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Sketch vs. "Marauder" Eric Gibson



Home Coming

(Cut to the Mid-South Colosieum where the fans of wrestling that make up the majority of Memphis are sitting, apparently they have just finished watching a GXW House Show when suddenly "Faultline" by Saliva begins to play as Eric Gibson, One of Memphis' own sons, enters the arena to a massive hail of cheers. He stands on the entrance way and waits for his music to fade but also the chants of his name. He is dressed to wrestle already)

Gibson: It's good to see to see that I'm still remembered here in my home town of Memphis!! Now, not only am I back but I've also got myself a match here in this very arena against a new comer in the form of some kid by the name of Sketch. Sketch is from what I can tell a kid who wants to be a rapper like a certain wrestler who was once known as K-Krush and later K-Kwick and is now known as Ron "The Truth" Killings over in NWA-TNA. But this is home and this is Global Xtreme Wrestling and I'll be damned if I let some kid with a ripped off gimmick get past me and what's going to happen to you Sketch won't be pretty. I've fought people here before and took them out because this is my home arena and I'm home which means your ass belongs not only to me, BUT TO THE ENTIRE WRESTLING FANS AND COMMUNITY OF ##### MEMPHIS!!!

(the crowds explode with a massive postive pop of which Eric soaks in for a few moments before he raises a hand and the fans die down)

Gibson: Now you listen to me Sketch. I've stepped into the ring against guys like "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, Dreammaker, "Total Elimination" Eli Flair, Malkavian, Stalker, Dallas Winston, Blade of the Regin of Terror and many other people like that and I've had my ass handed to me but I've handed my far share of asses back to them. During the second run of the Insane Wrestling Federation, I gave Vince Jacobs a run for his money while he was champion there and I may not have won, but at least I gave him one of the matches that made him famous! I've held titles in the past but that's in the past and this is the here and now and if you think that you can steam roll past me and into any part of this federation without paying your due against the "Gothic War Machine" then you've got another ##### thing coming kid. So, get your gear together and your ass into this ring and get ready to be introduced to the school of hard knocks 101 because Eric mother ##### Gibson is here and he's ready to fight!!!

(Eric tosses the mic into the crowds as "Faultline" picks back up as he holds his arms up into the air as chants of "Gibson" start up. After a few minutes, Eric leaves the ring and heads up the entrance ramp as the screen fades to black)



oorp: Yo... Sorry I lost my login information, but Im here now... lets do this ;)

Sitting back in a motel room puffing a L, Sketch switched on the television set and began scanning the channels.
Leaning over Sketched ashed the blunt into the tray full of blunt guts and broke the cherry off to save the rest for a
later time. It was all about business at this current moment and Gibson didn't want any of this...

SKETCH: "WOW! Eric Gibson, Son... You've made yourself look like more of an ##### than I though was
humanly possible. Kutos, my friend, kutos..."

(Sketch smirked.)

SKETCH: "Don't come in here rambling on and on about WHO you've stepped into the ring with and WHAT
you've done in the past. Because quite frankly, I'm not giving a F--K. You HAVEN'T beaten ME, and thats all
that matters in this situation dumb f--k. Your a weak chump, opey, and I'm not about to debut my talents against
a jobberfied loser such as yourself. Your a worthless piece of #####, and in all reality YOUR MOTHERED
SHOULD HAVE SWALLOWED YOU, but thats just my take on the situation. Breathe easy rat your going to
be in for a long night of pain when you lace boots with me, rookie."

"While, I'm here however, I've got another issue to address and thats Boogie Smallz, Yea, I'm talking to you
Quasimodo. You've been on my mind for the last six and a half months and now, I'm here. You scared, yet?
You don't have to be, because I'm not a fan of fear. I'd rather just beat some sense into your sorry carcass. Sit
back and take a seat and watch how I obliviate this Eric Gibson character. He's taking the bullet for you for now,
Quasi, but soon enough chump your going to have to stand up like a man and take this ass whooping. I'm not
here for any fancy little gold belts with a nameplate on them, I'm here to simple expose Boogie Smallz for the
piece of sh-- that he is. You FANS adore him, he's your role model, but you are also the same set of people that
put Bush into power so go figure."

"Another thing before I depart. Eric, Stop mentioning your PAST, this is the PRESENT time and you going in
there thinking its Kelli Flair or Vince Jackson isn't going to help your chances of winning, brotha. You better
realize that when that bell rings your going to be looking across the ring at an animal. And my animal instincts tells
me to attack and never stop attacking until my opponent is done with. Do you understand, son? I mean damn
kid, how you expect to beat me when your not even addressing ME, nobody gives a sh--t about who was the
champion then and there, thats all about of hibbity bibbity if you ask me geek."


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