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Seattle Times: Seattle Indy Wrestling Injury; Courtney Allen


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
via The Seattle Times| Sports | Backpage

Seattle Indy Wrestling Injury; Courtney Allen
Written by Mark Roberts

Key Arena — A Seattle native and International Wrestling Federation performer was seriously injured at the Key Arena in what emergency crews called a "pro-wrestling" accident, according to the Magnolia Emergency Response.

Crews, which were on standby at Key Arena for IWF's second "Super Show", were called into action when Courtney Sarah Allen suffered blunt force trauma at the hand of her boyfriend (Nathaniel Scott Douglas) and brother (Derrick Allen.)
No charges had been filed at press time.

"The incident that took place tonight appear to be an accident and to an extent the nature of the sport." according to Seattle Police Department spokeswoman Jody Martinson.

Allen, was admitted to Virginia Mason for possible complications following a head injury. Martinson said Monday that Allen remains at the hospital in critical condition.

Art Mori, IWF Commissioner and on air personality declined to comment on what members of the audience have dubbed, "the clap."

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