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the EX-QUEEN of FW~!
Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(FADEIN: - To Jason Murray, Eric Beachy, and Bronte Lakes standing in front of an NFW backdrop. Murray and and Beachy are wearing ankle length black tights, white wife beater shirts, and new balance sneaks. Jason has spiked black hair, Beachy shaved blonde locks, wal-mart sunglasses and tats over his left arm and neck. Bronte decked out in a black cami and ripped jean shorts starts the video camera with a remote in her right hand.)

JASON MURRAY: As a kid I watched the INEFFDUBYA and it was always the place I wanted to be, you know in the same way that if you ever have prostate cancer you want to be in Durham, North Carolina. That’s meant as a compliment, truly. There was something DIRE about NFW, something desperate and manic. It was like watching Godzilla destroy the city over three seconds, when he could’ve just take his time, made a few locales truly suffer because the National Guard was still an hour or two out of the city.

But I watched as best I could. Saved Christmas money to buy VHS tapes online and stayed up late to watch whenever it was aired in my market. My dad? He never understood it. He’d MOAN about how wrestling should be, what it ONCE WAS. He never GOT IT. But I did. I loved trading tapes at school, educating friends who preferred the C-S-W-A. There’s one in every bunch. The kids who swallowed the hard pitch of the Beatles, but ignored the true revelations like Brian Wilson, the Birds, and a band like the Kinks. If you think COLD PLAY is good music, you probably hated to be told the next wave of wrestling was ON THE WAY.

When I heard NFW was interested in signing us to a two show tryout, Bronte and I went back in my room and watched those old tapes, well AFTER finding the VCR in the attic. Know what we found? The INEFFDUBYA has gotten soft. It’s sold out.

Before animals like Michael Manson and swamp finds Shane Southern took this place to national heights, there was something illuminating about the INEFFDUBYA. As a kid in my backyard, and MY 2 MILLION hits on youtube say you’ve probably seen it too, I’d imagine I was BLAINE HOLLYWOOD, even on one clip riding in on a ****ing horse just to be authentic. If my partner called Blaine, I was gladly MALIK ANDERSON. I had friends across town who wanted to be the DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. I put on twenty minute IMPROV matches in my backyard ring that rivaled what NFW did at the time. These were men whose abilities I admired. I thought they were taking tag team action into the 21st century, but then…

BRONTE LAKES: They started getting talent from state prisons.


JASON MURRAY: There’s backstory, you have to lead into that…

ERIC BEACHY: To hell what that, I was bored just listening to you Jayce. NFW died the day they took wrestling back twenty years. You can dress up a piece of **** in Tux Tails and a replica of the GENERAL LEE but it’s still WASTE. The day I realized I could be a professional wrestler was when the NFW started hiring Sonic day managers to co-hold their TAG TITLES. I admire the man for being able to go from making Cherry Slushies to working in the ring, but you were never WILDSTAR OR TSUNAMI. The only way you worked a FIVE STAR (holds out his hand) match was on the playstation3. Forgot about the fact that you’ve set Southern stereotypes back fifty years, but what you did – I’m sure you don’t remember, but its personal Mueller. And the only reason I’m here long after the COOL factor of NFW is gone, is to get the chance to get in the ring with you and defend my family HONOR. Unlike the ORIGINAL SHOWSTOPPERS, we have talent. I’m a three time high school football All-American. I still hold the record for most receiving TDs in a single season in Austin Peay history. There’s a reason they call me SPOTLIGHT, because anything I do generates interest. The genie is out of the bottle you can‘t turn wrestling back to yesterday. No rest holds and ass kickin’. If this business will survive its by men who can turn work in the ring into ART.

JASON MURRAY: There’s one advantage we have over any team in the NFW. We were PERSONALLY TRAINED by Steve Fiennes and Chad Dandy, at FIENNES AND DANDY WRESTLING SCHOOOL in Lousiville, Kentucky! The greatest tag team in history, the men who were the forerunners of the aerial explosion of the next twenty years…they’ve worked with us, been hands on, and are their HAND PICKED SUCCESSORS. I know you can’t just come in here dicks swinging and call out (cough) LEGENDS, but make no mistake we’re working our way to the top and TAG GOLD because NFW has lost its way and we’ve started our own movement on the INTERNET.

ERIC BEACHY: WE come with a following. The hotness is in NFW. And once we get the Tag Belts we’ll make sure written into the bylaws is a rule that states you have to be able to SPELL S-E-N-T-O-N before stepping into the ring.

BRONTE LAKES: NFW we’re YOUR NEW “POINT OF VIEW.” This ain’t some tryout. It’s a statement form Generation Bored. The future is here.


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