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SLAMTRACK 8: The Mighty Quinn v. Christopher Ryan Eagles


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Roleplaying thread for The Mighty Quinn v. Christopher Ryan Eagles

1000-word roleplay limit
No stacking allowed whatsoever

Roleplay deadline is Sunday, March 15 at 11:59pm Red Line time

Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
Here at Slamtrack 8, the roaming camera finds "The Cancer" Chris Eagles sat staring at a piece of paper with a confused look on his face.

CRE: The Mighty Quinn? Who the fuck is that!

The Cancer pulls out his mobile phone and begins clicking away.

CRE: Got ya.

Eagles face turns to that of horror as he continues to read on. A slight turn by the camera shows that he's on RLW.com, reading the profile of his opponent.

CRE: You're fucking kidding me right? He's never had a match? Me, a five-time TV Champion, a legend of this sport, I'm Christopher Ryan Fucking Eagles! I haven't signed up for this shit.

Screwing up the line up, Eagles throws it to the floor and storms off, the camera begins to fade, but we just hear one final comment.

CRE: This fucking owner better not try stiffing me, or he'd be dropped like Quinny tonight.



League Member
Feb 16, 2015
(We open up to the red and black RWL logo the fans in the Chicago area recognize so well. The scene is slightly shaky and slightly out of focus. Anybody who have bought a HD TV didn’t buy it with the intent of watching RWL with high visuals. Standing in front of the backdrop is back stage interviewer Arin McHenry. He is wearing a brown suit coat, gray dress pants that is a wee too tight on him.)

Arin: Welcome fans of Redline Wrestling. And tonight I have an interview with somebody who is about to make his professional debut on SlamTrack 8, The Mighty Quinn.

(Quinn calmly walks onto the set. He is wearing fur coat, mukluks, as well as Inuit snow goggles known as Inukitut. He remains stern, lacking emotion during the interview. His glasses covers his eyes hiding his emotions as well.)

Arin: Welcome to RLW Quinn.

(Quinn nods in agreement)

Arin: Is it true you come down here to Chicago from some iceberg in Alaska?

Quinn: My village does not float. I come from a village about a day from Deadhorse by dog sled.

Arin: What brings you here to Chicago? It is a long ways from Deadhorse.

Quinn: Indeed. I left my village on a spiritual journey. I stayed here after witnessing the pain and suffering on the west part of Chicago.

Arin: Ahh one of those do-gooders. Anyways you have never wrestled a professional match. What makes you think you can stand up to Christopher Eagles who has a history of being a champion on other organizations?

Quinn: I have survived the harsh wilderness, carried hundreds of pounds of furs to Deadhorse on my back for trade. Also on my journey trained at Simon’s Gym in Minneapolis to learn the basics.

Arin: So, let’s get this straight, you come from some ice chest village with a population of two dozen, come down to the heart of Chicago where the people population is 3x greater than that of Alaska, and you plan to survive the city as well as the wrestling ring?

(Pause…. Quinn turns his at the direction of Arin. And after a single nod he walks off the set.)

Arin: Well, and there you have it, Quinn the Eskimo against The Cancer Christopher Eagles. Be sure to check out the action on the next SLAMTRACK!


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