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Jan 10, 2004
New York

(There is some scratching noise as the camera is adjusted, indicating this one is likely of the heldheld variety. As our shot moves around dizzily, we make out the main space of a hotel room. It looks like there are two beds separated by a night table; a lamp and digital clock radio, with a iPod charging on the dock, positioned on the table; large windows on our left, at the near wall, showing a cityscape view; the entrance door at the far end, with presumably a bathroom door near the entrance. Getting in place, now, the camera centers on Larry Tact, dressed in a pine-green Ralph Lauren polo and blue jeans. He is turned to one side, not directly facing us, with a cell phone to his ear, but the focus on our shot is taking its sweet time. From off-camera, we hear the voice of Fanatic.)

FANATIC: "Ready to make your statement?"

(Tact holds up a hand, as if needing a moment.)

"Shall I stop film--"

(No response, as Tact begins speaking into the phone.)

LARRY TACT: "PG, it's Larry. Hope the show's going well, along with everything else... I wanted to see if you heard Chris Hopper's latest appearance for the Ultratitle tournament, but I guess you're tied up at the moment. Shoot me a call back when you can, yeah? When this is all done, we should find time for a beer and shoot the breeze. If you haven't watched Hopper's spot yet, it seems he may not have realized your... maybe, embellished description of the ole Five Star Tag Team. I think we may be the most famous team that had, like, three matches! (chuckles) Or, two, if you don't count the handicap title defense I made when you got taken out, that time... anyway, call me and we'll reminisce!"

(He brings the phone down, but then brings it back to his ear.)

"Oh and, congrats to your boy. Seems he's off to a great start... already doing something neither of us have on the pro circuit. Good stuff. We'll get him out for a drink, too. Best to him in Tier Four."

(Now he pushes a button on the virtual interface, and pockets the phone. He turns back to us, the focus now adjusted, showing his golden blonde locks hanging loose, framing his face.)

"We ready?"

FANATIC: "Yes ... bear your soul."

(Tact rolls his eyes and chuckles, then takes a steaming mug with the Hilton hotel logo from a coaster, and sips it before replacing. He takes a breath and gives a small wave and grin.)

TACT: "Hey fans, and critics, alike. I just wanted to come on here to do a bit of a fact-check, while I have a spare couple of minutes. And despite how in-need of one I thought his latest spot is... this isn't about Chris Hopper. This is actually more of a... Tact-check."

FANATIC: "Surprising ... it seems I will owe you five ... for going through with the bad pun."

TACT: "Har har. Anyway, I'll be brief. This has to do with a clarification, of sorts, to what I said about the past Ultratitle winners. Specifically, that I named Nova among those who impressed on the F-Wrestling circuit prior to their Ultratitle victory."

"Now, I understand that some of you may criticize me for claiming as much. I am aware that Nova was known in PRIME prior to his Ultratitle win. And he won the Ultratitle as one of his first ventures in his F-Wrestling stint. So some may not see it how I do. Shocker, that."

"However, I'll just say this. Before Nova won Ultratitle, he did compete in NFW for it's Ultratitle 'season.' In essence, Ultratitle was not contested in a tournament during either of the two seasons NFW had it. Really, it was more of a match, or set of matches, that focused solely on Ultratitle. So that is what I based my comment on -- Ultratitle was an endgame, but only for a very select few that qualified to compete for it, in the NFW post-season. So Nova had ample time to make his presence felt on F-Wrestling, and did quite quickly, prior to his Ultimate victory."

"I'm sure that won't satisfy some of the critics, and that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion... and hell, it shows some of you pay more attention to what I say than Chris Hopper seems to have. So that's all good."

"As for Chris... well, Champ, after our match maybe you'll reconsider dissing EPW before you try it for yourself... if so, give Dan Ryan's secretary a call. That is, once that bruised ego heals up."

(Tact gives a ridiculous grin and another wave.)


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