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Steve "Axion" Jackson


League Member
Apr 11, 2012
Saint Paul, MN
Wrestler Name: Steve Jackson
Nicknames: "Axion"
Billed From: Chicago, IL
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 235 lbs
Alignment: Tweener

Theme Music: "How Heavy This Axe" - The Sword
Ring Entrance: At the conclusion of the intro to "How Heavy This Axe," Axion confidently walks out from the curtain and immediately beings striding towards the ring. He will glance into the crowd on occasion, usually depending on the feud at hand and his demeanor at the time, but has nearly all his focus on the opponent. He slaps his thighs and chest with his hands to fire himself up, and then breaks into a sprint about 15 feet from the ring and slides in on his chest. He then gets up and hits his signature pose; hands clasped and lifted into the air above his head, as if bringing down a two handed axe on to the skull of his enemies. Depending on his face/heel alignment at that time, he will either do the pose near the hard camera side ropes, or on the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner towards the crowd. He then will warm up in his corner; pulling on the ropes, stretching and continue slapping his thighs and chest.

Finishers & Descriptions:
1. Axe of Ruin - running backhanded discus double-axe handle strike with theatrics
  • Imagine AJ Styles' old discus lariat meeting Kofi Kingston's Trouble In Paradise. Essentially works like Sweet Chin Music; can be dramatically set-up or come from nowhere. When set-up, Axion gets the groggy opponent in the center of the ring, taunts them, runs towards and comes off the ropes, and then hits the move. See below for more on the set-up.
2. Axion Bomb - fist first top-rope senton bomb
  • Essentially like Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb, except with arms extended out and the fists making principal contact with the opponent's chest. Axion rolls through once his fists hit the opponent to minimize the damage he takes from a high risk move. This one is used infrequently, and isn't as powerful as Axe of Ruin.
3. Hopeless Driver - falling scoopslam piledriver with applied chokehold from weakside hand
  • Used very rarely. Only implemented in the blowoff match to a bloodfeud or in extremely close championship matches of high importance. Axion lifts the opponent as if to execute a scoop slam, but holds the opponent in the elevated position, using his off hand to apply a chokehold. After pausing for a few more seconds, he falls forward on to his belly while keeping the opponent in the same stalling scoop slam position, with the opponent landing on the back of their head and upper neck.
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher?:
Axion uses both his signature pose and signature taunt to hype his finishers. He will raise his clasped hands above his head for the raised axe pose, and then bring them down and show his knuckle tattoos to the opponent, which spell out "hopeless." The intensity of which he shows the tattoos to his opponent will depend on the feud and on which side of the face/heel spectrum Axion is residing at the time. When he's closer to the heel end of the spectrum, he will yell "F*CKING HOPELESS" at the opponent. His signature move The Cleaver often precedes Axe of Ruin, as does his spot starting with the spinebuster corner counter.

Special Moves:
The Cleaver - high angle uranage side slam
Off With Their Head - elbow drop from second rope to opponents neck
Flying Axe - diving double axehandle from top rope

Every Match Spots:
Knee strikes from body clinch into inverted atomic drop followed by standing high-impact clothesline
Snapmare into downed dropkick, pectoral stretch or rear naked choke
Spinebuster into corner into stomps (counter)
  • After being whipped into the corner, Axion will step out and approach his opponent as they are running to hit a corner splash or clothesline. He then lifts them into a twisting spinebuster, with their lower back landing on the top turnbuckle. Axion then has the offensive position, and stomps his opponent down. On occasion, Axion will perform the spinebuster and then take off towards the ropes, as his opponent is walking out towards the middle clutching their back, and Axion will recoil and hit Axe of Ruin.
10-15 Moves:
Elbow strikes
Roundhouse and front kicks
Standing dropkick
Arm drag
Double kneedrop to downed opponent
Snap Scoop Powerslam (often done to running opponent)
Northern Lights Suplex (non-bridging)
Knee to midsection from Irish-whip
Swinging Hangman's Neckbreaker
Rear naked choke
Kneeling shin chokehold
Suicide dive to the outside (fist-first)
Running hangman/running reverse hotshot

Steve is an intense but exceedingly keen man of few words. He grew up in an orphanage in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, and was a drifter before ending up in a gym and finding his calling at the age of 19. While humor can find him at times, he has a no bull**** attitude and uses his temper and aggression to his advantage, despite it getting the best of him at times. He rarely starts fights, but always finishes them. He has a deep appreciation for the metal and hardcore subculture, and believes his tattoos are artistic representations of his inner being. He has some training in various forms of martial arts but prefers to instinctually react with his strength, quickness and intelligence rather than devise a true strategy. Will utilize all parts of the ring and surrounding area, but excels at running the ropes and delivering high impact strikes and slams.

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