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"Setting the tires and lighting the Latina Fires within me."


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
(The scene opens as we see masked female new WWA superstar, Go-Go Spectacular driving down the highway in a 1965 Pontiac GTO. It is black with red lining and also the interior is red, which is or soon will be the trademark colors of Go-Go. As she is driving down the road, she is listening to "Won't Back Down" by Eminem featuring Pink on the radio.)

[Chorus - Pink:]
You can sound the alarm
you can call out your guards
you can fence in your yard
you can pull all the cards
but I won't back down
oh no I wont back down
oh no

(As Go-Go is driving, she moves her head in a pumphandle fashion in unison with the lyrics and the music. As she listens she immediately contemplates on something that has come to her mind that places her in deep thought.)

(Changing views to a flash back, back in hometown in El'Paso Texas. We see a young Angel Isabella Ramirez, before she is about to become Go-Go Spectacular walking into a garage. She approaches the desk.)

Angel: "Hi Martine, is Enrique around?"

Martine: "Hey Angel, good to see ya girl. Yeah he's in the back. I think he's been expecting you."

(The large Latino-American man yells out to the back of the garage.)

Martine: "Hey Enrique, you've got a visitor."

Enrique: "Who is it?"

Martine: "Who do you think Muchacho?"

Enrique: "Blow me pandago."

Martine: "I'll remember that on payday Essei."

Enrique: "I'm coming, I'm coming this better be good."

Martine: "It is, it is, you can thank me later."

(Enrique comes out from the back and immedately sees his little 18 year old sister Angel. He gets so happy as he runs over and picks up his lil sister up in his arms with a giant bearhug.)

Enrique: "Oh it so good to see you sis. I missed you."

Angel: "I missed you too Enrique, I had to see you before I leave. I'm getting ready to head out and I wanted to see you before I head out of El'Paso."

Enrique: "I'm glad you did, in fact I have something for you. Out back. Follow me."

Angel: (Excited.) "You do."

Enrique: "Follow me.

(Enrique takes his sister by the hand and leads her toward the back of the garage.)

Enrique: "Now you're gonna have to close your eyes. Close'em. Now!"

Angel: "Okay."

Enrique: "Close'em. Tight."

Angel: "They are."

Enrique: "Okay we're here, open them."

(Angel opens her eyes as she is starring face to face at the sight of the same black with red trim, red interior 1965 Pontiac GTO. She gets all excited, she is about to cry as she is smiling. The car stands glistening and shining in the sunlight sparking brightly.)

Angel: "Is that...

Enrique: "Yep, all yours, from me to you."

Angel: "Why? What's this all about Enrique? What's the occasion?"

Enrique: "No real occasion, just a gift from me to you. From me to my lil sister."

Angel: "I don't know what to say."

Enrique: "It's a going away present right before you make it famous in the International Wrestling Alliance. I know your gonna make it. You've been through so much in your life. You've always been a fighter and you don't know the meaning of fail. You have such a strong heart and after everything that you've done for me when I got out of Chino last year I was bound and determined to make it up to you."

Angel: "Oh Enrique."

Enrique: "When I got busted for drugs and momma and pappi wouldn't talk to me in that time you never once stopped writing me, never once stopped coming to see me. Then whenever I got out and Martine looked me up and hooked me up with this job in his garage. I am never gonna be a rich man but I knew that I could show you how much you mean to me and this is a start. Since I've gotten out, I've gotten married to my girl, and I've got a baby on the way and I can't wait to be sitting at home watching the IWF with my baby and my wife as they see Auntie Angel possibly become the next IWF World Heavyweight Champion. I am never gonna be rich or make it anywhere but at least I can see you acheive all of your dreams. When I found this car sitting in a junkyard. I saved her from being turned to scrap. I spent this past year rebuilding her and bringing her back to life just so I can give her to you before leave. If your gonna drive from city to city, you better do it in American muscle and in style because she maybe old but will get you there Angel. She will take you to the top.

Angel: "Thank you so much Enrique. This means everything to me. You, mamma, pappi mean everything to me. I'm gonna make it and I'm gonna do it all for you."

Enrique: "No matter what Angel, never forsake the tradition and power of the mask and what it represents, but regardless of how big you get always remember that its the girl under the mask that will go down as the legend become immortal."

Angel: "Thank you so much."

(The little framed Angel leaps up and gives her bigger brother a huge hug around his neck. Soon enough it cuts back to Go-Go Spectacular driving in the car.)

Go-Go Spectacular: I am thankful for a lot of things right now. I own everything...

One, to my faith in God, for you Jesus for saving me and delivering me from the brink of death. If it wasn't for you. I would have died before my fifth birthday. And that no exaggeration. You have made everything possible in my life.

Two, I am thankful for my family. To my momma, my pappi, and my brother. I am thankful for being your daughter and sister for always loving me and helpiong me through. Through your prayers and love I am here today ready to begin this next big risky step in my life.

I know that this road won't be easy. In fact, I know that it would be a long hard road ahead of me. Hell I have been a fighter and a survivor all my life. I know where I get my blessings from and I count them every single night. I know that I will hurt and bleed but to prove that I not only belong here in the IWF but I will survive and thrive here but I will be sucessful. I will make it here in the IWF. For you will know that my name is Go-Go Spectacular. And within me there is a fire deep within my heart and soul that will never be snuffed out, put out, and will never die out."

(The scene slowly fades out on Go-Go's eyes.)

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