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Hex Angel

"You like to bring up Teri Melton and a case of perfect timing, Hornet. Are you trying to convince me, or convince yourself? I told you before, Hornet.... you hurt Ivy, you deal with me. I don't care how it happened, I don't care about the conspiracy theories you've been coming up with while watching the X-Files.... I don't care how much you hype yourself by accusing me of hyping MYSELF. None of this changes the point of the tale."

"Hornet Hurt Ivy."

"Far as I'm concerned, I don't need another reason. That's MY logic, Hornet.... and if you call deciding what battles to fight based on the same reasoning I've always had hyping myself.... then consider me guilty. If you call standing up for the one person who always stood up for me hyping myself.... then consider me guilty."

"Someone should tell you, Hornet.... just because you say it doesn't make it so."

"What I find funniest of all, Hornet, is how you're the victim in all of this. Poor little Hornet, rallied me and Randalls to his cause, and then gets pissy because Randalls doesn't like his politicking and I don't like his attitude? Well.... Ivy's gone, Hornet. You've got Lawrence Stanley to look forward to on that particular account. But it makes no sense for me to say and do what I say and do, right? It must be true, Hornet said so."

"But maybe you're right, Hornet.... Microcosm is such an odd word to use. It's not like we represent two different idealogies that are clashing over something important. This is exactly what you said it was. Two guys trying to kill each other for Merritt to get his kicks. I should be outraged that the man is trying to keep us down."

"But I'm not."

"At what point am I whining, Hornet? When I tell you what I plan to do to you, or when I tell you why? When I dared you to come get me?"

"The grass is always greener? At what point, Hornet, did you completely misunderstand everything there is to understand about how my mind works? Oh, wait.... I'm not worth trying to understand. I need shock treatment. Silly me. There's no such thing as 'sides' with me, Hornet.... there's one side for me and that's my own. I partner with people with similar goals and ideas.... and I'll occasionally carry someone else's banner if I agree with the principles.... but honestly, Hornet.... and think about this real carefully.... I told you I agreed with you. I told you I would fight with you because I agreed with you."

"Change sides? I don't recall ever actually saying I was on yours. It's all about perspective, Hornet. You were cheering me on when I tabled Melissa because it was alongside your goals. It's not in line with your goals now to do so, so you don't. See, what's good for Hornet changes on a day- to- day basis. He's a whiner. He's got ego. He's not important."

"Wait.... never mind. The rules don't apply to Hornet and I the same way. He's made that perfectly clear. And it must be true, Hornet said so."

"You made the mistake once before, Hornet, of thinking I don't really matter. It started when you cost me my US Title against Nemesis, and it ended when I pinned your ass for the CSWA World Title at Anniversary. Maybe I don't matter, who knows. But my track record is pretty f**king good when I'm an insignificant piece of manic- depressive roadkill. I should just go home and take my medicine and take a nice nap. C'mon, is Hornet really that dumb to think he's got the corner on witty comebacks?"

"What am I talking about? Of course I believe that. I must."

"Because Hornet said so."


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