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Stephen Waltz vs. 'Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin


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Jan 1, 2000
RE: Stephen Waltz vs. 'Yours Truly

(As the camera fades in we the one and only “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin working out at his gym. This is not you typical workout for Adam, for this week he gets his first chance at gold in the GXW, a shot he is truly going to go all out for…)

Benjamin: From the moment I have stepped into the GXW I have had two personal goals that I daily work hard to slowly but surely achieve, and I do mean surely. You see I carry with me on my shoulders the defining difference between mediocrity and greatness. For those of you out there that by now do not know who I am, I am “Yours Truly Adam Benjamin, and second to that I am a British Technician. What I bring to the ring is a style that the common American wrestling is not aware of, and more importantly not prepared for. I look out at the sad fans here in the States begging for a star, well American low life’s guess what your star is here, but the sad thing he is not here for you. I am here for my first of two goals to stand alone one day on top of a American federation with my Flag on my trunks and a title around my waist.

(Adam laughs and stares at his waist and smiles)

Benjamin: Mid South Coliseum are you ready? Are all the hicks, farmers, hillbillies, incest kings ready? Well ready or not here I come, my time, my moment, my one shot at gold, and you can all bet you welfare checks I am coming to win this week. Yes this week GXW has granted Yours Truly a shot at the world Television title, facing the one and only Stephen Waltz. Well Stephen I assume you have watching this but hell once more for good measures let me introduce myself, my name is “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin and this week I am facing you for that 12lbs of gold around your waist.

(Adam stares into the camera with a cocky hello look)

Benjamin: First off let me take a second to say it truly a big deal for a man of you little experience in the ring to be the current TV champ. I mean you time in the business is fare less than many here in the States, yet you stand alone the TV Champ, give you self a pat on the back for that Waltz. But to get to the point I am not here to give you a high five for what you have done. For you see what you have done in your little time is a little shady in the eyes of Yours Truly. For you have done it all by beating the weak, the under skilled such as yourself, and most importantly the common Americans. Now that is the difference between what you have faced thus far in your career, and what at last you will be up against this week. Peak at the screen, hey get your old managers attention; for what you see is not your typical wrestler, I am a British modern miracle! Thank you very much! Yes I am from Great Britain were wrestling is a way of life not some sport we pick out while some old fart is working out next to me in the gym. You see I am not some guy, just another opponent I am the man that sent shock waves up and down the SCW, got rest that feds soul, and I am the man that is going to send a shock wave straight at you this week that will hit you so hard that even the loyal fans of Kokomo Indiana will know who you are.

(Adam laughs but quickly rubs the smile off his face and regains a serious look into the camera)

Benjamin: Fact or fiction that is the question I am asking you this week Waltz. Are you thus a fact, there being a true deserving champion, or are you fiction, a champion due to lack of a challenge, one of the caliber Yours Truly? That question will be answered in the ring were my life of wrestling meets your fairly tail wrestling career. Remember this while you were winning state wresting titles, and choking in the state football games I was raising my country’s flag at the Good Will Games. Remember while you were training to be a wrestler I was already dominating the toughest wrestling country that is England. And remember that while you have had success in GXW, were as this will only be my second match, I have the talent to crush all that you have done thus far. But do me a favor Waltz put this in the front, the back or were ever you like to put things in your mind, while you were winning the TV title, I was not across the ring from you! Prepare mate, for this week your challenge has arrived!

(Adam goes to walk away, but stops for one last moment and reaches into his gym bag and pulls out a jersey)

Benjamin: I was on E bay champ and though I would buy you a special gift, so I will make sure to bring it this week.

(Adam holds up a Carmel High School football Jersey)

Benjamin: So close Champ!

(Adam laughs as the camera fades to black)


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Jan 1, 2000
RE: Stephen Waltz vs. 'Yours Truly

(As the camera fades in we see “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin standing in his gym gazing at himself in the mirror. As he moves towards a bottle of water the Carmel High School football Jersey is seen clear as the camera fades up close to it. Slowly the camera pans back up towards Adam as he begins talking)

Benjamin: And so goes another day forward to the goal that is set in stone! Yes the days are counting, and the moment is although still far away, beginning to become noticeable. You see most of you out there in GXW land still are not up to date with the British style that I bring to the table. I mean look closely Amerascums at what a true top-notch superstar is supposed to look like. And when I say look like a superstar I am not talking about looking like a prototype superstar such as Stephen Waltz, a man that is not self made, a man that looks to others for the answers. Is that not right Stephen, tell everyone how you get the advice of a former hack turn drunk for your every move.

(Adam shakes his head in disbelief)

Benjamin: You two are a real due I must say, however all that he was taught you, all that he has attempted to install in your brain Stephen fails in comparison to what I know, and what I bring to the table. He has shown you the basic’s, enough to cut it in the ring, enough to get by. But I know deep down in my mind that he has not shown you nearly enough to defeat me. You see I am passed the basic training manual that the old man train has shown you. I live to wrestle, nothing less will do for me. Wrestling is my life Stephen it is my driving force. This week I look at you as an insult to everything I stand for. In my eyes you are a Johnny come lately a flash of luck who because he is athletically built thinks he can hack in it my world. I have seen a million of your kind out there. Superstar jock’s that thinks they can survive in my world. Guess what Waltz this week reality is going to pay you a visit.

(Adam makes a knocking motion)

Benjamin: Yes Stephen knock, knock reality is coming to visit this week. And it is coming with one goal in mind to take, not steal, not any other word but take that TV title that you have and raise it high in the air for my country, and most of all for myself! But Stephen I am sure you and you happy go lucky attitude will try and look at this as a positive experience, but guess what I will save you the time. This is not going to be anything near or close to a positive for you. Until the day you wake up and look at this as a profession not a sport or a activity that you are involved in you are going to be the same person that you are today, a lucky one. You see the difference between myself and you, besides the talent gap, is the look in our eyes. I am talking about the look of intensity, compared to the look of blah. You see you lack the inner desire the burning fire that one day you will find when you complete your full training, not the training that this drunk is giving you, I am talking about the roads most traveled by true superstars, I am talking about simple experience in the ring. My eyes burn into the hearts of my opponents before the bell even rings. They as you will soon see the desire burning throughout my every move. It is that burning that will lead me over what ever you possible bring to the table, which I am sure is something due to the fact that you are the current TV Champ. But at last remember the key fact of the week I am British, which makes me better than not only you, but also every one else in the GXW! See you around mate!

(Camera fades slowly out as the Carmel High School football Jersey is seen again)


Jan 1, 2000


(Scene begins on the balcony of Terry "The Idol" Anderson's luxurious Las Vegas apartment. Yes, believe it or not a "hack turn drunk" can afford a decent place to live of high value, cause while some were out taking gold at Winter Games, or winning state wrestling championships, others were drinking champagne with other wrestling legends, recalling the days when they were young and kings of the ring. Those days are long over, but many legends move on to fulfill the rest of their lives. Some try to do things they've never done before, and others, well, they make more legends out of young, promising athletes.)

(Seated on a patio chair, Stephen Waltz looks out over the bright lights of Las Vegas below him. You could hardly tell it was night. When was the last time anybody ever saw the stars in this neon oasis? They're the kind of questions you think about when you've got nothing else on your mind. Waltz is adorned in casual black dockers and a navy dress shirt. His long hair is tied back into a pony tail. Scars from his battles in both Onslaught and Revolution have healed. His lap, his shoulder, his waist, and everything is free of gold and leather. You might wonder, why doesn't he hold out his newly won trophy to show the rest of the world? Maybe he'll touch on that later.)

(With his usual welcoming smile, Stephen turns his attention from the city to the camera.)

Waltz: Hello, everybody of the world of professional wrestling. I hope you're having a good day, wherever you are. At the time being, I'm in relatively high spirits. Right now, you're looking at the new GXW Television Champion. At least that's what's on paper, and in the record books. I know as well as many of you that the greatest challenge of being champion is defending the belt. Let me tell you about winning...

(He looks off, recalling the event.)

Waltz: "The Truth" Tommy Rage was by far the toughest of opponents I've stepped in the ring with so far. He fought with a lot of spirit and integrity, and I commend him for all of his efforts. But in the end, I did like I said I would. Win? No, I never promised that. I told everybody that I would fight to my fullest, and do everything I could to become champion. My efforts, it seemed, outweighed those of Mr. Rage. By far, he was a strong opponent... but by common knowledge, I'm sure there will be many more opponents coming to face me.

(He shrugs, looking back to the camera.)

Waltz: But hey, that's good for me! Every new opponent I compete against is a new experience to learn from. Every match is one more step to the top, whether I win or lose. The Television Title?

(He shakes his head.)

Waltz: It's not about having belts or being champion... it's about the opponents that those titles bring in. If it wasn't, then I'd be content just the way I am now. Though I'm proud of my accomplishment, I assure you, I'm far from content. My reign as Television Champion, however long it's going to be, is just the first step I take to become a legend.

(With the same confident nod, Stephen falls back into his seat and moves on.)

Waltz: At Onslaught, in the main event, my opponent will be Adam Benjamin. As most of us know, by now, yes, the guy's from Great Britain... he's also won some gold in the Good Will games. There's no accomplishment this guy hasn't done that he won't tell you about. Strangely, the gold medal is about the only thing he talks about. He's already made two seperate appearances on TV to address me, his opponent. And how does he greet someone like me, young and inexperienced, yet standing above everyone else with a belt around his waist? Does he congratulate me for my good effort? Does he say he looks forward to competing against me in the ring? Ha, no... rather, he does the universal job of underestimating me and glorifying himself.

(He chuckles to himself.)

Waltz: But hey, everyone in the sport of professional wrestling can't be a nice guy. I mean, look at Terry! But how is Benjamin just like the rest? Ironically, it was when he told me he's different... as though he stands out. I mean, standing out can be a good thing... but when EVERYBODY stands out, aren't they all alike in that way?

(He shrugs to this rhetoric question.)

Waltz: So while Mr. Benjamin has seen many of MY kind come and go, I can safely say that even in my short time in the sport of professional wrestling, I've seen just as many here in GXW. These aren't the guys who simply blow up and exhaust himself like the young flames he compares me too... these are the parasites of the industry. These are the guys who claim to have motivation, claim to be better and more experience and more accomplished than everyone else, claim to be nothing like the other wrestlers in this industry, yet they expectedly sift through undercard matches for years... basing their entire career of off and on wins and losses against more of their kind or the occassional young up-and-coming like me.

(He shrugs again.)

Waltz: I mean, hey, you gotta hand it to these guys, cause they never give up... but the problem is that they never go anywhere. They have the talent, I'm sure of it... yeah, they might have the drive. But there's that x-factor in everybody that sets them above the rest... it's called coping with reality, and living your life the way it is without trying to cover it up to hide the truth. Everybody should read Moby Dick by Herman Melville, an American from New York. In one passage, Captain Ahab describes all men as to having paste-board masks. In other words, he hides himself, or his fears and desires, under something phony to make everyone else believe nothing is really there...

(His eyes drift out onto the city.)

Waltz: I don't think we can look very far to find a good example of these men than our own GXW, looking at all the guys I've been talking about in the past few minutes. You see, they have talent... they have drive... but that x-factor, it's tearing away that paste-board mask. When you lose, you don't forget it, you don't ignore it, and you certainly don't try to twist around the facts and make it seem like it was something in your favor. You accept loss and defeat... you learn from it, and you use it to make you stronger. Learning from your mistakes and adapting to the talents of others will be enough to push you the rest of the way... all the way to the top, even. I've been applying the same mentality to myself, and look to where its gotten me...

(Holds out his hands, and smiles as he presents himself.)

Waltz: To you, Mr. Benjamin... my accomplishment was nothing but luck. I understand your statement, cause I know if I had your type of experience and saw someone such as myself go so far so fast, I'd think something was up. But Benjamin, I assure you, at Onslaught, I gave 110%, if it wasn't one-eleven. The same goes for Revolution, and you saw what happened there. I assure you, my match was no fluke. But don't worry... I acknowledge the fact that this match and every bout following will be more of a challenge, so long as I hold the belt. And if I gotta hit one-eleven again, then I will. Just don't be disappointed if you see that it really wasn't luck of the draw to become Television Champion... don't get yourself down if you realize you're wrong.

(Still the same happy smile.)

Waltz: Between us, the only one benifitting off "luck" is you, Mr. Benjamin. How else do you think you would be in a Television Title match, the main event of Onslaught, within a week? If you think you were that impressive, in a match that OPENED the show, then think again. Jay Styles I credit for being my first opponent, though one would suggest my victory was nearly flawless... but you don't move to the top so quickly without "luck" being a part of it. I, on the other hand, have been through more than you. Though I haven't been in the industry long, I've been in GXW long enough to show the people booking the shows that I have the drive and talent necessary to be main event material. I haven't let them down yet. My journey to where I am now, the opponents I've defeated and left behind me, the accomplishments and experiences I've gone through, none of that is luck, Mr. Benjamin. It's living proof that I have the drive and fire inside that you claim I'm lacking. Unlike you, I've PROVEN myself to be different than the "superstar jocks" you claim to have seen come and go. And at Onslaught, I intend to prove it again, this time to you. One by one, I'll help everyone come to realize that I'm more than a dreamer... I am walking potential, one day to be shaped into something of your caliber in experience, and hopefully beyond in talent.

(A confident, proud look.)

Waltz: I know I can beat you, Adam Benjamin. If I put in one-eleven, tried my hardest, and did everything I could to win, then the rewards will come in my favor. It all really depends on my motivation to fulfill those criteria. But, like I've told everybody who has stepped up to the plate before you, Mr. Benjamin... I'm all about drive and motivation. I've been taught lessons in confidence, not by Terry, but by professional wrestlers who have spent more time in this industry than you and me combined, who I've had the honor of stepping into the ring against. I know I can win, and I will therefore do everything I can to see myself as champion for a long time.

(His look drifts back to the city.)

Waltz: But it's more than knowing my own abilities, Benjamin... it's knowing that within you, there's a weakness. For me, I'd say it's my inexperience, but that's only temporary. In you, it's your pride. With every word you say, I become more and more convinced that to you, this isn't a game of talent... it's about bringing shame on everybody who isn't you, whether it be an opponent, or someone that you close-mindedly belive is "lesser" than you. For you, it's pride, and nothing more. You don't care about how you're going to win, or the process it takes... it's only about proving your words, and rubbing it in everyone's face when you surprisingly do what you said you would.

(A nod of certainty.)

Waltz: I see it in the British flags you wear on your head to the ring, and flap around everywhere else... how you glorify your nationality and foolishly claim it to be superior to the land you compete in... it's in the way you crack down on Americans... and it's certainly in the way where you flash around a Carmel High School jersey. Obviously, there's something you fail to understand, Mr. Benjamin...

(Rubbing his hands together, Stephen sits up in his seat and begins.)

Waltz: In high school, a kid can only go so far. In the eyes of everyone, maybe even you at a younger age, I had done just about EVERYTHING there was to do. I finished in the top ten of my class... I was a state champion in wrestling. But when it comes to the one "blemish"... the one thing that YOU think holds me back, that's ALL you care about bringing up? Do you think that one loss to Carmel High School is going to make me forget about my time in wrestling, or every other great thing I've done in my life before stepping into professional wrestling? Get with the program, Mr. Benjamin...

(He shakes his head.)

Waltz: When I left Kokomo to do a semester at Butler University, I met a few guys from Carmel. Football players, you see... all of them were there at that one game, on the opposing team. And now, I'm good friends with them. I acknowledge their job well done, and I've congratulated them tenfold. Those guys played one HELL of a game, and though the rest of us tried our hardest, they just wanted it that much more. Now, those guys from Carmel are some of my closest friends. To try and make me feel shame is a laughable act, Mr. Benjamin... you just wasted your money buying a jersey I could have given you myself from one of the other guys, and you don't even know the team mascot. I mean, you guys don't even WATCH the sport in the United Kingdom... how would you know anything about it?

(Rolls his eyes.)

Waltz: Football is different from wrestling, Mr. Benjamin. In football, there are many men involved. Every person's performance is essential to the team. Nobody stands out in football, Mr. Benjamin... maybe in your stay here in America, you could watch a few games to learn the basics. With so many men on the field, it's hard to stand out above the rest. That, you CAN relate to wrestling... look at the battle royal for the Xtreme Title a while ago to see what happens when more people get involved. However, in wrestling... when it's merely one on one, and all you have to worry about is wanting to win more than your opponent, THAT was the one where I went one extra step than I took in football.

(He sits back and shrugs.)

Waltz: Don't you find it even MARGINALLY strange, that when it comes to competition with several people involved, in spite of my noticable efforts, I don't make it all the way... but when it comes to one on one, with no more than two, I am undefeated? Benjamin... you can count, even though the metric system over there is different. Two people are involved in this match. So while you flaunt a respectable high school football jersey around on camera, be aware that where it matters, nobody has proven me wrong yet. So if you'd still like to carry the jersey with you to the ring, be my guest. But you're sorely mistaken... the image of Carmel High School doesn't remind me of anything other than my own humanity. Even I am not the perfect human being. One blemish on my nearly flawless past... that's all you can look at, Mr. Benjamin. Look as much as you want, because the goods outweight the bads.

(Confident nod.)

Waltz: Now before I leave, I have one more thing to address on the subject of pride... which is your overwhelming arrogance in character due to the fact that you hail from a rock in the ocean many miles away. What got to me was one line... I quote, "I am British, which makes me better than not only you, but also everyone else in the GXW."

(Stephen scratches his head, as he is obviously confused.)

Waltz: Now, I know professional wrestling has a lot to do with territory. You've got the hardcore martial artists from Japan and other nations across the Pacific. There's the high-flying luchadores from Mexico. And you can't forget the technical experts of Canada. But in this mixing pot of different people in the sport of professional wrestling... I'm afraid British isn't very high on that list. No, I can't say I'm very intimidated to hear that the one guy who promises to strip me of the Television Title is from jolly ol' England. It takes more than an origin to convince me of talent, and Great Britain is, by far, no enough for ANYBODY! Here you constantly pick apart the American way of life, ignoring the fact that this nation is a union of several cultures and people from all over the world. You call my trainer, manager, and friend a drunkard, but last I remembered, the man of the 80's who filled almost every poster on the walls of young wrestling fans across the world wasn't a British guy. It was Terry "The Idol" Anderson. To call him washed up now is hypocrisy. If you think you can hack it in the ring for over a quarter of a century and still have the same spart every time to step up to a new challenge, then I would be impressed. However, we have to follow the equation of reality. Nobody walks into the ring as old men (even though Terry's not much older than 45), and overcome every young, athletic competitor that comes against him. Think again before you crack down on the American way of life, and especially my trainer and manager. He's brought me this far, and it's up to every one of my opponents to take me the rest of the way. Whether I have to beat them or be beaten BY them is solely up to how well I do in that ring... but either way, I take something from everyone...

(A confident nod.)

Waltz: So think about what I've said to you, Benjamin. This isn't about where you come from, or how experienced you are, or whether or not your truly deserving of where you stand... it's about two men of different backgrounds stepping in the ring to face each other, with the Television Title up for grabs. It's not about taking the title to add to your list of accomplishments... it's about winning this match, and learning from it. Welcome to the United States, Mr. Benjamin... and welcome to GXW. You're now in a federation where luck is always about, but only the true ones stand out from the rest, and I've done nothing but stand out. It comes from being in that ring, giving one-eleven every time.

(A confident grin.)

Waltz: Like I tell everybody I fight, I only promise that I'll do everything I can to win, and wrestle to my fullest. That movitation hasn't let me down yet, Mr. Benjamin... and I hope it will take me far as Television Champion. Good day to you.

(With a final confident nod, Stephen turns from the camera, readjusting himself in the patio chair, and looking back over the lights of Las Vegas, focusing his mind on other thigns. Perhaps now he'll look to the sky and ponder the last time anybody saw anything above the haze of reflecting neon, among other things in his life. Whatever goes on his head, his mind has finally been spoken. Scene ends.)


Ryan - Ian, how do I get to the morgue?

Ian - Just drive away from the YMCA.


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Jan 1, 2000
111% vs. the A game

(As the camera fades in we see “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin lifting some free weights inside his gym. Adam slams down the weights as the camera shows the Carmel High School jersey that Adam has been showing in each of his promos. Adam picks up the jersey using it for a towel to clear his face from the sweat caused from his daily intense workout.)

Benjamin: So the man of the hour has graced Yours Truly with his positive and always up spirited body. Well Waltz it really is nice to finally get to see you behind the camera, to get a chance to fit the profile with the man so to speak. So after sitting through what seemed to be a motivational speech, I have some things that we must go over. So sit back my little green horn champion, tell old man glory to pull up his chair, turn up his hearing aid, and lets chat. Oh and as for all you Amerascums out there you might as well listen to, hey at least you will get a first hand look at what a true megastar looks like.

(Adam laughs as he continues talking)

Benjamin: You speak about the topic of learning and making everything an experience worth having. The fact is that the belt which you earned is what this is all for. Learning lesions is for school, in this world it’s truly about titles, nothing less, nothing at all. Whoever tells you differently either has never held a title, or has simply no idea what they are talking about. In all sports its about being a champion, and that is what you are Waltz. You claim that Yours Truly is all about himself; do you see me as an egomaniac? Not at all, that is not me one bite. What I am is a man that is very, and I repeat the word very confident in what I do in the square circle!

(Adam smiles as he points to himself.)

Benjamin: You see Stephen I have given you credit for what you have done is such a short time, but again I am not going to get all happy go lucky about facing you in regards to your success rate thus far. My motivation about-facing you is the belt you hold, not your name, not your experience rate, nor any lesion I am going to learn. You see in this world the word champion means far more than the title legend that you seem to hold so high.

(Adam shakes his head in disbelief.)

Benjamin: How am I different from the rest you ask? “Yours Truly’ is different in one way from the rest, and that is the defining factor, I am from Britain, say it with me which makes me better than everyone else in the GXW! Why? Why does England grant me superior status you ask? Look at me, look at my ring style, it is a style that is slowly going to revolutionize these sport Stephen! I wrestle with a strong style, this a mix of technical and pure impact, it is by far a style that has gotten many Englishman glory, and as you took the time to name all the styles of the world you can now add this style to your list. It is called the strong style, and Yours Truly is going to perfect it here in the states. Stiff to the bone, impact moves to the bone, every move with power and high intensity. I am like a bulldog, hell an English bulldog in the ring, I attack and I lock in for the kill. But at last you are calling me on all that I stand for in my eyes. Yes with you twisting words you have tried to undress my promos and turn them into some sort of series of cocky interviews. Far from it my good man I am simply confident.

(Adam looks deep into the camera)

Benjamin: Look at my eyes, and learn this from Yours Truly I am not in this to brag, or to make you feel less about yourself. I am in this for me, myself, I simple put. I am all about bettering myself than the day before, and come bell time I will be a challenger for your title, and come second bell I plan on becoming champion, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens Stephen. I am going to hold nothing back, because I give it all like you in the ring, I lay it all out there as if it was my last match ever. But I do it for myself, were as you do for the status of becoming a legend, or what have you. I do it for myself for if not myself then who in the long run will truly benefit from my accomplishments, surely not you, surely not the fans, only Yours Truly.

(Adam clears his throat, as he continues talking)

Benjamin: The fact that I am in this match is not in any way because of luck, it is because of what I present. It because of my ability, and because what I have done thus far in my time in the states. But you are right to get the shot is one thing, but to stay in the lights of the main event one must shine. And this week against you I get to put my name in the books, and become the TV Champ. And as far as the football jersey goes I am fully aware of you loss, and like you have said it is not the end of the world, but I show the jersey to show that any day things can not go as planed, and like that cold day when you loss, you might just be in a match that you can not over come the odds because deep down your opponent wants it more! And I do believe that I want your title more than you, I can bet on it. You are out for experience and if you keep the belt that is a plus, I am out for the title or bust. Make no bones about that Stephen, I have one option this week and that is to win. And that ties in with you comments about this being about my pride. It is about my pride, but more importantly it centers on my desire to be the best. To stand alone as the TV champion above all that challenges me. That is what drives me, desire to win, passion to be the best, and the confidence that I have in my ability. Not a ego, not my country.

(Adam looks at the camera with a very confident look)

Benjamin: Its about wanting it more Stephen, its about your 110% vs. my A game. That is what is going to be the difference this week. So in parting I leave you with this. One your old manager is not going to play a part in this. Two your inexperience is also not going to play a part. You see you are fueled enough to go out and simple react with out thinking, thus slowly but surly you will leave a hole, and I am going to attack that hole that you leave and that will be the difference in this match. But hey young lad you are giving this a champions fight, and that much I respect, however you are still an American and I am without a doubt the better than the rest of you, due to the fact that I am English… But I am in the states and I am all about be the very best in the GXW! And this week is step one… See you around Mate!!!

(Adam motions the camera away, as it slowly fades)


Jan 1, 2000

(Scene begins back at the track, the favorite work out/promotional setting for your Television Champion, Stephen Waltz. We see the young up-and-comer off in the distance, making his way to the starting point. Terry's nearby, sitting on the rear bumper of his red Mustang as the kid closes distance. Finally, Waltz makes it all the way, and Terry checks the stop clock.)

Anderson: 'Bout three seconds from your record.

Waltz: Wow... it's getting more consistent. I haven't run a time that hasn't been within five seconds, if not equal to.

Anderson: Yeah, that's good work.

(Terry motions to the camera.)

Anderson: You take a notice of this?

Waltz: Oh, we filming again?

Anderson: I figured so, since we can't leave Benji three to your one.

Waltz: No, I guess we can't do that. Alright, just let me catch my breath...

(Terry throws him a towel which the kid uses to dry his face of sweat. Reaching into his gym back near his trainer's feet, Stephen fetches a bottle of water. He takes a few quick sips and finds his seat next to Terry on the rear bumper of the Mustang.)

Anderson: Hey, watch the finish there, kid!

Waltz: Relax, Terry...

(Stephen takes another sip, looking to the camera.)

Anderson: Has a student huffing after ten laps, two and a half miles, and here he's more worried about his car!

(Rolling his eyes, Stephen takes a final sip of his water and sets it aside. He turns back to his trainer.)

Waltz: Hey, Terry... do you mind going to get me a Dr. Pepper?

Anderson: Why? Right now, while you're on camera?

Waltz: Yeah, I don't want you interrupting with your own opinions, as hurtful as they may be. You know your opinions always differ from mine...

Anderson: Aw, come on... that damn feb's been ripping on me since day one! I gotta speak my mind, damnit! I gotta tell this sum' ##### the way it is!

Waltz: I don't know... not today.

Anderson: Oh, alright...

(Waltz pulls a buck out of his pocket and hands it to Terry, who puts his weight back off his feet and comes off the Mustang.)

Anderson: But promise me one thing...

Waltz: What's that?

Anderson: You can have this one all to yourself... but on Onslaught, before the show... you let me take the mic and say my fill.

Waltz: Right before the match?

Anderson: Damn right...

Waltz: ...okay, it's a deal. Say what you want then.

Anderson: Heh heh...

(Anderson looks at the camera.)

Anderson: See ya at Onslaught, Benji!

(Terry takes off, leaving Stephen looking at the camera.)

Waltz: I've had all week to train, and I'm in great shape. My physical condition only gets better as the weeks progress and matches add up. It comes from experience, and it comes from a little roughing around the edges. Either way, I get a little bit stronger every day, whether I spend the night in the ring, out here on the track, pumping iron, reading from the Book, or anything else to take up my time. Everything I do now prepares me for the single event on Onslaught. That's right... yours truly versus... well, "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin, Television Title on the line.

(He looks to his sides and his lap, all devoid of any belt.)

Waltz: As you can see, I've left the belt out of the picture again, all to prove my point. I'm the focus here, and nothing else. You can get your glimpse of the gold at Onslaught.

(He takes the towel and wipes the sweat off his hands as he goes on.)

Waltz: Adam Benjamin's latest promo has proven to me that he has the wrong idea about a lot of things... about me, about himself... about the sport, the industry, the federation... and most of all about why we're all here, and why we're in this match. His words have only motivated me even more to lengthen my reign as Television Champion. I've evaluated the facts, and I honestly don't see him suitable as champion. Not with his attitude, not with his principles. Wrestling is a sport defined by the legends long before us. His vision is quite the opposite of what it really is... I would almost say it was primitive. With that said, I feel it's my duty not only to the fans and myself, but the entire industry to do whatever I can to keep this guy from any title, with mine being highest on the list...

(Removing a strand of long black hair from his face, he looks up, continuing to dry his hands.)

Waltz: So in your opinion, Mr. Benjamin, everything to you is titles? I beg to differ. In fact, if ANYBODY had no idea what they were talking about, it would be you. This industry is hardly about taking titles, and proving yourself better than the rest. Rather, it's about proving your good, and you're a quality athlete, and if you have what it takes to be remembered by all. It's all about pleasing the fans--and if you disagree with that, then let me remind you, they're the reason you have a job here in the State. There is no chicken and egg in this situation... the fans tune in and pay for their tickets simply because they want to be entertained by a great American past-time. To say that a strap of gold is better than all of that is complete foolishness. You base your accomplishments more on material objects as opposed to sentamental value and experience. How can you be so shallow-minded and still call yourself a professional wrestling?

(Shaking his head, Stephen goes on.)

Waltz: Remember that this match is about beating me, and not about winning the title. That's why I'm here, and not the belt. You can't become champion without beating me first, but by the way you talk the belt seems to be there for the taking. Just remember that when you step into the ring. I know that down the line, if I look back and remember this match, I'll remember it as my run-in with Adam Benjamin as opposed to a simple title defense. Belts come and go, but matches are legendary... memories are forever, and I'm willing to bet that any REAL wrestler in this industry would rather have and long line of opponents and experiences in their tenures as opposed to a wall full of replica casts of all the belts they digested over the years...

(Another disappointed shake of the head as he tosses the towel aside.)

Waltz: The point is, people work very hard and give more than a hundred and ten percent--they go the one-eleven, just to escalate this federation into what it is today. Do they do it in an attempt to overcome everyone else? No, of course not... because the greatest enemy lies within the self. They overcome their inner restrictions, and bring themselves up into glory. So when you say you're in it only for you, or it's only about belts, you're spitting on all the hard effort put into professional wrestling. Even I, fairly new to this sport, know what is meant to be gained through your time as a wrestler. I guess being taught from the hand of a legend DOES provide its benefits!

(He nods confidently as he goes on.)

Waltz: You're mistaken in everything, Adam Benjamin... and you hardly realize it. Take this English pride of yours. Mr. Benjamin, if the British style of wrestling is so great... why haven't I heard it from anyone, except yourself in the past week? All this time, we had the great AZIMUTH of professional wrestling who just came out of nowhere, cause one day he decided to hit it mainstream? Yeah, right... I don't think so. You see, Adam Benjamin... nobody has heard of a great, successful Englishman in the history of wrestling. The rock you hail from is hardly the center of anything great, aside from comedy. I can safely say that Monty Python has a greater legacy than your own. Strangely, you're both common in the way you make me laugh...

(He rolls his eyes.)

Waltz: I'm not buying your British superiority, Adam... nobody is. It's self hype set in to feed your own self-centered egomania. You call yourself great, but I doubt you are. In my short time, I've had such experience. Young flames, Terry calls them... they're all in it to glorify themselves and exaggerate their image into something it's not. I'm not going to doubt your talented, Adam, but I'm beginning to doubt your abilities with every word you use to exalt yourself. You practically call yourself PERFECT, all due to the fact that you were born in some country we liberated ourselves from over two hundred years ago. I'm sorry, but England isn't as popular in wrestling as you think it is. There's Japan, there's Canada, and there's Mexico... but I'm afraid the U.K. is pretty low on that list. You wouldn't impress me more if you said you were from Antarctica...

(Terry returns with a bottle of Dr. Pepper. He hands it over to Stephen, along with the change. Waltz pockets the change and pops the lid of the bottle.)

Anderson: There you are, kid... still talking?

Waltz: Yeah, I'll need a few more minutes...

Anderson: Cool... I'll be around.

(Terry disappears again, and Stephen moves on.)

Waltz: Let's move on to another misperception, this time in that Carmel football jersey, which I now believe has ranked as the most expensive rag ever purchased. You'd think you'd show some respect for the former Indiana State Champions, but then again, you wouldn't expect it from someone like Adam Benjamin... a man who hardly understands this country, or his own opponent for that matter, much less than he understands the sport of football. You see, Adam... I don't know what kind of a sportsman YOU are, but when I step onto the football field, I hardly have anything "planned" as you put it. You can't "plan" to win in football... there's just too much to take into account. Sports isn't mathematics, cause anything can happen...

(He sits forward, determined to get the point across.)

Waltz: The same applies to professional wrestling. To plan on winning, whethere it be a game or a match? No... I hope to. That sounds weak at first, but map it out from there. That hope becomes motivation... determination... all those great things that drive you to win. If your hope is strong enough, and if your skill is that dang good, then you've got a good chance of getting where you want to be. Obviously, Adam... you seem to fail to realize that the guys in Carmel are much like me. Great athletes, and very motivated. But don't weigh the fate of the entire game on my shoulders while I sat on the sidelines in the final moments. One game, Adam... what point are to trying to prove?

(He shrugs his shoulders in question.)

Waltz: So congratulations... you've found the one blemish on my nearly flawless record... the one loss out of everything... wheras 99.9% of everything else I've competed in I've walked away with the win. What are you trying to prove with the events that happened then in an arena you don't even know? All you did was look at a few lines from my past and take it entirely the wrong way. The fact of the matter is that I was a State Finalist with the rest of the team... that's a title so many other high schools sweat blood to achieve. It makes the belt on the line for this match seem like scrap metal. Congrats to Carmel, they deserved to be champions... but it was a personal victory for me to make it that far...

(He shrugs again, ending that topic.)

Waltz: Losing is a part of life, Adam... and though you put up this image of yourself that you think is perfect, you can't be human and not have lost a match at least once in your career. Only you would lie about that. The point of that game being in my history is to show you I was a STATE FINALIST, not a loser. Get over it, moron. If you want to worry about something, then turn to the state wrestling finals in my high school days, where I was three times the state champion! Never lost a match then, Adam... haven't been pinned once in my life, and I'll do everything I can to keep from being pinned as far as I can go into the future...

(With a confident nod, he knows he's on a roll.)

Waltz: There's enough I've achieved in my past to outweigh one game of football, Adam. And though you think you do, you hardly have the drive of either of the teams playing that night. All that drive in you? All the motivation, wanting to do anything to become champion? All of that for yourself? As if I'M not fighting this match for myself?! My goal is to be a legend like my trainer Terry Anderson, and so many other names you can't hear without thinking of great wrestling. How does THAT not pertain to my own motivation?

(He shakes his head, unable to understand the simple-minded logic of a one Adam Benjamin.)

Waltz: You fight for yourself, or the belt, or whatever you decide... I fight for a lot more. It's not just me, cause I'm better than being a self-centered egomaniac like you. I fight to please Terry, for all the hard work he put into me... I fight to please the fans, who paid their dues to be entertained the appropriate manner... I fight to please the other wrestler, to earn respect from the icons and role models around me... I fight for the country and flag you've been spitting on all week... and most of all, I fight for the honor, respect, and dignity of the industry that we are a part of. I am in that ring, there to beat you, to make sure half-wit and half-minded self-called "wrestlers", such as yourself, don't stain such a great legacy into something that it's not...

(His face now shows an angry determination.)

Waltz: You don't think I have determination, Adam Benjamin? You don't know anything other than your own. I'm motivated to beat you, because so much depends on this match. More things are involved than you could hardly understand, and you, with your self-centered attitude, would hardly believe that anything is worth fighting for. But let me tell you this, Adam Benjamin... God put everything, from man to stone, on this earth for a single purpose, and to believe that you are at the center of it all is blasphemy.

(A confident nod, but no smiles.)

Waltz: If anything more than upholding the pride in myself, the fans, my peers, and industry... I'm motivated to take you down, and keep your attitude away from the sport I hold with such passion. I'm in this to be a legend, because though you may not thing so, titles are nothing. It's the respect from the fans and fellow wrestlers that the true professional wrestlers are out there competing for. So, Adam... bring your A-game, cause it seems feebel to my cause...

(He scoffs, looking away from the camera for a moment, then back with fire in his eyes. He doesn't have to describe it... you could see it.)

Waltz: You think all of this is about one title... not even the greatest in this federation, at that. My drive is going to flatten you, Benjamin. To me, this match is more than an experience... it's a personal vendetta, set in simply to take you down to keep your poison away from the TRUE elite of professional wrestling. I know I can beat you, Adam Benjamin... I know I have everything it takes to pin your shoulders and give myself another week or so as Television Champion. Nothing is holding me back, and all I have to do is reach out...

(He nods with confidence.)

Waltz: Believe me, Mr. Benjamin... I want it more than anything at this point. At Onslaught, in Memphis, Tennessee, I'll show you more than you've bargained for. For the first time, you'll be beaten over the face by me, by GXW, and by professional wrestling as a whole. I hope you pay for your egomaniacal interpretations of this industry and this country... and I'm going to enjoy every minute of putting my foot in your face in our match. Prepare yourself, mate, but not here...

(He points to his bicep.)

Waltz: Get it together here, Benjamin.

(He points to his head.)

Waltz: And here...

(He points to his heart.)

Waltz: That's where it counts. And that's where it's lacking, in you.

(Hopping off the rear bumper of the Mustang, Stephen calls over Terry. Anderson jobs back into the frame.)

Anderson: Oh, you done already? Hey, I get you a Dr. Pepper, and you don't even drink any of it!

Waltz: Oh, really?

(He notices his bottle is still full. He hadn't taken a sip any time during the promo.)

Waltz: Wow... I guess I was just really into talking.

(He takes a swig for good measure. Terry slaps him on the shoulder.)

Anderson: Hey, we've been doing a good day of training... why don't you say we go grab us a pizza, or something?

Waltz: Sounds great. You buyin'?

Anderson: Sure, why not.

Waltz: Let's go then.

(With a final nod to the camera, Stephen gathers his things and moves around to enter the passenger side of the car. Terry enters on the drivers side, starts the engine, and drives off. Scene ends.)


Ryan - Ian, how do I get to the morgue?

Ian - Just drive away from the YMCA.


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Jan 1, 2000
a challenge make no mistake about it!

(As the camera fades in “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin is seen drying off his face after yet another intense workout. Adam makes his way towards his water bottle taking a seat on the nearest bench. Adam after a big slug of water begins talking.)

Benjamin: What does one have to do to clearly be understood around these parts? Here I stand days before a match that will make or break me so to speak, yet my opponent still is not really understanding were I am coming from in regards to this match. Well in the grand picture of things I just believe this is a case of two men with different opinions of the wrestling industry.

(Adam shrugs his shoulders in disbelief)

Benjamin: You see this I am look at this match as follows Stephen, and please here me out on this. For one lets look at were we are wrestling. I am not a fan of America, nor do I have to be. However the building we are facing each other is a historic wrestling venue. As a youth I seen many classic matches in that building, and yet always in the back of my mind was me slowly walking towards the ring as my music plays. You see I pay respect to the wrestling industry, what is has done, and what is will do with me a part of it now. What I do not respect, nor will I ever is the modern generation of wrestlers here in the states.

(Adam shakes his head)

Benjamin: Again we simple do not agree with each other and I guess we must come to grips with that. For example you claim in you’re down play of my country that there are no historic English wresters that come to your mind. So because of that you claim that Yours Truly should not be so loud and proud about were I come from. Typical American hates if an outsider is proud of were he is from. Yet you all sing a song proud to be an American, but that is ok. But at last I am not here to debate about England vs. America so please lets not waist our time on that debate.

(Adam give a is that ok look with you look towards the camera)

Benjamin: Now as far as my motivation goes in this sport you little green horn do not question it. I have to up most motivation to be the very best that I can be. I am in this for me, I wake up and train for myself everyday in preparation to better myself than the day before. My goal in this sport is to become a champion one-day and fight hard and proud while defending my title. And to get to that point I need to perfect myself each and everyday I workout. I do it all for me because I am a man that stands alone, I have gotten to this point that way, and I will experience my greatest achievements in the same fashion. I mean here you are claiming that your new found motivation is to keep me from becoming champion, not for yourself, but due to the fact that I do not fit your so called bill as a champion? You do not like my principles? Why because they are not yours? Wake up Stephen you laws on life to not dictate those around you. Stephen does not like my attitude either. Why Stephen because I do not follow Stephens law, or should I say Terry’s Law, since you seemingly are a follower rather than a man that stands on his own two feet.

(Adam smiles into the camera)

Benjamin: Stephen is it because I do not strive to become a legend? A title that you hold so high, so grand that is fuels your every move? You see Stephen you seemingly live your entire career is as if you are under this huge microscope hoping all those who look deep in at you will see you as this legend. Were as Yours Truly lives his entire career to become a champion. Legendary status will come in the end of my career, based on my career in a whole. I am not looking towards the end of the tunnel for a title that is used in the past tense to describe someone. Legends are those who have done it all, and by becoming a champion in this sport, and continuing to be on top of the world, that legend name you seek will come on its own, with out all the hope that you are highlighting the title legend with. That is why in the now I like to see myself as a modern miracle, not a legend. But ask yourself this is the title Legend a title to its own? And if so how can you stand still calling me on my desire to hold a title known as champion, were as in the same breathe you speak of a so called high goal, a title known as Legend?

(Adam pauses and continues)

Benjamin: Make no mistake my entire being is not that on a ego, or a cocky wrestler. You need to understand that Stephen, I am simple Confident. I am confident in my ability in the ring, I am confident in my desire to succeed; hell the inner need to succeed is what wakes me every morning and pushes me to the gym. It is to be the best for me, myself, and I. That is why I do this, to stand alone one day and know that I did it for myself. You are trying to do it all for someone else’s approval, when deep down you should be doing it for yourself. Stephen when you wake up in the morning you should be proud that you are a champion, but be proud that you are, not the fans, not old man Terry. Do you understand what I mean, this is about you, not anyone else. Because as much as you think that pleasing the fans, Terry, or anyone else will get you by, remember this the second the chance is there you back in opened to get stabbed.

(Adam pulls the camera close to him)

Benjamin: Don’t call me on respect for this profession. Inside the ring I am at my best. I respect those before me, but I do not have to kiss their asses and praise them. I do not have to bass my career on pleasing them. I am out to be in the long run respectfully better than everyone that ever has stepped in a wrestling ring. See I set my goals high, so that in the end there is no choice but to tack the name legend on my large resume. Keep this in mind all that you have done thus far is behind you, all that matters in this weeks match. You are the champion be proud of that, but at the same time realize that whether you what to accepted or not a true burning desire to hold what you have is going to be standing across the ring from you ready and willing to do whatever it takes to defeat you. Are you ready champ? Because I know for hell I am!

(Camera slowly fades to black)


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Jan 1, 2000

(As the camera fades in “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin is seen getting a massage from his personal trainer at his gym. Adam looking towards the camera begins talking)

Benjamin: Sitting alone preparing it seems like time is slowly standing still for me Stephen. I am waiting for the sound of the very bell that will in doubt define my career to this point. The moment is coming Stephen, soon very soon your rein, as champion will with out a doubt be tested. It is in this test that you will be able to judge what if any skills you have learned from your life lesions in this sport. For you see when you hear the bell sound all will truly stand still for both you and I, and it is there that the true champion will react on instinct and come out the winner.

(Adam looks down then back up towards the camera)

Benjamin: You see soon enough you will know exactly who I am, and what I do above everyone else Stephen. There is no set amount of times I can stress it enough that my chances are now, and my time to give all that I have is now, because I might not ever get a chance like this again.

(Adam gets up and walks towards a mirror and begins talking as he looks deep into his very own eyes)

Benjamin: There are major differences in this world in comparing a loser and a winner. And at this time I am going to go into that topic, lets just call this Views of Benjamin shall we.

(Adam clears his through as the beat to the song “Simple the Best” begins to play loud)

Benjamin: One must hang one, preserving everything he brings in, that is a winner. One that lets go, gives up easily, that is a loser.

(Adam smiles into the camera)

Benjamin: Accepting responsibility for your actions, a winner. Making excuses for you actions a loser.

9Adam nodes his head towards up and down)

Benjamin: Listen to this one Stephen this is one that you need to learn now before its took late. Taking initiative a true winner, waiting to be told what to do by someone else, Stephen Waltz, I mean a loser!

(Adam laughs)

Benjamin: Now you see Yours Trulys head is ready and focused for you Stephen. My goals are set in stone and this week I am coming to make my dreams into reality, and in turn leave you life a living nightmare.

(Adams face turns stone cold serious)

Benjamin: This week all that doubt me will learn to believe. This week all that take me lightly will forever fear me. And most importantly those who look down on me, will soon enough bow down to me. For you see I am stand above any other due to the fact that I am the one thing that everyone else is not, that is the English Sensation. My ego is loaded and I am aiming it right at you, full confidence ahead. The hour glass of time that represents your title run, soon enough it will empty and staring you right in the face will be Yours Truly!!!

(Adam points to himself)

Benjamin: You see what you and the rest of the Americans seemingly fail to understand is what success is all about. Success is as follows Stephen, and please take some notes my friend you might just learn something. Get it learn something, that was a joke in reference to you always learning, but I am sure you got that.

(Adam laughs)

Benjamin: Success for each of us is being no worse than the day before
And maybe, just maybe gaining a little more. Now tell me my head is not on straight, tell me my goals are not heading in the positive direction. Prove in the ring this week that you want it more than me, and most of all stand your ground as champion. Beat me if you can, keep your title if you’re lucky!!!

(The camera fades to black as Adam looks into the mirror)


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Jan 1, 2000
Time does not wait for the silent

(As the camera fades in Adam Benjamin is sitting inside the training building of the GXW. Many future GXW stars are in the background bumping away learning the ins and outs of the business. Adam watches on as he begins talking)

Benjamin: The future of GXW, no not those that you see behind me I am talking about “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin, the man you see in front of you. Those behind me are dreamers of a goal that many will fail to achieve, those that do will some day become doormats in the world of professional wresting. As for myself I am days away from earning my just due in the sport. Yes since I be in the states I have been so close to gold, A time limit draw, a ref that could not see that he was tapping, all behind me, the SCW is long gone. But at last the GXW TV title is there for the taking. Its rightful owner speaks of hard work, honor for the sport, all the right things to say. But what I am going to point out this week is that saying all the right things is one thing, but doing the right things in the ring, well that is a hole new story.

(Adam smiles)

Benjamin: We each stand for what we believe in Stephen, we have gone over what our beliefs are, traded verbal opinions, the time is quickly approaching were the talking will be silenced, and the actions will speak loud and clearly. Now I am confident that my actions will go without saying, that when the bell finally sounds I will leave nothing back, give my best effort to take what you have. My best effort which this week will be enough to over take you as the TV champion. But what will you do this week, I mean there are times you have stood your ground proud, and now you are seemingly waiting till bell time to say your next reply.

(Adam laughs)

Benjamin: Take a look at me; tell me what you like, what you see. I see a soon to be champion poised and ready. I see a man that has been, still is, and for the sake of the queen will always be prepared for greatness. I almost can taste it, the time, my chance, do all you Americans see what the look of a winner really looks like. Take a look, look close at a gentleman, and take a look at what a modern miracle looks like. Now think to yourself how can Stephen with all his heart, all his words of wisdom from his great old trainer, sit still and not stand out and talk to a man that is days away from seriously taking his out of a title picture as its champion, and proving that he is not all that he says he is. How can he do this? I will tell you why because as much as he says I am an ego, or this that and the other thing, deep down he is scared of the fact that I am a challenge, I am a threat, I am the one that is going to end what he thinks is a legendary status, and leave him accepting defeat, and by god looking for the answers.

(Adam self high fives himself)

Benjamin: Yours Trainer is a joke in my eyes, you past matters not to me. What matters is that you shine the TV title up, and prepare for a match that you really no not want. Prepare for what lies ahead Stephen, enjoy the now, for what lies ahead is anything but pleasurable. See you soon Mate, very soon!!!

(Adam goes to walk away, but stops)

Benjamin: Talent stands alone, above all, as the one defining factor that separates us all. I am all that I believe in, and soon enough you will know the truth, you will know the reason I am simple know as Yours Truly.

(camera fades to black)


Jan 1, 2000
If it's been done before... it will happen again

Kokomo, IN

(There was a tapping at the glass, and Stephen looked up expecting to see somebody he knew. Sure enough, it was one of the many familiar faces of Kokomo, Indiana. It was a particularly pretty face that he had been itching to see for months, and almost felt guilty for dropping by his favorite local coffee shop rather than see her first.)

(He was sitting at a table sipping away at his mocha, reading over the day's newspaper. When he looking up, his girlfriend Charlotte was standing on the other side of the glass. Smiling, she waved at him, and he returned the gesture. She went to the door as he came to his feet, and they met each other between there.)

Stephen: Hi, Charlie.

Charlotte: Hey hey... when did you get back?

(He pecked her cheek and pulled away, holding her hands in his.)

Stephen: We came in early this morning... a little jet lagged, so I dropped by here. Great to be back, I missed you.

(He hugged her again.)

Charlotte: How long you staying?

Stephen: Just until the 14th, then Terry and I are driving to Memphis. You're welcome to come.

(She smiled, but he knew her answer already.)

Charlotte: I'd love to be there to support you, but it just wouldn't feel right. It hurts me bad enough watching you in pain on TV... I don't know how I'd react to it if it happened right before my eyes. Never was a fan of sitting in a crowded arena, fireworks going off everywhere...

Stephen: Well certainly Terry could get you a good seat with some of the wives and friends of the other athletes.

Charlotte: Heh... seriously, Steph... I love you, and I support you all the way, but I couldn't sit through an entire show just to watch the main event.

(The young athlete shrugged with a grin on his face.)

Stephen: Yeah, well... just don't miss the fight then!

(She shook her head with another smile.)

Charlotte: Never.

(Folding up and tucking the newspaper under his arm, Steph grabbed his coffee with his right hand and put the left around Charlotte's waist as he led her out.)

Stephen: What's been new around here? I've been gone for a while...

Charlotte: I know, everybody's been missing you. Still, everything's same old. Joe's pretty much doubled his comic book collection.

Stephen: Heh... Joe and his Punisher. How was Derek's first year at college?

Charlotte: He came back a few weeks ago... said he had satisfactory grades, so he's looking for another year. He's really aiming to make the football team, you know.

Stephen: Ah, Purdue Boilermakers... great team. What about you?

Charlotte: Heh... not much other than a job at the book store.

Stephen: Well, all is well then...

Charlotte: How about you?

Stephen: Me? Well, not much different from what I've told you on the phone, you know.

Charlotte: Ah, so the same jumping from town to town, ending up in Vegas, and missing me every moment?

Stephen: That's about it.

(Walking along the sidewalk, the two arrived at her car.)

Charlotte: What about your matches?

Stephen: Ah, I'd rather not get into them... this is my R&R, and I wanna enjoy every second without having to worry about my opponents, or my title, or my reputation... everything's insignificant when it comes to my real life, you know?

(With a wry smile as she opened the driver side door, Charlotte's deep brown eyes found his own.)

Charlotte: That's funny... you, a man who preaches on about the respect and honor of the industry, and at the same time sets it off for other things he calls more "important", as though you never remind us all about the many who dedicate their entire lives to a few short years in the biz...

(Stephen shrugged as he got in on the passenger side.)

Stephen: Hey now... for some, it's about that sort of dedication. But I'm not about to make that sort of sacrifice, you know? Sure, it'd be easy enough to dump you, forget about college, and leave Kokomo behind without another thought, but would I be any better off? I think it's perfectly managable to live a happy life and be a professional wrestler at the same time...

Charlotte: Eh, good point. No task is impossible for Stephen the Great...

(She started the ignition, and the two were moving.)

Stephen: "Stephen the Great", huh? That's cute. Which reminds me, Terry's been thinking up ideas for a monicker.

Charlotte: Heh, there's nothing that can describe you, Steph.

Stephen: Maybe.

(It was then he began to listen to the music playing in her CD player.)

Stephen: This Radiohead?

Charlotte: Yep. Picked up the new album today.

Stephen: Not bad... great band, from England, no less.

Charlotte: So was Pink Floyd.

(Britain will always be known for its music. Britain will always be known for its literature. Britain will always be known for its comedy. Britain will always be known for its history.)

(Britain will never be known for its professional wrestling.)


Charlotte: There's something I've noticed about how you speak about Adam Benjamin.

Stephen: Ah, come on, Charlie... I don't want to get into work.

Charlotte: No, seriously... it might have effects on your personality.

Stephen: How's that?

Charlotte: Well... I've noticed that with many opponents, you may lose your respect... but you always keep your calm, always optimistic and looking forward to the competition. This time, though... it's like you've lost your patience with him. You have confidence, determination, everything needed... but he's getting under your skin, it's obvious.

Stephen: With a rehashed promo every day, could you blame me?

Charlotte: Well, I don't know... I'm not in your line work. But I know you, and in any situation, you usually keep yourself together.

Stephen: Hmm... maybe this industry is really starting to change me.

Charlotte: Oh, I hope not... I think it's nothing out of your control. Just get a grip on yourself... or you might let yourself open. It could easily grow into a weakness, so remember that next time you decide to shoot a promo.

Stephen: Okay, Charlie... I'll remember that. Which reminds me... now that I've bumped into you, I've gotta reschedule my day.

(From his pocket, Stephen retrieved the cell phone Terry gave him. He punched in the number, and after a few rings, his manager answered.)

Stephen: Hey Terry, it's Steph... look, I was thinking we could maybe push back the training a few hours.

(After that, he took the phone away from his ear for a moment to protect his brain from getting blown out by Anderson's angry shouts. Then he went back to continue the conversation.)

Stephen: Well, wait, hold on... no, let me explain... I'm with Charlie, I wanna spend the day with her.

(He rolled his eyes at his manager's response.)

Stephen: No, we won't be getting any of that on, Terry... look, just a few hours, it's not like I'm not in perfect shape... well, if the promo's going to be tonight, then we'll just shorten the workout.

(Terry protested on the other end.)

Stephen: Look, Terry... that's the way it's going to be... okay, Terry? Can I ask you something? If I cut off a few hours of training from one day, does that mean I'm going to lose this match?

(After a moment's silence, Terry gave the answer.)

Stephen: That's what I thought. Okay, I'll see you later today then... bye, Terry.

(Hanging up, Stephen looked back to his girl with a smile.)

Stephen: Got that taken care of. We've got the day to ourselves until seven.)

Charlotte: Great. What do you want to do?

Stephen: I don't know... pizza sound good?

Charlotte: Pizza?

(She laughed.)

Charlotte: You've been away for months, and the first thing you want to do with your girlfriend when you get back is go out for pizza?

Stephen: Hey, you got any better ideas? We live in Kokomo, Indiana!

(She laughed again.)

Charlotte: Alright... pizza it is.

(Scene begins with b-roll footage with dramatic music playing along. We get a shot in slow motion as Stephen Waltz makes his debut entrance to the ring at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, January 28, 2003. Terry Anderson slowly comes out of the way to reveal Stephen Waltz in his traditional navy blue singlet and letterman’s jacket, stepping out onto the ramp with both arms raised into the air as the fans greet GXW’s new talent. The voice of the same man begins commentary.)

Waltz: My childhood dream was to accomplish something no ordinary man could do. I wanted to be remembered for all time for my incredible feats. As a kid, I knew I had a knack in physical activity. I was the natural jock growing up. I did football, I did wrestling, all pushing to that one opportunity I was looking for. Then one man happened into my life who showed me the way to the top of my mountain. Terry Anderson made my goal clear… and that is to become one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever grace the ring.

(We get a few more slow motion shots revealing some of Waltz’s more memorable blows, such as hitting Jay Styles with Terry’s patented Idolizer, hitting Derrick Rodgers with the inverted powerbomb, dropping “The Marauder” Eric Gibson with a Northern Lights Suplex, knocking Troy Douglas over the head with a trash can lid, and many others.)

Waltz: Many say I took to professional wrestling naturally when I came to GXW. I couldn’t agree with them more, after reviewing how far I’ve come in such a small amount of time. After repeated wins and taking my first title, I realized that I have the talent and ability to take me to my goal. I know I can win matches, and take titles… and I can go beyond that. All it takes is the drive, motivation, and endurance to carry me there.

(Cut to an image of Stephen Waltz sitting by himself on a stool in a darkened room, illuminated from a single white skylight above him. The full moon of the evening casts an ivory light over his hunched figure, giving him a look of mystery and power.)

Waltz: I came here to GXW for more than meeting people, making friends and enemies, and winning titles… I came here for more than becoming a legend, or being remembered and respected by every wrestler out there. I came to this industry to fight, and most of all… to prove myself.

(The lights in the room fade in, revealing more of the interior. Seated in red and blue trainers, Stephen is before a GXW backdrop. On his lap is the GXW Television Title, the first time it’s been seen by anyone since it was taken from “The Truth” Tommy Rage at the Nutter Arena in Dayton, Ohio. He looks up and into the camera, with his same youthful and confidence look. He smiles a little, and begins to speak.)

Waltz: I want everyone know, from the fans who tune in every week to watch me perform, to guys signing the checks and wearing their ties in the offices, to every self-absorbed and self-centered professional wrestler in the locker room, that I will reach my personal goal, and there won’t be a mind that doesn’t know it. I’ve taken one belt…

(He holds up the belt to the camera, looks at it for a second, and sets it down again.)

Waltz: …and I’ll hold onto it for what I hope to be a successful reign. I intend to win many more, and go up against several other champions. I’ll have feuds, and alliances… I’ll be stabbed in the back, and there will be times when even I have to play the cutthroat. All is normal in the world of wrestling, and I intend to be a part of it and stand out from the rest, no matter what.

(He holds out his hands in a questionable shrug.)

Waltz: Does that mean I have what it takes to get there now?

(He shakes his head.)

Waltz: Hardly. Only through experience can I get there. It will be a journey of excessive obstacles and challenges, but everything takes me one step closer to the end. After that, it doesn’t matter what belts I hold onto, but the many belts I’ve held in the past. It doesn’t matter who I fight, but every guy I’ve beaten in my career. It’ll be a great place to be… known and respected by all, and to be remembered forever in wrestling history. But I’m hardly there…

(Holds up the belt again.)

Waltz: I’ve just reached the first step. And already, there’s one man who intends to push me off the ladder going up, who thinks he stands as the monkey wrench in my universal plan…

(Single nod.)

Waltz: He goes by Adam Benjamin… he prides himself as a British wrestler, and proclaims his style to be superior to anything else out there. He’s a man who claims to hold all the determination and motivation to take my belt and set me back on my long road to the top, as we’ve heard through his promos throughout the week.

(He shakes his head in disapproval.)

Waltz: Benjamin, I really don’t see why you want to make this a war of words. It was you who came out first, insulting the American way of life and misinterpreted me every step of the way. Because of your excessive television appearances, I’ve had to come out more than once to not only defend myself but help you realize that you aren’t better than me and you can never be. You’ve distracted me from valuable time getting ready for this match, or being with friends and family back home. So this will be the last time you hear from me, and I hope I don’t even hear so much as you NAME until we go toe to toe in the ring. Tonight, I’m going to tell you exactly how it is, not from my view alone, but from everybody who isn’t you, or the small fraction of the earth’s population that supports and agrees with you on your every word. So, pull up your seat, turn up the volume… and let’s get started.

(Stephen throws the Television Title over his shoulder, and begins.)

Waltz: This belt over my shoulder was rightfully earned back in Dayton. I intend to hold it there on my shoulder for a long time. There are several signs that tell us all that it will survive you to see the next challenger I face. You know why you’ll never take this belt from me, Benjamin? It’s because I’m stronger than you… I’m more motivated… and plain and simply, I want it more. You can hate my country, you can talk of your own like it was the Mecca of professional wrestling, you can call my trainer old and you can call me as green as the grass on a warm summer day… but take the title? No, you can’t do that, simply because I won’t let you. Your motives are all based on the words you say… but I don’t live by words. I live by action.

(He glances at the belt, then back to the camera.)

Waltz: In the short time I’ve been in GXW, Adam… in the short time I’ve been in this INDUSTRY… already I’ve accomplished more than the typical wrestler could dream of. I’ve proven myself of having the potential to be one of the greatest ever, and I’ve shown everyone I have the talent to be a reliable threat in this federation. I’ve done more here in the five months I’ve been wrestling than you will EVER be remembered for.

(He narrows his eyes.)

Waltz: The reason why, Adam… is simply because though you say you’re motivated, you don’t have enough fire in that trim belly of yours to keep you up to par in this sport. You take the term “motivation” very loosely. It’s more than training every day and keeping your body perfect. Look at me… I do just as much as you do in preparation. It’s a lot more than fighting for your own. I fight for myself… and so much more. I don’t want just the title… I want the memory. I want my opponent to remember the night I beat him, and for my future challengers to take that into account when they step into the ring against me.

(He brings down the title in his hands, looks at it, then goes back to the camera.)

Waltz: You would wonder why some of the greatest and most feared wrestlers are the ones without the belts. Look at DreamMaker for example… look at Kendall Codine, and “The Apocalypse” Gabriel Poe, and “Mr. Main Event” Rob Sampson, and “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan. No belts hang around their wastes… but you know that if you stepped in the ring against any of them, you’d be in for one hell of a night. That’s the status I’m trying to achieve. There’s so much more than being champion, and if you can’t see it, then you don’t deserve to accomplish anything here in GXW.

(He shakes his head, seemingly in pity.)

Waltz: Do you still see yourself as more motivated than me? You, who claim to fight only for yourself… when I do everything for so much more. I want to go out there to compete not only to further myself in my journey to the top, but to please the paying fans. I want to impress the fed owners, so they can book me on bigger and better events. I want the respect from every wrestler who watches me compete that night, so they know they’ll consider me as a valid threat when I step into the ring against them down the line. And, of course… I do it for me…

(Closing his eyes, he nods with confidence.)

Waltz: I do it because someday, I want to look around and see that there isn’t a person who can prove himself better than me. I want to be a legend… I want to fulfill what I take as my destined path. You think you can beat that sort of motivation by one day being champion? Forget it. Professional wrestling isn’t about titles… it’s about the professional wrestlers busting their butts every day to prove themselves better than the rest. It’s about surpassing the status of legendary, and becoming something that everyone knows for sure, and even simple-minded people like you will see that to be up to the challenge of fighting me, you’d better have an equal if not greater motivation.

(He shakes his head.)

Waltz: You want to be a champion, but you don’t even know what it means to BE a champion. The entire point of taking a title as simple as the Television Title is to grow from being champ, and moving on to the next best thing. You do that until you get to the top. And then, there’s no point in being champion… it’s about being better than the men with the gold. Look in the record books, and see all the names with their short lived title reigns and mediocre careers. Champions come and go, but legends stay for all time. This belt…

(He holds it up to show the camera.)

Waltz: I hold onto this, and I’m willing to do anything to see you never hold onto it, because your goals are set too low. The point of being a champion is to USE the title, not flaunt it. That’s not my opinion… that’s the opinion of any great wrestler out there in the world. Remember that after the consequences have fallen into place, because someday it might set you on the right track, and you’ll see yourself improving as a competitor. At this stage, your motives of going title by title to what YOU define as “legend” is simply foolish to think about. You want nothing more but to bring a little short lived attention to yourself. You’ll have your highlights, here and there… but nobody will remember you, except on paper.

(Shakes his head, looks away.)

Waltz: Judge not, lest ye be judged… a saying I’ve been brought up on. You think my manager is a joke? You imply that I’m a loser simply because I, a young upcoming star with little experience as a wrestler, settles to take a few pointers from the man who led him this far? Many young athletes work hard over long periods of time, and never see themselves on TV… whereas Terry has brought me here on his back, and for that I’m thankful. I’m never one to like getting far without putting in all the necessary effort… but my performance in the ring makes up for it. I’ve proven I can wrestle with the big boys around here, and the belt I hold is proof of that. I’m due for a little more breaking into the industry, but I’ve proven that I’m better than many of the other hopefuls around here, you included. Don’t criticize me for getting this far because of a little help, considering you were given quite a favor by being given a title match on your second show. Don’t rip on Terry, because he’s done more than you could ever dream of, and one day I intend to do the exact same.

(He holds the belt up for the camera to see.)

Waltz: Take a look, Benjamin…

(He holds it closer, blocking himself out.)

Waltz: Take a look at all that you’re fighting for, that you could easily sum in two words: Television Title. See what you think you want only for yourself. Look at the object of your desire that has been around the waists of so many forgotten soldiers before either of us. Remember this, cause it will be the last time you see it for a while… now let me show you something else.

(Sets the title aside and sits forward in his seat.)

Waltz: I’ve looked at you, and you look fine… but it’s not how well built you are, or how intense your eyes look. I want you to look at me not see how “motivated” I am… but to see what you’re fighting. I’m not a title… but I’m the reason you’re in this match. You won’t remember Onslaught as the night you had the chance to be champion, but couldn’t take it… but as the dreaded evening where you stepped in the ring against me. I’ll help you forget about your motivation of being champion, and I’ll show you where it counts. It’s in the ring… it’s about who you fight, for how long, and how hard. It’s about the smell of victory, and the memory you carry with you for all time…

(He brings the belt back onto his waist.)

Waltz: You want to know what I intend to bring at Onslaught? Then let’s forget the words, and get to the point. I’ve been here longer, and already more people take me seriously. You stand around and hype yourself about your upbringing and so-called motivation, but I live it. I do it every time I step in the ring. People know I’m motivated because they’ve seen me that way, not because I’ve said it like you. I’ve proven myself before, and I will do it again when I meet you in the ring.

(Nods with his usual confident gaze.)

Waltz: Ready, Benjamin? Do you want to know if I’m ready? I’ve been prepared to do more than beat you. I’m ready to do more than win… I’m going to be one of the greatest Television Champions to ever grace GXW. I’ve been ready for this before you signed your contract. I’m more than ready to remain champion; I’m ready to fight, and to win. Bring you’re A-Game, Adam Benjamin… cause I’ll be bringing much more than that.

(Another nod.)

Waltz: Do yourself a favor, and do what I would do if I was in your situation. Tonight, before you go to bed… pray to God you still have a career by the time I’m finished with you.

(With a final nod, Stephen takes his title, throws it over his shoulder, comes to his feet, and walks out of the frame. Scene ends.)


Ryan - Ian, how do I get to the morgue?

Ian - Just drive away from the YMCA.

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