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Street Fight - Anarky vs. Beast


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Out to pasture...

[ Inside the city of New Orleans, while a part of the historical city have returned to fruition, some areas of the city are still devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Almost two years later, houses, businesses, schools, churches, industrial regions and corporate offices alike lie in ruin at the hands of Mother Nature.

In one of the residential districts, the sounds of hammers, saws, and vehicles can be heard as people continue the rebuilding process under the hot sun. Throughout the last 22 months, hundreds of celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, actors, musicians and athletes alike have all come to lend their support in their own way. Now, we zero in on the sound of one particular hammer, coming from the top of the frame of a new home-in-progress. The camera traces over to find the man behind the hammer, former EPW World Heavyweight Champion and current Head of EPW Security, Beast, clad only in work boots and torn denim shorts, drenched in sweat from a hard day's work.

As the camera crew nears, Beast puts down his hammer and grabs a nearby bottle of water to take a much-needed swig. ]

Beast: Man, this brings back a lot of memories. Building dog houses when I was a kid, and helping my dad build a new tractor shed or the latest addition to the main barn. It feels good to put in a hard day's work, and to see the results of that labor.

Especially here, in New Orleans, after Katrina tore this city apart, it's great to be able to chip in and even if it's only for one family, to help try and put their lives back together.

[ Beast tidies up his tools and climbs down off the roof of the house. ]

Beast: But not my opponent this week. Anarky, your name is symbolic of everything that's happened here in New Orleans.


Countless buildings, environments, and lives destroyed. Looting in the streets. Police crossing the line and resorting to crime. People beating each other and leaving them for dead.

And something tells me that's exactly what Dan Ryan's trying to accomplish with this match. Ryan would be really happy if I was out of his hair.

But Danny-boy couldn't beat me on his own, so he's sending his dog out to do the job for him. Only problem is, Anarky, you're more of a chihuahua than you are a pit bull. Sure, you've got that mean look, you tell everyone that'll listen about how you love to hurt people, how you love the pain.

But your bark is sure a lot worse than your bite, isn't it, 'Nark? You're supposed to be the Chairman of this company, but for all the big words in your vocabulary, Dan Ryan does all the talking for you. We all know that you're just a stand-in for the real think, Anarky. Ryan lost control of the company, but he has you to do his dirty work for him. Only thing is, Ryan's still the one pulling the strings. He tells you to sit, stay, and roll over, and you do so without question like a good trained mutt, wagging your tail all the way.

But please, whatever you do, keep the stories about Ryan rubbing your tummy all to yourselves, shall we?

But now, Ryan's loosened the collar and taken off the leash, hasn't he? "Git 'em, 'Narko! Git 'em, boy!"

So you come screaming across the yard, yapping your head off, but all that's going to happen is you're going to let out a big "YIPE!" and scurry back where you came from with your tail between your legs. There's only room for one alpha animal around here, Anarky, and son, you're not it.

You want a street fight? Fine. Let's have a street fight. But not in the arena. Let's make it a REAL street fight. I want to bounce your face off the pavement. I want to leave grid marks on your face with a man hole cover. I want to throw you through the windshield of a car. I want to staple you to this house that I'm building. I want to bury you in the concrete I'm pouring for the sidewalk.

I'm going to show you exactly why I'm the Alpha Male, 'Narko, and quite frankly, ring steps and announce tables just don't cut it any more.

Let's see what you've got, Lassie. Let's see if you want this bad enough, or if I'm going to take you out behind the shed and put a bullet between your eyes.

But don't worry, I'll be sure to tell Danny-boy that we just took you out to the farm and had to leave you there.

[ Fade out. ]


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000

(FADEIN to outside the Superdome, on a bench. Upon it sits Anarky, a cigarette dangling from his left hand, with a Mars Volta t-shirt, ripped jeans, and black boots. As per his usual street appearances, he lacks the skull facepaint.)

ANARKY: "Oh Beast.

"Can I call you Beastie?

"I mean, I figure we should have pet names since we're so f*cking close and all. And we MUST be f*cking close because you keep acting like you know me. Like you've been there with me all these years, blood brothers to the end. BFF, Beastie?

"Except, of course, that you're too f*cking worried about being the alpha dog to see what's happened. You've already been had and you don't even know it.

"Head of Security? Chairman? What the f*ck ever, man...

"You got me all figured out, huh, Beast? You and everybody else. I'm Dan Ryan's rottweiler, eh? He says jump and I say how f*cking high, SIR.

"I'm just another big scary monster for you to wreck, eh, Alpha Dog? You gonna hunt me down and tear me a piece?

"Maybe I ain't so tough. Maybe I'm not so big and strong. Not as big and strong as you, I'm sure.

"But here we are, and for all your talk, for all your threats, for all your presumptions that you think you know the FIRST F*CKING THING ABOUT ME...

"... well, you don't get it at all.

"See, I ain't no big bad scary monster.

"I'm a f*cking junkie.

"And just like a f*cking junkie, I can't stay away too long. This world, man... this bullsh*t... it's just nothing to me... boring, white-washed, over-commercialized, utterly meaningless bullsh*t.

"But you and me, Beastie? What we've got is precious.

"What we've got is one more f*cking hit... one more chance to feel it again, and we can do it TOGETHER, Beastie, like brothers... we'll bleed together, we'll scream together, we'll be like two little puppies rolling around on the lawn.

"But that ain't your life, Beast. You're too busy worrying about motherf*cking Katrina victims to bother.

"Oh, sure... sh*t happens. Cry me a f*cking river. These motherf*ckers got it great compared to pretty much EVERYBODY in Africa, but I don't see you shedding any tears... I see right through you, Beast.

"You're a monster, just like me. A big scary Alpha Dog that's gonna come and take a bite outta my ass in the streets, eh?

"You think I love the pain, Beast?

"That's because you still don't get it. Can't say I'm surprised. You ARE the kinda guy who thinks that I'M the kinda guy who gives a F*CK who the alpha dog is.

"I ain't here to just bleed you dry, Beastie. It ain't that simple.

"Things never are.

"Me? Pain and violence are just a means to an end. Tools of the trade. I'm not here to break you in half, Beast, though I can't say the thought doesn't put a big f*cking smile on my face...

".. truth is, Beast, I'm here for you, big boy. I'm here to make sure everything you ever wanted comes up empty. I want you to roll snake eyes over and over and over again, and taste that sweet empty defeat...

"... not because I'm better than you, or because I enjoy it... though I do...

"... no, Beast. I'm just a junkie.

"And your dreams are empty, and I can't help but laugh.. I can't help but cry... I can't help but beat you within an inch of your life because you could've been so f*cking stupid... to buy into their bullsh*t... their dreams... their Gods.

"Their titles, their truths, their reality... no, Beastie, this isn't about wins or losses or violence or anarchy...

"... this is about everything.

"Personally, I'm GLAD you think I'm Ryan's lap-dog. It just goes to show you how f*cking ignorant you really are.. how much you don't get it, can't ever get it, won't even try...

"... which is why it DOES feel so f*cking good. To rub your ignorant face in the fact that you didn't have any idea what you were getting into... you marginalized me, alright... it's all snake eyes from here on out.

"I met people before who marginalized me... who didn't get it, Beastie. Who thought I was just like every other big bad scary monster who likes to suck blood and eat brains...

"... but that's just 'cause you're too busy humping someone's leg to even know what's coming to you, Beastie.

"Dan Ryan is a smart man, you see? He knew what he had. He didn't have a rottweiler or a lap-dog. He had a f*cking disease... a plague.

"And he said go, and be merry, and I did.

"And all the poor f*cking Alpha Dogs had no f*cking idea what awaited them.

"The End."

(FADEOUT as he stomps out his cigarette and walks away without looking into the camera again.)


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
Re: Junkie

I'm thinking at least four more replies and maybe this'll eventually show up on the boards.

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