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Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones

League Member
Feb 21, 2015
Handler Name
Matt Robinson

Contact Info

Current EFed (if any)

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Character Name
Stacy Marie Jones (Announced as Stacy Jones)

5 foot 7 inches

150 pounds

New York City, New York

Theme Song
"I Will Not Break" by A Sound Of Thunder


Wrestling Style
Mainly mat technician and Lucha Libre, however has some knowledge in brawling, submission and Puroreso

10 Favorite Move(s)
Sitout facebuster
Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
Suicide dive
European uppercut
Turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown
Handspring off the ropes followed by a back elbow
Handspring off the ropes followed by a moonsault
Handspring off the ropes followed by a Pele kick
Handspring off the ropes followed by a back flip into a tornado DDT
Split-legged moonsault

5 Signature Move(s)
Stiff kick combination (a kick to opponent's right side followed by a kick to their left side, followed by a spinning back kick to the gut causing them to fall to their knees and finished off with a buzzsaw style kick to the side of the head)
Suicide dive through the ropes near the corner transitioned into a tornado DDT
Rope-aided corner dropkick
Sitout side slam

Set-up Move
Stacy's Kick (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick)

Finishing Move
Stacy's Judgement

Finishing Maneuver Description
Inverted stomp facebreaker (Gail Kim's Eat Defeat)

Character Details: (Gimmick, History, Look)
Stacy doesn't really have a gimmick, she's just herself which is an independent woman who isn’t afraid of anyone and is always trying to prove to herself and to others that she's not your typical female who can't wrestle to save their life and is just around to be gawked at. As serious as she may be about proving to the world that there are women in the world of wrestling who can wrestle, she has a fun-loving, prank playing, crazy and daft side to her, mainly brought on by her fiancé and manager, Tayla Williams. However saying that, if you cross her in the wrong way, she can be an evil, sadistic, blood thirsty bitch who would tear your throat out in a heartbeat.

Stacy first began her wrestling career near the end of WWA's closure when she was deliberately set up with WWA Superstar, 'The Punisher' Matthew Robinson and the two fell in love and got married relatively quickly and had two children. She has been through Hell over her wrestling career going from being kidnapped by people who have attempted to destroy Matthew's life to having three miscarriages. Her adoptive mother and father, Margaret and Alfred both passed away a few years back, first was her mother who never woke up from a coma she was put in after being attacked by Matthew's demented younger brother, Simon X and then a year later her father passed away after a heart attack. Her only other family member she knew of, her adoptive brother Paul, who was put in prison for ten years at the age of eighteen for drug dealing and robbery managed to get himself clean and after serving his sentence, found his sister, however after only seeing one another on two occasions, Paul was kidnapped by Stacy's bitter rival Chelsea Armstrong who then proceeded to force him to inject himself with heroin. She managed to get him free and back into rehab to once again cure his addiction, however this time it was too late and he died from an overdose. Because of Stacy rushing into marriage and having children rather quickly and at such a young age, she started having strong feelings for people of the same sex and she revealed that she was actually bi-sexual and had been since she had a lesbian experience at high school, she has since divorced Matthew and is now in a relationship with her manager, Tayla Williams who she is engaged too. At the end of 2014, Stacy's biological mother, Marie Sullivan managed to track her down and the two began to build the relationship that they never got the chance too. Mere weeks after this happened, Stacy would find out that her mother was also the mother of Seifer Black (a fellow wrestler she has worked in the same companies from when she first started wrestling) and that they were half-brother and sister. Stacy is also an NWA Hall of Famer and is a two-time NWA Starlet's Champion, a one-time NWA Television Champion, a one-time NWA Tag Team Champion, a one-time WCF People's Champion and a two-time VoW Xcel Champion (current reigning Xcel Champion, first ever female VoW Champion in history and first ever two-time VoW Champion in history)

Jet black hair, very pale complexion, her wrestling attire consists of black wrestling boots, black and dark purple/red trunks and matching sports bra (made from leather). When she comes to the ring she wears a black leather jacket with her name printed on the back (sometimes also wearing one of her T-shirts, either the 'Your Final Penance Is Coming' one or the '#NoFearNoNegativity' one and also a black bandanna with the words 'Your Final Penance Is Coming' printed on it (the bandanna was made by a very sick fan of Stacy's who she met before she passed away so Stacy always wears the bandanna to the ring in memory of her)​
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