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San Jose - Part 2



Paul walked into the 'Blacksmith Pub & Restaurant' calmly, passing by several tables as he headed towards the back of the pub. He rarely drank, but as it was his first day as part of the CSWA, he felt it was a good enough reason.

Paul walked to an empty stool and sat down. He then motioned for the Bartender.

"Bartender, can I have..." trailed off Paul, who smiled.

"A 'Jack and Coke'." said Paul, deciding on a hard liquor rather than a beer just for the hell of it. The bartender nodded, turned around and about a minute later, gave Paul his 'Jack and Coke'. Paul, however, toyed with the drink.

"Society is pretty sad, eh?" said the man next to Paul to Paul. Paul looked up, startled.

"Ah...yeah. Yeah, its a sad world we live in when the slightest infraction on our 'perfect' existance causes a global conflict." said Paul, coolly. The other man stared at him oddly for a second, before responding with:


Paul shrugged, and quickly downed his 'Jack and Coke', slamming the glass against the bar. He then dished out a twenty, and left it on the table.

"Keep the change..." said Paul, as he walked out, preparing for his debut at 'On Time'.

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