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Skylar Montgomery


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Aug 26, 2008
Wrestler Name - Skylar Montgomery
Nicknames - SkyMont, The SkyMonster
Billed From - London, England
Height - 6'1"
Weight - 188lbs
Alignment - Heel

Theme Music - "Sorry You're Not A Winner" by Enter Shikari
Ring Entrance - The arena lights drop. A spotlights falls on the entrance stage to reveal Skylar Montgomery stood there in his mask with his middle fingers extended to the audience.

The spotlight disappears, the arena lights come back on and Skylar Montgomery is in the ring stood in his crucifix pose.

Finsher(s) & Description - "Crackskunk" Skylar grabs the opponent like he's about to hit a snapmere or stunner, but then drops to one knee and drives the victim's face into his extended knee

Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? He swears at the back of their head until they turn around into the Crackskunk

Special Moves
Angel Dust (Shooting Stardust Press)
Evenflow DDT
Number-Cruncher (SkyMont jumps on the back of a doubled-up victim, leaps higher into the air and comes down with a legdrop/Famasser to the back of their head)

Every Match Spots
Senton Bomb
Standing Front Flip Legdrop
360 Legdrop (ala Rob Van Dam)
Springboard Corkscrew Crossbody
Top Rope Suicide Dive to Ringside

10-15 Moves
  1. Japanese Armdrag
    [*]Clothesline from Apron
    [*]Stun Gun
    [*]Eye Poke
    [*]Eye Rake
    [*]Corner Facewash/Bootscrape
  2. Corner Rolling Cannonball attack
  3. Basement Dropkick to knee
  4. Basement Dropkick to face
  5. Fire Star Press (Inverted Shooting Star)
  6. Yakuza Kick
  7. Legdrop
  8. Sit-Out Jawbreaker

Backstory - Skylar Montgomery is a trouble-maker, no doubt about it. He's the locker-room clown, a diva to all the bookers and is half-assed in the ring. Some people think that all his backtalk and rebel angst is just a metaphorical mask for a more sensitive side that is a never allowed to rise from beneath the actual mask he wears on his face. Some people think that below that demonic exterior is simply a scared little boy who's heavily guarded private life is just a guise for the fact that he has no one. Some people think that's why he throws himself around the ring and off ladders and chairs and announce tables and security barriers. Because he hates himself. Some people think all Skylar Montgomery needs is a little love. Then again, most people just think he's a spineless scumbag with no soul who'll do anything to win matches. Who knows which people are right.

Championship History -
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