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Styles vs. Rage



(fade into the backstage area where "The Truth" Tommy Rage is napping on a couch. He's got a black cowboy hat covering his face. Token walks in from off camera and kicks him in the leg.)

Tommy Rage: Huh, wha? Is it time for the strip club again? Damn I feel like Scotty Hall the day before he gets fired again. This "CSWA like schedule" is a killer. All this extended time off reminds me of college spring break.

OK, so why is this camera here again...

(Rage stares at Token, who remains silent)

Tommy Rage: Thanks Token, I almost forgot. I finally got booked on a card. Man I better start training again, because I don't want to let such a stellar wrestler as good old what's his name take me down. Cameras get out of here, because I've got to hit the Jim. Bean that is.

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