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Sin City Series Announced for Intense!


Apr 10, 2013
Just announced today by jOlt's reigning Tag Team Champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck aka The House, the super heavyweight tandem are proud to introduce a new series dedicated to showing off the best of jOlt's talent-rich tag team division! A series of matches will take place starting on Intense 121 that will see eight of wrestling's best tag teams do battle in a bid to become the next #1 Contender to the Tag Team Titles. New stars such as The Freak Show, The Entertainers and The Hype's greatest tag team, the Natural Athletes, are in action along with tag team kingpins such as The Heirs of Wrestling and Cross The Hood, and many more!

"We had to deal with Them MF'N Goons chasing us for weeks," Derrick Huber spoke of their recent Wrestlecade Tag Title match against the henchmen of Diamond Jewelz. "But after we defeated them, we know just how good they really are, judging by how close they came to winning. I can't stand those idiots personally, but on a professional level, they are talented. That inspired Roebuck and I to put this series together to show the world that tag team wrestling still matters and produces some of the best wrestling you can see!"

Once management signed off on the addition of these matches, dubbed the Sin City Series, the matches were quickly announced for the next two Intense shows, including a blockbuster first-time meeting between the decorated Heirs of Wrestling and the first ever Hype Tag Champions, the Natural Athletes!

Intense 121:
The Heirs of Wrestling vs. The Natural Athletes
Cross The Hood vs. The West Texas Terrorists

Intense 122:
Them MF’N Goons vs. Sweet Sweet Lovin
The Freak Show vs. The Entertainers

There will be two sets of qualifying matches on Intense 121 and 122 culminating in a final four corners elimination match on 123 with the winners becoming the #1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles. Huber spoke on the most unpredictable facet of the Sin City Series as it pertains to each match:

"Roebuck and I got a little spinning wheel that will decide the stipulations for each of these matches the night they take place. Nobody's gonna know what we're throwing at them until we spin that bitch! For the final elimination match on Intense 123, I'll spin the wheel after each elimination, which may throw a monkey wrench into the works, but will make for a great show. The winning team will no doubt deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles.”

Stay tuned for the next edition of Intense as the Sin City Series gets underway!

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