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SLAMTRACK 10: The Second Coming v. ?


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO

Roleplaying thread for The Second Coming v. ?

1000-word roleplay limit
No stacking allowed whatsoever

Roleplay deadline is Sunday, May 17 at 11:59pm Red Line time

Jan 23, 2013


(We open on out of focus footage of the crowd at Slamtrack 9, along with a voiceover.)

"Red Crown Champion Ivan Dalkichev faced an immeasurable and unfair challenge at SLAMTRACK 9 by facing a mystery opponent. To balance this as we lead up to the marquee match for the Red Crown Championship at MASS TRANSIT, The Second Coming's upcoming opponent will also remain a mystery."


The Second Coming (V/O): Way to go, Ivan.

(She laughed.)

2C (V/O): You’re the Red Crown Champion. Top’a the heap in this company. You’re supposed to set the tone and defend the borders.

Instead, you let Eric Dane walk into your backyard and piss on your doorstep.

They say ‘heavy lies the head that wears the Crown.’

(CUTTO: An extreme closeup of the Second Coming’s face, covered with a mask and shrouded under a hood.)

2C: Pick up your chin, and prepare for the inevitable.

(She leaned back, showing her unzipped hoodie and ‘VOX NIHILI’ T-shirt underneath.)

2C: We’re moving toward an inevitability, Ivan and Nathan. There’s a change in the air.

Can you feel it?

This company does not belong to you: you belong to the past. This company belongs to the future.

This company belongs to me.

At Mass Transit, the transfer of power is formalized.

Between now and then? A mystery opponent?

If this was truly signed in the spirit of ‘fairness,’ does that mean I can get some allies to bash Ivan’s head in with a chair to kick things off? I think that’d be an appropriate response.

Quite simply, Ivan: what makes you think you can win a championship title defense when you can’t even win a match when the pressure’s off? Not knowing your opponent is immaterial: if this company was truly yours to defend, you’d have done it.

(She put her hood down: stray strands of hair frame her face.)

2C: This isn’t to overlook my opponent, either. Whoever you are, congratulations. You get to help me prove a point.

This match wasn’t signed for fairness. This match wasn’t signed for an appropriate response to Eric Dane’s appearance at Slamtrack Nine. This match was put into place by the Ivan Machine complaining about Ivan’s failure to deliver; to show that the RLW was a company to be taken seriously.

So, I’m sorry to say – your appearance is less about you making a mark in this company, and more about our large Viking type Champion throwing a temper tantrum.

I wouldn’t stand for that if I were you.

In fact, as soon as Mass Transit is over; after I’ve beaten you and beaten Ivan for the Red Crown, I’d suggest you take the Titan on immediately to reestablish the proper pecking order.

If you don’t… someone else will. And you don’t want to start your career here with TWO losses, do you?

Of course not.



Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Re: Inevitable

The following has been submitted by 2C's mystery opponent:

Spoiler Alert: I'm not Eric Dane.

But fear not. I'm sure the you ladies will get around to your pissing contest sooner or later. I assume that based on how much the two of you like to argue almost as much as you make false assumptions.

Like this match?

Did this happen because the champion pitched a fit in a moment of embarrassment? It's a logical assumption to make. And it would certainly fit your narrative, if that were the case.

But you're wrong, Tootsie.

This match is all my doing, and my doing alone. There are agendas at play you couldn't possibly know about.

So what else are you wrong about?

The future? That wouldn't surprise me.

You seem to have it all perfectly mapped out in your mind. Funny how you're so confident that everything is inevitably going to work out in your favor, when you haven't done anything substantial to make anyone think otherwise.

But then I suppose if there was anything substantial in you that could back up that hollow confidence in the ring, you'd already be the champion.

Instead you're just Number One Contender. A more polite way of saying "next in line".

Something you earned from an eventual triumph over the kangaroos of chaos. While the man you keep criticizing was already doing the things you promise you'll do yourself, someday.

It must be easy to take shots at the champion for coming up short in that situation at Slamtrack 9. Especially when you've never been in that situation yourself.

But then, you wouldn't know anything about what it's like to have a heavy head. Just a big one.

Maybe you're seeing this match as an opportunity to succeed where he failed. For whatever that's supposed to prove.

Sorry to disappoint you, Tootsie. I have other plans.

And my plans involve grinding every last ounce of blood, flesh, and bone that my hands can take from you. In its place I will put the humility you are so desperately starved for.

So much for "fairness". The champion was pitted against an aging legend who got bored of running his own promotion, and came here to remember what it was like to be in the spotlight once again.

But you? You get ME.

And I could care less about the spotlight. The only thing that concerns me is seeing you broken and bleeding on that mat.

Only thing that's really inevitable is your demise.

So buckle up, bitch, 'cause here comes the pain.​

Jan 23, 2013
Re: Inevitable

(FADEIN: The Second Coming, Red Line Wrestling banner. Minimalism is a virtue.)

2C: ...



That's a lotta hostility, Mystery Man. Where's it coming from?

Two things you said, make me raise an eyebrown in skepticism.

You couldn't care less about the spotlight. If that was true, you wouldn't be a mystery man. You'd tell us your name so we could all ooh and aah over it and get past it when it was bleedingly obvious that you don't have anything to offer. Being a mystery man sells tickets, since everyone wants to know who the mystery opponent is.

I don't have much regard for Eric Dane, but I'd be an idiot to deny that his name is a draw. Being Ivan's mystery opponent was intriguing enough to bring in the people, and Eric Dane's reveal was big enough to give them their moneys' worth. I wonder, is it that you don't care about the spotlight, or does the spotlight not care about you?

And you intend on grinding up my blood, flesh, and bone. Why? Have I wronged you? Have we had a conflict in the past? Considering I've been in this business for less than a full year, I doubt it.

Then again...

For the record, I was not in the match to determine the first Red Crown Champion because my erstwhile partner, Kid Koala, threw the contendership match and allowed himself to be pinned.

For the record, Kid Koala and his Marsupials of Mayhem decided that I needed to be taught a lesson, as they decreed themselves to be the Be All, End All of what we should be shooting for in this sport.

For the record, I took it personally. And I ground every last ounce of blood, flesh, and bone that my hands could take from Kid Koala.

Sound familiar?

You're a Johnny-Come-Lately, and you're not even here yet.

(She laughed.)

2C: Clearly, you've mistaken me for one of those lipstick - and - nailpolish girls who come to the ring in what amounts to sparkly underwear, does a bunch'a stripper moves that somewhat resemble wrestling, and finish off my opponents with a hair pull and a lesbian kiss.

Your claim, that you intend to inflict grievous physical harm... doesn't mean a thing to me. Maybe you will and maybe you won't. If you do... maybe it matters.

Maybe it won't.

You've accused me of assuming a certain timeline, but can you blame me? I assumed ascension to the Red Crown at the onset, but I was delayed by Kid Koala. I dealt with him, in particularly brutal fashion - and became the top contender. I assume victory over my Slamtrack 10 opponent and over Ivan, for the Red Crown at the Show.

Why wouldn't I? To assume victory speaks to confidence, and I have no reason to not have confidence in my abilities.

You, on the other hand, assume victory at Slamtrack. Not just victory, but, by claiming that you'll be 'grinding my blood, flesh, and bone,' you assume that you'll have little to no trouble with dispatching me.

The Red Line Wrestling fans have no reason to doubt my confidence. I've never been pinned in this company; I've never given up in any match I've ever had. The sole reason why I wasn't involved in the Red Crown Championship match was because Kid Koala took a dive.

Maybe you mistook me for someone else?

Someone who might be the slightest bit intimidated by words, perhaps? Someone who can't take a punch and come back to make you regret it?

That's okay, Mystery Man. I don't have much of a track record for you to fear and respect. But I'm working on it.

And you... get to be one of the prime chapters.

You're welcome.


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