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Stacking Policy


Jan 1, 1970
I've recently gotten some emails and IM's in regards to NFW's stacking policies.

Short Answer
-- There isn't one. I think we're all mature enough to know what's right/wrong.

Long Answer -- As long as you're not a dick posting multiple RP's in one day and allowing some time for your opponent to respond, I don't see an issue with posting a second RP to no response. Moreover, once we're a week into an RP thread and you haven't seen your opponent write anything...there's no need to enforce some 48 hour rule. They would've RP'd if they had a chance or wanted to by that point and since this fed isn't straight up 100% RP booking, we don't need a list of rules to govern threads. Simply put -- If you've got the itch to write, scratch it.

I'll let you know if you're being a dick and if you have a question on whether you're a dick or not...I'll be happy to answer. :cool:
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