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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(Taped hours after On Time.)

(The scene opens up to 'Good God' Kevin Powers just hours after his match at On Time where he met 'Cocky' Craig Miles one on one, introduced Joey Melton and The Longest Yard, and managed to pass his message to GUNS as well. Walking out of his dressing room, Powers motions for one of the CSWA camera people to follow him as he heads towards his car.)

KP: Hey GUNS did ya get my message this time? Did ya understand it this time? After all I did everything you asked. Got ya to come out to the ring. Got on my hands and knees. Crawled over to ya and requested a match. Granted you were knocked out on your sorry ASS and I wasn’t IN the ring when I asked for the match you begged me to do, but hey ... things don't always go how YOU want it now do they!

I heard ya crying before On Time went on air and I couldn't help but to laugh at every single word you cried out of your little sissy mouth. Oh Powers made it to the big boys table. Oh everyone gets a pin on GUNS. Oh poor me that's it! I'm serious now! Make way for the GUNS TRAIN!

You make me sick GUNS. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... you've talked so much crap on how you was gonna tear this foundation down brick by brick and how nobody was gonna stop you, but you've failed to realize just one thing. Every time you think you have the advantage ... one person HAS been stopping you and has been making you look like the sorry jackass you really are! Pi's laughing at ya. Miles and Mayfield are laughing at ya. Hell, even your little famed Third Row is laughing at ya cause you just don't get it. You keep down talking me, but who's the one that's been stoppin' ya dead in your tracks ... ME!

And you're telling me that I just happened to find my way to the grown-up's table? Well NEWS TO YOU I've BEEN there the entire time ... I've just been waiting for your sorry ass to finally weasel your way over ... and now that has happened.

Sure, in Chicago, we've got a little match to see who the number one contender is going to be going into Anniversary, but personally ... I could give a rat's left testicle less! People like Southern and Stevens they live for the moment ... they'll get hot flashes about the title. Hell, even Mayfield and Miles would sell their mother for the lowest bidder just so they could get a crack at the title ... they'll care about that, but not me. Title dreams? I ain’t even gonna worry about it now. Yeah I know you’re gonna say I was preachin’ about the title before, but I think you’re even smart enough to recognize a RUSE when ya hear it.

In Chicago, in front of my hometown, GUNS ... I ain't worried about what I wished for cause I've wanted this for a very LONG TIME! Now you can't run. Now you can't hide. Now you can't get in front of a camera and tell some silly ass lie about how I'm ducking you and how I have to do your bidding just to get a match with you. Is it my fault you're so damn stupid you can't recognize a calling out when you get cracked in the head with a chair? Is it my damn fault that you're so damn stupid you can't recognize a calling out when I plant you Kiss the Canvas style? Is it my fault that ... you're so damn stupid? Oh no GUNS my wish came true, but your nightmare is O-FISH-A-LY about to begin!

Those other four? Let'em dry hump each other to death trying to get that damn title. I hope they break each others neck. As far as I'm concerned I've only got one thing on my agenda ...

And that's whoopin' your ass!

(Powers finally makes it to his car. Putting his bags down, Powers fumbles around looking for his keys, but never takes his attention away from the camera.)

So say wha'cha want ya little mental midget. Tell everyone how you're gonna make me a souvenir for Third Row Inc. Tell everyone how I don't belong in your league. Tell everyone how the Strongest Arms in the World is gonna silence The Ayatollah of Rum and Cola. You keep crying to the world in your fifteen seconds of promos and I'll keep showing they world why Heather has Powers Envy!

(Finding his keys, Powers opens the trunk and tosses his bags in. He then closes the trunk and opens the driver side door. Getting inside Powers rolls down the window while starting the car.)

See ya in Chicago GUNS ... and do try to bring your A game this time around.

(Peeling out of the parking lot, the last shot that can be seen is the taillights of Powers' car.)


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