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Sacrificial Lamb


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: 'The Wolf' MIKE RANDALLS is in his locker room within the confines of the Phillips Arena. RANDALLS is alone, taping his wrists one final time while staring in the mirror ahead. As he completes the final wrap he turns to face the camera...)

RANDALLS: "I suppose I should ask myself what has brought us to this point, Tsunami. I can look back nine years ago to a match that revolutionized this league. I can remember the silent respect we once held for each other...an unspoken agreement that nothing was left to be said..."

(RANDALLS shifts into a handplanted Lotus position, perhaps a pre-match stretch...Lindsay would know, Joey's trying to learn.)

"However, we were wrong. Certainly, I was...we're from two very different backgrounds 'Nami...yet, we're cut very much from the same skin and cloth that binds the energy within ourselves. You've brainwashed yourself into believing there are no limits...that there is no force that can calm the raging storm of your soul..."

(RANDALLS gracefully drops into a split on his bench...)

"I know pain, 'Nami. Showing your will to fight the pain of fire does not strike me with any fear. I know the flame is only part of the eyes that deceive our minds. I have played that game before...I'd like to believe perhaps that I taught it."

(RANDALLS smiles and now shifts into an Indian sitting style, closing his eyes...)

"I know what you want, 'Nami. The anger, the jealousy, the pride rages within your body...festering chaotically and waiting to erupt into one final wage of war against those that try to confine you...someone must be the sacrifice...someone must face the slaughter..."

(RANDALLS' emerald eyes open transfixed on the camera lens, his focus unrepentant and unwavering...)

"I will take you where you want to go, Nam. If the slaughter is needed to break your black clouds, I will bleed a river of blood to show you the TRUE PATH you will need to walk."

(The camera starts closing in on the stoned gaze of 'The Wolf' his eyes lit like a predator in the shadows...)

"Bring your hatred, I shall bring you a blinding light.

Bring your torture, I shall refuse your pain with the hand of God.

I am all that you want.

I am all that you can be.

You have to want it, Nam...you have to want it more than anything you'll ever know or feel. I will not stop for anything less than what we both shall seek in the end...



"You cannot fight what you cannot see, and you do not see the light."

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