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Sands vs. Suicide


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Niagara, ON, Canada
(FADEIN: CHRISTIAN SANDS in front of an EPW backdrop.)

SANDS: If there's one thing in this world I hate, it's a b*tch. I cannot STAND b*tches. These little wimps who think they're all that but run off crying when things don't go their way.

Ulysis Solian, you, sir, are a b*tch of the highest magnitude.

You call yourself the Man, the Myth, the Legend, but when I look at you I don't see anything like that. You don't qualify as a legend in my eyes - and you certainly don't qualify as a man, either. You're a little boy, Solian, a child who wants to grow up but remains just a child at heart. When you came to Empire Pro Wrestling you talked a big game. You were supposed to be such a huge terror, running around putting people in the hospital with Burning Hammers. But what happened come crunch time? You stepped into the ring against Beast and I, and we showed you who the REAL heavy hitters in Empire were. Sure, Beast pinned you - but I pinned Beast ten days later.

In case you hadn't guessed, Solian, I don't like you. You're a travesty. You and your stupid little cigars and your Mr.-So-And-So's. Mr. Sands, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Wescott... And I thought I was the Matrix buff here, Come on, Agent Solian, let's hear it.

"Miiiiister Anderson!"

In all seriousness, though. I agreed to this match for one reason, Solian - to show everyone what a b*tch you are. I for one already know that you're a gutless waste of flesh, but there are a few people out there who still need convincing. That's my job. I'm here to expose your ineptitude. I will concede that you hide it well, playing to your level of competition and all - but you miscalculated. You shot a little too high with Empire and got burned. Ah well. At least New ERA suited you. Losing to Alex Borden seems about right for you, Solian. Leaves the spotlight open for people who deserve it. Don't worry too much, though - at least the mutant internet fans will love you for 'putting over the young talent'.

You're not in my league, Solian, and that's really sort of sad. I've been in this business for two years and am already the hottest commodity on this circuit not named Dan Ryan. Surely someone with your years of experience should have no trouble playing to my level, but that doesn't seem to be the case. You seem content to be a little fish in a little pond. I, however, am a shark in EVERY pond. I exist to devour little men like you who think they're all that just because they did something in the past. I've said it before - this industry is MINE to do with as I please. And it pleases me to crush your punk @ss like I should've done mano-a-mano long ago.

The REAL legend is here, Solian, and I'm here unconditionally. You, however, will be done in fairly short order. Try and cope with THIS loss, big guy...



New member
Jan 3, 2004
New York

(Cue up: "Boadicea (Remix)" by Enya. The camera fades in to a dark and desolate room. The walls are covered with water-worn wallpaper, as solid oak furniture rot across the worn carpeted floor. One window emanates light into this room, but since it is night, nothing is shown except a crescent moon in the far sky. A figure sits, crouched down, cupping something in both hands. It is hard to make out this individual due to the little light in the entire room. Motionless, the individual is zoomed in on very, very slowly by the camera.)

~Mack (V/O): "This young man has won two matches in his debut here in the IWF! No one knows where this masked man came from, but keep your eye out on Suicide, as we don't know where this man is going from here!"~

~Mack (V/O): "I can't believe it! Suicide is the first ever IWF King of the Deathmatch! The enigmatic mysterious wanderer has come unto his own here in the IWF!"~

(The camera fades to a scene, showing the individual doing chin-ups on a rusted pipe jutting out from the ceiling in the room.)

~Mack (V/O): "1.....2.....3!!! Suicide has just broken Jean Rabesque's undefeated streak and won the IWF Mexican title!"~

~Lyles (V/O)" "I can't believe this rookie has defeated the veteran in a grueling match!"~

(The camera fades to a scene, showing the individual doing push-ups on the molded carpeted floor.)

~Mack (V/O): "Suicide has finally done it! He has finally defeated Michael Manson after being tormented and tortured and has won the IWF Triple Crown championship!"~

~Gene (V/O): "Suicide has thwarted Chaos and is now the new CWWF World Heavyweight champion! Suicide has finally earned his place in the ranks of great wrestling champions in our sport!"~

~Buhrman (V/O): "Suicide has just defeated his best friend Dusty Thompson and Big D to become the new RMWF World Heavyweight champion! Is there anyone that can stop him!?!?"~

(The camera fades to a scene of the individual doing sit-ups.)

~Mack (V/O): "Suicide has lost another one to Michael Manson and can he ever recover from the slump he has been in!?"~

~Ross (V/O): "This is Suicide's third straight loss here in the GLCW. This is a former shell of a man we once knew and respected."~

~Neely (V/O): "I can't believe Suicide's gone!!"~

~Thomas (V/O): "Believe it! Beast is one step closer to making his dream come true!!"~

(The camera fades back to the scene where the individual crouches, as the music fades out.)

???????: "Fear.

It is not something you are born with but something that is learned, something that is instilled upon you until you realize it is a lost cause and you hide.....or you continue onward, facing your fears until you overcome it. When I was a child, I knew of the fears every other child knows: Fire burning, sharp objects inflicting pain, angry, vicious animals snarling and growling right at you. Then, when I was fourteen, there was a new fear inflicted upon me; loneliness. When my mother and father passed from this world, I was a child left all alone. Clinging to any part of reality I had known that was left.....trying to realize that I had no one else to turn to. Fending for myself on the streets, an orphan trying to come to terms with this new reality upon me, I did whatever I could to survive. When I stepped into that squared circle for my first time, against a man, six feet two, two hundred and fifty-seven pounds, what could a ninety-pound, soaking wet mind you, kid do? Anything it takes to survive. And as years went on and on.....I did exactly that. Over time, instead of running away from my problems, I confronted them and for the most part.....I was victorious....

Then that faithful day, when once again world came crashing down, only to now create a new identity for myself. One that I summoned from the dark recesses of my soul that helped shut myself from everyone else. With my mask, my strength, my intelligence, and.....(chuckles) my stubbornness, I came back, this time to find out what my destiny truly was. Year after year, I have faced man men. I have defeated some, I have been defeated by some, but in the end the result was always the same.....I survived. Nothing could stand in my way....I was on top of the world.....until the day I came crashing right back down.

My life collapsed and realizing that my fear was coming back.....I ran away. Not proud to admit it, I took my tail and tucked it between my legs....and went home. But I came back, with a new leash on life once more, determined to once again continue my quest to find my destiny......until a revelation came to pass. I wasn't who I was anymore. I could no longer hide behind this mask....yes I say hide, because for all those years I was doing just that. I was hiding from the truth and now.....now.....I have come to the crossroads of not only my wrestling career.....but my life...."

(The individual glances towards the camera, a blue eye can be seen, piercing the darkness like a bright star, before disappearing from view.)

???????: "Christian Sands......it is not a coincidence that you and I meet. There is reason for our meeting. Meaning as to why will come to you in due time. However, it seems it is not only I that must overcome a fear in my life.....but it seems you too have fears that you keep running away from. What happened in the past concerns you not. When I left Empire Pro, I left on my own terms and the reasons behind such are for me only to know. I care less how you or anyone else interprets such an action, but you can continue to assume what you think you know. Your facts have been misconstrued for the simple fact you fabricate them for your own benefit. Here is the truth behind my 'resurrection' in the sport if you will....

When I came to Empire Pro, I wanted a clean slate, a fresh new start. I was determined to reach my destiny by any means.....even if it meant destroying those who stood in my way. Tommy Mayhem and Rob Sampson found this out the hard way. But unlike those who warped the meaning of my actions into something you now take as a belief, I.....I.....felt pain in doing so. Something held me back....something calling within me, telling me....what I am doing....is wrong. That how I was isn't what I used to be. Nevertheless, the day you and I met, along with the individual known as Beast, destiny told me it wasn't my time. It wasn't my time and more importantly.....it wasn't my place. I wasn't supposed to be in Empire Pro Christian Sands and rather than to plea with you to believe me, I rather just not care what you believe. Nevertheless, you take my loss as your victory....yet you never achieved the real victory, have you?

By the emotion emanating from your voice, I say you care more about me than you lead on. You seem.....threatened by me.....but more importantly.....you seem.....afraid of me. What is it that you are afraid of Sands? Is it that night when you saw when I snapped Rob Sampson's neck? Or are you afraid that somewhere deep inside the pit of your soul, somewhere that is calling out to you, screaming at you, pleading with you......you will be defeated by me? More importantly.....are you afraid that I may be, well.....better than you?

Do you actually believe for one second that I care about this pissing contest you are trying to suck me into? Do you believe I care that you wish to claim the throne of wrestling, proclaiming your self ruler of all that embody it? Take it Sands. Claim the fallacy you boast about. I care not about wins or losses, whether I am a fan favorite or hated, nor do I care how much money I will earn in my next match. You can have it all....except for one thing. I want your fear Sands. In fact, I would be wrong in saying such because I HAVE your fear.

Look at you.....the sweat beading down your brow, your heart racing, your skin tightening, your teeth clenching, the hairs standing on the back of your neck......I don't see a man of great achievement nor pride. I see a boy, afraid and desperate to hide from his fear. I am your fear Sands. What you have accomplished in your career pales in comparison to what I have done. The difference is that unlike yourself, I don't need to brag and boast about it. I care not what I have done for none of that matters.....when you and I face off.

(The individual thrusts what was cupped in his hands into the view of the camera. The camera shows a black mask, fabric, with a white S-like symbol on the front.)

???????: "For years I have been locked away by this.....hiding from the fact that I have not even TAPPED my potential. You Sands have created a mask for yourself that you hide from, figuratively speaking of course. And let me ask you one thing Sands, one thing that both you and I know the answer to....

(The individual sticks his head out from the darkness, with a blue-pupil, white eye in the left eye socket and a red-pupil, black eye in the right socket, with a deep scar running vertically across it, staring into the camera.)

Suicide: "Do you think I FEAR you? The man you faced was a man held back. But the truth is The Real Man, The Real Myth, and The Real Legend emerges from the shackles placed upon him. Christian Sands, what you know up to now is nothing.....NOTHING compared to what you will LEARN in the ring against me. I will show you your fear, expose you to it, and torment you until you beg for mercy. Hunt me down like the predator you are. But be forewarned: the food chain you have placed in your mind has been SHATTERED and now.....you may just be....the prey. Though you take this match and more importantly, myself, very lightly, be advised that in an instance, with a snap of the fingers......it's over for you. Underestimate me Christian Sands, like those you have faced before have done. And unlike yourself, who has come up short time and TIME again......I will not only meet your lowered expectations of myself.....but crush them between my fists. The fact that you are ignorant to the truth as to why this match has even been created puts a smile on my face....something that has not happened in quite some time. You didn't accept this match......it has accepted you. You will know your rightful place Sands. You will fall in line like the rest that will come after you, because you have the privilege and honor to face Suicide.....unmasked and unleashed. Make this match a priority, like your life depends on it. Because if you end up laying on your back, staring up at the venue lights, wondering if you are in Heaven, waiting for God to welcome you into his kingdom with arms wide open......your lucid dream will be shattered as I stare down right upon you, my eyes impaling the very DEPTHS of your soul, as I utter these words unto you....

......'You never had a chance.' Go now young Christian Sands and prepare for what will be the greatest test in not only your professional wrestling career.....but in your entire life. Because if you do not view this as such and consider facing me a joke, the only person everyone will be laughing at when it's all said and done.....is you. 'Nuff said.....

(Suicide's face disappears into the darkness once more, but the mask is still shown vividly. The camera then fades out.....)


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Niagara, ON, Canada

SANDS: ...Uh... Rrrriiiiiight...

There's one question I have for you, Solian. Who the hell is your hook-up? Because brother, that weed you're smoking has got to be some crazy sh*t to get you to spout half the nonsense you're saying.

I love how you immediately jump to the assumption that I'm somehow afraid of you when it's fairly obvious that it's otherwise. To be quite frank, I'd be more afraid of John Doe than I'd be of you. When I look at you I don't see someone who should strike fear into my heart. I see a cigar-smoking BUFFOON who's spent too much time looking up ten-dollar words on dictionary.com, throwing out big words and catchy-sounding lines to hide the fact that he's little more than a sack of hot air.

You, sir, are the Architect. Concordantly, you suck. Ergo, you're going to get your cigar-smoking ass handed to you, vis-a-vis my boot.

Don't hand me this bullsh*t about how you 'weren't supposed to be in Empire Pro'. If you had a lick of sense you wouldn't have gone there in the first place if you weren't supposed to be there. I'll tell you exactly what happened, Solian. You went to Empire Pro hoping to find guppies, but you found sharks. You stuck your hand too far into the wrong fire and got burned, but you're JUST TOO TOUGH to admit it, so you're hiding behind masks as you always do. Tell me something - how is it that up until Beast and I stomped you back into obscurity, we heard no talk about how you weren't supposed to be in Empire Pro?

Yeah, that's right, you p*ssy.

Live up to your slogan, Solian. Be a man. Admit that you were out of your league. Tommy Mayhem was one thing, and we all know that Rob Sampson is much, MUCH worse than I am - but as soon as you tried to hang with ME and failed miserably, you ran off crying. All the denials in the world won't change the INESCAPABLE FACT that you dropped the ball.

Yet you still insist that you are somehow my fear. Yeah, you and everyone else. It's the same old song and dance every time I face off against one of you old-timers. "I intimidate you, Christian! You're just a boy! Fear me, dude!" Let's consider this for a minute, shall we, Solian? Because I think you've got things backwards.

You see, Solian... I can tell just by looking at you that YOU fear ME.

More specifically, you fear that I'm right about you.

Deep down, Solian, my words ring true, don't they? Somewhere in that feeble little mind of yours part of you is screaming that I'm right - that you can't run with the ball, that you've never been anything but a minnow. You claim you don't care about my agenda, but words come simply, Solian, especially when that which they speak of strikes close to home. Any child can close his eyes and insist that he doesn't care. But we both know better. You fear me. You fear because you KNOW that I can't be intimidated by your bull. I'm not Rob Sampson, nor am I Tommy Mayhem. Those were little men. I am anything but.

Don't feel too bad, though. You aren't alone. A lot of people fear me. They know that I'm not the type to wait in line for my moment in the spotlight. I take it and plough through anyone who gets in my way. Go ask Hornet - whom, incidentally, I am much, much better than.

Yet even through all that you continue to hear and see only what you want to see. You claim I see you as a joke. I never said that. I said you were a b*tch. There is a difference. John Doe is a joke. He'll never get anywhere - BUT AT LEAST HE CAN TAKE A LOSS LIKE A MAN. You just run away crying, as you showed in Empire - and then when you're confronted with it you throw up a wall of lies to try and protect yourself. Always hiding behind masks.

Talk all you want about how I'm somehow a boy who's come up short, but just like everything else you know that it's all bull, Solian. Last time I checked, winning a major World Title wasn't coming up short, nor was wrestling in main event caliber matches in three or four promotions. I have repeatedly proven myself to be the DIAMOND in this industry, and despite the doubters such as yourself I have continued to make my name all across the world. Oh yes, Solian. Many men like you have told me I couldn't do it. One by one they all fell. So you see, you're blinding yourself again - seeing only what you want to see, grasping desperately to find a weakness where there is only invincibility.

That's the trouble with masks, you see... they hide you from the world, but at the same time hide the world from you.

I'll tell you what I expect from you, Solian. I expect you to step into that ring with me and desperately try to discover my fear. And I expect you to find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT A BEATING, because I don't believe in fear. It's a weakness, and I HAVE no weaknesses.

The time is drawing close, Solian, for this to be decided - the time for me to eclipse you utterly and leave you in darkness.

But don't worry.

You'll still have your masks.


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