trouble getting himself over the whole way!

DT: Stevens is FIGHTING IT AGAIN!! The champion is showing a bit of his OWN never-say-die attitude in the ring tonight! And Westcott is trying with EVERYTHING HE HAS to sink the hold in and finish him off, but there's just been too much PUNISHMENT inflicted on his legs and lower back through the course of this match!

DM: He doesn't have the lower body strength to finish him off with the Judas Cradle! That may have been Stevens' agenda from the get-go... to use all the favored submission holds of his defeated opponents as a means of taking out Marcus Westcott's own submission game!

MN: Brilliant wrestling strategy, if you ask me!

DT: But Marcus Westcott hasn't given up yet! He knows this is the BEST CHANCE HE'LL HAVE to put this one away!

MN: Forget it! You've FAILED! Go back home to Canada, where being SECOND BEST is acceptable!

DM: Westcott trying to WORK HIS WAY AROUND...




NO!! STEVENS BREAKS FREE!! Westcott's legs buckle, and he SPRAWLS TO THE MAT!!

DT: DAMNIT... he was SO CLOSE!! Both men are left lying on the mat, too exhausted to even STAND at this point! How long has this war waged on? What toll has it taken on their bodies? And most importantly, after coming this far, who has it IN HIM to go that extra mile?

MN: As if you really needed to ASK at this point...

DM: Stevens starting to rise... Westcott, attempting to, but he's too shaky in the legs! They must feel like RUBBER at this point! The challenger, now, crawling to the ropes and trying to use them to get to his feet... but STEVENS HAS HIM!!

MN: Time to END THIS!!

DT: The champion is setting the challenger up in the middle of the ring! I think he's got ONE MORE submission on his mind! He's crossing the legs over... he's going for THE SHARPSHOOTER!!

DM: By God, a SHARPSHOOTER on a CANADIAN?! If we were north of the border, these fans would be RIOTING!!

MN: I can't think of anything else on this world that makes me HAPPIER than watching a Canuck tap to should RIGHTFULLY be called the SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!


DM: That's a technique I thought only LINDSAY HERSELF could pull off in this industry!

MN: Sean Stevens is like the SHANG TSUNG of professional wrestling! He can use EVERYBODY'S moves!


DM: Senior Official Pat Jones on his knees, close to the challenger's face... he's LITERALLY BEGGING HIM to TAP!! You KNOW when the referee WANTS to just END THIS for YOUR SAKE, you're in a BAD POSITION!!

DT: The eyes of "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott are WIDE OPEN and practically ON FIRE!! If he doesn't TAP, then how much further will he go before it's LIGHTS OUT!!



DM: I don't know HOW Westcott can hang on at this point... wait a second, he's REACHING OUT!!








DM: Looks like his eyes just rolled back into his head! He could be UNCONSCIOUS... but I can't tell!

MN: Ring the bell, Jones, come on!

DT: Pat Jones first has to determine if Westcott is UNRESPONSIVE!! Stevens practically BARKING at the referee, telling him how to do his job!

MN: Come on, MOVE IT!

DM: Jones holds Westcott's arm over the mat by the wrist...



MN: That's ONE!!

DT: Come on, Marcus, FIGHT BACK!!

DM: Jones holding that arm out again...



MN: One more to go, and Stevens walks out of the cage the WINNER!!



DM: Pat Jones, lifting that arm up again...



Crowd: *POPP!!!!*


DM: HE WAS PLAYING OLD-SCHOOL POSSUM!! Sean Stevens LET HIS GUARD DOWN when he thought Westcott was OUT COLD!!

MN: I can't believe it! That hoser's got BATTERIES up his backside, or something!

DT: "The MECCA" Marcus Westcott is ON HIS KNEES and ROARING!! But here comes an angered "Triple X" Sean Stevens from BEHIND!



MN: What the HELL?!

DT: Westcott with the chance to CAPITALIZE!! He takes the champion, Sean Stevens, by the arm... going for the PUMPHANDLE LIFT -- into THE ABSOLUTION 2K4!!!

DM: HIS LEGS BUCKLED!! HE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH STRENGTH LEFT IN HIS LEGS... and instead of SEALING THE DEAL, Westcott DROPS Stevens... and now the champ has a moment to regroup!




MN: And THAT'S ALL, folks! Well guys, it was a great night, we saw some good matches... and what a way to finish things off, huh?!

DM: The match isn't even OVER yet, Neels!

DT: Here's Stevens with the COVER...





Crowd: *POP!!!*

MN: Wait, WHAT?!

DM: What TREMENDOUS SURVIVABILITY on the part of the challenger! He took a straight SUPERKICK to the head and STILL managed to get his shoulder off the mat!

MN: Obviously, Pat Jones is DRAGGING THE COUNTS OUT! But hey, no problem! Stevens was prepared for this! He even said this week he expected Westcott to kick out of the X-Factor! And now he's just gonna pick him up and KEEP KICKING HIM until he learns to stay down!

DT: Stevens getting Westcott up... and Westcott can hardly STAND! Wait a second, NOT AGAIN!!



DT: ...but Marcus Westcott WILL NOT stay down! ALREADY, he's trying to get up!

DM: My God, he probably has no idea where he is...

DT: Stevens pushing Westcott back to the mat, and HOOKING BOTH LEGS for the COVER...




DM: What is keeping this man GOING?!

DT: I have NO IDEA, but Stevens is beginning to show his FRUSTRATION NOW!!

MN: You'd be pretty pissed off TOO if you just plugged this guy in the head TWICE and he keeps getting up, completely DESTROYING your image!

DT: Westcott BACK ON HIS FEET... and Stevens steps up... FOR A THIRD X-FACTOR!! MY GOD!! Westcott HITS THE MAT... and POPS RIGHT BACK TO HIS FEET!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: By Jove, he's like some sort of CANADIAN SUPERMAN!!!

DT: Westcott ON HIS FEET as though nothing even hit him, shaking his head and GRAVELY staring holes into the champion, Sean Stevens, who stands there completely DUMBSTRUCK!! The BEAST is AWAKENED in Marcus Westcott!!



Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: That's not good...


Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: WHAT A TREMENDOUS REVERSAL by Westcott, and CRUCIAL, given how late it is in this match!




THREE -- !!!

DM: STEVENS KICKS OUT!! Pat Jones was at TWO POINT NINE, but the champion KICKED OUT at the VERY LAST SECOND!!

MN: OH YEAH!! THAT'S what I'M talkin' about!!

DT: Marcus Westcott CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! What does it TAKE to keep down someone like the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens?!

MN: He's the VERY BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, Dave, and he's showing it here tonight!

DM: But Marcus Westcott is intent on proving that wrong! Westcott is ready to go that extra mile! He brings Sean Stevens back to his feet... looks into the crowd... and he points to the TURNBUCKLE!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


MN: Oh, screw their opinion!

DM: Westcott now, leading Stevens to the turnbuckle... now the former champ going up top! Hooks Stevens' arm... and there's THE PUMPHANDLE LIFT!





DM: Stevens is GRIPPING THE CAGE CEILING!! Westcott CAN'T PRY HIM DOWN FOR EVERYTHING, and now the champion's trying to SHAKE HIM OFF!!

DT: AND HE DOES!! Westcott is sent CRASHING TO THE MAT!!

MN: Come on, Sean, PUT THIS ONE AWAY!!

DM: Stevens, readjusting himself on the top rope, and meanwhile, Westcott powers up to his feet... Westcott turning around -- AND HERE'S STEVENS OFF THE TOP WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK --

DT: AND THE CHAMPION JUST GETS BATTED OUT OF THE AIR WITH A HUGE GOOOOOORRRREEE FROM THE CHALLENGER!!! Marcus Westcott just EXPLODED OUT OF NOWHERE with that move, and Sean Stevens is lying prone on the mat like he just got ran over by a BUS!!

DM: Westcott KNOWS HE'S GOT IT NOW!! He walks over to Stevens and gets him to his --




NO!!! WESTCOTT KICKED OUT IN THE NICK OF TIME!! I thought FOR SURE Stevens was about to steal it right out from under him!

DM: Both men scrambling to their feet! Westcott NEEDS to make a move here!



Crowd: "WHOA!!"





SFX: *...utter silence...*

DT: ...JESUS CHRIST, talk about a GRAND SLAM of FINISHERS!! Both men now lying MOTIONLESS on the mat as the CALM finally sets in after this all-out WAR within the cage!

MN: The champ is beginning to STIR! Come on, Sean, it's been a long night, but all you have to do is put your arm over his chest, and we can call it a night!

DM: Stevens ROLLING OVER now... DRAGGING HIMSELF inch by agonizing inch across the canvas! He needs to FINISH THIS for once and for all!

DT: The champion DRAPES THE ARM across the chest of MARCUS WESTCOTT...





[CUE UP: "King Back" by T.I. The entire capacity crowd stands in STUNNED SILENCE as both men continue to lie in the very center of the cage on their backs, chests heaving as they stare blankly into the house lights above. After a moment to let the reality sink in, Tony Fatora stands up and raises the mic, allowing his booming voice to ring out through the entire arena...]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... the WINNER of the MAIN EVENT of RUSSIAN ROULETTE 2009...




[Pat Jones calls over to the ring crew to release the locks set on the cage door, where the rest of the officiating team and EPW's medical staff stand waiting to check on both combatants. With the snap of a few tumblers, the locks pop, and the door swings open. In moments, the cage is filled with members of EPW's officiating team as they split in to two groups and check on both men.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen... I am absolutely MOVED BEYOND WORDS at this moment, given the match we just witnessed! Never in all the years I've been a part of Empire Pro have I seen two contenders go at just like that it in the steel cage!!

DM: Truly a match that will be remember for many years to come! Both men went through HELL in that cage, knowing the prestigious EPW World Heavyweight Title was on the line! Many expected the champion to ultimately go down in the end, but defying all odds set against him once again, he came out VICTORIOUS!!

MN: DAMN RIGHT, he did! F*CK all the posers! F*CK all the critics! F*CK all the people out there who fake their way at being the real deal!! "TRIPLE X" SEAN STEVENS is the REAL DEAL, Daddy-O, and nobody's need any further proof than what they just saw in that ring! The KING OF THE CAGE is BACK, B*TCHES!!

DT: But still, a great deal of credit goes to the challenger, who many though wasn't up to snuff! When the champion smugly thought he could ignore him, he stood up for himself and made a STATEMENT there in the ring! There were times in that ring where I honestly THOUGHT he had it!

DM: There's no question that "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott fought his heart out here tonight! In another time and another place, he was the man at the very HELM of Empire Pro, and the federation owes him a great deal for that! But while he may be a great influence on this fed's PAST, tonight, SEAN STEVENS stands as its PRESENT and FUTURE!!

[After many long moments of trying to bring both competitors back to, Sean Stevens finally rises to his feet... surprisingly drawing a POP from the fans. As it sets in that he is victorious, he pumps BOTH FISTS into the air and pivots around to show himself to all four sides of the arena!]

[Meanwhile, the team of officials escort the defeated Marcus Westcott from the ring, who holds his head in clear disappointment, knowing he put everything on the line in the cage. The officials try to lead him up the ramp, but instead, he shakes them away, and walks on his own power over to the timekeeper before Pat Jones can get there to retrieve the champion's title...]

DM: Wait a second, what's THIS! Westcott just took the World Heavyweight Title from the timekeeper!

MN: Oh man, what a SORE LOSER!!

DT: Don't be so quick to judge, Mike! Westcott... on the verge of TEARS, but nevertheless proudly steps back into the ring through the cage door with that belt in his hands!

[Stevens stands ready for anything as Westcott approaches him, and, quite respectfully, hands over the title. Stevens looks over his belt for a moment, recounting just how much it means to him and his career, before retaking it and slinging it over his shoulder.]

MN: KICK HIM IN THE BALLS, Sean! And wipe that STINK from that title!

[The men keep their respect to each other to a simple handshake, and without a word spoken, Marcus turns the EPW icon to the cameras and holds up his arm in victory!]

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DT: A TREMENDOUS show of sportsmanship, from the former champion to the current champion! These men had one HELL of a match together, and they know it!

[Westcott leaves the cage and walks alone back up the ramp, his face a collage of different feelings. Sean Stevens, in the meantime, refastens his belt and exits the cage... and begins CLIMBING UP THE SIDE...]


DM: I never thought I'd see the day, but it's FINALLY come! The fans of Empire Pro are finally GETTING BEHIND the World Heavyweight Champion!

MN: Oh, that's right! Everybody wants to hop on the bandwagon NOW that they all realize what a BADASS he is!! A BLUE-EYED BADASS, at that!

DT: Love him or hate him, "Triple X" Sean Stevens is THE icon of Empire Pro Wrestling, and STILL PROUDLY BEARS the EPW World Heavyweight Title! Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a HELLACIOUS night, capped off with a very HELLACIOUS main event! But now we've come to the CONCLUSION of Russian Roulette! We'll see you again at Aggression 48! Until then, signing off for Dean Matthews and Mike Neely... I'm Dave Thomas! Have a good night!


[Pyrotechnics EXPLODE overhead in brilliant display as "King Back" continues blaring through the PA! Triumphant and nigh god-like, the EPW World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens, stands TALL on the very top of the steel mesh cage he just conquered, holding his TITLE high into the air over a LIVID SEA of fans screaming his name! On this image, we fade to the EPW logo...]
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