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Feb 4, 2005
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Junior Keeling - the manager/official "Voice of Team HOSS". He's reminiscent of a lanky hipster version of a Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. He's mouthy, arrogant, tells it like he sees it, and will stop at nothing if it means getting his boys the victory and getting his team's name out there (see: bribing Angus Skaaland during matches to talk about his team above all others, save Cancer Jiles, Team Danger, probably cVc.). If nothing else, at his core, he's a shit-talking wretch that hides behind bigger people so he can talk as much smack as he likes.

Aleczander (The Great) - Total jock/pretty boy type that looks like he stepped out of the WWE Wet Dream Pretty Boy Catalog. H's a completely vapid douchebag at times. All about the ladies. Imagine a personality kind of like an asshole-ish version of Russell Brand (womanizing, somewhat manic, loud) in the body of a powerlifter and you have Aleczander. If for some reason Junior Keeling isn't present, he's more than capable of talking up how good Team HOSS (and himself)

Angel Trinidad - A well-meaning and naïve rookie powerhouse wrestler. Angel is about two years in the business now and under the tutelage of Junior Keeling (and Cappy who started out as his mentor), he hopes to make it in wrestling as one of its best big men. Of Team HOSS, he's the young and impressionable one. Follows Junior Keeling blindly. Despite his kiddish demeanor, he's the biggest member of the group.

Capital Punishment - A proud Hall of Fame-level veteran trying to survive in an ever-changing wrestling world. He's gruff, surly and has little patience. But he's stubborn enough to stick this Team HOSS crap out and listen to Junior Keeling if it means grabbing another paycheck. Unlike Aleczander and Angel, he's less about fame (he's had that) and more about putting away enough money to live comfortably.

Wrestling Style:
As the name suggests, they are the hossiest hosses that ever hossed. They're all varying degrees of powerhouse, though each man has a specialty of their own, if that makes a lick of sense.

Aleczander - The atypical athletic power guy that has made up most of WWE's landscape for years. Very polished in his offense and brutal to match. Excels in freaky feats of strength (his matches will always see the HOSS Toss get used at least once). He fares pretty well in singles matches and is their go-to guy in these situations.

Angel Trinidad - Rookie powerhouse. His moves are kept basic and punishing, but he shows surprising flashes of explosiveness. For a man his size, he has a lot of energy behind him (see: Big E. Langston, Luke Gallows/Festus) and with youth on his side, he can move around quite easily.

Capital Punishment - throwback to the "Attitude Era" style of powerbrawling. Lots of punchy-kicky-stompy action and power moves. By far the most experienced of the group and is in good enough shape to more than hold his own against the majority of the roster. He'll compete in singles matches also.

Usual Match Tactics:

Team HOSS looks to dominate the ring with strength and brute force against their opposition. They work well as a team, cutting the ring in half and spamming their numbers to the fullest effect. Except for Aleczander (who likes doing it just because), Team HOSS doesn't outright cheat so much as lay constant beatdowns on anyone put in front of them. If either the situation calls for it or Junior just feels like being a dick, the members are more than willing to interfere on each other's behalf in singles matches and Junior will distract or take punishment in extreme circumstances (this will be rare since they're powerhouses intent on ruling the ring through their size and strength)

Usual Spots / Gimmicks:

Lots of fairly basic power-based double team moves (Double Shoulder Blocks, Elbows, Biels, Spinebusters, etc)

Constant trash talk from Junior on the outside, especially to downed opponents

Aleczander - pauses for "photo ops" and lots of useless flexing/posing. Freaky Brit strength he loves to show off.

Angel Trinidad - Shouting "BOOM!" after any of his signature moves and celebrating like he's won a major championship.

Capital Punishment doesn't really play for the crowd like his HOSS counterparts do. He's by far the most focused at hand and it's rare to catch him slipping up in such a way.
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