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Teddy Alexander


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

Name: Teddy Alexander
Nicknames: the Brutalitarian, the Phildelphian Nightmare, Pennsylvanian Paralyzer, the Warbasher, the Spinal Smash Monger

Height: 6’5”
Weight: 286 lbs
Handedness: Right

Looks: Short back sides light brown hair. Classically handsome but not pretty. He’s not physically cut or blessed with the body of a Greek god; his build is that of a man who presents to having immense power hidden beneath a little bit of padding. Most of his body looks fit but there is a little bit of a gut on him.

Hailing From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Disposition: Neutral – his personality does not require him to go with or against the grain

Gimmick: Teddy understands his power. He understands that he has the potential to be one of the most brutal and feared wrestlers that has ever stepped foot inside of a wrestling ring. He understands that with the way he wrestles he has the ability to end someone’s career at any given moment and it would be ignorant to say he doesn’t find some satisfaction in having that power. Does he go out of his way to maim people? No. Not if it’s uncalled for. He’s actually a pretty decent guy with a great sense of humour and is mostly charismatic. But the underbelly of that is there is a competitive streak which can oft be fuelled by his temper or an end goal that could cloud his judgment into the welfare of his enemy. He stands for what he believes in. Stands up for his values. Whether or not those are the values of the rest of the population is complete redundant to his own beliefs. He’ll stand up for himself or what he believes in. A ferociously loyal friend. A true believer in chivalry yet at the same time upholds equality in whom he can hate. He holds grudges until they’re finished. When they’re done they’re done; he can move on even if his enemy can’t. Has trouble letting go of those who did ill toward him until he’s finally righted. He likes to make sure that what he thinks is right is portrayed. And he WILL be right.

Ring Attire: He wears his opponent’s merchandise down to the ring (if they do not have any he will wear the merchandise of whomever he will be feuding with at the time). The sleeves will have been cut off lackadaisical with a pair of scissors. He wears black wrestling briefs with no motifs or writing on them. He wears low cut black wrestling boots. He wears black elbow pads and sweat bands around his wrists.

Theme Music: http://youtu.be/iSv-hQyYaJ0 “CMND/CTROL” by the Deftones

Ring Entrance: He emerges from the back, wearing a neck brace around his neck. He puts one hand on the top of his head and one on his chin, then jolts it to the opposite direction of the hands on top of his head. He trades positions with the hands and jolts it the other way. He begins to make his way down the ramp slowly, smiling sadistically at the fans as he does. About half-way down he points to his own neck with both hands before bringing them together and mimicking snapping something between his hands. When he gets to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, climbing the ringpost and grabbing the brace from his neck raising it high into the air above his head then with his other hand running a cutthroat gesture across his throat.

Tactics/Style: He utilises a neck/back strategy, mainly focusing on the neck of his opponent. His moves are often explosive and are aimed at producing a lasting impact on his opponent.


1. Raw Strength; his power is seemingly limitless and surprising rarely struggling with opponents of any size. That natural strength gives him the ability to be explosive and makes his moveset all the more inglorious for his poor opponents.

2. Patient & Methodical; he has a game plan and he will stick to it, never rushing in for the premature big kill. He came into the match with a plan is dogged in seeing that plan succeeds. He’s come to incapacitate his opponent and leave an ache in their neck that their retirement groans will be his name.

3. Ingenuity; he has the ability to make the best out of any situation. He can mount an offense out of the strangest of positions and find a counter out of nowhere to turn the tides of the match.


1. Patient & Methodical; while it’s a core strength it can also be his undoing. Whether it’s lack of experience or sheer stubbornness to seize the opportunity to execute what he came in to do, Teddy will not stray off his game plan of incapacitating the neck and back of his opponent. This provides him with the inability to negotiate the course of a match should his game plan be failing. **** has to go down his way.

2. Jealous Streak; he’s comfortable with forging his own path but there’s a part of him that envies those that succeed. There’s a part of him that wants something more. There’s a part of him that sees what other people have and he’ll want to take it.

3 .KKnD; he’s come to work over the neck and wants you to leave with a pain. And if he’s been riled up enough he’ll do whatever he can to make sure that neck brace he wore down to the ring will become his opponent’s permanent attire for the rest of their lives. He can often get distracted with the end game of victory for the sake of making his enemy remember him in the most deplorable way a wrestler can do so.


  • He may go and get the neck brace from ringside after performing the bicycle kick to signal his finisher
  • He will often put the neck brace on his opponent before or after the pinfall after a major power move on the neck
  • If he is wearing his opponent’s merchandise he will take it off and throw it in their face when he’s shifted the momentum
  • He will point to his neck and then put both hands together and mimic snapping something
  • In preparation for his bicycle kick, he will stalk his opponent, keeping low and slap at his ankle


Born into a home filled with broken dreams, Teddy was born to save a marriage. A father whose basketball career was cut down in it’s prime due to a debilitating knee injury that left him walking with the assistance of a cane at the bottom of a whiskey bottle trying to live his NBA dreams through his son. When his mother died from breast cancer at age of seven he was left with his drunk daddy and his daddy’s dreams. When the whiskey took over his father completely, Teddy was left to fend for himself and forge his own dreams.

A talented basketballer, he won a scholarship and started for Saint Joseph’s Hawks, majoring in psychology but unfortunately lost his scholarship two years in thanks to a fight his father got into with the Head of the Athletics department around his son entering the NBA draft early.
Teddy turned his natural ability to the wrestling ring when a buddy introduced him to Alvin Prosser and honing his craft in the UWA, a breeding ground for NFW talent.


Divide 120 Points between:


Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:
♥ denotes regular spot

1-5: Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns

1. Open hand chest slap
  • Combo open hand chest slap (RH) -> open hand chest slap (RH) -> open hand chest slap (LH) -> rubs hands together -> windmill flurry of open hand chest slaps
2. Snapmare followed by double-handed jolting headlift
3. Forearm shots
  • Combo forearm shot -> forearm shot -> forearm shot -> forearm uppercut ♥
4. Necksnap ♥
5. Scissors kick
6-15: Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds

  • 1. Lariat ♥
  • 2. Rope-hung double foot stomp
  • 3. Package turnbuckle driver (lifts opponent up into a package and runs them into a turnbuckle)
FINISH HIM!!! Package turnbuckle driver into package powerbomb/fallaway powerbomb​
  • 4. Bear hug
Bear hug front slam
Bear hug turnbuckle driver
Bear hug shove-off (after holding them in a bear hug he quickly pulls his hands in front of their chest and shoves with all his might)​
  • 5. Wheelbarrow rope hang
Wheelbarrow rope hang into wheelbarrow suplex​
  • 6. Figure four necklock
  • 7. Stalling reverse DDT ♥
Lifting reverse DDT​
  • 8 .Reverse lungblower
  • 9. Electric chair driver
  • 10. Fireman’s carry neckbreaker
16-18: Signature/Special Holds

  • 16. Piledriver
  • 17. Beserker Breaker: Elevated cradle neckbreaker
  • 18. Warsnare Sleeper: Wristlock sleeper with chicken wing (Teddy forces their right arm upward behind their back with his left hand and reaches around their throat with his right hand over their shoulder to grab the wrist then applies a chicken wing to the opponent’s left arm before dropping onto his back, applying a body scissors, letting his opponent’s struggle to free themselves to create the pressure of the sleeper)
19: Set-up

  • Angerbash: Bicycle kick ♥
  • Apron (he will drag a downed a opponent so their head is off the apron and from ringside charge in with a bicycle kick to the side of the head/neck)
  • Counter (explosive out of nowhere change all **** kinda scenario momentum shifter ie. Rope whipped, charging opponent, flying opponent)
20: Finisher

  • Ragekill Driver: Fallaway package powerbomb
  • Turnbuckle fallaway package powerbomb
21-25: Pay-Per-Moves/Special/Rarities

  • Avalanche fallaway package powerbomb
  • Hanging figure four necklock
  • Package piledriver
  • Top rope somersault legdrop (opponent laying facedown)
  • Moonsault
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