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Sikes vs Sinsiter


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Jan 1, 2000
Treading the Murky water of the Turtles...

(Fade In: The "Chaos Bomb"-a new coffie shop somewhere in the better side of Philly. We see the two former Mavericks in the "Shockmaster" Jacob Sikes and the "Messiah" Zell Hunter walking into the coffie shop. They notice the decour is something akin to a combination of wrestling and industrial music. In one corner a shot of the entire Mechanical Animals stable can be shown-complete with a list of titles won by the stable on the wall next to it while the bar has a slight "I just got ripped out of a Trent Renzor Video" look to it. The duo heads to a table in the back and sit down as several eyes follow them.)

Zell: I wonder why they're looking at us. Is it the way I'm dressed Jake?

Sikes: Nope, look at this.

(Zell and the camera man both look up at the picture that Sikes is pointing at. It's a shot of the entire "Maverick World Order" stable from the mid-90's. It has a shot of Sikes as Storm and Zell as Spyder)

Zell: Ah, that explains it. But who would put these pics up big man?

Voice from off-Camera: Ah, that would be me...Bug Boy.

(The camera turns to show us none other than Eric "Strife" Hawke-formerly one half of the MOD Squad tag team. He sits down with his former stable-mates)

Eric: So, how's the life?

Zell: Tiring, I've got two title defenses in near by cities with Maim and the big man here has a rematch against some guy called Jimi Sinister later this week.

Eric: Gah, you've got to face that punk from the Rock and Roll Express again? One of Hellfighter's hanger-ons?

Sikes: Yeah, there's just one problem though. Every one from the Reaver up to Codine have the camera men and spots for their promos on both shows coming up-but I don't. I've got jack!

(Eric smiles that twisted smile that he made famous during his wrestling career)

Eric: Follow me.

(The three get up and the camera fades to a small studio somewhere, one would think that it's in the back of the coffie shop-but doesn't know for sure. We see Sikes being centered by a camera)

Eric: Alright, we're ready.

Sikes: Jimmi Sinister-it's been nearly a month since the last time me and you stepped into the ring together and you won, despite my best efforts to keep you down and disorginized. You won via a roll up I believe or something like that. But this time around, it's going to be a little bit different. You see, the first time you beat me I blame on ring rust since I spent most of last and this year in a period of semi-retirment and now I've been doing house shows along with my fellow former Mavericks like Zell, Feral and the one and only "Hollywood" Ricky Nova. So, the ring rust I can ensure you is gone now.

(Sikes puts his hands together and cracks his knuckles as he continues)

Sikes: You see, I've been a wrestler since I was what 18? I know the ins and outs of moves that you yourself is just beginning to get the knowledge of. But the thing is that I've been around for YEARS and I've been beaten because of my arrogance several times, so being humble is something I'm good at.

(Sikes holds up a hand with four fingers up on it, as he speaks he lowers one finger at a time as lists something)

Sikes: I've got four reasons why at GXW's newest show and NthWA's old one that I'm going to beat you.

One: I've been studing your old footage, even tapes from other federations.

Two: I've been in the ring with you once, so I'm not going to fall for the same tricks twice.

Three: There is no number three.

and finally, Four: Enough talk, I'm ready.

(Sikes takes one last look into the camera)

Sikes: Once, we were members of a combination of stables-the Mechanical Animals and the Nu Revolution. Now we are two men on opposite sides of the coin and this time, I'm going to hurt you *very* much. Get ready for a shocking experience, Jimmi, because I'm going to do what I get paid for and that's hurt people.

(the camera fades out with "System" by Linkin Park playing, however-we can hear something in the background)

Eric: "A shocking experience"? Geez, you are an old man with that pun, Jake.

Sikes: Oh shut up!!


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Will the real Shockmaster please stand up....

(Fade In: Clips of a Fear Factory video entitled "Obsolete
" that the Summit Wrestling Alliance aired on all of their shows during 1998 which was used by the Mavericks stable and it showed Jacob Sikes doing all sorts of sick things to his opponents including Super Powerbombing the Reaver from the top rope through two stacked tables at ringside in R*Y*U. It then cuts to a shot of The "Master of the Rage" Slash of the Bad Company Unit tag team trying to hit a Springboard Elbow Smash on Sikes only to be caught around the throat and then choke-slammed by the "Maverick Monster" for a pin. Suddenly the video slowly fades from a shot of the Maverick Storm wearing black wrestling pants with a lighting bolt pattern down his left leg in a sick shade of green with the word "Storm" down his right leg in bold red letters, a black tank top and a red and black bandana to a shot of The "Shockmaster" Jacob Sikes dressed in his usual wrestling gear, complete with his now signature black sunglasses.)

Sikes: Alright, I'll be the first to admit that in the old days I was quite a monster in my own sense. I would callously powerbomb women thorugh tables and helped to twist children against their own parents-just ask Eddie Maim. But then I got some help and quit those people, even though I went back to tagging with Blade for a while and look where that got me-kicked out of the newly formed Global Xtreme Wrestling.

(Sikes reaches up and removes his sunglasses and looks at the camera with a slight smirk)

Sikes: You know I've been around for a long while now and I've seen and done alot of things that I'm proud of like being the first FWA World Champion when that federation was first starting and I was the last champion of that federation. A thing I'm not proud of is the simple fact that I went headlong into a match against a wrestler like Jimi Sinister and got my head handed to me after controlling the match for the entire time. But now look at me, I've been working my ass off to get ready for our match Jimi, so don't be surpised if I'm back to my old self and if by some chance you do beat me again..

(Sikes motions for the camera to come closer and as it does, one can now see a dark look on the former maverick's face)

Sikes: You cross a line and don't do anything during our whole match like you did last time, I'm going to personally find Nikki Roxx and powerbomb her through some tables in the EXACT manner that I did to the Reaver during "Hardcore Hell" PPV in ICWA. So, now is the time to make a very powerful choice Jimi, are you just going to sit around during our match and hardly do anything or are you going to stand up and do you bloody job? Because now, it's time for this old hand to show you the ropes or show you what looks underneath the ring after I give you the Black Cross on you...right...through...the...ring!

(Fade to black as the opening chords of "Scum of the Earth" by Rob Zombie starts up as we fade out...)

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